Welcome to the fanlisting for Season Three of Poltergeist: The Legacy™.

In P:TL's third year, the San Francisco Legacy House members -- Derek Rayne, Rachel Corrigan (and her daughter Kat), Nick Boyle, and Alexandra Moreau -- continued their battle against the Darkside. During this season, Father Philip Callaghan did not appear at all, William Sloan (precept of the ruling Legacy House in London) was dropped completely after being sucked into the underworld in season two, and Boston Legacy House member, Kristin Adams, used the San Francisco Legacy House on her quest to find her lost father. If you are a fan of this season of P:TL, please read the rules and join!

What episodes were shown in season three? Darkness Falls, Light of Day, Enlightened One, Stolen Hearts, Father to Son, Fallen Angel, Dream Lover, Debt of Honor, The Light, Hell Hath No Fury, Irish Jug, Metamorphosis La Belle Dame Sans Merci, The Prodigy, The Human Vessel, The Covenant, The Internment, Seduction, Out of Sight, Last Good Knight, Armies of Night, and Darkside. For credits and descriptions for each, visit the Season Three episode guide.

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