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no. 12 - The Bell of Girardius


  • Derek de Lint - "Dr. Derek Rayne"
  • Robbi Chong - " Alexandra (Alex) Moreau"
  • Martin Cummins - "Nick Boyle"
  • Lloyd Berry - "Mr. Jenkins"
  • Ryan Michael - "Anton Lazaroff"
  • Barbara Tyson - "Miranda Blake"
  • Joy Coghill - "Mrs. Blake"
  • Jason Griffith - "Cook's Helper"

Director - Joseph L. Scanlan

Writer - Robert Masello

Many, many thanks to another loyal P:TL viewer and reader of this web site. Emmalee has done an outstanding job helping us out here and we owe her a big "thank you" for this detailed description and list of actors above.

Cemetery (Dusk)
A caretaker is raking leaves. He sees fresh roses in front of mausoleum and smiles. Sends a couple away as cemetery is closing for night. When he follows them out, he notices roses are gone and the mausoleum door is open. He enters. One coffin is open and has only a violin in it. The he sees a man with long hair eating the roses. Tells the man it is sacrilege but then he sees his faceand we hear his horrified screams.

Winston Rayne Hall of Antiquities (Day)
Alex and Derek are discussing recent break in with Assistant Curator Miranda Blake. Miranda doesn 't know if anything is missing; since she's still working on the inventory. Derek turns on charm and asks her to get it done right away.

Blake House (Evening)
We see Miranda pull up. She enters the house carrying her groceries. Her elderly mother is sleeping in chair and is obviously disoriented when she awakes. A phone rings and Miranda answers. A man 's voice speaks her name. She can hear him breathing. Tells her mother it is a prank call and hangs up. Miranda goes to wash up for dinner. When the phone rings again, she ignores it.

San Francisco Legacy House - Library (Day)
Alex comes in. She reports that the police think the crime is unusual. Thieves usually take what they want; they don 't hang around and tear the place up. Derek asks Alex her opinion of Miranda. Alex says she seems competent, but a little flustered, although that is probably Derek 's fault. Derek tells her not to be ridiculous. He tells Alex to let him know as soon as possible about the inventory. Derek then has a premonition of a man with long hair and a bell.

Blake House (Night)
Miranda is helping her mother to bed. Her mother tells her she worries too much. Mentions someone named Anton, and says Miranda needs another man. Miranda replies she doesn 't want one. She goes into her bedroom. Picks up a record by Anton Lazaroff. Puts on the record. Cries. Goes to window. Asks, "Where are you my love?"

Cemetery (Night)
Man with long hair playing violin on the steps of the mausoleum. Full moon.

Alley Behind Chez Paul (Night)
Long-haired figure going through trash, eating everything it finds. He sees his reflection and begins to cry out when he's disturbed by restaurant employee and then kills him.

San Francisco Legacy House - Library (Day)
Alex tells Derek she hasn 't heard from Miranda. Alex says she called but Miranda did not return her call so Derek calls. Miranda picks up the phone when she hears his voice. She says the inventory is ready and agrees to deliver it at 3 pm. Derek says he will send a car for her. Derek and Alex exchange a meaningful glance.

San Francisco Legacy House (Day)
Miranda is greeted by the butler. Derek comes out. Miranda shows excellent knowledge of medieval history, recognizing Edward the Black Prince's Armor in the foyer. Derek asks her how she got involved in Middle Ages. Turns out both Miranda and Derek attended Oxford. After showing her around they enter the study. He finds out Miranda was recently engaged, but it was broken off. She gives him the inventory, which indicates there is no damage and nothing is missing. Derek thinks that is curious. Miranda says she has to leave. Derek has another premonition of an old man in a coffin, a long-haired man, and a dog.

Cemetery (Day)
Miranda walks through cemetery. She is being shadowed by a figure we can 't see. Miranda enters the crypt. She calls for Anton then opens the casket. She's so startled by sight of dead old man, she faints. Derek catches her. We see the long-haired man watching.

Blake House (Evening)
Derek takes Miranda home. Derek asks her mother about Anton, if his death was unexpected. Mrs. Blake tells him Anton isn 't dead. She says Anton left Miranda because of her. She gives Derek a speech on aging. Derek tells her life is for the living. Mrs. Blake tells Derek she spoke to Anton that morning.

San Francisco Legacy House - Data Center (Day)
Nick and Alex are working. Alex tells Nick that the inventory given to them by Miranda does not match their archives. She says the confusion looks deliberate. Nick speculates that Miranda did it to cover the theft. Derek comes in and asks for a complete rundown on Anton Lazaroff. Nick recognizes the name as a violinist who died a couple of weeks back.Derek tells them about Miranda and her mother and that Anton's body is not in the crypt.

Cemetery - Mausoleum (Dusk)
Anton (the long-haired man) is having a tantrum. Says he will teach Miranda what death means. He is in a rage that Miranda brought him back to life. He says that to die together is the only truth.

Blake House (Day)
Derek and Miranda are in her bedroom. Miranda tells him he shouldn 't have followed her to the cemetery. Derek says he wants to help and asks about Anton. She tells him all she wants is Anton back. Derek says it can 't be done. She asks Derek to leave. He tells her to rest. She asks him if he believes the dead forgive us our folly.

San Francisco Legacy House - Data Center (Day)
We see Derek enter by means of the retina scan. Alex has found information about Anton. He died of a brain aneurysm on stage during rehearsal. The only child of a wealthy family.

Blake House (Dusk)
See Anton stalking through the woods. He breaks into the basement of the house and kills their dog, Ernie, when it attacks him.

San Francisco Legacy House - Library (Day)
Alex tells Derek the only piece missing is the Bell of Girardius. She asks if he remembers what it does. Derek does vaguely. The Bell is used forthe summoning of the dead. Made in 1412 by the goldsmith, Girardius. He made it for a mad Austrian countess whose only son had died. She buried it in his grave to absorb the aura of death. Then when she removed it and rung it three times, her son was restored to life. The boy went mad and the only way to destroy him was by ringing the Bell three more times. Derek goes to see Miranda.

Blake House (Dusk)
Miranda is in her bedroom. She pulls the Bell out from under the bed. The doorbell rings and Miranda goes to answer it. At first she believes it is Anton, but it's Derek. In the living room, he tells her he thinks she took the Bell. She is a curator and that is the reason nothing was damaged in the "theft ". He tells her she must send Anton back. She denies knowing what he means. He tells her it's not Anton that she has called back. She asks him to leave.

Blake House (Night)
Miranda hears a noise in the basement and goes to investigate. She discovers Anton. She is happy at first, but can 't see him clearly. He asks her how she brought him back. She tells him how and why she brought him back. She is horrified by his appearance and she sees Ernie has been killed. Panicked, she flees upstairs. Anton tells her they should be together in death She says she must say goodbye to her mother. She then locks Anton in the basement.

San Francisco Legacy House - Study (Night)
Miranda crying, while telling all to Derek. Derek asks for the Bell. He has a premonition of a fight when he touches the Bell. He says she must confront Anton and ring the Bell again.

Blake House (Night)
Mrs. Blake hears a noise in basement. Anton persuades her to open the door. We hear her scream. Miranda and Derek pull up in her car. They go into the house. They find Mrs. Blake in shock on the floor of the kitchen. Derek sends Miranda to the car to get the Bell. Miranda encounters Anton at the car. He forces her in and takes off. Derek calls 911, then pursues on foot.

Cemetery - Mausoleum (Night)
Anton drags Miranda into the mausoleum. He tells her they can share in death. She says she does not want to die. He tells her death is silent and serene. We see Derek running down the road. Anton begins playing his violin for her. She tries to escape and they fight. Derek intervenes and he and Anton fight. Anton starts to choke Derek, who tells Miranda to ring the bell. She finally rings the bell three times. Anton falls to the ground dead and decays.

Cemetery (Day)
Miranda leaves the mausoleum. She thanks Derek for helping her. He tells her that love is in the present, not in the past or future and that you must cherish it while you can.

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