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No. 44 - "Darkness Falls" 1/23/98
Part 1 of 2


  • Derek de Lint - "Derek Rayne"
  • Martin Cummins - "Nick Boyle"
  • Robbi Chong - "Alex Moreau"
  • Helen Shaver - "Rachel Corrigan"

Guest Starring:

  • Anthony Palermo - "Philippe D’Arcy"
  • Sarah Strange - "Justine"
  • Kim Restell – "Dr. Francis Carlton"

Co-Executive Producer - Garner Simmons
Co-Executive Producer - Grant Rosenberg

Producer - Robert Petrovicz
Co-Producer - Michael Robison
Associate Producer - Fiona Duncanson
Associate Producer - Kira Domaschuk

Writer - Robert Masello

Director - Brenton Spencer

First Episode of Season Three

We owe major thanks for this description to: Mary Alice

Part 1 of 2 episodes

New Orleans, LA

At a party being held at a large, Antebellum house, Alex is reminiscing with her old college friend Philippe. They are looking at old pictures of themselves from college. He tries to convince her to stay in New Orleans and laughingly tells her that he will do whatever it takes to keep her there. He tells her that he feels strongly about her, and that it’s not enough that she loves him "like a brother". She promises to consider his offer after she leaves for San Francisco.

A pale woman in a dark dress is watching them. She is Justine, another college friend of theirs. Alex tells her about Philippe’s offer, and that she is unsure. Justine tells her that "everyone changes" and asks her if she wants to change. Dreamily, Alex says "yes". The next thing we see is Justine with her fangs sinking into Alex’s neck.

San Francisco Legacy House, Alex’s bedroom

Alex awakens from a fitful sleep, wiping her sweating forehead to find her hand covered with blood. She gets up and looks in a mirror and cannot see her reflection and has a flashback of seeing fangs. She is dreaming, however, and awakens to find that she can indeed still see her reflection. She is confused about seeing the visions of fangs, though.

San Francisco Legacy House Grounds

Nick is jogging and comes upon a dead deer with puncture holes in its neck.

San Francisco Legacy House

Alex wanders down to the kitchen in her bedclothes to find Rachel doing some quarterly reports for the Luna Foundation that Alex was supposed to have done. Rachel opens the blinds to let in the sunlight, which makes Alex very uncomfortable. Rachel notices that Alex is running a fever and orders Alex back to bed. Picking up her papers, Rachel cuts her finger, and the drops of blood fascinate Alex. Rachel manages to get Alex back upstairs, with Alex looking longingly at Rachel’s bleeding finger the whole time.

San Francisco Legacy House Grounds

Nick shows Derek the dead deer. They agree that it is not the work of a natural predator and decide to send it back to the house for a closer look.

Alex’s bedroom

That evening, Alex is still sleeping. Rachel checks on her so that she can give her some water and a vitamin B12 shot. Alex tells her that she was dreaming of flying in the woods. Rachel tries to give Alex the shot, which makes Alex very angry. Confused, Rachel backs off, leaving Alex alone to get some rest.

Alex wipes the spot of blood off her arm from where Rachel started to give her the shot, and eagerly and sensuously licks it off her fingers. She has a vision of Justine saying, "Do you want to change, Alex". Just then, the window flies open, and she can hear someone calling out her name.

Walking in the woods, Alex sees Justine who asks her if she is hungry. Alex responds that she is, and Justine says that she understands the hunger and the need to kill. She tells Alex that the urge to kill will get stronger, and that after she has taken her first life her transformation will be complete. She asks Alex if she wants to be immortal, and Alex says "yes" as Justine feeds her from her arm.

Control room, the next day

Derek and Nick are examining the information about the deer. Derek tells Nick that he thinks that the killer is a vampire, but Nick is skeptical. Derek tells him that the legacy has dealt with vampires many times over the years.

Alex’s bedroom

Alex is dreaming about Justine and of Justine’s words about death and transformation. If you look closely at her visions, you will see a picture of Alex as a vampire feeding on Nick.

Rachel wakes her up with a tray of food to check on how she feels. She tells Alex that she needs to see an internist, but Alex insists that she is all right. Rachel asks her if anything happened in New Orleans, and Alex tells her about Philippe and how he wants her to be with him in New Orleans.

Rachel is happy for her and leaves her again so that she can rest.

Derek tells Nick that "Vlad the Impaler" from Romania was thought to be the original vampire, and that there are countless allegories throughout history (including the Bible and the Koran) that make references to vampirism. He says that Vald Dracul was a member of the Legacy before he sold his soul to the dark side in his quest for eternal life. Nick tells him that he hasn’t found anything on the security tapes and Derek replies that he’s not surprised since Vampires supposedly can’t be photographed.

A car arrives at the house – it is Philippe. He introduces himself to Rachel and Derek, saying that he was worried that Alex left New Orleans so suddenly. Philippe makes a point to look into a mirror to straighten his tie, where the reflection shows the three of them.

In Alex’s bedroom, Philippe and Rachel awaken her, and she is very happy to see Philippe. She is still very weak, but Philippe kisses her and tells her that she always looks great to him. She tells him that she is considering his offer to move to New Orleans to be with him. As she falls back to sleep, Philippe notices the bite marks on her neck and seems very displeased.

On his way out the door, Alex pumps Philippe for information about him and Alex. He asks her advice on "not crowding her" and asks Rachel to talk to Alex for him.

Control room

Nick is scanning the security tapes for the intruder, but can’t find anything. Alex enters the room in her nightgown and robe, looking very sensual. Nick asks her how she’s feeling, and Alex says that she is better as she begins stroking his shoulders. When he suggests that she go back to bed (because she isn’t feeling well), her response is "why don’t you take me there?" Nick seems confused, and she continues to talk softly, pushing him back in his chair. She leans over him, stroking his face and gently kissing him before going for his neck. Just as she is about to bite him, she stops, saying "I can’t do it." She leaves Nick in a stupor in the control room.

Control room later that evening

Nick is still scanning the security tapes when Derek asks him what he has found. Nick is confused and flustered and tells Derek that he must’ve blacked out. A call from Francis Carlton sends them to the coroner’s office.

Medical Examiner Francis Carlton’s office

Francis is showing them the body of a woman whose body has been completely drained of blood through two puncture holes in her neck. They tell her about the deer that they found on the island and suggest that the killer is a vampire. Though at first she seems skeptical, she shrugs her shoulders saying "Why do I get all the weird ones?"

San Francisco Legacy House, Alex’s bedroom

Justine arrives in a gust of wind at Alex’s window. She shows Alex that she is no longer completely visible in the mirror, saying that it’s time for her to choose her immortal life. Alex tells her how she wasn’t able to give into the urge (by killing Nick), but Justine tells her that she is sure that she can do it. Once again, she allows Alex to feed from her for strength.

San Francisco Legacy House the next day

Philippe is having coffee with Rachel and they are discussing Alex’s illness. He tells Rachel that seeing Alex again in New Orleans made him realize how he feels about her and how much he has missed her.

When they go to see Alex, they find Derek and Nick in Alex’s room examining the puncture wounds on her neck. Philippe announces that Alex has been bitten by a vampire. He says that he was reluctant to mention it because nobody would believe him.

Derek tells them that, according to the legends, Alex must make her first kill before her transformation can become complete. And that they can save her if they if they can prevent her from killing, and then destroy that vampire that has control of her. Nick brings up some items that supposedly have power over vampires: wild roses (vampires can’t stand them because of their perfect beauty), garlic, a silver cross, holy water, and silver bullets.

Nick suggests that Philippe might be in danger, but he insists on staying to help Alex. Derek gives Philippe the silver cross for protection. Philippe is upset that the only references they have come from mythology.

Later that evening

Rachel has sedated Alex (hoping to make her easier to handle) and is watching over her while she sleeps. Philippe arrives to check on her. Philippe tells Rachel that if Alex decides to join him in New Orleans, that he hopes that they will be happy for her and let her leave San Francisco.

Nick and Derek are in the control room. Nick is loading wooden stakes into a crossbow, and Derek is researching Philippe on the computer (one of the few times we get to see him on a computer!). He is a little miffed at Philippe’s comment earlier about "Mythology", and says that he is bothered by the coincidence of Philippe’s arrival in San Francisco.

Derek stresses the point that the only ways to truly kill a vampire are a stake through the heart, decapitation, silver bullets, and fire and sends Nick to replace Rachel at Alex’s side.

Derek asks Rachel what he thinks of Philippe’s intentions, citing that she is the best judge of character that he knows. Rachel tells him that she believe Philippe to be sincere in wanting what is best for Alex.

When one of the motion detectors goes off outside, Derek and Philippe go to investigate where they are ambushed by a bat. The bat knocks Derek to the ground, and we see that it is really Justine. Derek vows that she won’t get Alex. Philippe runs her off and they race back to the house.

In her room, Alex awakens and puts the bite on Nick (this scene is a must see for all Nick fans!).

Justine arrives just as Alex is about to finish off Nick. Derek and Philippe burst into the room and Philippe shoots Justine with a wooden stake. Just before she vaporizes, Justine seems very shocked that Philippe would kill her. Philippe takes Alex by the hand, and Derek sees that there is a wound on Philippe’s hand where the silver cross has burned it.

Derek threatens Philippe, but he tosses him around a bit, finally grabbing him by the throat. He tells them that the wild roses and silver bullets are old wives’ tales. Alex keeps him from killing Derek and they leave together.

Rachel shows up to find Nick unconscious and Derek writhing about on the floor clutching his neck. As she begins CPR, Rachel tells him that Nick is nearly gone and she doesn’t know if she can save him. Derek says that she must so that Alex can’t completely transform into a vampire.

Derek races after Philippe and Alex but is unable to stop them.

And those dreaded words…


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