Highlander: The Legacy

by Michelle C. 

Chapter Seven

Marie sat in the apartment watching the news. She nearly choked on
the sandwich she was eating when the next news report came on. She
turned up the volume.

"Oh crap! GUYS GET IN HERE QUICK!" Marie shouted. They all came
running into where Marie sat.

"What is it?" Methos asked. Marie pointed at the TV wordlessly. They
all watched and listened as a picture of the park where the Legacy
members had seen the fight was flashed up on the screen.

"Today in San Francisco another body was found. This one, like the
first found days ago, was decapitated cleanly at the neck with an
obviously sharp object.

The man was unidentified. The man, in his early thirty's, was found
sometime earlier today by a nearby jogger. The jogger's name is being
withheld. Details are also extremely sketchy at this point and all of
the work is purely speculation. We will keep you informed as more is

"So they found a body? It's not one of our kills." Richie said. Marie
rolled her eyes.

"Call me a worry wart then. But this means there is another immortal
in town. This immortal doesn't seem to want to be secretive or else
he/she would have hidden the body." Marie said.

"Point being?" Amanda asked.

"My point is...if this group really does exist and that man that saw
Methos take a head, then we have to be incredibly careful. This other
immortal can't just leave bodies lying about. This immortal..." Marie

"Being careful." Methos finished for her, "this immortal took the
head in broad daylight. Then left the body to be found by all. She's
right. Anyone could have seen the Quickening. Or even the fight. Perhaps
we do have a problem. Joe we should get a hold of the other Watchers in
this city and find out which immortals are in town." Joe went to the
phone and dialed up a number. The others waited patiently.

"Marty? Its Joe."

"Joe! Good to hear from you."

"I have a question for you. What immortals are in town right now?"


"Adam and I are here and we feel there is an immortal who isn't being
careful. We just want to know who it is so we can talk to his or her
watcher. That way the watcher can take the necessary precautions." The
other end went silent for a brief second. Then the man on the other side
came back on.

"All right. I'll buy that Joe. Lets see... Duncan's first student
Joshua and his wife, Jeesi, are in town. Marie Patterson, as you know,
is here. Richie Ryan was reported showing up. Rodregez was here but lost his head." Joe heard papers shuffled as Marty continued to the next page of his list. "Ah, Zane was also reported to have been in town but we can't seem to find him any longer. And... Oh yeah that punk kid, Kenny, is in town. Oh and that thief Amanda is here."

"Thanks Marty. I think I know who's behind this. Who are the watchers
for them?" Joe asked.

"Joshua and Jessi have the same watcher and that's Chris, Juan was
working on the Rodregez files. You know you're currently watching Marie until her original watcher is back in town. Lets see, you know who watches Richie and Amanda. Zane ditched his watcher last Christmas and hadn't gotten a new one yet. And then there's Kenny's watchers. I believe his is Sandra."

"Thanks a lot Marty. I'll talk to you later." Joe hung up the phone
and turned to his immortal friends. He held up a piece of paper. "I got a list."

"Well?" Marie asked.

"Well Joshua and his wife are in town and so is little Kenny."

"KENNY!" Richie and Amanda exclaimed together.

"Who's Kenny?" Marie asked.

"An eight hundred plus year old immortal brat trapped in a ten year olds body. He tried to take my head."

"And Duncan's." Amanda added.

"He's probably the irresponsible immortal behind this crap. He's way
worse then Mitchell was and way, way, way worse then an immortal
vampire." Richie said. Marie looked questionably at Methos.

"No need to worry? Bull. I see plenty to worry about." Marie said.
The immortals and mortal remained quiet. This was not going to be fun.

Elsewhere in the city.....

Jessi walked down the street. She was shopping for her husband's
birthday. She went down and empty alley. She thought nothing of it. She
had gone down this alley a million times before and never ran into
another immortal, so the feel of the buzz shocked her. She stopped short
to find a little boy grabbing at his head in pain.

"Oh dear you're new at this aren't you?" Jessi asked the boy. She
walked up to him and kneeled down beside him. She set her presents down
on the floor.

"New at what?" Kenny asked in his best scared voice. Jessi never
noticed the sword hidden behind him. "New? Me? Oh... NO!" He took out
his sword and swung down. Jessi's eyes grew wide in shock and froze that
way as her head fell from her shoulders. Kenny smirked as the white
light seeped from the body.

"Too easy." Kenny said. He began to scream when the Quickening
engulfed him.

In yet another part of the city.......

Joshua sat up from bed with a pain deep in his heart. He clutched at
it and winced. A single tear fell from his eye's. The pain stopped.

"Jessi." He whispered. He felt her Quickening being ripped from her
body. A piece of him was ripped away too.

Chapter Eight

Joshua walked down the street, tears rolled down his cheeks. He
clutched his wife's picture in his hands. His heart felt as though it
had been ripped from his chest and shot full of bullets then stamped on.
He only stopped when he felt the buzz of some immortals. He looked up
and saw Marie, Methos, Richie, Amanda and Joe walk down the street. He
wiped his eyes.

"Joshua? What's wrong?" Marie asked when they reached him.

"My wife was killed today." He answered slowly.

"Really by who?" Marie asked stunned.

"I don't know. I just felt her Quickening leave." Joshua replied.

"God, Joshua... I'm so sorry." Marie gave him a hug. She felt for him.

"I was heading to find the body to make sure the other immortal hid
it." Joshua said.

"We'll come along. We're trying to find a careless immortal named
Kenny. He killed someone in plain daylight and left the body. And
there's a group that investigates this sort of thing in this city. They
may or may not have seen Adam here fight an immortal." Marie said.

"Ah yes. I know who you're talking about. The group is called the
Legacy. I've investigated their work. The Legacy is all over this
country. I haven't gotten much except the Legacy members can be
identified by the ring each of them ware." Joshua said.

"And how did you find this out?" Joe asked. Joshua shrugged.

"I got connections." Joshua answered.

"So where's your wife?" Amanda asked.

"I'm not sure. I'll know when we're near." Joshua answered, "I'll
feel the left over Quickening."

"How?" Richie asked.

"Have you not learned how to use your Quickening?" Joshua asked.

""No." Richie answered. Marie laughed.

"Joshua, keep in mind the only MacLeod that knows how to do that is
Connor. Mac was never taught." Marie said.

"Oh, yeah. Oh, well... he'll learn some day, it's not important." They
walked on. They reached the alley where Jessi had died. Joshua and Marie
stopped short. They looked at each other.

"She's here." They said in unison. Methos looked down the alley and
saw the body laying on the floor. He pointed to it.

"Look." Methos said. They ran down the alley to the dead body. Jessi
laid there still and silent. Her eyes remained starring up at them.
Joshua kneeled down next to his wife's body. Marie picked up Jessi's
head and set it where it was supposed to go. She closed his yes and let
Joshua cry over his dead wife. They let him grieve in peace.

"We have to get her out of here. I'm going to take her home to
England." Joshua said at last. They took the body back to Joshua's place
and began preparing the body for the move.

"I swear we will get the kid. I'll make sure he never leaves San
Francisco." Marie said.

"Thank you. Is Mac still in Paris?" Joshua asked.

"Yeah. He's planning on going to Seacouver soon." Joe answered.

"Guess I'll stop by and say hi." He said. Marie and the others left.
They weren't positive if they would ever see the grieving Joshua again.
Joshua's life would never be the same again. His whole world had been
turned upside down. And Kenny had made a new enemy because he killed the
wrong woman.

Chapter Nine

Nick walked into McDonalds. He entered to see a ten year old boy
begging for food.

"Come on mister! I beg you!" Kenny begged. He smiled inside himself
when he felt the pre-immie buzz.

"NO kid! I said get out of here!" The manager shouted. Nick walked up
behind the boy.

"You hungry?" He asked.

"No I'm begging for food for no reason." Kenny snapped.

"Calm down. What would you like to eat?"

"The cheeseburger meal." Kenny answered.

"OK. I'll take two cheeseburger deals." Nick said to the manager. The
manager gave a disgusted and put in the order. Nick paid the money and
waited for the food.

"So what's your name?"


"Nice to meet you. I'm Nick." Their number came up ten minutes later.
Nick went up and brought back the food.

"Nice service around here." Kenny said sarcastically.

"Yeah, it's the best." Nick smiled, "so where do you live?"

"Where ever I want." Kenny finished eating and stood up. "Thanks.
I'll see ya." He turned to walk off. Nick quickly cleaned up the mess
and ran after the boy.

"Hey, Kenny wait up!" Nick called after the boy. Kenny turned around.


"I'll give you a ride.."

"You don't have to. I'm not living anywhere in particular."

"Come on Kenny, I got a place for you to stay."

"Why are you doing this?"

"Because my friend's place has plenty of space and because it's
getting late and cold. Come on. I trust you." Nick said. Kenny nodded
and followed Nick to his car. Nick drove back to the castle.

When they walked inside the door they saw Kat sitting in the living
room doing her homework. Nick walked up to her.

"Hey Kat. I'd like you to meet Kenny. Kenny this is Kat." Nick
introduced them.

"Nice to meet you Kenny." Kat said.

"Hi." Kenny said shyly.

"What are you doing here so late?" Nick asked.

"Mom and I are staying here while the house gets renovated. They're all
in the conference room waiting for you."

"Oh damn! We had a meeting. Thanks for reminding me Kat. Keep Kenny
company." Nick ran up to the conference room in a hurry. Kenny sat down
next to Kat.

"So what's Kat short for?" Kenny asked.

"Katharine. What about Kenny?"

"Kenneth. So who owns this joint?"

This man named Derek Rayne. He's a rich man. Nick lives here with
him. How 'bout you? Why are you here?"

"Nick didn't want me sleeping on the streets tonight. He gave me food

"Nick's a nice guy. He's like an uncle to me." Kat said.

"Is he dating your mom?"

"No. But some times I wish she'd date one of these guys. They're so

"How many guys are living here?"

"My, you sure are full of questions aren't you Kenny?"

"Just trying to get my surroundings." Kenny answered.

"Well Nick and Derek live here. And this guy named Philip drops in
every once in awhile. But he's on sabbatical or something like that."
Kat answered. They continued their talk.

Nick walked into the conference room. Derek and the others looked up
as he entered.

"Close the door behind you." Derek said. Nick did as he said and sat
down next to Rachel.

"Sorry I'm late. I met this homeless kid and gave him some food."
Nick explained.

"Who I he?" Derek asked.

"His names Kenny. He's downstairs talking to Kat."

"You brought him here?" Alex asked.

"Yeah. What was I supposed to do? Let him freeze on the streets? He
had no where to go." Nick answered.

"That's the least of our concerns right now. As you heard another
murder was reported but when the police arrived at the scene the body
was gone. Then there was one Nick saw and the one we all saw." Derek
refreshed their memories.

"What did you find out Alex?" Nick asked.

"Something very weird. I ran both names through the computer. I got
lots of info on Russell Nash. He still lives in New York but recently
flew to Paris and is still there. I'm having the Legacy house in Paris
keep an eye on him. He may or may not still be a part of this. He's
defiantly not responsible for what's going on out here. Here's the sheet
I printed out on him." She handed a paper to the group. She also handed
them a picture. He looked in his 20's or 30's with short blondish brown
hair and a rap sheet as big as the Nile. "Remember that face."

"Why?" Rachel asked.

"You'll see. Next I ran a check on Connor MacLeod. I got nothing. So
I just ran MacLeod. I got quiet a few listings. But there was no Connor.
So I went to a couple of names and looked to see if there was Connor
under anyone's name. I came to a Duncan MacLeod. Under the list of
relatives the name Connor showed. Duncan MacLeod is listed as a distant
clansman. So I printed out this Duncan's sheet. He is currently in
Paris. Coincidence? I don't know but I do know this Duncan guy was
investigated in some head hunter murders in Seacouver. So here's his
sheet." She handed out Duncan's sheet too.

"And?" Nick asked.

"And then I went a little ways back in time and looked up Connor. I
finally found him in the Scottish files. There was a rough sketch of his
picture and a brief description of what he looked like and who he was.
He was driven out of the Clan MacLeod."

"Why?" Rachel asked.

"Well this says it was because he was believed to be a demon. People
were very superstitious back then. There are no records of when he died.
I also noticed there was another Duncan MacLeod that lived a few years
later. So I looked him up. He too was driven out of the Clan MacLeod
being called a demon. I printed out his description with Connor's. This
Duncan also had no record of when he died." Alex handed the two sheets
out to the members. The members looked at the four pictures. The two
Connor pictures looked the same and the two Duncan pictures looked the

"They're exactly the same?! But...." Nick sputtered.

"Coincidence? I don't think so." Alex agreed with the group.

"This is interesting. This case is strange." Derek said.

"So now what?" Nick asked.

"I don't know." Derek answered.

Chapter Ten

Marie danced around with her sword. She lunged at her opponent. She
attacked swiftly knocking the other immortal's sword from his hands. She
sent him to the floor with a quick swipe of the legs. She held her sword
to his throat and laughed.

"You're out of practice Rich. No wonder Mac almost took your head."
Marie said. She held out her hand and helped him to his feet.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's not because I'm so bad its because you're so
good." Richie said.

"OOOH!!! A compliment! From your mouth!? Never!" Marie joked.

"At least you two are back to normal." Methos said.

"Just goes to show you can't keep two friends down when their fate
has been revealed." Marie said.

"Yeah. We just weren't meant to be more then friends." Richie agreed.

"Well anyone hungry?" Methos asked.

"Do you need to ask Richie that? Of course." Marie said. Methos,
Marie, and Richie headed to go eat.

"So where's Joe and Amanda?" Richie asked.

"They left VERY early this mourning. They flew out to Paris to help
Duncan with some things." Marie answered. They walked down the crowded
streets. "So where to?"

"How about Dennys? I love their food." Richie suggested.

"Leave it to the endless pit of a stomach named Richie to name a
place for its food and not its service." Marie said jokingly.

"Ha, ha. You're a riot." Richie said sarcastically.

"I know, aren't I?" Marie smiled. They entered Dennys and felt the
buzz of an immortal inside.

Kenny looked around suddenly. Nick looked at him.

"What's wrong Kenny?" Nick asked.

"Nothing. Uh..." Kenny looked around some more. Nick and the other
members of the Legacy eyed him suspiciously. Nick looked in the
direction of Kenny's stare. He saw Marie and her friends walk up.

"Its just my student Marie, her uncle and a friend." Derek said.
Kenny stood up. His eyes grew wide as he saw the face of Richie.

"Oh crap." Kenny murmured. Richie caught Kenny's glare. His face
went sour. Richie marched up to Kenny. Marie and Methos followed.

"YOU! You little twirp!" Richie shouted. The other people in Dennys
looked at him.

"Uh... hi Richie... bye Richie..." Kenny said. He bolted out the back
door. Richie quickly followed.

"Richie? Who's that Adam?" Marie asked.

"That's Kenny." Methos ran after them. Marie looked at Nick and his
friends with a shy smile.

"This must look pretty weird, huh?" Marie asked.

"Yeah it does. Marie what is going on?" Derek asked. Marie looked to
the back door.

"I gotta go." She ran off after the others. The Legacy followed.
"Dang they're following me. This cannot be good."

"Come back here Kenny." Richie shouted. Kenny ran down the street and
ended up at a dead end.

"Damn! Kenny shouted. He pulled out his sword and waited for the
fight. Richie and Methos caught up. Richie drew the Rapier Duncan had
given him. Kenny and him began combat. Marie came running up shortly
after they had started. The Legacy was close behind her.

"You're mine!" Richie exclaimed.

"RICHIE NO! Not now!" Marie shouted. The Legacy eyed Richie fighting

"What's going on?" Alex demanded.

"Why do they have swords? Marie?" Derek asked. Marie ignored the
questions being throne at her.

"Back off Marie I have been waiting to take this little brats head
since he tried for mine." Richie shouted.

"Do it later! We have witnesses." Marie yelled back.

"Wha???" Richie turned and looked at the group that stood behind
Marie. He didn't notice Kenny was beginning to swing for his head.
Luckily Marie did.

"NO!" She shouted. She pulled her sword out and put it between
Kenny's sword and Richie's neck. She stopped it in time by a matter of
seconds. "I don't know you kid but you are now on my hate list. You take
his head and you'll be my top priority."

"You love him?" Kenny asked.

"He's like a brother to me. He's one of the only family I have left
in this world. And my motto is you mess with my friends then you mess
with death."

"Yeah, yeah." Kenny said.

"Now put your sword away. Our battles are not for mortal eyes. You
have already left two bodies in plain site! For an old kid as yourself
you're not very smart. Your body can't grow but your mind sure as hell
could. So why keep the mind of a ten year old? Act your damn age!" Marie

"Screw you girl! Do have any idea what it is like to be trapped
inside a ten year old body?"

"No but I do know what it feels like to be a girl and be weaker then
the rest. All ways the underdog. LIVE WITH IT! I'm giving you fair
warning. If I ever see you again you're dead. If I ever see you near a
pre-immie you're dead. If you ever go after one of my friends again
you're dead. I promise you that! Now get out of here!" Marie stepped
away and lowered her sword. Richie did the same. Kenny hid his sword and
ran off. Marie and Richie hid theirs as Marie walked up to Methos.

"Worrying too much, eh? Well now who needs to worry?" Marie said to
him. Nick looked astonishedly at her.

"What in the world is going on here?" He asked.

"You guys got the power... use your resources and find out." Marie
answered vaguely. "Let me just say things aren't all ways what they
seem." She smiled. The three immortals walked off leaving the Legacy to
discuss amongst themselves.

Chapter Eleven

From the journals of Marie:

The secrets pretty much out. This is becoming difficult. Who would
have thought college could be this difficult. I bet not all college
students go through things like this. Man my life sucks. I don't even
want to know what it will be like when I have to change my identity. God
I can't imagine. That group that I heard the rumors about DOES in fact
exist. It seems like everyone and their dog is a part of it. My
teacher, Derek, and his friend Nick... and tons more. EVEN a little girl
who CAN'T be older than 8 looks to be a part of it. Looks like I'll be
swapping info with them. I can tell them about immortals, since they've
seen quite a bit already, and they can tell me about their organization.
I'm sure the Watchers and them could help each other out. This can't be
a bad thing...can it? I'll tell Nick, or Derek...which ever shows up in
class that I need to talk to them. This is going to be interesting. I'm
going to make Richie and Methos come. They'll want to hear this too.

All I want is a normal life. I feel as if I'm in some horrible
fan-fic story... God that would REALLY suck.

Marie closed her journal and capped her pen. She laid her hand on her
chin and got lost in thought. She didn't hear or sense Richie and Methos

"She's in la la land." Methos said as he waved a hand in front of her

"Think she can hear us?" Richie asked.

"Not a chance. Look at her Rich. She's a zombie. So you really over her?"

"Yeah. You're really not interested in her?"

"Yeah." Methos and Richie looked at each other and started cracking
up for no apparent reason. A few minutes went by and Richie regained
his composure and looked at him with a serious expression.

"I don't believe you." He stated.

"Honestly." Methos raised his hands in defense.


"I keep getting that feeling I'm in a fan story and the author can't
make up her/his/its mind as to which immortal should go with Marie. Me
or you."

"You too? God I thought I was the only one." Richie agreed.

"Here we are having a conversation and she can't even hear us."
Methos said looking at Marie staring blankly into space.

"HELLLOOOOOO! Marie!" Richie said.

"UH.... Spaceship Marie this is Earth, come in." Methos said imitating
an astronaut. Marie blinked and looked at them.

"Oh, hi. I was just thinking of something." Marie said.

"Something or someone?" Richie joked. Marie gave him a vicious look.

"I decided to meet Nick and his friends. We will swap info. They talk
about what they do and we talk about us."

"You know I have met WAY too many Nicks lately." Methos noted. "First
Toronto and now here.... Where, oh where will the next Nick be?" Marie
rolled her eyes.

"Let's go. The class should almost be over now." Marie said.

They headed to the university to meet up with Nick or Derek. They
walked down the vacant streets. It was late at night and most people
were smart enough to stay off the streets. But for three immortals
anything was better then the sword. They arrived at the school just in
time to see Nick walking away.

"NICK!" Marie called. They ran up to him. "We need to talk to you and
your friends about what you saw."

"OK. You can walk with me to the bus stop. My car's in the shop."
Nick said.

"Oh and we want to know about you guys."

"What do you mean Marie?" Nick asked innocently.

"We tell you our secret you tell us yours." Methos answered before Marie.

"Is anyone else getting a sense of deja vu?" Richie asked. Marie
laughed with Methos. Nick looked questioningly at them. They walked off
to the bus stop. They headed down a dark deserted alley {Go figure this
one.... All tales have a deserted alley ;-D mine do too} They were half
way through when the buzz of another immortal came piercing the three.
They stopped short. Nick turned around and looked at them.

"What?" He asked. They didn't see the other immortal until he jumped
from the shadows and stabbed Richie in the heart. He died instantly. He
took out a throwing dagger and hit Nick in the heart as well. A look of
shock froze on his face as he too fell over dead. Kenny raised his sword
ready to cut at Richie's neck.

"Oh, no you don't. Adam take care of Nick. He'll be confused when he
wakes up. I'll take care of the kid." Marie pulled out her sword and
attacked. "I warned you kid."

Methos pulled Richie and Nick out of the way. He slid the dagger from
Nicks chest and watched Marie fight.

'She gets all the fun.' Methos thought.

"I told you to stay away. Why didn't you listen?" Marie asked.

"Because I'm a kid, I'm just a kid and I will lose my head if I don't
cheat." Kenny shouted over the clanging of the swords.

"Well you messed with my friends therefore you messed with Death...
I don't plan on losing."

"You're just a girl!"

"Yeah I'm just a girl... yeah I'm some kind of freak..." Marie sang mimicking No Doubt.

"SHUT UP! I hate that song!" Kenny screamed. Methos laughed as Richie began to stir.

"Ugh..." Richie sat up slowly. "That hurts every time."

"You OK?" Methos asked.

"I'll live." Richie looked at the lifeless body of Nick. "Guess he's one of us now."

"Yeah. Marie will teach him... since she's staying."

"Where will you be going?"

"Where do you think? Back to Paris."

"But why?" Richie looked at Methos stunned. He couldn't believe what
he was hearing.

"Because I miss it Rich."

"And you won't miss Marie?"

"Of course I will. I feel like I'll be leaving my daughter."

"Then don't! Jesus Methos! You're five-thousand plus years old! You
have to have a friend around to keep you company." They shut up when
Nick began to stir. He shot up with a jolt and patted his chest. He
looked at Methos and Richie strangely.

"What?? I'm alive??? How???" He asked. Methos and Richie looked at
each other the looked at Nick.

"Its a kind of Magic." They said in unison.


"We'll tell you later." Methos said. They continued to watch the
fight. Nick looked to where the fight was. He watched as she ducked
under one of Kenny's swings and the fell to the ground. She wrapped her
legs around Kenny's and pulled him down. His sword slid from his hands.
Marie kicked it way out of his reach. She raised her sword high.

"Mess with the best and you die like the rest." She said with a smile.

"You love to mimic things don't you?" Kenny asked.

"Yup and here's another. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!!!!" Marie shout.

"Famous last words." Kenny mumbled as Marie swung down. She cut it
clean off and turned to the others.

"Round one me. Now for round two." She dropped her sword and
outstretched her arms. She closed her eyes and waited. The Quickening
circled up and broke lights as it went. "Bring it on!" She said as the
Quickening whammed into her. She screamed in utter agony. Kenny's pain
buried into her. She struggled to keep her sanity. Thoughts of a Dark
Quickening invaded her mind.

'NO! I will not go out like this! I will take this Quickening with
me! It will not over power me!'
Marie thought. Methos watched her face
twist in pain and horror.

"Oh dear." He said.

"What?" Richie asked.

"She may have been dealt one too many cards."

"Methos what the HELL are you talking about?"

"Look at her Richie. She's struggling big time. The Quickening should
be over by now. I think its a DQ." Methos answered. Richie looked at
him. Nick stared blankly at the light show before him. Marie continued
to scream. Lights continued to break and then...quiet. Still and
peaceful silence. Still as death. No one moved, no one breathed. No more
lights. Darkness. Pain and sorrowful darkness. She was inside herself.
Inside the very depths of her soul. She looked around.

"Hello???" Marie called. Her voice echoed. "What happened?"

"You are inside yourself." A voice came from the darkness. "You are
inside me, us, all!" A figure stepped from the shadows and a light
showed over the two. It was her. A mirror image at least.

"But you're me?" Marie said questionably.

"No I'm me. You're you. We are we." The twin said, "Now its time for
thee, that being you, to experience first hand what Duncan went through.
Welcome to the land between darkness and light. Now is the time to
decide who takes over the body. Good or evil. I am evil. You are good.
Now we fight."

Chapter Twelve

Methos helped Nick and Richie to their feet. The Quickening continued on for them.

"Methos this is long." Richie said.

"Yeah, too long." Methos agreed. Finally it stopped. Marie fell limply
to the ground. Methos checked for a pulse." At least it didn't kill her. We
have to get out of here."

"We can take her to Derek's place." Nick said.

"I'll get her sword." Richie said. Methos picked up Marie as Richie
gathered the swords. "What about Kenny?"

"I don't know. Lets worry about Marie first." Nick lead the way. They hurried to the Legacy house.

~~~~~~~COME TO YOURSELF! FIGHT YOURSELF!" Evil Marie cried. Marie picked
up her sword. "I wont let you beat me! If Mac can beat his evil self then I can beat mine!"

"Oh but you are wrong! Duncan lost at first but that damn Methos
interferred again and took him to that damn Holy Spring! The battle began
again and Duncan won. I don't plan on that happening with you little
one!" She attacked the good. Sparks flew as the swords rubbed together.
The opponents were equally matched but good Marie knew more then her
evil self.

"You may be me but you don't know me!"

"How poetic you preppy good girl." E. Marie snickered.

"In the words of a famous poet I will not go quickly into the night!
I will rage against the dying of the day!"

"And who said that?"

"Dylan something! But that's not the point!" They continued to fight.

Nick opened the door to the Legacy house. Derek was just coming
downstairs when he saw Methos carrying Marie.

"What happened?" He asked.

"We'll tell you when she wakes." Methos answered, "Where can we put her?"

"Follow me. Nick get everyone else." Derek said. He lead them to one
of the bedrooms. Methos laid Marie on the bed and sat next to her
holding her hand. Nick came up with the rest of the members. Derek had
Rachel check Marie's vitals.

"What happened?" Alex asked. Nick clutched his chest.

"She was hit by one of those storms and I was stabbed in the heart
but here I am walking and talking." Nick answered. He showed the area
where he had been stabbed.

"What is going on here?" Derek asked Methos and Richie.

"When she wake's we'll tell. If we tell you, you tell us about your
little group." Methos said.

"Is it a DQ?" Richie asked.

"Yes. I believe so. Can I make a call to Paris? I'll make it collect." Methos asked.

"Yes. You don't have to make it collect." Derek answered. He pointed
to a phone by the bed. Methos picked up the receiver and dialed a number
in Paris. He waited until someone picked up.


"Which MacLeod?" Methos asked. The Legacy member looked at each


"Connor. Its Methos. Is Duncan there?"

No sorry Methos he took Amanda to the airport.

"Damn. Its important I talk to him. Marie may be on the verge of
evil. I believe its a DQ."

You're kidding.

"I wish I was Connor. I need to get all the help I can from Duncan."

Give me the number there and I'll have him call.

"Hang on let me get it." Methos turned to the others. "What's the number here?"

"555-6659." Nick answered.

"Its 555-6659." Methos said to Connor.

Got it. I'll have him call ASAP. He should be back soon.

"Have him call at any time. I'll be up to answer."

OK Good luck Methos. Even a five-thousand plus immortal needs help.

"Yeah even us old people need help. Oh, and I have a new one here."

Oh. Good luck then.

"Thanks Connor. I'll need it. Goodbye Connor MacLeod of the clan MacLeod."

Goodbye Adam Pierson of the Watchers Pierson also known as Methos.
They hung up.

"What was that all about?" Rachel asked.

"Getting a friend to help." Methos answered.

"Mac gonna call back?" Richie asked.

"Yeah." He sat back down and leaned close to Marie's ear. "You can do it Marie. Fight the DQ. You can do it."

"Methos?" Marie questioned. His voice faded away.

"The old one can't help you now."

"Don't call him an old one! He's my friend! Only I'm allowed to call
him an old fart!" Good Marie cut across the others chest.

"MARIE! Fight! Don't give up!" Methos' voice came in through the darkness. Marie looked up.

"Methos I...

...Can't!" Came from Marie's lips. Richie jumped back.

"You can do it Marie. Duncan will call back soon to help."

"Methos I can't."

"Why is everyone calling you Methos?" Nick asked. Methos shrugged.

"That's my name... I'll explain later." Methos said. The phone rang. Nick picked it up.

"Hello?" Nick asked.

Is.. uh... Adam Pierson there?

"Yeah hang on." Nick handed the phone to Methos.


Methos what's up?

"A DQ I think. Do you remember anything about it?"

No just the Holy Spring.

"The Holy Spring! That's it!"

How soon can you get her to Paris?

"Hmm Paris? By tonight. I could catch a flight to New York and then get a Red Eye."

We can try taking her to the holy spring.

"I was thinking the same thing. Duncan..."


"I tried to keep her out of trouble." The line stayed quiet.

I'll see you when you get here. Duncan hang up the phone. Methos turned to Richie.

"Duncan wants us to get to Paris. We're going to take her to the
spring I took Duncan to when he was over come by it."

"Paris. Haven't been there for awhile." Richie said.

"We're coming along. We want to hear all about this." Derek said.

"And we want to know about you too." Methos said.

"We can take the helicopter." Derek said.

"You have your own helicopter??" Richie asked astonished. Derek nodded. The Legacy members went and gathered some of their things. Marie leaned over Marie again.

"Hang on Shorty. We're going to get you help. Just hang on." He
picked her up. "Let's go." They piled into the helicopter and flew off.

"Ah, how nice. Their getting you help." E. Marie said.

"They sure as hell don't want you to win."

"If you notice we're talking too much."

"Wanna know why?"


"Because you're barely hanging on to me. I have more power. Good all
ways triumphs over evil. If you had the power you would have taken over
m already."

"Oh yeah? And what makes you so sure?"

"I scanned you. I can harness my Quickening. You're me so you should
have known that." G. Marie smiled. E. Marie stopped short. She glowed a
fiery red. She growled a hideous growl. "You're not really me. You
aren't even human!"

"Ooh. You're good." E. Marie shifted into a hideous green beast. It
had six arms, 6 eyes and saliva dripped endlessly from its mouth. Goo
dripped from its fingers.

"Ewe! You need a serious make over."

"My name is Orlca. I am the demon that infests evil. I was in Duncan
MacLeod until that damn Methos took him to that stupid Holy Spring. Than
I was sent floating in the air until I found a Quickening going on and
ended in Kenny. He lost to me and now I am in you! BOW TO ME!" The demon
Orlca screamed.

"Screw you!" Marie screamed.

Methos held Marie in his lap as they flew to Paris.

"Meth...os...ge...t..." Came from Marie's lips.

"I'm trying Marie. We're on our way." Methos said. Marie fell silent again.

"At least that little brats dead and a good immie got his Quickening.: Richie said.

"Yeah but we may lose our Marie in the place."

"I know Methos. Man she does not look good."

"No she doesn't. She may be losing now."

"Man poor Marie. She's been through so much."

"I won't be surprised if she wants to use Duncan's island to take a
break from the game."

"I will. Methos you know she's stronger then that."

"If your name is Methos than why are you going by Adam?" Rachel
asked. "And what's this about taking heads?"

"We'll tell you. Right now we want our friend to get better. Its more
imperative for Nick to know now. Kenny killed him."

"What are you talking about? I'm breathing." Nick said.

"One word... immortality." Methos said. Nick and the others shut up.
They stayed quit for awhile until Rachel broke the silence.

"Why are you hanging out with two people who are accused of murder?"
She asked.

"Glad to see you did research. All will be revealed when we get Marie
out of the woods." Methos said. They flew the rest of the way in
silence. The Legacy wondering what was going on and Methos and Richie
worrying for their friend. All was not good.

Chapter Thirteen

Duncan paced back and fourth. Connor sat calmly watching him. He laughed hysterically.

"What's so funny?" Duncan asked.

"You are. Don't worry so much." Connor answered.

"I trusted Methos with her. He said he would watch out for her."
Duncan said angrily.

"She's a big girl. Methos can't watch her every move. Besides she got
this from a Quickening. Not Methos." Connor laughed again.

"Now what's so funny?"

"You like a parent waiting for the daughter to come home from a date."

"Don't say that Connor. I don't even want to think about Marie and
Methos on a date." Duncan said.

"Why? Is it so inconceivable that it could happen? Anything can
happen. Both of us thought Marie and Richie would get together. Look
what happened there." Connor said wisely. "Nothing is written in stone
Duncan. The powers that be have already decided our fates and we are
just waiting for them to happen. We just have to live with what we were
dished out."

"Or slammed down our throats." Duncan added. He smiled as Connor laughed.

"You got the idea Duncan MacLeod of the clan MacLeod."

"And ye' too o' Connor MacLeod of de' clan MacLeod." Duncan said in
a Scottish accent. The two clansmen laughed together for a short while.
They stopped when the reality of what may happen hit them full force.

"You realize that if the Holy Spring doesn't work out we may have to
take her head?" Connor asked Duncan.

"Aye Connor, I do." They sat the rest of the wait in utter silence.
The silence choked them want to speak but not a word nor a sound came
out. They were stricken with grief. The MacLeod's waited anxiously for
the others to arrive.

Nick set the helicopter down on the landing pad. They remained inside
as they were taxied to a safe zone. Marie had not made a sound or even
moved since they got on the helicopter. Methos stared out the window.
Rain fell on this Paris day. Clouds loomed over head like giant death
bags calling one of their own home.

'Here is where another Legacy begins. Marie's Legacy begins again.'
Methos thought. He sighed.

"What are you thinking about?" Richie asked.


"Us? Or Us us?" Richie asked again.

"Us us." Methos answered. He was referring to immortals. "And about
Marie's state. In 5,000 years I have NEVER seen another one of us go
through an acomatose state like this. I was also thinking on why we
are here." Methos whispered.

"And what did you come up with?" Richie asked.

"We are here to leave some kind of a Legacy. We all form something
that in the future man kind will learn from. Only most of us don't just
keep adding on to it. Marie does. Her Legacy will be longer then the
Nile when she does die."

"So you think Marie has a good chance of winning?"

"Yes I do. There are two people in the game that I think have the
best chance. Marie and Duncan. The rest of us will fade out like a
movie. Then there will be one. For awhile, years, months, whatever and
then BAMB! It will all start up again."

"So you think it will keep starting over."

"Think about it Richie. We believe the game is the power to rule the
mortal world. If bad wins the world will suffer darkness. If good wins
then peace and prosperity will be the out come. But if the last one wins
he/she will eventually be able to grow old and die. Then chaos will
begin again. Naturally the killers in us will show again. So it will
have to start over."

"History repeating itself." Richie stated.

"Basically yes. I believe that before I was born there was another
game... that outcome was decided and then it started over again. Either
with me or some one who came before me. Either way here we are. Fighting
again." Methos finished.

"You think there are many new ones being born?" Richie asked.

"A few. The number is rapidly decreasing. I think the time is growing
near for the final confrontation." Methos said.

"Do think the newbies will change before the time or will they
continue during?"

"You're full of questions aren't you? Didn't MacLeod teach you any of

"No. We never really talked about it. He told me what I needed to
know but he never gave me his insights."

"I have to have a talk with him. Well I believe immortality is like
clock work. We have a master gear that is watching us and winding us up.
I imagine that the time holder will wind up all the pre-immies and then
before the gathering set them off on a reckless spree and have them die
and join in the game. Then the time holder will set the alarm to a
certain date in the future.. far enough for the new ones to learn how to
fight... and then we will all meet." Methos said. Richie sat quietly
pondering what they had just talked about. Derek turned and looked at

"Immortals?" He asked. "The game? What is this?"

"Its a long story Derek. We will explain to you. I promise that. And
when we do you MUST keep it a secret. You can't tell your superiors."
Methos answered.

"This sounds very intriguing though." Derek said with a smile.

"You have know idea." Methos said with a smile. "I must ask you.
Looking at me how old would you say I am?" Rachel turned her head and
looked at him.

"Mid twenty's." She answered. Methos shook his head. "Early

"Nope. Would you believe I am a little over 5,000 years old?" That
got the attention of all the members. Methos laughed at the surprised
look on their face's.

"That would explain a lot." Derek answered.

"What would it explain Derek?" Rachel asked. "The man is saying he's
over 5,000 years old! To me that explains nothing!"

"Everything will be explained later." Methos answered.

"Well for 3,000 years since the Legacy was formed weird stories about
beheadings were reported. I suppose that will all tie into with you three?"

"Not just us three. A whole hell of a lot more." Richie said.

"And when we hear of you we'll tell you of us." Derek answered. They flew on.

Chapter Fourteen

The taxis pulled up next to Duncan's barge. Richie helped Methos get
Marie out and paid the driver. Derek paid the other one and the taxi's
drove off. Richie and Methos laughed as the buzz came through their
heads and Nick grabbed at his head.

"That is the Buzz you're feeling Nick. It means another immortal is
around." Methos said. "Man are you going to have questions." Connor and
Duncan stepped out of the barge. Duncan came running up to the group as
Connor hung back.

"Its about time! Dammit Methos! I told you to keep an eye on her!"
Duncan screamed.

"Its nice to see you too MacLeod. Don't blame this on me she's a big
girl." Methos screamed back.

"Lighten up Mac. You're sounding like a father again." Richie said
coming to the aide of Methos. Duncan looked at Richie and nearly fell to tears.

"Richie... I... I'm so sorry." Duncan spit out.

"Its OK Mac. We can talk about it when they go to the Spring." Richie
said. Richie hugged Duncan.

"What the hell happened?" Duncan asked when they broke apart.

"She fought that little brat Kenny." Richie started, "Mac, she saved
my life again."

"It wasn't my fault. I can't keep her from being a part of the game.
She chose to fight Kenny before he could kill Richie. She unfortunately
couldn't stop him from making a pre-immie have his first death." Methos
added. Duncan looked at the other people.

"Lets get out of this rain so the kid doesn't catch a cold." Duncan
said. They started to Connor and the barge. Methos handed Marie over to
Duncan when they got over to Connor.


"Connor MacLeod. How are things?"

"Could be better. My girlfriend dumped me."

"Oh... sorry. Why?" Methos asked.

"She found out and couldn't take it."

"Women." Methos said with a smile. They entered the barge. Duncan
laid her on the couch. Connor walked up to her and lifted and eyelid.

"She's there but she's not there. Its kind of spooky." Connor said.

"So when are we leaving?" Duncan asked.

"We aren't going. You and Richie are staying.. Connor is staying to
make sure you two talk it out." Methos said.

"No way old man. I left her with you once. I'm not doing it again."
Duncan said.

"Duncan quiet! As your clansmen and your mentor I say you're staying
here." Connor ordered. "Methos you can take my rented car. It only fits
four people so more are going to have to stay. I say the kid and her
mother should stay.

"I'll take Nick and Derek along. The rest will stay." Methos said.

"But I want to see what's going on." Alex said.

"Alex we will give you full details when we return. I promise." Derek
said. Alex sighed. "Let's go. They headed to the door. Methos gathered
Marie up Carefully and they left without a word. Methos handed the keys
to Derek and had him drive to the Spring. Methos prayed as hard as he
could that Marie would be OK.

"MARIE! Give up! I feel your will weakening." The demon screeched.

"Screw you!"

"forget it little girl you are no match for me. You do not have
enough good quickenings." The demon charged at Marie forcing her to break
the concentration she had on conjuring up her Quickening. She fell back
her arms waved in the air. The Demon laughed hideously. Marie shook her head.

'I'm dead meat.' Marie thought. The demon came upon her.

"That you are." The demon said.

Chapter Fifteen

"Hold on Marie. We're almost there." Methos said. They arrived at
the spring. Methos put Marie on his back. He tied a rope to a near by
stem and climbed down. He reached the bottom and set Marie down. He
waited for Derek and Nick. They came down one after the other.

"Where are we?" Nick asked.

"In a Holy Spring that has been lost to man kind for centuries. I
found it many centuries ago." Methos answered. He picked her up and
carried her to the water. Methos pointed to a rock that stuck out of the
wall to form a seat. Methos walked up to the waters edge. "Let's go
Marie. I'll be with you."

Methos stepped into the pool and walked to the center. He kept Marie
from touching the water as he did.

"Good luck my friend." He said. He lowered Marie down into the pool.
As her back touched the water her body jerked. Methos turned her to
stand up. Her head flopped foreword limply. He set an arm around her
waist and kept her on her feet. The Two Legacy members sat on the rock
and watched.

"What do you thing will happen?" Nick asked.

"We're going to find out." Derek answered. They watched as the water
from the pond began to light up. He watched as Marie's eyes fluttered
and as Methos tightened his grip on her waist.

"What the?!" The demon screamed as he saw Marie jump to her feet with
a new strength.

"We're at the pond."

"Unfortunately you don't mean the Arrowhead Pond."

"Not a chance... the Holy Spring!"


"This time I will beat you so badly you will NEVER be able to infect another immortal."

"I'm a germ! I infect all!" The demon screamed in response.

"Not if I can help it." Marie grabbed her sword and attacked with all her strength.

"I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog too." The demon imitated.

"Your wicked witch impersonation leaves much to be desired." Marie
said. She thrust forward striking his side. He screamed in pain. Green
blood oozed from the wound. The demon stopped in pain. Marie smiled and
took advantage of the situation. She swung her sword and cut the demon's
arm cleanly from his shoulder. The monster yelped in pain.

Methos and the two Legacy members looked around as a scream rang out.

"Where'd that come from?" Nick asked. Methos smiled.

"She's winning." He said. He looked down at the still quiet Marie.
"You go girl." He rubbed her hair from her face and kissed the top of her head.

"Give up?" Marie asked. The demon glared at her with evil eyes. His
arm slowly started growing back. "So you can re-grow limbs..."

"Yes now die you bi...."

"Ah didn't your mother ever tell you if you can't say something nice
don't say it at all?" Marie interrupted. "That was a very weak fight.
You could have done better."

"Let me heal and I will."

"I don't think so." Marie raised her sword. "There is room for only
one. So in the words of all immortals who walk the earth THERE CAN BE
ONLY ONE!" She swung her sword down and cut the head of the demon off.
She then picked up the head and tossed it in the air and cut it in half
then she cut off his arms and legs.

"Lets see you heal that." Then the Quickening came. "Oh CR.......

.....AP!" Marie started screaming. Methos let her go. Her head flew
up and rain started falling in the room. Methos looked around.

"We have to get out of here!" Methos yelled. He jumped out of the
water. "Its going to cave in!" Derek and Nick ran to the rope and
climbed out. Methos followed. They helped him out.

"Come on lets get off this ground." Methos yelled. They ran to the car.

"What about Marie?" Derek asked.

"She'll be OK." As Methos said that the ground caved in and a circle
of light flew up to the sky. In the middle of it was Marie. Her body
flew up with the light. "I hope."

Methos watched her body fly up until she couldn't be seen. The light
vanished and all was still.

"Where is she?" Nick asked.

"MARIE! I don't feel her! Where's her buzz?" Methos shouted. "Where is she? MARIE!"

"She's gone." Derek said. Methos looked at Derek with sad eyes.

"Damn! MacLeod is gonna kill me." Methos said. The rain began again
as they piled into the car and drove back to the barge. Methos broke out
in tears and stared out the window the whole way.

'She can't be gone. That Quickening couldn't have taken her. Please
Methos thought. They reached the barge. Methos and Nick felt the
buzz and sadly walked inside. Duncan waited for Marie to come running in
but she never came.

"Where is she?" Duncan asked.

"I don't know. She disappeared after a strong Quickening that caved
in the spring and then there was a circle of light. Marie was in the
middle of it and she flew up to the top and was gone" Methos said sadly.
Richie stood up and walked over to him.

"Please tell me you're kidding." He said.

"He's not. We saw it with our own eyes." Derek said. Richie began to
cry as did Duncan and Connor.

"She was on of the best." Connor said. The four of them formed a
circle and cried. The Legacy members hung back. The only sounds were
sobs. None of them wanted to break that silence.

Marie's journal

This is the last entry in Marie's journal. I am her friend Methos.
Marie has vanished and has not been seen from in 3 months. I do hope she
is well wherever she is at. The group she was talking about does exist.
They are called the Legacy. They defend man kind. Its kind of funny here
I am 5,000 years old and the group is 3,000 and I never ran into them.
Joshua will take the job of teaching one of the members, Nick, how to
fight in the game. I would do it but I can't stay in San Francisco any
longer. Its just too depressing. The place is sold and Marie's stuff is
in Paris being stored. I'm hoping she will return. The game will be a
lonely place without her. But her Legacy will live on in our hearts no
matter if she returns or not. It WILL live on.

Methos capped the pen and slowly closed the journal. He stood up with
it in hand. He looked around the room. A tear fell from his eyes.

"Come back to us Marie. Come back." He said sadly. Shutting off the
light he closed the door with a sigh.

The End

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