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LegacyWeb - First Unofficial P:TL Web Site
Since 1996. Episode Guide, P:TL Fanfic Library, Legacy Journals mailing list and more.
Merlynn's Maze
Welcome to the world of Derek Emrys Rayne & his Legacy team; loads of fanfic; photos of the real Angel Island, Hatley Castle, & more. Always growing.
Penemuel's Nest
P:TL site that focuses on Victor Arkadi, with links to slash fiction, screencaps, etc.
Asera's Allusional Anclav
My Poltergeist: The Legacy Fanfiction site, including links to other fanpages, actor bios, character bios, descriptions.
Angela's Stories
Fanfics about the show and it's characters as well as pictures
Beyond The Darkness
A site hosting nevermore's fanfics.
Derek de Lint - First Unofficial Web Site
Since 1996. The Dutch actor's filmography, bio, FAQ, pics, videoclips, discussion board and mailing list, buy videos, chat room, calendar, wallpaper, guestbook, etc.

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