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name country type(s) comment
A Madsen United States Gen/Het/Slash/Adult  
A.L. United States ? Derick/Rachael
Abbie United States ?  
Abe United States Gen/Het/Slash/Adult  
Aerika Madsen United States Gen/Het/Slash/Adult  
al smith United States Adult  
Ale United States ?  
Ale United States ?  
Alex Canada Gen/Het/Slash/Adult Nick and some other hot guy
Alex Italy Gen/Het/Slash/Adult  
alex United States Adult  
Ally United States Gen/Het/Slash/Adult  
alysa landry United Kingdom Het/Slash/Adult
Amanda United States Het/Slash/Adult
Amy Leann United States Gen/Slash Any of the guys. I don't really like non-con or deathfics.
Andrea Blaney Canada Gen/Het/Slash/Adult  
Andrea Germany Gen/Het/Slash/Adult nick boyle
Andrew United States Gen/Het/Slash/Adult  
Angelina Germany Gen/Het/Slash/Adult  
Angelina Germany Gen/Het/Slash/Adult Fav pairing Derek/Nick
Anika Meyer Germany Het/Slash/Adult
anja w Germany Gen/Het/Slash/Adult  
Anki Meyer Germany ?  
ann Canada Gen/Het/Slash/Adult derek and females....eeekekkk
anne chandlee United States Gen/Het/Slash/Adult  
anne drost Canada Adult derek and nick or derek and women in general
Anne Canada Gen/Het/Slash/Adult  
AnnMarie United States Gen/Het/Slash/Adult  
APRIL SERRATO United States Gen/Het/Slash/Adult  
Ardie Jackson United States Gen/Het/Adult  
Athena United Kingdom Gen/Slash/Adult  
Axiana Germany Gen/Het/Slash/Adult nick
bane United States Gen/Het/Slash/Adult alex/derek
Barbara Irish United States Het/Slash
Barbara Irish United States Gen/Het/Slash/Adult I love it all, but especially slash between Derek and Nick. I can't remember any specific fics, but the few I've read so far have been great!
Barbara United States Gen/Het/Slash/Adult  
Becks United Kingdom ?  
Betty Spiker United States Gen/Het/Adult I'm a huge Nick chick. If I had to have a pairing, I'd like Nick & Alice.
Betty Bosnia and Herzegovina Slash/Adult  
Betty United States Gen/Het/Adult Nick & Alex
Bill Jones United States Het/Slash/Adult
Bindu United States Gen/Het/Adult  
bobaram United States Adult  
Boryana Bulgaria Gen/Het/Slash/Adult Fav pairing - Derek and Rachel, Nick and Alex
Brandie Little United States Gen/Het/Slash/Adult Rachel/Anyone
brandi United States Gen/Het/Slash/Adult  
Carisha United States Gen/Het/Slash/Adult  
Carla Stinson United States Gen/Het/Slash/Adult  
carlabell United States Het/Slash/Adult nick
Carla United States Gen/Slash  
Carlotta United States Adult  
Carrie Lynn Robertson United States Het/Slash/Adult anything with nick i like
Cathy Flinn United States Gen/Het/Slash/Adult  
celena ibrahim United States Gen/Het/Slash/Adult  
chanutaya United States Slash  
Charlie United States Gen/Het/Slash/Adult  
Chickens United States Adult
Christina Waltman United States Gen/Het/Slash/Adult  
chuck United States Het group
chupakabra Russian Federation Slash  
Clair United States Gen/Het/Slash/Adult DR/AM, DR/RC, DR/OC, NB/OC, DR/NB ... can you tell I mostly like Derek-related fics? ;-)
clara bradley United States Het/Slash/Adult I lik them all
Clare United Kingdom Gen/Slash Nick and another male
Cole United States ? Nick & Alex forever!!!!!
Cordelia United Kingdom Het/Slash PTL fanfic was where I first discovered slash. My fave has always been Derek/Nick though I like het stories that focus on their platonic relationship as well.
Court Reynolds United States Het/Slash/Adult
Crystal United States Slash Fave pairings are Derek/Nick or Philip/Nick
D Price United Kingdom Gen/Het/Slash/Adult fav pairing derek/nick, fav character nick like nick whumping stories but has to have a good ending
Dana Domirani Russian Federation Gen/Het/Slash/Adult eleidan
Davis M United States Het/Slash/Adult
DEACON SPELLMAN United States Gen/Het/Slash/Adult  
DebMatt United States Gen/Het/Adult Nick and Alex
Dee United States ? Alex, Nick
Destryan Nofal United States Adult  
dimaden Belarus Gen/Het/Slash/Adult  
dimaden Belarus Gen/Het/Slash/Adult  
dionne barnes United Kingdom Gen/Het/Slash/Adult  
Donna Hanson Canada Gen/Het/Slash/Adult  
donna United Kingdom Het/Slash/Adult
Dotty Afghanistan Gen/Het/Slash/Adult  
duke United States Het/Adult  
Dyne Indonesia Gen/Het/Slash/Adult  
earthling70 Vanuatu Gen/Het/Adult I love Nick Boyles character
Ebony Black United Kingdom Gen/Het/Slash/Adult  
Ekaterina Russian Federation Gen/Het/Slash/Adult  
Elaine Robinson United States Het/Adult
elamae United Kingdom Gen/Slash/Adult Fav P:TL pairing is Nick/Philip but not familiar enough to have a favourite fic yet. Absolutely adore Nick though and have a a soft spot for Philip.
elea84 France, Metropolitan Gen/Slash  
Elizabeth Russian Federation Gen/Het/Adult  
Elizabeth United States Het/Slash/Adult
Emily United States Gen/Het/Slash/Adult  
emily United States ? Trying to find Deb T's "Dreamwalker" series
Erica United States Gen/Het/Slash/Adult  
Essie United States Slash  
Fiona United Kingdom Gen/Het/Slash/Adult  
Frank United States ?  
Garold Ake United States Het  
Gastavo United States Het/Slash/Adult
gillian jane United Kingdom Gen/Het/Slash/Adult  
Gina United States Gen/Het/Slash/Adult  

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