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name country fav ep/comment
A.L. United States Derick/Rachael
Abe United States
Allyson United Kingdom
andrea Canada
Angel M. United Kingdom Father Phillip Callaghan........... need I say more?
Angela L. Reed United States Horror and the supernatural; the best cast
Angelia Snyder United States Because I love the characters, the stories.....Everything!
Barbara United States Unique epis
Blake United Kingdom
bunny France
CAROLE TESSIER Canada Derek is the best actor for it ,make us feel it real
Caroline D United States It was the introduction of the series.
Cary United States
Christina United States
Claire United Kingdom All seasons specially the last 2 seasons
Clair United States Pilot, Twelfth Cave, Doppelganger ... the whole season! :-)
Claudia Germany
Claudia United States
Cordelia Delayne United Kingdom Sins Of The Father, Ghost In The Road, Do Not Go Gently
Dede United States  
Désirée Germany
EC Wilcox United Kingdom
Gaudy Puerto Rico
Imke Germany Do not go gently
Isaac Sanchez United States I loved them all
Kyla Austria
Laura Floody United States
leanne stacey United Kingdom
Marguerite Descheneaux Canada Good thriller,chiller...My favP:TL isFifthSepulcher
Marguerite Descheneaux Canada I love Derek de Lint.Love every episodes where he's in it.
MaryW United States
Natalie United States
nicola_stacey United Kingdom anything involving Nick!!!
Sarah Harrison United States Wish this series would come out on DVD
Sheldon Canada Doppelgänger Is my fav ep of the series because of Senephra
Taheerah United States
Tracey United Kingdom Fave eps: The Substitute, Ghost In The Road
willard onellion United States this is the only season I have seen so far. It is great and

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