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In P:TL's fourth year, Derek Rayne, Rachel Corrigan (and her daughter Kat), Nick Boyle, and Alexandra Moreau continued their battle against the Darkside. During this season, Father Philip Callaghan was back for a two-parter (Unholy Congress & Sacrifice), Kristin Adams found her destiny, Derek Rayne found love and tragedy, Rachel Corrigan dealt with both typical and unusual pre-teen issues with her daughter Kat, Alex kept getting her head turned to the Darkside (but at least she got to kiss Derek!) and Nick Boyle started looking more and more like precept material. The Beast Within was the season and series finale. If you are a fan of this season of P:TL, please read the rules and join!

What episodes were shown in season four? Song of the Raven, Bird of Prey, Vendetta, The Painting, The Possession, The Traitor, Double Cross, Brother's Keeper, Initiation, Wishful Thinking, Still Waters, Unholy Congress , Sacrifice, She's Got the Devil in Her Heart, Body and Soul, Forget Me Not, The Portents, Gaslight, Sabbath's End, Mephisto Strain, Infernal Affairs, and The Beast Within. For credits and descriptions for each, visit the Season Four episode guide.

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