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No. 47 - "Stolen Hearts" 2/16/98


  • Derek de Lint - "Derek Rayne"
  • Martin Cummins - "Nick Boyle"
  • Robbi Chong - "Alex Moreau"
  • Helen Shaver - "Rachel Corrigan"
  • Alexandra Purvis - "Katherine Corrigan"

Guest Starring:

  • Paul Satterfield - "David Cord"
  • Allison Hosack - The Banshee

Executive Producer - Grant Rosenberg
Co-Executive Producer - Garner Simmons
Producer - David Tynan
Produced by - Robert Petrovicz

Writer - Garner Simmons

Director - Michael Robison

Fourth episode of the Third Season.

We owe major thanks for this description to: Kris K.

Wooded area -afternoon

Rachel and Kat laugh as they run a race. Kat gets ahead of her mom and reaches the finish point first. Still laughing and out of breath, Rachel remembers the last time they raced Kat wasn't so fast and declares that's the end of the head starts. Kat giggles, "I've grown." They decide to take a photo and happily argue over who gets to take it. Then a man comes along the path and offers to take a picture of the two of them together. Rachel and Kat agree and Rachel hands him the camera. Kat hugs Rachel close and they both smile widely for the picture. The man snaps the photograph. Suddenly, a Rottweiler runs up menacingly, growling and barking. Rachel screams, "Get back! Get away from here." The man drops the camera, picks up a big stick and chases it off. He tells them it had to be a stray then asks if they're all right. Both are shaken but OK. The man hands her the camera and introduces himself as David Cord. Kat has been watching the man as he talks and has a vision of Rachel frantically running and the man chasing her. The vision includes a strange ethereal woman. Rachel tells him their names and David offers to walk them back to her cabin since he's renting a cabin up the road. Smiling, Rachel starts to agree to his offer but Kat doesn't want to because it "was only a dog." Puzzled, Rachel declines the offer and says as they leave, "Maybe I'll see you again, David."

David remains on the path and near a tree, a beautiful banshee materializes. She wears a sweeping diaphanous white gown and has long flowing blonde hair. Her eyes glow red as she smiles and says, "Yes she's the one. She'll do just fine." Many other disembodied deeper voices echo "She's the one." The banshee growls and sneers evilly.

Cabin - next morning

Outside the cabin, Rachel, wearing a leotard, does yoga exercises. She's right outside the porch, which has a birdfeeder hanging from the overhang. A red bike leans against the house wall. From the trees, David walks up, watches for awhile and then comes over commenting softly, "Impressive." Rachel smiles and asks how long he was watching her. He answers, "Long enough to know you're really very good." He asks if she's had any more trouble from the stray dog. She hasn't seen the dog again and thanks him for helping them. She mentions they're leaving tomorrow because Kat has school. He just so happens to be leaving then also and comments that he lives in Sausalito. Rachel is surprised and pleased when she tells him their house is over the bridge south of the park. "We're practically neighbors." Since it's their last night, they decide to have dinner together and plan to meet at 7 pm.

Legacy House – Foyer

Derek uses a crowbar to open a wooden packing box. Alex tells him that that the legacy team in Barbados sent the box. They need an identification of an artifact that was found on a sunken ship. This needs to be done as soon as possible because it's hurricane season. From among the packing in the crate, Derek takes out a large flat piece. It's covered in barnacles, making it impossible to tell what it is. The legacy assumes it's from the Alva Maria, which was lost at sea over 400 years ago in 1534. All hands were lost when it sank including Joseph Dellacorte who was the first Legacy precept sent to the New World. They take it upstairs to the control room to clean it up. Once they know what it is they want to compare it to the ship manifest to determine if the ship found was indeed the Alva Maria.

Cabin – that evening

David stokes the fire in the fireplace while Rachel works in the kitchen area. On his wrists are silver bracelets that he carefully keeps covered with his shirtsleeves so they aren't visible. He complements her cooking and tells her he's an architect. Rachel is pleasantly surprised and comments that her late husband was an architect. Suddenly, Rachel exclaims, "You're THE David Cord!" She lists some of the buildings he's designed, such as the Met in Minneapolis, the Lee Gallery in Atlanta and how impressive they are. "Sometimes you get lucky," he says modestly. She babbles on about the way he uses space and Kat abruptly asks to be excused. Rachel reminds her there are brownies for dessert, but she declines. David then tells Rachel that he wants to spend time with her when they get back and they discuss possible future dinner arrangements. Kat leaves and goes to her room. Puzzled, but not alarmed, Rachel apologizes for her. She shows him the Polaroid picture that he took of them. David stares at the picture and says that there's no question about where Kat gets her good looks.

Legacy - control room

Alex scans the artifact using the Spectrograph and x-rays. Smiling, she comments to Derek that it's "Too big to be a doorknocker and too small to be a door." She decides it could be a platter, "Barnacles on a platter, barnacle de jour." The Spectrograph determines its 22 inches wide by 1 inch thick and made of pure silver. She needs to chip off the barnacles to determine what the artifact is exactly.

Cabin- later that night

Rachel sits on the couch and David sits on the floor in front of the fire. She tells him how he reminds her of Patrick and shows him a ring she wears that Patrick gave to her in Venice. David apologizes if he's making her uncomfortable. She says it just proves that "Love is like energy, its not created or destroyed, it just changes forms." Suddenly, they realize it's 1:30 am and he rises to leave. Rachel smiles and tells him "I'm really glad you came." Leaning close, he replies, "So am I" and they kiss. David apologizes but Rachel replies that she's not sorry at all. He asks if he can give her a call in a couple days. She replies that she'd like that. After he leaves, Rachel stands against the door and smiles.

Outside the cabin

David walks towards his cabin when the banshee materializes again and tells him that he did very well. The disembodied voices echo her words. He replies he didn't know it was going to be like this. Sternly she reminds him that he wanted wealth and power and to be somebody. Those things come with a price. He asks her what exactly she wants. "Did you bring the photograph?" she asks. He has it with him but doesn't want to give it to her and tells her it isn't right. Growling, she demands that he show her his hands. The voices, angry, demand, "Show us your hands." He reaches his arms out in her direction and growling, she makes a quick forward motion from a distance. His arms immediately are joined at the bracelets and he drops to his knees in pain. She asks if he's forgotten so soon and goes on menacingly, reminding him that the bargain he struck cannot be breached. She demands, "The photograph. Where is it?" Quietly, he hands it to her and plaintively asks why she wants Rachel, since she hadn't done anything. The banshee looks intently and says, "It's not the mother I want. It's the daughter I need." She returns the photo to him, laughs evilly and disappears.

Corrigan house – next day

Rachel and Kat are returning to the house. As they approach the door, they hear the phone ringing. Outside the door is a large bunch of roses. She picks them up wondering aloud who sent them and unlocks the door. Kat goes in first and answers the phone. It's David. Disgustedly, Kat holds the phone out to Rachel saying, "Mom, it's him." She takes the phone. David tells Rachel he just wanted to be sure they got home OK. Rachel thanks him profusely for the flowers and hands them to Kat to put in water for her. Returning her attention to the phone, she says, "I'm really glad we met." He offers to drive over and pick them up for dinner. Kat has been listening and realizing what's being said, impetuously whines, "You promised we could order pizza." Rachel declines David's offer for that night. He immediately asks her out for coffee, "How about tomorrow during the day when Kat is in school?" They make date for 11 am. Rachel is pleased, asking, "What am I going to do with you?" His response is quick, " I'd say that's an open question." Kat watches her mother and then has a vision and sees the banshee as well as David and her mother kissing.

Legacy - library

Alex is working on the artifact when Derek enters and asks how's it coming. He stands very close to her as she answers that it's like opening an oven and finding a soufflé that exploded 400 years ago. The artifact is lying on the table and she uses chisels to chip away the barnacles. She asks if he heard from Nick and Derek replies he reached the Singapore house and met with the precept. Tomorrow they're heading to Dunhuang. Alex smiles and wistfully says, "Ah, the Cave of a 1000 Buddhas. He must be psyched," Derek smiles and replies, " Jet lagged, more likely." He continues and says Nick promised to call if he finds out anything about the missing monk. He asks Alex if she's heard anything from Rachel. Alex relates that Rachel had called and said she'd met a man. Rachel has been through so much "it'll be nice for her to find someone," Derek comments.

Angel Island

Rachel and David drive up to the house as fog rolls in. They enter the foyer and are met by Derek and Alex. Rachel introduces everyone and Alex complements him on the Steel Town complex in Pittsburgh. When David asks what the Luna foundation does, Rachel replies mostly research. He then asks about the house since he's admired it from a distance. Derek tells him it was built at the end of last century and has withstood earthquakes, storms and fires. David says he'd like a tour and Derek raises his eyebrows. Rachel quickly diverts the conversation saying she has to get back and asks if she can show David the grounds. Derek smiles broadly and agrees and Rachel and David go outside in the rain and fog. With David holding the umbrella, they walk along the garden paths. Rachel tells him, "these people played a huge part in my life." She adds she wanted to bring him so they could meet him. Then she admits she's attracted to him. He says that they both want to be around each other and suggests they let whatever happens happen. She goes on to warn, "maybe you should think twice before getting involved with me." He replies that he already has and that's why he's there. With that they lean close and kiss, while he holds the umbrella. Rachel then tells him about a sculpture that she wants him to see on the other side of the pond. They head off in that direction.

Meanwhile, watching from the library windows are Alex and Derek. "Looks like Rachel may have finally found someone," Alex says with a smile. Derek frowns and says he "expected someone more mature." Grinning, Alex teases him, "If it were you and a younger woman would you feel the same way?" She adds that they're going into the 21st century and "Don't you think you're being chauvinistic?" He ignores her and adds that they need to run a background check just in case. She's dumfounded and he continues, "When you join the Legacy you join the inner circle. Everyone outside of that circle is suspect." She asks if he runs a background check every time she gets asked out on a date. "Absolutely." he answers. "It's protocol. It's the same for everyone. It's for the good of us all. " Alex replies, "no wonder I can't get a date."

David's house

The banshee materializes, asking, "You were with her. Tell me. You were on Angel Island." The voices darkly and ominously demand, "Tell us." David replies that she's beautiful and very intelligent and asks what this has to do with the daughter. The banshee replies, "The child has powers. A child like this comes every 100 years." David asks why she simply doesn't just take the child. She replies that as long as the mother focuses her attention on the daughter she's safe. Others have tried and failed. "So I seduce the mother and you take the daughter?" David asks incredulously. "Her needs make her vulnerable to your touch. In the throes of passion she'll forget her daughter," she replies. "The daughter must be turned away from the light so the darkness can fill her soul."

Corrigan house

Rachel is doing paperwork when Kat comes in looking for the picture that David took of them. Reminding her mother she had promised she could have it for her room, she's upset she can't find it. Rachel offers to help her look soon. Then the phone rings and Rachel answers, then says, "Hey, David," quite happily. "Hey David," Kat mimics sarcastically. David tells Rachel he wants to show her his house on Saturday. He designed it and thinks she'll enjoy seeing it. She asks where it is and he says not that far, about a half-hour away. Rachel has been watching Kat while he talks and realizes she's unhappy so she replies that Saturday is the day she spends with Kat. David persists and tells her to bring Kat with her. Rachel likes this idea, "Good idea. We'd love to," and hangs up. Kat hears this and doesn't want to go, because "Alex promised I could help her." Rachel tells her she'll call Derek to see if she can spend the weekend on Angel Island. Very gently she acknowledges that she knows Kat didn't like David the first time she met him, but that she likes him and asks her to give him a second chance. Kat agrees.

Legacy- library

Derek looks at the artifact, which is beginning to look like it might be a shield. It's still partially covered with barnacles. Alex comes in with a cup of coffee and tells him Rachel called and asked if Kat could spend the weekend because David wants to show her a house. Derek asks the location of the house. Alex with a grin replies, "Not far. You're so suspicious!" Derek is very concerned and opens a book and shows Alex a picture of silver bracelets. A Prince in Venice in 1300 sold his soul for wealth and power. As part of the bargain he was made to wear silver bands on his wrists so when his time came, the darkside would know where to find him. "When I shook his hand I thought I saw something similar," Derek tells her. Alex isn't convinced and reminds him, "People do wear silver bracelets, Derek. David Cord, in league with the darkside?" Derek seriously says that he only saw one but it was very close. She asks what he's going to tell Rachel. "Nothing until we know for sure," he replies solemnly.

Legacy foyer – Saturday morning

Rachel brings Kat who runs delightedly to Alex. They hug as Alex greets "my little helper," and they head upstairs so she can show her the artifact. As they ascend, Rachel calls after her to do her homework. Rachel thanks Derek for taking her for the weekend. He nods his head and then warns her to be careful of David. Confused, she asks what he objects to. "His rise to sudden celebrity seems exceptionally quick," is Derek's reply. He adds that there is always a possibility that he's using her. Rachel accuses him of running a background check. He defends himself, saying, "It's standard procedure to do that. Nothing out of the ordinary." However, Rachel remains angry that he's in her business, "I've given so much to the Legacy already. If you cared about me you'd respect that." In a pleading tone, Derek implores, "Rachel, please!" Very angry, she tells him she'll be back for Kat the next morning instead of Sunday and storms out of the house.

Legacy - library

Alex, wearing a green sweater and plaid checked pants, tells Kat about the artifact and that it was underwater for a long time. They both chip away at barnacles. She notices that Kat is very quiet and asks gently if everything is all right. Kat sadly replies "Not really, Mom met this guy." She goes on to say that she thinks David is a phony. When Alex asks in what way, Kat tells her about when he came to dinner he complemented Rachel's cooking. "It was just pasta. He acted like it was a big deal. That's how phony he is." She concludes this with, "It really barfed me." Kat has a vision and sees her mother falling back off the steps into David's arms but she doesn't say anything about it to Alex. Alex comforts Kat and tells her that when her mom died her dad dated all sorts of women. She worried he would marry one of them until she realized that all he was going to do was date. Kat says sincerely, "This is different. My mom's serious." Alex counsels, "The important thing is not to judge, just give this guy a chance." Returning her attention to the artifact she asks for Kat's help. It's a mystery to solve and they have to make it shine. She tells Kat to start at one side and they'll meet somewhere in the middle. Each starting at opposite ends, they begin to clean the silver with brushes and cloths.

David's house

Rachel drives up to an enormous modern house. David opens the door for her and says he was starting to worry. She apologizes for being late and tells him she had to drop off Kat. Once inside, Rachel is impressed with the house. Expensive art is all around and there are ceremonial masks on the walls. A large pond dominates the foyer. She compliments him on the house. He replies, "It could be yours." Then he invites her took around by herself. Smiling, she begins to look around.

From a corner of the room, the banshee materializes calling, "David I want to see you." The voices echo, "We want to see you." He tells her that everything is working out just like she planned. However, the banshee isn't pleased because the child isn't there. David asks incredulously, "What do you expect me to do, seduce the mother while the daughter is in the next room?" When he promises to bring her the next time, she replies, "There won't be a next time." He asks what she means but the banshee tells him only to keep Rachel there and to "leave the daughter to me." The banshee leaves. He returns to Rachel and takes her on a tour of the house. At one point after they finish the tour she starts to recite a poem and he finishes it. Rachel laughs nervously saying, "I can't believe you know that poem." Smiling, she notes that "It's getting out of hand."

Legacy - library

The artifact has turned out to be a shield with a coat of arms engraved on it. Alex and Kat polish it with cloths and Kat supposes that "This guy must've been a knight." There's an inscription on the shield. "Primus Inter Pares." When Kat asks what it means, Alex replies, "It's Latin for all little girls must do their homework." Kat doesn't want to but Alex reminds her they promised her mom. She adds that as soon as she's finished it, she can come back and help her.

David's house – early evening

Rachel and David sit on the floor in front of the fireplace and eat dinner. When she asks if she'll get to know him better, he replies seductively that he certainly hopes so. They kiss. Then Rachel tells him to wait and worries they may be going too fast because "I feel like I'm in high school again." David laughs and reveals he was a complete geek in high school. She leans towards him and strokes his face as she replies softly, "That's funny. You don't kiss like a geek." They make love.

Legacy - library

Derek looks at the shield and Alex translates the Latin inscription, " Primus Inter Pares. First among equals." He's pleased, since that was the motto of the of the Dellacorte family crest. They're now certain the ship that the legacy team found in Barbados was the Alva Maria. Derek tells Alex to notify Barbados.

Legacy - bedroom

Kat lies on the bed doing her homework. She has a vision of her mom making love. She looks up, puzzled, but then goes back to her homework. In the shadows near the window, the banshee materializes, disguised as Rachel. Mimicking Rachel's voice, she calls out, "It's OK, honey. I'm here," and then goes over to the bed. Kat looks confused and tells her she was having a weird feeling. The banshee reassuringly tells her not to worry and that everything will be all right. She tells her she's going to take her home. The banshee then touches Kat and she immediately looks up and sees not her mother, but the banshee. "You're not my mom," she cries out. The banshee, in a deep voice, says, "Be still child." The demon voices echo "Be still, child." Kat seems to be hypnotized.

David's house - later

David and Rachel sleep on the blanket in front of the fire. Rachel wakes up and walks over to his drawing board to look at some of his sketches. Tucked partly under one of the drawings, she sees the missing photo. Alarmed, she pulls it out from under the drawing and sees that her face has been blacked out, leaving only Kat's smiling face. David wakes up then and comes up behind her. Angry, she accuses him of stealing it and demands, "Why did you do this to it?" He replies that he had to. She demands he start explaining but then, realizing the full impact, chastises herself, "Oh God. I can't believe I was this blind." She scrambles for her clothes and things. He reaches for her and she reacts instantly, "Don't you touch me. This has nothing to do with me. All you wanted was my daughter." David begs her to listen saying he cannot stop her because it's too late. Rachel is very frightened now and asks, "What do you mean?" He tells her Kat has already been taken. "I don't believe you!" she screams and strikes his face with her fist. She runs from the house. He races after her but she gets to her car, jumps in and drives away, leaving him standing in the front of the house.

Legacy - hallways

The banshee walks with Kat slowly through the halls, heading towards the stairs. Kat begs weakly, "No. Stop." The banshee tells her to do as she says. Alex comes out of the library and sees them. Before she can do anything, the banshee reaches forward with her arm and concentrated energy throws Alex backwards. She falls unconscious. They continue down the hall a ways more. Derek is in the library looking at the shield when he hears Kat's muffled cry of "No." Still carrying the shield, he goes out to investigate. Quickly assessing what's going on, he asks, "Kat, can you hear me?" The banshee commands him to step aside to which Derek replies; "I don't think so." He calls to Kat, "Run, Kat, Run!" The banshee reaches her hand forward and concentrates energy in his direction. He holds the shield up against her force but is eventually thrown back and lands unconscious against the wall.

Legacy - staircase

The banshee continues with Kat and they begin to descend the stairs. The dark and eerie voices are heard now whispering, "Come with us." As they get midway down the stairs, Rachel rushes into the foyer screaming, "No! Let her go!" Her eyes flashing red, the banshee challenges her to come and take her. Rachel rushes forward and is thrown back. Kat breaks out of the spell of the banshee when she hears her mother's voice and begins struggling but is unable to break free. She cries and screams for her mother to help her. Again and again, Rachel gets up and rushes the banshee, and time and time again, the banshee throws her back.

David enters the foyer just as Rachel is falling backwards off the stairs and catches her. He tries to hold her back, warning, "She's a banshee. She'll kill you." He adds that what's done is done and she can't stop her. Very angry, Rachel retorts, "No, YOU can't." She again rushes towards her daughter and is thrown back once more. The banshee commands him to let her be. Rachel looks directly at Kat and calls to her. Kat screams for her mother. David yells at the banshee demanding she let the girl go. She replies it's no concern of his. Rachel focuses her attention on Kat and while reaching towards her daughters outstretched hand, says in a commanding voice, "She has no control over you." Just then, David begs the banshee to let her go. His voice diverts the banshee's attention from holding Kat. With that, Rachel grabs Kat's hand and pulls her away from the banshee and down into the foyer. The banshee growls and demands to know if David has forgotten their bargain. He backs up as if to protect Rachel and Kat. David turns to Rachel, says, "Forgive me," and then turns back towards the banshee. He replies he's always done everything she asked but he never agreed to this. He also declares that he's not going to do what she says anymore. Furious, the banshee roars, "You disobey? You would defy me?" She tells him it's time for her to collect what she's due. She reaches her arm forward causing his arms to be drawn together forcibly by the bracelets. Wind blows all around the foyer and stairs as his life force is sucked from him via the bracelets. The banshee assimilates him and he disappears along with the demon, leaving nothing behind but the 2 silver bracelets lying on the floor of the foyer.

Rachel kneels on the floor clutching Kat who stands. Rachel appears heartbroken and terrified and Kat strokes her hair.

Rachel's voice-over:

Sometimes our lives take such an unexpected turn. Two strangers meet, find some comfort in each other's touch, and then move on. Not quite love. And yet there are times I wonder what might have been.

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