Welcome to the fanlisting for Season One of Poltergeist: The Legacy™.

For this webmistress, this was the most special of all the four seasons of P:TL -- I was totally enthralled by the characters and stories! In its first year, we were introduced to the extraordinary members of the San Francisco Legacy House: Derek Rayne, Rachel Corrigan (and her daughter Kat), Nick Boyle, Alexandra Moreau, and Father Philip Callaghan. If you are a fan of the very first season of this supernatural/horror series, please read the rules and join!

What episodes were shown in season one? The double-length pilot: The Fifth Sepulcher, Sins of the Father, Town Without Pity, The Tenement, Twelfth Cave, Man in the Mist, Ghost in the Road, Doppelganger, The Substitute, Do Not Go Gently, Crystal Scarab, The Bell of Girardius, Fox Spirit, Thirteenth Generation, Dark Priest, Revelations, Bones of St. Anthony, Inheritance, The Signalman, The Reckoning, and Traitor Among Us. For credits and descriptions for each, visit the Season One episode guide.

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