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No. 64 - "Armies of Night" 8/14/98


  • Derek de Lint - "Derek Rayne"
  • Martin Cummins - "Nick Boyle"
  • Robbi Chong - "Alex Moreau"
  • Helen Shaver - "Rachel Corrigan"
  • Kristin Lehman - "Kristin Adams"

Guest Starring:

  • Chad Todhunter - "Marcus'"

Executive Producer - Grant Rosenberg
Co-Executive Producer - Garner Simmons
Producer - David Tynan
Produced by - Robert Petrovicz

Writer - Garner Simmons

Excerpts by:

  • Grant Rosenberg
  • John Martin
  • David Tynan
  • James Cappe
  • Garner Simmons
  • Michael Sadowski

Director - Michael Robison

Twenty-first episode of the Third Season.

We owe major thanks for this description to: Kris Kroner

Note to readers of this description. This episode was a "Clip Show"- meaning that the plot includes scenes from previously run episodes. I'll indicate the episode each clip comes from by listing its title in *italics*

Legacy House Library - stormy night

Derek, his hair mussed up and looking very worried, comes into the library carrying a large framed picture in one hand and a sword in the other. He puts the sword down on the table which also holds many other knives, swords and weapons. A storm crashes outside and rain pounds at the windows. Wind and rain come into the room through a broken window. He uses the picture to prop in the window to stop the wind. There are only a few lights on giving the room a very dark and gloomy appearance.

Derek takes his leather journal out of a box and picks up a silver pen in his left hand. He sits at the desk and begins writing. He ominously writes that it's been several hours since he was last in contact with external security. "I fear the lower gate may have fallen" against whatever is out there leaving them defenseless. He continues documenting the events of the evening. It's after midnight now and the house has been under siege since nightfall. Alex volunteered to go get help three hours ago and they haven't heard from her. If she can't get off the island and return with reinforcements before they're overrun, it may be too late. The satellite link is also down which leaves them without external communication. Only he and Nick remain to hold the house. He doesn't know who or what is attacking them.

Suddenly, he hears a creaking noise above him. He picks up a crossbow and aims in the direction of the noise. Nick, wearing a communications headset appears on the library balcony. He tells Derek the attic is clear for now but he doesn't know how long that will last.

Derek directs Nick to go downstairs and activate the EPD - Emergency Perimeter Defense which will electrify all the external walls of the house. That way no one can get in without the code. Nick comments, "Or they get fried," "Pretty radical.". Derek replies, "extreme circumstances call for extreme measures" and tells him he'll meet him at the front door in 5 minutes. Nick leaves.

Derek puts on a comm link with a microphone and earpiece like Nick wears. He returns to the journal. He writes that this will be his last written entry and all others following will be on a voice activated recorder. He wants to leave a record hoping that all their work won't be in vain.

Then he hears glass smashing. He puts the journal away, gets up and calls to Nick through the comm link.


With his gun drawn, Nick slowly descends the steps to the darkened foyer. As he gets close to the bottom he hears Derek ask what he sees. Nick tells him the stairs are clear, then sees that the front door is wide open. He tells Derek that he hasn't reached the EPD controls yet.

Three men dressed in black come out of the shadows converge on Nick, overtake him and drag out of the front door. Derek still upstairs in the library, hears the struggle in his earpiece. Nick warns Derek, "They're in the house!" Then the microphone goes dead.

Derek calls to Nick but gets no response. Grabbing his crossbow, he runs to the stairs and rushes down. There's no sign of Nick and the front door is still open. He closes it and calls again to Nick but gets no answer.


Derek goes to the wall panel and punches in the codes for the emergency perimeter defense. The computer scans his thumbprint, authenticates it and activates the system. A schematic of the outside walls of the house comes up on a small computer monitor shows steady red glowing lights that indicate everything is armed.

Derek says aloud into the recorder that whoever or whatever is behind this obviously knows how the Legacy operates, "Its 12:52 A.M. and Nick has been taken." He says that he fears Nick is not in the house and has been captured or worse.. He continues speaking aloud and tries to figure out to figure out who's conducting this assault on the legacy house. He first thinks of Levon Soltar.

Clip . The spirit of Levon Soltar has taken over his own son, Tom, and comes to get revenge on the Legacy for killing him. He wants to destroy the legacy and make the house a haven for the darkside. He is repelled and eventually killed by Nick, who slays him with the spear from the suit of armor in the foyer. *Dark Priest -Season 2*

Derek then remembers he saw him die so it can't be him. Agitated and anxious, Derek says aloud, "Who then? Who is attacking us?" He walks around the darkened downstairs with his crossbow at the ready. He comes to the living room and sees the piano and remembers;

Clip-. Leigh Noir, a demon who feeds off the impulses, desires and experiences of a pianist tries to destroy Nick and Derek. Derek drives him off by taking a decorative antique lance and stabbing him. *The Prodigy-Season 3*

Still standing by the piano, Derek decides it can't be Noir because he doesn't know the house. It must be someone else.. Then his bushy eyebrows shoot upwards and he says, "Jessica!"

Clip- Derek sees Rachel playing piano. He goes to her and asks her what she's doing. She enigmatically replies, "You know." He doesn't understand and Rachel changes into the lamia named Jessica. She seductively says, "You want me. Submit to me." She turns into Kristen then back to Jessica and reminds him that he brought her there by wanting her. She encourages him to give in to her. She tells him she's been feeding off his kind since time began. Derek is unable to resist her at first until Kristen, Alex and Rachel come in. He tells Jessica he knows she's a lamia and intones, "Be gone evil one, be gone from the earth. Screaming her spirit dissipates and they trap it in a box.

Dream Lover- Season 3.

Very nervously, Derek remembers that since they trapped her in a box, it can't be her. "It has to be another. The fierce storm with its lightning outside illuminates the house with its glow. Derek hears a scream and sees a woman reach the window and grab at it. Electricity from the EPD sends shocks through her. She falls back and leaves.

Derek says aloud that the invader was repelled at 1:30 A.M. by the perimeter defense. He records that he didn't get a good look but is certain it was a woman. Then he struggles to figure out who is attacking them he remembers Karen Morgan and says, there's a possibility that Nick was taken by a succubus

Clip- Karen Morgan tries to seduce Derek who wears a black open pajama top that exposes his chest. When he says he's going to stop her, she reminds him she doesn't have to make love to him to kill him. Then she easily pushes him down. She tells him she let him live because of Nick. She loves Nick and wants him to love her too. She seduces Nick and tries to get her to join him. To defeat her they trick her by making her trust that Nick will go with her. Derek and Nick betray her and put her in chains and drown her. *Black Widow – Season 3*

Derek remembers he saw her die so it can't be her. Then he hears glass breaking. He calls, "Nick? Is that you?" He turns in the dark room and suddenly a man jumps out at him. He immediately fires the crossbow he's been carrying. The man falls. Derek sees another man dressed in black rush up the stairs to the second floor. He goes to the steps and calls to Nick, but gets no answer. Then he returns to try to identify the man he killed. He deduces if he can identify him "maybe we'll know who sent him. "When he gets to where the body was it's gone. Blood remains on the floor though.

Control room

Derek says into the recorder that it's 2:37 A.M. He runs an analysis of the blood sample. As it calculates who it may be, Derek thinks out loud and says he knows there's more than one assailant but doesn't know the leader. He struggles to think and then wonders if it might be Jordan.

Clip- A fire burns and Kristen and Nick are trapped behind it. The demon Jordan laughs and says "That's far enough" as he watches. He vanishes. Enlightened One – Season 3.

Then Derek stops and figures that Jordan wouldn't have gone after him directly but thinks that Richter would have.

Clip- Nick hangs upside down in a cave as Richter walks around telling him how he should join him. Richter has brought back the dead and has them killing clergy. He's under the influence of evil gods and wants Nick to eat a spider so he can join him and become one with him and see the truth. To defeat him, Nick tricks Richter and blows him up in the cave. Finding Richter- Season 2

Derek remembers that Richter only wanted Nick so he could lure him away to the cave of the spider god.

Suddenly the monitor displays the results. It warns it was unable to find a DNA match. Derek talks back saying "that's impossible. "The monitor further reveals that indications are that the blood is from a dead person.

Just then an alarm sounds letting Derek know that someone disarmed the EPD. He looks at the schematic of the house and sees one of the red lights is now blinking indicating someone entered the house through quadrant 4.


He runs to the kitchen and finds Alex coming in through the french doors. He tells her "easy does it" and says he wants to re-arm the EPD. She tells him she already did that and begins to tell him what happened to her. She says she got to the cove and saw the "them." It was too dark to recognize them but they've surrounded the house. She says it was amazing she got away and there's too many to fight. He asks if she's all right and she says she "just needs a moment." She stands weakly and he grabs her saying, "Not too fast, let me help you." She asks that he take her to her room and he replies, "Of course."

They leave the kitchen. After they both leave, a pale, young, finely dressed man, Marcus the vampire, enters through the doors.

As Derek and Alex climb the stairs, Alex asks where Nick is. Derek responds "Dead or captured I don't know which." Alex then turns seductively and very dreamily says not to worry "He's very strong." Derek replies, "Yes. He is." Telling Derek to wait and she'll be right back, she goes upstairs. Derek stands there silently as if in a trance induced by her words.

Then he walks towards the hall mirror at the foot of the steps. He remembers Philippe D'Arcy. Startled, he says aloud, "No! It cannot be a vampire!"

Clip –Philippe is in the Legacy house and appears in the mirror but his image is a trick and he really has no reflection. *Darkness Falls – Season 3.*

Derek suddenly remembers Justine.

Clip – A bat attacks Derek and knocks him down. When he's on the ground, the bat becomes Justine, a beautiful young female vampire who is there to get Alex. *Darkness Falls – Season 3.*

As he looks in the mirror, the figure of Marcus, stands on the steps behind him . Because he casts no reflection, Derek is unable to see him.

Then Derek remembers that Justine is dead.

Clip- Alex sucks Nick's neck and smiles as Justine watches vicariously. Derek tells Alex to stop. Philippe comes in and kills Justine and takes Alex with him and leaves. *Darkness Falls – Season 3.*

Then he remembers that Philippe is dead as well, so who? Derek walks through the downstairs now still carrying the crossbow and tries to figure it out Then he remembers Alex sucking Nick's neck and drinking his blood.

Clip- Nick is lying on Alex's bed and she leans over him biting his neck and drinking the blood from the wound. *Darkness Falls – Season 3.*

Derek, extremely alarmed, looks towards the steps and in a voice filled with dread, pleads, "No. It can't be. Alex?"

Alex's bedroom

Candles are lit all over the room. Nick lies on his back across the foot of the bed, very groggy. Alex walks over to the bed and dreamily says that feels so strange and gets these uncontrollable urges. She tells him she went to get help and really tried but Marcus was waiting for her and told her to come back and that his minions were already in the house waiting for her, with Nick.

She climbs on the bed next to Nick. He looks at her weakly and tells her she doesn't want to do this. Puzzled, she replies, "I don't?" Marcus then comes out of the shadows saying "Yes. You do." Nick tries to sit up and Marcus roughly grabs his neck and shoves him back down. He squeezes until Nick loses consciousness. Alex looks at Nick dreamily and says, "You see, he's right, I really do." She leans over and bites his neck. The pain causes Nick to wake up and try to yell but he can't do any more than gasp.


Derek has a pointed stake ready on the table and readies his crossbow. Just then a man jumps him and he reflexively stabs him in the heart with the stake. The man falls back and dies. Derek grabs a silver cross off the wall and runs upstairs.

Alex's bedroom

Derek comes in and seeing her biting Nicks neck, tells her to stop. She looks up and says, "It's too late." He replies that if she stops of her own volition it's not too late. "You must reject the powers of darkness." Nick opens his eyes, sees Derek and weakly says, "Derek". Desperately, Derek continues, "The undead are trying to pull you back, you must fight them." She looks at him puzzled and confused and he goes on, reminding her she killed Philippe with her own hand and beseeches her to remember. "You must remember. Think back!"

Clip- Alex, under the influence of the vampires is told by Derek to reject them in order to redeem her immortal soul. If she doesn't, they'll have it forever. Nick is tied up behind them. Philippe tells her to kill Derek and she raises the sword to do so, but instead, turns and whacks off Philippe's head instead. *Light of Day- Season 3*

Alex remembers that she killed him. Then, Marcus comes out of the shadows again. When Derek sees him, he's confused because he thought he was dead, "You? But, I killed you!"

Clip- Derek kills Marcus in the cave with a long sharp knife to the chest. *Light of Day- Season 3*

Derek, still puzzled, keeps thinking he killed him. Marcus smiles and tells him to remember when he said, "follow me."

Clip- In Nick's hospital room, Derek stops Marcus from taking unconscious Nick. Marcus jumps out of the window after telling Derek "follow me" and falls to his death. In the morgue it's revealed he's been autopsied before and is a vampire. Derek tells Rachel on the phone that a vampire's supernatural strength increases with age. They carry the same secrets through time. They say a truly ancient master vampire can never be killed. *Light of Day- Season 3*

Derek figures it out and chastised himself. He tells Marcus he should have known it all along because it's in his eyes. Marcus tells Derek he's been around for hundreds of years, "Once you die young, you look young forever." He reminds Derek he intends to live forever too. Now that Justine and Philippe are dead, Alex's initiation falls to him. So he came back for Alex.

Derek, angry, says, "Only if she let's you." Marcus shakes his head, asking, "Why wouldn't she let me?" Derek calls out to Alex to fight him. Marcus notes that this time he won't make the same mistake as before and there will be no test of wills, this time all Alex has to do is watch.

Derek tries to bring up the cross to strike Marcus, but Marcus takes it easily away and tosses it on the floor. He then takes Derek's face and turns his head exposing his neck. He prepares to bite his neck saying "Alex, this is how its done." Derek is powerless to react.

Alex watches intently. Nick, barely conscious, sees what's about to happen. He struggles off the bed, nearly falling on the floor. He goes to where Marcus threw the cross and grabs it in his right hand. With a burst of strength he struggles to stand and then rushes at Marcus striking him in the right chest with the cross and pushes him off Derek and onto the floor. Once he has him down he straddles him and stabs him in the heart with the end of the cross. Nick holds down the cross as Marcus struggles to remove it.

Derek regains his senses, runs to the window and opens the drapes to sunlight, shouting a warning to Nick to get away from him. As the sun hits Marcus he begins to burn up causing Nick to be thrown violently backwards off the vampire. Marcus, clutching at the cross in his chest, burns up while hideously screaming.

Alex regains herself and realizes what happened. Nick lies on the floor, barely conscious. Derek leaves the window and moves to Nick as does Alex. They both kneel down near him. Nick tries to raise his head up and stares for a few seconds at Alex, then glances at Derek before looking to where Marcus was. Derek, with his comm link still in place, kisses Alex on the cheek tenderly and they prop Nick up.

Derek's voice-over.

"Vampires have walked the earth since the dawn of time always ready to prey on whoever might fall beneath their sway. Luckily Alex was stronger than most, yet without the Legacy, she too would have joined the ranks of the undead. Thus, we must stand together. For in a world where evil knows no bounds, only the vigilant survive."

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