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Part 5

Angel Island

"Derek!" Alex screamed. Everyone in the control went to her.

"What's wrong? What happened to Derek?" Rachel said worried for Alex.

"He's in trouble! Big trouble!"

"Where is he?" Sloane asked, looking in Alex's eyes.

"I don't know!" Alex practically screamed. Philip went to her and hugged her softly, trying to comfort her.

"It's okay. It's okay." he whispered in Alex's ear. Nick looked at Sloane.

"Alright Sloane, you better start talking before I continue the butt-whipping Derek didn't get to finish." Nick said getting in Sloane's face.

"Calm down, Nick." Rachel said, trying to avoid another fight. "Right now we need to find out where Derek is."

Sloane felt the strain from everyone, including himself. If anything happened to Derek he'd never forgive himself.

"Micheal is Derek's cousin. He joined the darkside a long time ago and I didn't tell Derek about it. That's why we got into a fight." Sloane admitted like a guilty child. Everyone was silent for a moment, absorbing the information they had just receive.

"Isn't that information in the Legacy files. How could you hide it for so long?" Rachel said, remembering how Derek found the file of her grandfather.

"I pulled some stings, made the file disappear."

Nick was about to explode, but he had no time to get angry at Sloane. They had to find Derek. Nick went to the computer and downloaded Sydney house's sensor readings. Everyone looked at what he was doing.

"I'm checking out the sensor reading for Sydney House the day before they were attacked. I noticed the paranormal readings that Peter mentioned, but didn't think anything about it. I then noticed the same patterns at Boston House, so that means wherever they go they leave the same pattern."

Sloane went behind Nick to see what he was doing.

"Check this house for the same patterns." Sloane said. Nick did exactly what Sloane said. They both looked at the computer and saw the same patterns on all three screens.

"So that was our visitor." Nick said. Sloane stood up straight and looked at Alex. She was still holding on to Philip.

"Are you sure you didn't see where he was?" Sloane asked. Alex nodded.

Nick went to the table drawer and got out paranormal sensors. He gave one to Philip, Rachel, and Sloane.

"These sensors will help you find them. It has a two mile radius and will beep when you get close. It will show you the location and has the exact sensor readings as on our main computer. I'll be with Philip. Sloane, I suggest you go with Rachel since she has medical training. Just in case." Nick said looking directly at Sloane.

Sloane smiled, Derek had taught Nick how to take over in tense situations and Nick learned it well.

"Let's go."

Derek woke up in a lot of pain. He tried to get up, but only ended up back on the ground The darkness was catching up with him, and he was running out of time.


Ingrid was worried about her brother. She didn't know whether he would live or die. Ingrid also wondered whether Micheal was her brother or not . She turned to Christina who was still looking at the pool.

"The answer you are seeking have already been answered. It grows within your family like a cancer." Christina answered. Ingrid covered her mouth, all the lies.

"Your father did not know about Patrica Rayne's woes. He only loved a woman who was already taken, he had to meet Barbara for him to awaken."

Ingrid looked to the pool.

"Will he be okay?"

"He will be himself as long as he can, but if he gives up he will not be the same man." Christina answered. The pool changed it's picture to a house, and where a little girl was about to go to sleep.

"Katherine! What does she have to do with this?" Ingrid asked, remembering the little girl when she visited Derek.

"Micheal will use the girl as a sacrifice, in order to keep Derek's soul and life. Derek will go free when the girl does."

Ingrid looked at the pool once again to see what it would reveal.

Rachel Corrigan's House

Kat looked up at her baby-sitter with frustration. Kat had snuck downstairs and watched programs that she wasn't supposed to, plus it was way passed her bedtime.

"C'mon kid! Just go to sleep, for me." Jasmine said. It was her first baby-sitting job and she was having her problems. "If you go to sleep, I'll give you ten dollars in the morning."

Kat put her hand to her chin and thought about the deal.

"Alright. Make it fifteen and we have a deal."

"You're a little blackmailer, you know that right? Okay, its a deal." Jasmine said, turning out the lights. She heard a noise.

"What was that?" Kat said looking up at her baby-sitter.

"I dunno. I'll go check."

Jasmine left Kat's room and locked the door behind her. She was scared beyond belief. "Maybe its nothing." Jasmine thought as she got to the bottom of the steps. She looked around, carefully walking trying not to make any noise.

"Little girl, you shouldn't be here. Go away."

Jasmine turned and saw a woman with black hair, black eyes to match. Jasmine felt herself being pushed back. The closet door opened and Jasmine flew in. The closet door shut and locked.

Melissa smiled. She would deal with the baby-sitter later, right now she had a Kat to catch.

Rachel looked at Sloane and wonder why he did what he did. She was also furious with him.

"Your pissed, aren't you?" Sloane asked as he drove on the streets of downtown San Francisco.

"Hell yes! You've put everyone at risk by this!"

"I have my reasons." Sloane said coldly.

"They better be damn good!" Rachel said as she turned her head back to the road.

"They are. The Legacy is at danger, far more than you think. If Derek had found out earlier in his life, he would have made a very deadly mistake. I stopped him from making it."

"How did you stop him? He might be dead right now because of the secrets you kept!"

"True. I think that if he dies it might be the best thing for the Legacy."

Rachel turned and looked at Sloane with true disbelief.

"What in the hell are you saying! Do you even know what your saying? You're wishing that Derek were dead!"

"No, Mrs. Corrigan I'm simply saying that if he was ambushed by Micheal it might be better if he was. Better than him being on the darkside."

Rachel nodded her head, it was the only thing stopping her from slapping the hell out of Sloane. Sloane looked at Rachel for a brief second. He knew she and Derek were close. He now wondered how close.

"Rachel have you ever heard of the Legacy Murders?" Sloane asked. Rachel nodded her head.

"It was a bunch of murders that happened between a two year period. Twenty Legacy members were killed in between that time, each with the same trademark. I wasn't part of the Legacy at the time, in fact I was just a kid. I knew Winston Rayne, in fact admired him. He saved my life and I tried to repay the favor. I went to the Gobi Desert with him, saw him destroy his own brother, saw his life change because of the same evil we're facing now."

Rachel understood, but still hated the idea that Sloane wished that Derek were dead. The sensor started to beep. Rachel looked at it.

"Its coming from down the street, take a left on the next corner."

Sloane went down the street and took a left.

"Stop the car. We're here."

Sloane parked the car and got out, so did Rachel. Rachel looked around, trying her hardest to find Derek. She looked into a small dark alley and noticed a figure walking toward them. Rachel gasped as she saw Derek's bruised face coming into the light.

"Derek!" Rachel yelled as she ran down the street. Sloane followed her.

Derek started to fall to the ground, but Rachel caught him. She put his head on her chest and cradled him.

"Derek I got you, okay. I got you." Rachel whispered in his ear. She then looked at his wound and her eyes widened.

Rachel and Sloane heard footsteps in front of them and looked up. The twins dark eyes twinkled slightly.

"You do the honors brother." Poe said smiling.

"I thought you'd never ask." Marvin replied.

Rachel held Derek tighter as Marvin got closer.

Rachel Corrigan's House

Kat hid under her bed. She had a vision as soon as Jasmine walked out the door and she didn't like what she saw.

"Kit-ty Kat! Kit-ty Kat! I know where you are, so just be a good little girl and come out here!" Melissa yelled from the hallway.

Kat shivered underneath the bed. She wanted to cry but knew she couldn't. Melissa came inside her room and Kat stopped breathing. Melissa first looked into the closet and sighed as she saw nothing there.

"Kat, I'm not going to hurt you I just want to talk." Melissa said, rolling her eyes. Melissa looked at the bed and smiled.

"Little girl, I know where you are."

Kat backed away from the front of the bed, holding her breath, not making a sound. Melissa looked underneath the bed and smiled once again.

"I found you."

Nick drove furiously and Philip held onto his seat. "I have to ride with Alex from now on." Philip thought.

Philip checked to see if he had everything he needed to fight off the demon. It had been a long time since he fought anything and wanted to make sure he was prepared. Philip the looked at Nick's gun. Nick noticed his stare.

"What!" he said, looking at Philip angrily. Philip continued to look at Nick gun.

"I've always wondered why you take a gun to fight against ghosts, demons, and almost everything supernatural." Philip replied. Nick looked at his gun.

"Sometimes spells and holy water don't work, Father. Sometimes all it takes is a gun." Nick answered simply.

"Oh." Philip said. Nick looked up at the road and worried about Derek.

The sensor started to beep and Philip picked it up. Nick looked at it, the address looked familiar. He then looked around and realized where he was heading. They reached Rachel Corrigan's house, no time flat. Philip got out of the car and ran up to the door, he knew that Kat was in the house. He busted the door down and Nick followed him in, gun raised.

"You take downstairs, I'll get up!" Nick said. They spilt up.

Melissa grabbed Kat and ran into the hallway and saw Nick coming up the steps. "Shit!" Melissa whispered.

Nick quickly reached the top of the steps gun raised. He saw Melissa and pointed his gun towards her. He then noticed she had Kat in a choke hold. Nick lowered his gun.

"Melissa don't hurt her. Please don't hurt her." Nick begged. " I know you'll regret it if you hurt her. Please sweety, let her go."

"He thinks I won't kill you without blinking. He doubts me." Melissa said looking down at Kat. Nick flinched slightly. She truly had changed from the sweet girl he knew.

Kat looked up at Melissa and gulped. Kat thought of a plan, she was scared out of her wits, but she had to try. Kat pushed back as hard as she could and Melissa hit the wall. Melissa lost her grip and Kat ran to Nick. Nick raised his gun and fired. The bullet pierced Melissa left shoulder and she slumped to the floor. She looked up at Nick and then vanished.

Kat hugged Nick as he still stared at the blood on the wall. He then lifted Kat up and hugged her back. Philip and Jasmine ran up the stairs as they heard the gun fire. Nick let go of Kat as she saw Philip.

"Philip!" Kat yelled as she went to Philip and hugged him. Philip smiled.

Sloane got in front of Rachel and Derek with knife in hand. Marvin smiled.

"C'mon old man lets see what your made of." Marvin said as he went toward Sloane.

Marvin swung at Sloane with brutal force. Sloane ducked and stuck Marvin in his chest. Marvin looked at the knife with shock.

"Go back to hell!" Sloane shouted as he pulled the knife out of Marvin's chest. Marvin fell to the ground. Poe went to his brother's side and they both disappeared.

Derek looked at Sloane and smiled. Despite the fact that he was angry at Sloane, he was glad he was there. Derek then looked at Rachel and saw the concern on her face. He wanted to tell her that it was going to be alright. Derek opened his lips.

"No Derek, don't speak." Rachel said as she put her fingers over his lips. Derek ignored her.

"Ra-Rachel get away from here. The darkness is coming." Derek said, realizing that her and Sloane were in trouble. He tensed with pain and closed his eyes. Rachel held him tighter.

"I'll go get the car!" Sloane said, realizing they were running out of time.

"Its going to be okay Derek." Rachel said, trying to hold the tears back. If she didn't get him help he would bleed to death. Rachel took off her jacket and put it on his wound. Derek flinched and his body tighten with pain. Rachel kissed his forehead and rocked him back and forward, praying that he would be alright.

"Rachel, please get away from here! Micheal will hurt you if you don't!" Derek said as he fought the pain. She stroked his head and kissed his forehead again.

"I'm not going to leave you." Rachel whispered in his ear. Sloane drove up in his rented mini-van and got out. Rachel got up carefully and lifted Derek's arms as Sloane got his legs. Derek screamed out in pain.

"Shh. Shh. I've got you, I've got you." Rachel said looking down at Derek as they got into the van. Sloane shut the door and ran to the front seat with amazing speed. They speed off into the night.

"We need to get him to the hospital!" Rachel said as she looked at Derek's face. Derek tried to lean up, but Rachel stopped him.

"No! No hospital!" Derek demanded as he laid down in Rachel's lap again.

"But you'll die if you don't go!"

"I have to agree with Derek on that one, Rachel." Sloane said, looking at the road.

"William, if your trying to kill Derek, I will grab the steering wheel and throw us all on the sidewalk right now!" Rachel said. She was usually a rational person, but right now she was truly pissed off.

"Damn it! I'm not trying to kill Derek, I'm trying to save him!" Sloane said as he turn the car. "If we take him to the hospital, Micheal will kill him and everyone in the building!"

Rachel thought about it and realized that Sloane was right. Micheal was a demonic killer and was capable of anything.

"Then where do we take him?"

"Back to the Legacy."

"He'll die there! No one there knows how to handle this and my medical skills only go so far!" Rachel said looking back down at Derek. They couldn't lose him. The cell phone started to ring and Sloane answered it.


"Hey Sloane, this is Nick. We're headed back to the Legacy. Melissa tried to take Kat."

"Is Kat okay?" Sloane asked. Rachel looked up when she heard her daughter's name.

"Kat-- What about Kat? Nick! Nick!" Rachel said as she grabbed the cell phone from Sloane.

"Rachel, Kat's okay just shaken up that's all." Nick said. He looked at Kat asleep on Philip's lap. Philip turned to Nick.

"Oh thank God!" Rachel said with a sigh of relief.

"We couldn't find Derek though." Nick said with a hint of sadness.

"We found him." Rachel replied, turning her attention back on Derek.

It was Nick's turn to have a sigh of relief. "Is he alright?"

"No Nick. He's hurt really bad."

Nick shut his eyes in anger. "You taking him to the hospital?"

"No, we can't do that, too dangerous. He needs medical attention Nick! I can't help him, I don't know what to do." Rachel admitted.

Nick thought for a moment and thought of a plan.

"Go ahead to the Legacy, we'll meet you there with a friend. She's a professional and can probably fix Derek up. I'll see you there, bye."


Nick turned his attention back on the road. Philip looked at Nick.

"Is Derek okay?" Philip asked.

"No. Rachel said he's hurt bad."

Philip turn his attention back on the road and noticed that the road did not lead them to the Legacy.

"Where are we going?" Philip asked.

"We're going to pick up a friend of mine."

Derek slowly started to shut his eyes. He felt so tired and couldn't keep his eyes open. Rachel notice this and patted his face softly.

"Don't go to sleep." Rachel whispered in his ear. She felt his forehead and noticed it was hot. "You're coming down with a fever!"

Rachel looked at Sloane and he started to drive faster. She then looked down again and notice Derek's eyes were closed.

"Wake up!" she shouted. Rachel shook him, but he wouldn't wake up. She checked his pulse. It was slow, but at least it was still there. Rachel held him, slowly saying his name over and over again. They couldn't lose him, not now.

Part 6

Micheal stood silently at the window of his small office. It would only be a matter of time. Derek would get tired of fighting and give up, Micheal knew he would. Martiso appeared behind him, his eyes became normal again as he went towards Micheal.

"Master, I have some bad news. Marvin is dead and Melissa didn't get the child."

Micheal turned around in anger. He knew he shouldn't have trusted them to do the job he expected them to do.

"I'm glad Marvin is dead, I hope Poe realizes that mistakes cost you your life." Micheal said, turning back to the window. "The child can wait. We'll go after her later, after I have Derek under my control."

Martiso nodded. He always agreed with everything Micheal said, it was his job. He followed who ever had the dagger. The dagger was his true master, just like Daniel was.

Angel Island

Nick and Philip came through the door with Kat. Cindy followed behind them, her medical supplies by her side, prepared for whatever her patient needed. She usually didn't help living people. She usually was a forensic pathologist for the S.F.P.D. Cindy hadn't worked on a living person in four years.

Rachel came down the steps and hugged Kat with all her might, hoping that she was away from danger.

"Rachel where is Derek?" Nick asked as he went to her.

"He's in his room." Rachel said letting Kat go. "He's developed a fever and is unconscious."

Cindy came from behind Nick to make herself known. "What exactly is wrong with him?"

"He was stabbed just below his ribs and has lost a lot of blood." Rachel replied.

"Take me to him, I have a feeling this isn't going to be easy." Cindy said as she followed Rachel to the top of the stairs. Alex came down the steps, tears in her eyes. Nick went up to comfort her.

"We shouldn't have let him leave." she said holding on to Nick tighter. Nick stayed silent, trying to stay strong for everyone.

Derek looked around his surroundings, noticing the darkness in front of him. It started to move slowly towards him. Derek backed away and it followed him, growing stronger with each movement. Fear overtook Derek as darkness grew, threating to overwhelm him. Red eyes appeared in the darkness.

"Derek come to me."


The darkness grew more and more.

"Come to me!" it shouted. Derek shivered for a moment.

"No!" Derek yelled with defiance. He would not let it take him.

The darkness came closer and tried to overcome Derek, but Derek fought with all his strength. If he didn't his soul would be lost forever. The darkness retreated.

"I will defeat you. This is not the last battle."

Derek went to his knees and cried softly. He knew he couldn't fight forever, but he would try to.


Christina slowly backed away from the pool and looked at Ingrid. Ingrid turned to her.

"I must leave but I will return." Christina said as she started to disappear. Ingrid turned to the pool and sighed. Derek and the child needed to be protected. Ingrid had to help them, she had to leave this mystical place and fight for everything she believed in.

Angel Island

Kat slowly blinked her eyes as she heard her name being called. At first she thought it was her mother, but realize it was another voice. She sat up on the guest bed and saw Christina.

"Hello Kat."

"Christina!" Kat said getting out of her bed and hugging her. Christina smiled and pulled Kat away from her. "Are you here to help Derek?"

"Yes as you can see. I'm here to help bring Derek out of his misery." Christina said. She passed a pouch to Kat. Kat looked at the brown pouch and raised her eyebrow.

"What's this?"

"Don't worry about it child, it will be a while. Give it to your mother when I tell you." Christina said as she disappeared. Kat looked at the pouch and sat on her bed.

Two days later

Rachel looked at the sunrise by Derek's bedside. Derek had awaken after Cindy worked on him, but he still had a fever so Rachel looked after him when Cindy slept and Cindy watched him when Rachel was asleep.

Rachel touched his forehead as he slept and saw that it was still hot. She was still worried sick about Derek. Rachel sighed and looked back at the sun. She slowly drifted to sleep.

Derek awakened, startled by his dreams of darkness. He sat up slowly and felt tired, but too afraid to go to sleep. Sweat drenched his body as his bare chest rose up and down rapidly. He looked at Rachel to see if she was awake. He smiled slightly and touched a blonde strand of her hair. She awakened.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you." Derek said. He closed his eyes as the pain of his wound returned to him. Rachel went to him and tried to comfort him.

"It's okay, I was reliving my childhood days by trying to stay up all night." Rachel said smiling. Derek smiled too as she made him lay back down again. "Now you go back to sleep."

Derek smile disappeared as soon as she mentioned sleep. Rachel noticed for the first time that he was sweating. She got up and got a towel and wiped the sweat off his face softly.

"You need all the rest you can get." Rachel said as she wiped off his chest.

"I can't. When I go to sleep the darkness tries to destroy me."

Rachel stopped what she was doing and looked at him, her concern showing on her face.

"What about the darkness?"

Derek closed his eyes as piercing pain came to him. The hairs on his neck started to rise.

"Derek, give up. I've got you where I want you. Be by my side and we'll destroy the Legacy together." Derek heard Micheal say inside his head.

"Get the hell out of my head!" Derek said grabbing his head. The pain in his side increased and he screamed with pain.

"You are going to join me whether you like it or not. It a lot less painful if you join willingly."

"Go to hell!"

"Fine. Have it your way." Michel said. Derek was paralyzed with pain and his screams became louder.

"Derek what's wrong?" Rachel asked grabbing him. Derek gritted his teeth and became silent as she gently stroked his hair. He slowly calmed down as the pain lessened and put his hands away from his head.

"Rachel, its okay I'm fine. Don't worry." Derek said, opening his eyes. He knew she was worried about him and he didn't want her to panic, he needed her to be his strength right now.

"Don't worry! You were just screaming at the top of your lungs in pain and your telling me not to worry!" Rachel said, softly touching his face.

"Yes," Derek said. "I'll be fine, it was nothing."

Rachel looked him in eyes and put her head on his. "Don't ever worry me like that again or I will kill you myself."

Derek smiled and kissed her and she didn't resist. He then backed away and sat up, his expression becoming serious.

"Rachel, I have to kill Micheal tonight."

Rachel was shocked by what he had just said. "Are you so eager to get hurt again, even die. What you're saying is crazy! You can't fight Micheal in the condition you're in."

Derek opened his mouth and was about to stay something but Nick walked in. "Is everything okay?" Nick asked. Derek turned to him and smiled.

"Hi Nick." Derek replied.

"Nick can I talk to you for a moment." Rachel said getting up from her seat. Nick nodded his head yes and walked into the hallway. Rachel followed him.

"Nick there is something seriously wrong with Derek. First, he wakes up drenched in sweat, then he starts screaming in pain. Now he wants to kill Micheal tonight, there is something very wrong with this."

Nick looked down at the ground and thought. "Do you want me to talk to him? See what he saw."

"Yes Nick, I would appreciate that very much." Rachel responded as she put her hand on his shoulder. Nick walked back into the room and shut the door behind him.

"Hey Derek." Nick said taking a seat beside Derek's bed. Derek turned and looked at his right hand man and smiled.


"Derek listen. Rachel is really worried about you and so is everyone else. So why don't you tell us what's going on." Nick said looking Derek straight in the eyes. Derek smile disappeared as he geared up to tell Nick what was going on.

"Nick these dreams come and go. Their about darkness and evil." Derek paused, it was going to be harder to explain than he thought. "Nick let me get straight to the point. If anything happens that puts us against each other, I want you to kill me without hesitation."

Nick looked at his Precept as though he had just been shot through his heart.

"What did you just say?" Nick asked getting up from his chair. Derek looked up and slowly sighed. "You want me to kill you."

"If I seem beyond reasoning in the future, then yes, I want you to kill me."

Nick couldn't believe what he was hearing. "What your saying is that if you turn to the darkside you want me to kill you."

"Nick I'm having a battle against something I think that might defeat me, I need you to trust me with this. Micheal wants me by his side whether I want to or not and I think that he just might get it." Derek said, wanting Nick to understand.

"Fight it! Fight it like you always tell us to do!" Nick said as his temper got the better of him.

"I am fighting! I'm fighting with all my heart!"

"Then why are you giving up?" Nick said turning away from Derek Nick walked out the room. Derek put his head down on his pillow and thought about what Nick said. Derek eyes became heavy. He slowly closed them and went to sleep.

Derek awakened in the darkness again, this time it had greater strength than it did before.

"Come to me."

"Never!" Derek said with all his heart. The darkness descended towards him and soon Derek was fighting with all his might.

The darkness now covered his body, but Derek still fought, his strength slowly going away. The darkness tighten its grip and Derek grasped for air.

"Give up."

"No." Derek whispered. The darkness covered Derek's face and mouth and he became still.

Derek sat up on his bed and breathed slowly, his eyes as black as night. He had a lot to do before his master came and he wouldn't disappoint him.

to be continued...