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name country fav ep/comment
A HOPPING United States
Ale United States
Alisa Ukraine
Andrea Canada
Angela Reed United States The Traitor & Double Cross; handsome & strong
angel Brazil Excelente!!!!
Anne Marie Chandlee United States Irish Jug
Anne Robinson United States Derek is a strong but compassionate character.
Barbara United States
Barbara United States Terrific actor. Enjoyed his performance all eps
Blake United Kingdom
brandi United States
Brigitte Squarr France I need more place to explain my reasons
bunny France
carole tessier Canada you are the best Derek
Clair United States Twelfth Cave (Derek angst!)
CM de Necker South Africa
Cori Germany he's the most handsome, ravishing, sexiest character on TV!
CrystalDreamWalker United Kingdom He is totally unfazed by anything that he is confronted by..
Cynthia Copeland United States Here's hoping we can get the series released on DVD!
Deanne Hammond United Kingdom Great series!
Deanne Hammond United Kingdom
Denise Ann Chambers United States He just rocks! The Irish Jug is great.
Désirée Germany
EC Wilcox United Kingdom
Ellen United States I liked him in The Irish Jug. Great comedy!!!!!
Frances Miller United States
gord harris Canada I like Derek, but,also, I like the whole cast.
Heather United States
Helen Netherlands Sexy and great actor
Isis Asimov United Kingdom
Jan Fleming United States
Jean United States
Jeannine Germany
Jemal Kenhar Canada Just I like him
Joy United States
kAREN pRATT United States
kathleen c smith United States
Kathryn A. Bleeker United States He is very down to earth and we all need a hero.
Kathy S. United States New Guard, 5th Sepulcher, Reckoning
Katja K. Germany
kay Canada he is very beutifull and sexy
LadyViper (vickie) United States Watching PtL is what drew me to love the actor, Derek.
Laura Floody United States
Lee Scott United States One of the best characters ever! DdL was born for the role!
Lilena Germany
Linda Mecham United States He's one of the most fabulous men I've ever seen.
Lorna Bolton United States Double Cross
Lorraine Roberts United Kingdom he is handsome and I love his accent
Louise Canada
m.l. gibson United States the best characters ever. i'll never get tired of him.
Marcella Speagle United States North Carolina
Mary Wilkerson United States Loved Twelfth Cave, actually loved any Derek-centered ep
Maryann M. United States Twelfth Cave
Missy P. United States "Stealing Heaven" - need I say more? ;-)
Murry D. Green United States All episodes are my favorite if Derek is in them.
Nadeia Sanchez France
Natacha France
Oliver Germany Derek Rayne was the best actor in The Legacy
peggy hindy United States i love n miss him and the others
Randee L. United States
Sandra S United States
Sarah Sloan United States
Sarah United States Lives In The Balance ~ I don't know why, entriguing
sectumsempra Russian Federation
Serenity Wintirs United States
Sharon Rice United States
Sharon S. United States
Sheena Yantha Canada Derek is a very intense individual
Shirley S United States
Shirley United States
Soaemias Nin Finland
Sooz United Kingdom Irish Jug
Tammy United States He is a very sensitive and caring person to other people.
Terri Timme United States Face it.. the man is Ultimate Perfection! Love the pilot ep!
Tess Corser United States Interesting character, amazing actor, handsome man...
Tracey United Kingdom
Vampire Russian Federation Hi!
VIRGIN Spain He is the most mysterious man that I have never seen
Vivian Thompson Canada
vixen United States He should have been playing MAGNETO in X-MEN
Véronique France
zenwindwalker United States
ZUS Poland

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