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"ChiLd'S pLaY"
by Sherri


page 2


NICK (To Rachel):

Listen, thanks for the pillows and blankets last night. I hate to take off on ya in such a hurry. (Walks over to her) If you want, you and Kat can come out to the House with me for the day. (Whispers) You could talk to Derek and Alex about what went on here last night; they might be able to help.


No. We'll be fine. But ....




Well, if you do have some time later on, we'd love to have you come back over. (Loudly so Kat will notice) But, it would only be to spend the day -- not another night -- right, Katherine?!

KAT (Disappointed):

If you say so!

SCENE 23: Legacy parlor. Alex and Philip are sitting on the couch laughing and talking. Derek enters.

ALEX (Concerned):

Derek, are you alright? You look terrible!

DEREK (Sounding exhausted):

I'm fine; just tired.


What time did ya end up goin' t'bed?


I don't know ... late!

ALEX (Confused):

But, Philip said you talked to Nick and knew he wouldn't be home last night. Couldn't you sleep? Are you still having those ... feelings"?


Yes ... and, whatever they are, they're getting stronger. I'm really concerned; I just don't understand what's motivating them. The worse part is, I don't even know what it means! (Pause) I'm going to my office; when Nick shows up, send him in ... immediately.

ALEX (Worried):

Sure. (To Philip after Derek has left) I'm worried, Philip. I've never seen Derek like this before. I know he's concerned about Nick for some reason, but I'm really worried about him!

PHILIP (Concerned):

I know. It's almost as if he's obsessed with Nick right now. It's as if he's terrified that somethin's gonna happen t'him. An' I got the distinct impression yesterday that he thinks Kat's behind whatever it is! (Pause) An, you gotta admit, Alex ... Nick's not makin' it any easier on Derek with his stayin' out all night.

ALEX (Defensively):

But, you said it yourself, Philip. Nick stayed out because Rachel and Kat needed him. He didn't deliberately stay out just to bug Derek, you know! The last time he saw Derek was yesterday morning and he was fine then. He's just gotten worse -- or more worried -- since then. (Pause) And, honestly, I can understand where Derek's coming from. You know Nick ... he walks into things without looking. If there is something wrong -- and if Kat were connected somehow -- Nick might not be aware of it; and, that could be dangerous.


What could be dangerous?

ALEX (Startled):

Nick! God, I didn't hear you come in!


Yeah, well, I like to be quiet sometimes; it can be pretty interesting. So, what could be dangerous ... this thing that Derek want's to see me about?

PHILIP (Covering up for Alex):

Your not goin' int'Derek's office right now ... that could get dangerous! (Laughs as Nick grins) He was pretty upset with ya last night, ya know. (Pause) How are ya, by the way? Is everythin' alright at Rachel's?


Fine ... and great. (Smiles) So, what brings you to San Francisco? Playing Priest again or are you here to do some real work?!

PHILIP (Ignoring comment):

I'm here on Church business, if that's what ya mean.

I'm gatherin' supplies for the bombed out areas in Ireland, t'be exact.

NICK (Embarrassed):

Sorry. (Pause) Let me know if I can help.


Well, I think right now, you can help by getting into Derek's office. If he comes out and sees we've kept you talking to us, he's really gonna blow.

NICK (Mischievously):

Well, if Mt. Rayne" is going to erupt any minute now anyway, I guess I've got time to grab a quick cup o'coffee to take with me, right?! (Leaves the room and heads to the kitchen)

PHILIP (Laughing):

He'll never change -- will he, Alex?!

SCENE 24: Derek's office. Derek is sitting behind his desk staring out the window when Nick enters. He turns around at the sound of the door.


Finally! I hung up with Rachel over 20 minutes ago and she thought you would've been here by now.

NICK (Irritated):

You called Rachel? God, Derek, what's wrong with you?! I can't believe this. You're acting worse than a parent, calling and checkin' up on me all day yesterday. What's going on?!

DEREK (Slowly/gathering thoughts):

It's hard to explain. I keep having these ... feelings" ... premonitions" ..... I honestly don't know what to call them; but, they're not the same as the visions or sight" I normally have.

NICK (Concerned):

Are you alright? I mean, are you having headaches or somethin'? (Pause) Look, I'm really sorry I didn't head back last night. Do you want me to take you to Emergency?


No, it's not like that; although, when it does happen, my head does hurt. But these ... whatever they are ... they involve you, Nick. And, you're in danger! That's why I wanted you back here ... if something is going to happen, I want you here where we can control things!

NICK (Frustrated):

But, didn't you say you don't know what these things" are you're having?! So, how d'ya know if they're real or not? (Pause) I mean, no offense, Derek, but just because you're having this strange feeling doesn't mean I'm gonna stay cooped up inside the Legacy House until they go away. (Longer pause) In fact, I told Rachel and Kat I'd be back later today so ....

DEREK (Interrupting/Firmly):

No! I want you to stay away from Kat ... and Rachel ... until this is over!

NICK (Angrily):

Wait a minute! I do nearly everything you ask me to do without question, Derek, but I'm not just gonna sit around the House because of these feelings you're having. Rachel and Kat need me right now! (Pause) Ya know, usually you're all concerned about Rachel wantin' to leave the Legacy; and this time ... well, this time, it's as if you don't care!

DEREK (Calmer):

I do care, Nick ... but right now, I care about you more! I don't know what is going on with Kat -- or Rachel. I only know I don't want you going over there. (Walks around desk and places a hand on Nick's shoulder) I know this is hard for you to understand, Nick, but I need you to trust me.

SCENE 25: The Corrigan living room. Rachel rushes to answer the phone.


Corrigan residence, this is Dr. Corrigan.

VOICE OF NICK (Dejected):

Rach ... it's me.

RACHEL (Apprehensively):

Hey, Nick. You don't sound too good? What's wrong?


It's Derek ... I really can't explain it, but he needs me to help him with a few things and he's really insistent I stay out on the Island today. I'm sorry. I know I said I'd try to come by later, but .....

RACHEL (Interrupting/Disappointed):

I understand. If you can't, you can't. Is there anything I can do? This just doesn't sound like Derek!


No, it doesn't. And, that's part of why I really think I need to stay out here. (Pause) I know Kat's gonna be disappointed. Do you want me to explain it to er?

RACHEL (Gratefully):

Would you mind? I think she'll take it better coming from you. (Calls Kat) Katherine? Telephone, Sweetheart.

KAT (Excited):

Who is it? (To phone) Hello?

VOICE OF NICK (Cheerily):

Hey there, Kitty Kat! What're you up to?


Hi, Nick! I was just playing outside with some friends that live down the street. (Pause) When are you coming back?

VOICE OF NICK (Hesitant):

Well, Honey, that's why I'm callin'. Derek's got lots of work for me to do around here today, so I'm not gonna make it back.

KAT (Disappointed):

Why not? Can't you come after you get it all done? If you work really hard, maybe you could still come!

VOICE OF NICK (Hint of laughter):

I wish I could, but it's just not gonna happen. (Pause) Hey, why don't you ask your Mom to bring you out here for the rest of the weekend? Philip's here, did ya know that?

KAT (Disappointed):


VOICE OF NICK (Cheerily):

Well, he is and I bet he'd love to see you! And, when I get everything done for Derek, we could either go for a walk in the gardens or go down to the beach ... how's that sound?

KAT (Happier):

OK, I'll ask Mom! (Calls to Rachel) Mommm ... can we go out to Angel Island today and visit everybody?

(Back to Nick) Mom says we'll see" ... but, I think we're gonna come!

VOICE OF NICK (Laughing):

Great! Then I'll probably be seein' ya later, Kiddo.

SCENE 26: Derek's office. He is lying with his head on the desk, asleep. He begins to stir as his mind enters a nightmare.

SCENE 27: Inside Derek's mind. Images of: Philip screaming at Nick to watch out; Nick lying on a floor with a puddle of blood growing around him; a fierce wind whipping around Kat as she screams in terror; Rachel cradling and comforting Kat as she cries.

SCENE 28: Derek's office. He jerks awake and yells out just as Alex walks into his office.

DEREK (Shouting):


ALEX (Concerned):

Derek! Are you alright?

DEREK (Looking around/confused):

My Gott, Alex ... it was terrible!

ALEX (Worried):

Take it easy; you're as pale as a ghost. Was it those feelings" you're having?

DEREK (Concerned):

No, this time it was actually a vision" ... or nightmare. I don't know exactly what it means yet, but I believe it's somehow connected to the feelings". (Pause) Where's Nick? He's still here, isn't he?


Yes. He was with Philip the last time I saw him. They were in the Control Room going over some old Legacy files on the database. (Pause) Was the vision" about Nick again?


Yes. Nick ... and Kat! (Pause) So, until I understand these feelings" or visions", I don't want Nick going over there. I need you to help me with this, Alex. Nick gets pretty stubborn with me sometimes; the more I tell him not to do something, the more he wants to do it!

ALEX (Hesitantly):

Derek? Did you know that Rachel and Kat are coming out for the weekend? (Notices Derek goes pale) Nick said that you told him this morning that it would be alright if he brought them out here. Well, Rachel called about a half hour ago to say they were on their way; Kat wants to spend some time with Nick and Philip.

DEREK (Half-whisper):

My Gott .......

SCENE 29: Legacy Control Room. Philip and Nick are at separate computers working on the database.

NICK (Apologetically):

Look, Philip ... about earlier. Ya know, my crack about playing Priest" .... Well, it was a cheap shot ... an' I'm sorry.

PHILIP (Smiling):

I oughta be use t'ya by now, don't ya think?! (Pause) I know ya didn't mean anythin' by it. I'm sure it gets hard on the rest of ya when I come an' go so much; never knowin' when ya can count on me t'be helpin' out. But it's what I've got t'do, Nick. It's the best way I can b'servin' God.

NICK (Sincerely):

Well, I meant it when I said, if there's anything I can do to help you -- just let me know. (Pause) I remember all to well what refugees and bombed out areas look like; and I'm sure there's quite a need. When I was in the SEALs, I saw enough of it t'last me a lifetime.


Thanks, Nick! I really appreciate the offer. (Pause) I was plannin' on only stayin' the weekend out here and then gatherin' the supplies on Monday and headin' back to Ireland no later than Wednesday. But, with Derek actin' the way he is ... I might just b'stayin' a little longer than I planned.

NICK (Curiously/concerned):

I know what you mean. I've never seen him so ... I don't know ... stressed out?! He's been actin' weird ever since we got rid of that spirit that was bothering Kat. (Pause) And now, the way he's talking, it's like he doesn't trust her or somethin'.

DEREK (Authoritatively):

I don't!

NICK (Shocked):


DEREK (Authoritatively):

Right now, I don't trust Kat! (Calmer as he walks over to Nick and stands in front of him/explaining) She's developing a new power -- the power of telekinesis -- and she doesn't know what she's doing ... or how to use it. She's a child ... and, to her, it must all seem like a game. (Pause) But it's dangerous, Nick ... she could hurt someone with it! (Longer pause) She could hurt you with it!

PHILIP (Supportingly):

Derek's right, Nick. If Kat is developin' a new power an' she doesn't really understand it, she could -- even though it t'would no doubt be unintentional -- she could be dangerous ... t'herself and t'others.

NICK (Irritated):

I don't believe this! What did you two do, think this up together?! (To Derek) I gotta be honest, with ya, Derek ... I'm worried about you. Really ... you're standing there telling me that you think a little 9-year-old girl -- who's the sweetest, most honest person I know -- could be .. what? ... a ticking timebomb?!

DEREK (Authoritatively):

Yes ... that's exactly what I'm telling you. And, because of the visions I've been having, you're to stay away from her! Is that understood?!


(Moving closer to Nick to defuse the situation):

Look, I know this is hard fer ya t'hear, Nick. But Derek wouldn't be sayin' somethin' like this if he didn't truly believe it. Ya need t'trust im on this -- no matter how ya feel about it. (Pause) If you want, I can call Rachel and explain t'her why you won't b'comin' over fer a while.


It's too late. Rachel called Alex and told her that she and Kat are headed out to the Island for the weekend. (To Nick) But I still want you to avoid Kat ... at least for now.

NICK (Trying to control his anger):

For how long?


At least until I figure why I'm having these visions -- these feelings" -- or what exactly they mean. I'll explain it to Rachel. (Pause/places a hand on Nick's shoulder) I need you to do this for me, Nick. I don't want you anywhere near Kat right now!

SCENE 30: Entryway of Legacy House. Philip and Alex are waiting as Rachel and Kat enter with their bags.

ALEX (Cheerily):

Hey there! (To Kat) How're you doing? Feeling better?


I don't really remember ever feeling bad. (Pause) Hi, Philip! (Hugs him/turns to Alex) Where's Derek and Nick? Didn't they know we were coming?

PHILIP (Covering for Alex):

Well, hello there, little one! I've heard you had quite a week last week. (To Rachel) Hello!


Hi! (Pause) It is alright that we came for the weekend, isn't it? Nick said that Derek had said it would be OK.


Oh sure! You're like me ... always welcome t'call this place home! (To Kat) How would ya like t'go get a nice, big bowl o'ice cream with me?!


I love ice cream! But ... where's Nick? He told me we could hang out together when he was done working. Isn't he done yet?


Well, actually, Kat, he has a lot of stuff to get done for Derek right now, so I don't know when he's gonna be available. (Touches Kat's shoulder as she lowers her head) But, Sweetheart, Philip and I would be happy to hang out" with you for a while! How's that sound?

KAT (Disappointed):

OK. (Pause) I'll just go put my stuff in my room. (Turns to Mom) Are you coming?

RACHEL (Gently):

Well, if you think you can handle my bags too, maybe I'll go look for Nick and Derek and find out what's going on ... OK?

KAT (Cheerier):

OK; I can handle it, Mom!

SCENE 31: Legacy parlor. Rachel, Alex and Philip walk in there as Kat heads up the stairs.


OK ... what's going on?! (Pause) I know Derek's been frantically trying to get ahold of Nick. (Longer pause) Does it have something to do with what happened this week? Is it about Kat or me??

PHILIP (Calmly):

I really think ya need t'talk t'Derek about this, Rachel. Alex and I can't really explain it. He's got Nick workin' on some things and said he's gonna have im busy all weekend. (Pause) Derek's in his office, if ya wanna talk t'him.

RACHEL (Irritated):

I most certainly do!

SCENE 32: Derek's office. He is sitting at his desk as Rachel storms in.

RACHEL (Angrily):

Do you mind telling me what the Hell is going on here? First, this spirit tries to invade Kat's body; then, objects start flying through the room and you and Alex convince Kat that she's behind it; next, you practically order Nick to leave our house and come back to the Legacy; now, Nick invites us out here for the weekend and Alex and Philip said that you've got him too busy to spend any time with Katherine or me. (Pause) What's going on?! Is something wrong with Nick spending time with us?!

DEREK (Authoritatively):

As a matter of fact ... there is! (Gentler) I've been having these ... feelings" -- not like visions, they're different somehow. But I believe, if Nick spends time with Kat something is going to happen to him.

RACHEL (Outraged):

What?! You can't possibly be serious! Katherine would never hurt anyone ... especially Nick!! He's like a big brother to her -- a playmate that she depends on! How could you even imply such a thing!

DEREK (Strongly):

I know that Kat would never intentionally hurt Nick. But, she is developing a stronger power, Rachel ... one that we know very little about -- and Kat knows even less! She may just be playing games", but an unknown power -- such as telekinesis -- could be dangerous.

RACHEL (Angrily/Hurt):

I don't believe this ... this is outrageous! Does Nick know how you feel? Does he agree with this?


He knows ... but he doesn't agree with me. He's working in the Control Room ... under my request and his protest. (Pause) I know this sounds harsh, Rachel, but until I can figure out what these feelings" or visions" are of, I think it's best that Kat and Nick stay away from one another.

RACHEL (Hurt):

Well, I'll tell you what I think ... I think it's best if Katherine and I leave ... right now!

SCENE 33: Rachel enters the bedroom Kat uses when she stays on Angel Island. She watches as her daughter pulls out some of her dolls and places them on the bed.


Hey there, Sweetie. What're you doing?

KAT (Distracted):

I'm unpacking my dolls and putting them where they'll sleep tonight. (Look at Mom) Did you find Derek or Nick? Is Nick almost done working yet? He promised to take me to the beach or in the gardens when he got done.

RACHEL (Softly):

Well, as a matter of fact, I did see Derek. And, unfortunately, Alex and Philip were right ... he's got Nick working on a huge project. In fact, he'll be lucky if he gets to stop to eat. (Lifts Kat's downed face to meet her gaze) Hey, what'd ya say we blow this pop stand", go home and go see another movie tonight -- just the two of us?!

KAT (Sadly):

But I really wanted to go to the beach or play tag in the garden with Nick! (Pause) He promised me!

RACHEL (Softly):

Katherine ... he promised he would when he got his work done; and, like I said, Derek's got him working on a really big project. He's not going to get it done this weekend. (Pause) I know he'd much rather go to the beach or out in the garden with you. He just can't today. (Longer pause) So, why don't we head on home and invite Nick to come over in a few days; how does that sound?

KAT (Sadly):

No, Mom, I wanna stay out here this weekend. I don't wanna go home ... it's boring there. At least Alex and Philip aren't busy ... right? (Pause/more excited) And maybe Nick'll finish his work by tomorrow morning!

SCENE 34: Legacy Control Room. Alex carries in a tray of food to Nick, who is sitting at one of the terminals. It's obvious by his body language that he's in a bad mood.

ALEX (Cheerily):

Dinner is served! (Pause) How's it goin'?

NICK (Crossly):

How do you think it's goin' ... slow!

ALEX (Soothingly):

Look, I know this project stinks, but at least it'll keep you busy until Rachel and Kat leave.


I'm surprised they stayed. I thought for sure Rachel'd blow her stack and they would've left. (Pause) I gotta ask you, Alex ... do you think Derek's all right"? I mean, yesterday he seemed fine in the morning. But today ... he seemed ... I don't know -- outta control! (Longer pause) I gotta be honest; the only reason I'm goin' along with all this is because he's acting so ... weird.


I know. But whatever it is that's bothering him, Nick, is real to him. You should've seen him yesterday. He was absolutely out of his mind with worry when you didn't come home last night. (Pause) He's worried about you; and, whatever this is, it's real to him and it's got him scared.


Yeah, well, the feelings mutual.

SCENE 35: Legacy dining room. Everyone is at the table except for Nick. Mitchell (the Butler) enters the room carrying a tray.


Shall I serve now, Dr. Rayne ... or are we waiting for Mr. Boyle?


No, Nick won't be joining us for dinner. Alex took him something earlier. (Pause) Please feel free to serve now.

KAT (Sadly):

You mean Nick's not even going to eat dinner with us? (Angrily at Derek) Why are you being so mean to him?! Why don't you just do your own stupid work!?

RACHEL (Shocked/Angrily):

Katherine Corrigan ... you apologize right now! (Pause) Did you hear me?! (Pause) I said apologize to Derek right now, young lady or you can go upstairs to bed without dinner!

KAT (Angrily):

Fine! I don't wanna eat down here anyway!

DIRECTION: Kat runs out of the room and up the stairs. Scene is still in dining room.

RACHEL (Embarrassed):

I'm sorry about that, Derek. I just don't know what's gotten into her lately. She never talks back like that. But the past few days ... ever since ....

DEREK (Soothingly/Distracted):

It's alright. She's been through a lot recently. And, we all have to remember that she's just a little girl. (Pause) Maybe you should go up and speak to her -- make sure she's alright. We'll wait for you.


Yeah, I think I should. (To Alex and Philip) I'm really sorry about this!

SCENE 36: Rachel has left the dining room. Derek, Alex and Philip wait for Mitchell to also leave the room and then begin to discuss what just happened.

ALEX (Surprised):

I've never seen Kat behave like that before! (To Derek) Do you think that there could be some remnants of Larissa's spirit within her? She's just never been that ... willful ... before.


Maybe she's still upset about ever'thin' that's been happenin'. It's probably been pretty confusin' t'her and I'm sure she's just not sure how t'be handlin' ever'thin'. Like you said, she is just a little girl!

DEREK (Authoritatively):

Yes, but she's a little girl with a very dangerous ability. And, she's displaying a temper that she's never displayed before. (To Alex) And, no, I don't believe that any of Larissa's spirit is the cause for this ... it's Kat herself. (Pause) She's entering that age where she naturally questions and challenges authority; however, given this new power she's developed, this is a dangerous time for her ... and for all of us!

ALEX (Still shocked):

I guess I've to agree with you, Derek. Kat's not behaving like herself and, with this power, she might think it's some kind of a game ....

PHILIP (Interrupting):

... Or some kind of way t'be asserting her authority -- t'be gettin' what she wants!

DEREK (Worried):

And that's why I want her to stay away from Nick. I don't think she'd ever intentionally hurt him, but I also don't believe she would hesitate in using this new power" in the way you're referring, Philip. I think Kat could be dangerous if she doesn't get what she wants ... and right now, she wants to spend time with Nick!

ALEX (Hesitantly):

I see what you mean ... but, if she and Rachel are staying all weekend, and if Kat does start asserting authority" with her telekinesis ability, how are we gonna keep Nick and Kat apart?!


Well, I don't doubt that Kat wouldn't mind exerting a little extra authority" t'get what she wants -- especially if it's playtime" with Nick! -- but I don't think she's totally out of control. (Pause) She's a special child, Derek, with a special gift that she doesn't understand. I think we'd serve her ... and ourselves ... best if we helped her t'understand it; not teach her to shun or fear it!


But, now you're talking about her as if she's a grown-up, Philip. Teaching her to understand it would be great ... but I think our primary goal right now has to be to teach her not to use it; at least not until she can understand and control it better.


I disagree. What if you were told not t'see visions" when you were a child, Alex?! You wouldn't've been able t'stop it, even if you knew how. I don't think it's far t'be puttin' that kinda pressure on a little girl.

DEREK (Authoritatively):

Alex is right, Philip. I agree with you that we are putting a lot of unnecessary pressure on Katherine right now not to use this new talent; but, until we all know more about it, we cannot ignore the danger it poses. We must keep Kat away from Nick at all costs!

SCENE 37: Legacy Control Room. Nick has left the computer terminal he has been working at most of the day and into the evening and is standing the center of the room, stretching/exercising. Philip walks in and stands in front of him.


How's it goin'?

NICK (Irritated):

How do you think?! (Pause) So, did you come to give me the all clear" sign that everyone's in bed and it's safe to leave the Control Room?!

PHILIP (Semi-sarcastic):

No ... something far more foolish than that -- I came t'see how you were doin'! (Pause/less sarcastic) Look, Nick, I know hidin' out in here isn't exactly yer style, but Derek's really worried about this telekinesis Kat's developed ... and I gotta agree with im.

NICK (Irritated):

Now why doesn't that surprise me?!

PHILIP (Calmly):

You can be as irritated and angry with Derek and me as you want t'be, Nick; but, as long as it's possibly gonna save yer miserable life, it's worth it. (Starts to leave/turns back) D'ya need anythin' before I go?


Yeah, when can I get outta this room? I need to go for a run or something ... I'm feeling way too cooped up in here!


I'd give it another half-hour at least ... just t'play it safe. Then, ya can go wherever you bloody well please!

SCENE 38: Derek's office. He is just about to go to the Control Room to check on Nick when he is hit" by another vision.

SCENE 39: Inside Derek's mind. Images of: Nick out near the gardens at night, exercising; Philip shouting at Nick; Nick lying on his stomach with blood oozing from his head; Kat surrounded by a ferocious breeze, starting to cry.

SCENE 40: Derek's office. He sits back in his chair behind his desk immediately from the force of the vision he just had. As he sits there, he looks out at the bright, moonlit night. He leans forward, disbelieving what he sees outside -- Nick is running past the garden!

DEREK (Shocked/Worried):

Oh my Gott ... what is he doing out there?!

DIRECTION: He rises and hurries out of his office.

SCENE 41: Kat's bedroom at the Legacy House. She is looking out the window, unable to sleep when she sees Nick running outside.

KAT (Excited):

There he is! I knew he wouldn't be stuck working all night!! I better go see him before Derek gives him something else to do!

DIRECTION: She hurries out of the room, down the stairs and out the doorway toward the garden.

SCENE 42: Legacy garden. Nick is about to run past it when he decides that he's much too frustrated for a run right now and decides to do some of his Thai-chi relaxation exercises. He picks his favorite spot in the garden and begins his regimen.

SCENE 43: Derek knocks lightly on Kat's door and opens it. He is dismayed to see it empty! He rushes to Rachel's door and knocks loudly. Rachel opens the door.

RACHEL (Shocked):

What is it? What's wro.........

DEREK (Interrupting/Anxious):

... Where's Kat?! Is she in here with you?

RACHEL (Shocked):

Kat? No, she's in her room asleep. (Pause/Angrily) And, to be honest with you, Derek, I've had quite enough of this cloak and dagger" stuff you're pulling with my daughter. Nick was trying to talk me into staying -- in San Francisco and with the Legacy -- but after the way you've acted ever since we ........

DEREK (Interrupting/Anxious):

... I know how I've been acting, Rachel! But, it's been because I'm concerned. Kat's missing; I checked her room and she isn't there. I saw Nick outside and I'm afraid she went to join him.

DIRECTION: Alex and Philip have entered the room, having heard Derek's anxious voice and the pounding on Rachel's door.

RACHEL (Confused/Angrily):

So what?! Nick'll take care of her if there's anything wrong!

DEREK (Matter-of-factly):

It's not Kat I'm worried about ... it's Nick! (Pause/gently) Rachel, Kat's developed the power of telekinesis; no matter how much you don't want to believe it, it's true! And, it's a power that is very difficult for a child to learn how to use and manipulate correctly. I know that Kat would never use it to hurt anyone, but she's not exactly in control of it the way she thinks she is either. (Longer pause) I've had these visions, Rachel -- of her and Nick -- and I'm afraid, he's going to get hurt ... accidentally, of course! ... and that's why I've tried so hard to keep them apart! I would prefer they stay apart until we can properly teach her how to use this new technique!

ALEX (Concerned):

What is it? Has something happened?!


Nick is outside in the garden and Kat is missing! Philip ....

PHILIP (Interrupting/Rushing from room):

I'm on my way!

RACHEL (Concerned):

Derek ... Kat'd never hurt anyone -- least of all, Nick! (Pause) What'll we do?! She's only a child, Derek!

DEREK (Concerned/Understanding):

I know. For now, we keep she and Nick apart; then, Alex and I begin to work with her and this new power. She needs to know that it's not a game, but can be a very dangerous weapon if not controlled properly! (Pause) Let's go!

SCENE 44: Legacy garden. Nick is concentrating on his Thai-chi movements and doesn't hear Kat approach.

KAT (Excited):

Nick! I didn't think I was gonna get to see you at all this trip. (Pause as Nick continues exercising; he doesn't hear her!) Nick?! What's wrong? Are you mad at me cuz it's so late?! (Longer pause as she starts to get angry!) I waited all day just to see you and now you're gonna ignore me?!

DIRECTION: Philip begins to approach the garden with Derek, Rachel and Alex close behind. Kat begins to concentrate on a pile of dirt in the area where Nick is exercising and a strong wind begins to blow.

KAT (To herself):

I got in trouble cuz I wanted to play with you and now you're being rude! (Pause) Let's see how you like getting dirt thrown in your face!

DIRECTION: Nick begins to feel the wind around him and starts getting hit from all sides by mounds of dirt. He holds his hands up trying to protect his eyes. Philip approaches and yells a warning!

PHILIP (Shouting/Concerned):

Nick! Look out!! Get outta there! (Pause) For the love o'God, Katherine, STOP IT!

DIRECTION: Derek, Rachel and Alex join Philip. Suddenly, Nick cries out in pain, grabs his head and sinks to the ground! A small puddle of blood starts forming near his head, as Derek watches his vision become reality. Kat notices what happens and starts to cry; however, the wind is still fierce and objects are still flying at the unconscious ex-SEAL.

RACHEL (Shouting/Concerned/Angrily):

Katherine Anne Corrigan ... stop this right now!

DIRECTION: Kat runs into her Mom's arms and starts to cry as the wind slowly dies down. Rachel holds Kat as Derek, Philip and Alex check on Nick. They gently turn him over and notice, with relief, that it is just a gushing flesh wound near his temple; serious enough to be a concussion, but nothing more. Derek and Philip share the duty of carrying Nick to his room.

SCENE 45: Hallway outside Nick's room. Rachel comes out of his room and faces Derek, Alex, Philip and Kat.

RACHEL (Relieved):

Well, other than having a monstrous headache and a rather large bruise on the side of his head, he's gonna be just fine! He has a very mild concussion.

DEREK (Relieved):

Thank Gott! (Pause) Is there anything we need to do?


We should keep an eye on him for the next 24 to 48 hours ... wake him up every few hours, that sort of thing ... otherwise, he should be up and about" in a day or two!


I'll take the first shift". (He heads to the door/stops when Kat begins to speak)

KAT (Frightened):

Does he hate me, Mom?


No, Honey, of course he doesn't! In fact, he asked if you were OK ... he's worried about you! (Pause) Do you want to go in with Philip and I for a few minutes to see him. (Kat nods her head) OK, let's go.

SCENE 46: Inside Nick's bedroom. He is groggy, but smiles when he sees Kat, Rachel and Philip enter.

NICK (Weakly/Friendly):

Hey there, Kiddo! How ya doin'?

KAT (Sadly):

I'm so sorry I hurt you, Nick! I'm sorry!! (Starts to cry) I didn't really mean to hurt you!

NICK (Comfortingly):

I'm fine, Kitty Kat! It'd take a whole lot more than some rock to take me out, ya know! (Pause/seriously) It's really OK, Kat ... I know you didn't mean it! (Longer pause) What we both need is a good night's sleep, don't you think?!

KAT (Yawning):

Yeah ... I guess so. I'm just really glad you're OK and you're not mad at me!


I could never be made at you, Kiddo! Now, why don't you let you're Mom put you to bed, OK?!

SCENE 47: Kat's bedroom in the Legacy House. Rachel has just tucked her in and Derek walks in.

KAT (Shyly):

Are you mad at me ... for what I did to Nick?

DEREK (Strongly):

No, Kat, I'm not. But, I did want to talk to you about what happened.

RACHEL (Interrupting):

It's pretty late, Derek ... can't this wait?!


No. I think for Kat's sake ... it can't! (Pause as he turns to Kat) You realize now that this new power -- this telekinesis" -- that you've developed can be dangerous, don't you?! (She nods and he continues) Goot! Alex and I will work with you on learning more about it and, especially, learning how to control it. (Pause) Do you have any questions before you go to sleep?

KAT (Sleepily, but sincerely):

I'm really sorry for hurting Nick. I thought the power ... well, I thought it was just a game ... like a new toy or something! I didn't know I could hurt anybody with it!

DEREK (Understandingly):

I know, Kat ... and so does Nick! But, unfortunately, with a power or talent like you have to be careful. What may seem like child's play" to you, could really be quite dangerous! (Pause as he leans down and kisses her forehead) Now, you have a good night's sleep ... and Alex and I will help you learn more about this gift" in the morning!


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