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Welcome to LegacyWeb, the FIRST UNOFFICIAL Poltergeist: The Legacy™ Web Site!

Click here to view screenshot of previous design.This fansite, which began in September 1996, is dedicated to the show, its cast and crew members, and the loyal viewers of this 1996-1999 series. (See screenshot of its former design, used until March 2002.) Poltergeist: The Legacy™, or P:TL as the fans have come to call it, first aired on the US pay channel SHOWTIME, starting in April 1996. First runs of seasons 1-3 were aired there each season before being released to syndication across the world. Lucky for us, The Sci Fi Channel (US) picked up the fourth season and it aired there first in 1999 before going into syndication. From then until mid-2004, Sci Fi re-ran the episodes in the wee hours. Showtime Beyond picked it up for a little while starting in Sep 2005. P:TL is still aired around the world on various channels, so check your local tv listings.

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