The Dream Walker by Deb T.

Part Two

As she often did when she didn't have school, Pippa
stayed overnight at the clinic and woke when the sun rose.
The girl moaned, running her hand over her eyes, then glanced
at her watch. Seven a.m. A soft, amused voice said, "Honey,
if you're gonna stay overnight, you really should get someone
to put a cot in here."

The voice belonged to an orderly, Oliver Herbert, who
often woke Pippa when she stayed over. He had once said that
she was about his granddaughter's age, so he tried to look
after her. She smiled sleepily and replied, "I suppose so."

"There's no 'suppose' about it, little girl," Ollie
replied severely and Pippa rolled her eyes. In some ways, he
sounded just like Lissa. The man continued, "Aside from
aches, how do you feel?" Pippa shrugged and the old man
shook his head, saying, "Keep it up and you'll be sick, too."

The teenager smiled and said, "I'll be good, Ollie. The
next time I decide to stay overnight, I'll ask for a cot. I
should back to the house and take a shower. Let the chief
know I'm all right. You'll look after Lissa for me while I'm
gone? You're the only person in this place I trust."

"I'll take good care of your sister, honey. You just
take care of yourself, so we don't have to. And the doctors
are good people, little girl, they just aren't God. That's
something else you gotta do...have faith," Ollie said.

Pippa nodded with a sigh and answered, "Don't I know it!
And I trust God. . .most of the time." Ollie laughed and the
girl added, "You know Father Callaghan is supposed to be
coming here in the next few days. I saw him yesterday."

"Father Philip is a good boy. A little too serious
sometimes, but a good boy," Ollie observed. Pippa laughed.
A boy? Father Callaghan was Lissa's age, for heaven's sake!
Ollie added after a moment, smiling at her kindly, "Honey,
when you get to be my age, a forty year old is a boy, so
imagine how I view a twenty-eight year old!"

"That sounds like something Lissa would say. Sort of,"
Pippa said and Ollie laughed. The girl added, "You know,
there are times when I wish Father Callaghan wasn't a priest.
He would have made a, like, totally cool husband for Lissa.
There aren't a lot of decent guys out there. I mean, most of
them are, like, geeks. And I don't mean that they're smart."

"Maybe," Ollie acknowledged, his gray eyes growing sad,
"but think about this, little Pippa. Would that boy be
nearly as special as he is, if he weren't a priest?" Pippa
frowned thoughtfully as she left her sister's room and headed
for the pay phone. She shook her head as she dialed the
number of the taxi company. Ollie is a nice man, she
thought, but there are times when I really have to wonder
about him. There's absolutely no reason why Father C would
be any less special if he weren't a priest!

Philip was awake at seven. His dream about Elizabeth
weighed heavily on his mind, but he had work to do, both for
the Legacy and for the Church. He planned to go to the
clinic where Lissa Reynolds had spent the last year, St.
Luke's...but first things first. Philip showered and
dressed, then headed to the breakfast table.

Nick was also up, and he looked up as Philip entered the
dining room. The young priest smiled shyly, uncertain as
ever where he stood with Nick. Nick returned the smile and
said, "Kat says that the two of you had a good time
yesterday." Philip nodded, sitting down opposite from Nick,
who continued, "What's this I hear about you going to the
clinic downtown? Kat mentioned something about a girl who
was shot in the head and is in a coma?"

"Lissa Reynolds," Philip confirmed, taking a croissant,
"a parishioner of mine. She was a policewoman, very bright.
She graduated from an all-girl Catholic high school when she
was sixteen, graduated from college at twenty. By the time
she was shot last year, she had been on the force for five
years. Everyone in the parish thinks very highly of her."

"Damn," Nick swore, "she's only a few years younger than
we are!" Philip nodded and the other young man continued,
"So she was shot in the line of duty?" Philip shook his
head, his mouth too full to answer properly. Nick frowned
and asked, "Then what happened to her?"

"The general consensus is, Lissa interrupted a burglary
in progress at her home. Her father was killed, and since
Lissa has been in a coma for the last year, no one really
knows what happened. And given Lissa's own injuries, it's
highly unlikely that she shot her father herself," Philip
answered when he was able. Nick gave a low whistle, and
Philip added, "You know, it's really odd. When I saw Pippa
yesterday...Lissa's fourteen year old sister...she told
me that Lissa had always thought very highly of me."

"Why does that surprise you? You've said yourself in
the past that women like you. . .a lot," Nick observed with
an impish smile, and Philip responded with a deadly glare.
Nick said after a moment, growing serious once more, "I'm
sorry, Philip, I didn't mean to open old wounds. But why
does it surprise you so much that this Lissa Reynolds thinks
highly of you? You are her parish priest."

"Nick, I've only ever spoken with the woman over the
phone! I've never actually met her. . .I don't even know
what she looks like. We've never talked after Mass," Philip
answered. Nick frowned thoughtfully and the young priest
continued after a moment, "It just feels strange, that's all.
It may be that Officer Reynolds sensed something, and that's
why she stayed away. I don't know. When I spoke with her on
the phone, she was always very friendly and warm, but at the
same time distant. I know, that makes no sense. . ."

"It makes perfect sense. And that is odd, Philip, but
like you said. . .maybe Lissa just sensed that feminine
admiration made you uncomfortable. Kat said Pippa Reynolds
seemed to think a lot of you as well. What's the difference
between Pippa's admiration and a grown woman's?" Nick asked.

"The difference is, Pippa doesn't act on it. I
sometimes wonder if it's her sister's influence. When I'm at
the parish school, I hear the girls saying something about
not crossing Lissa Reynolds. I've never brought myself to
ask what they mean...I think I'm afraid of what they'll
say!" Philip replied and Nick laughed.

"You two are certainly in good spirits this morning. . .
Philip, thank you for taking Kat with you yesterday. She
enjoyed herself very much," Dr. Rachel Corrigan said,
entering the dining room. Philip nodded with a faint smile.
Rachel un-nerved him. . .he wasn't quite sure why, but he
never knew quite what to do or say around her. Though they
had stood together when Derek was accused of betrayal, Philip
still didn't know how to deal with the pretty doctor.

"It was my pleasure, Rachel. . .you know how much I
love Kat," the young priest said and Rachel nodded. Philip
was at a loss for words, so he turned his attention to
breakfast, allowing Nick and Rachel to talk instead.

Pippa was back at her sister's room by nine thirty. Dr.
Miles was finishing her examination as Pippa entered the room
and she said, "Her CAT scans came back clear again. I don't
understand why your sister is still in her coma. There's no
medical reason for this, Philippa, none at all."

There was something which troubled Pippa and she asked,
"Dr. Miles, is it possible that Lissa is still unconscious
because she's afraid to wake up? We were talking in Health
and our teacher said that emotional distress can impede a
person's recovery. Lissa seemed in good spirits, but I'm her
little sister. She doesn't tell me everything."

"That's a good possibility, Philippa," Dr. Miles said
slowly, "especially since older sisters don't always tell
younger siblings what's troubling them. . .or even if
something is troubling them. We never realized that my older
sister was severely depressed until she killed herself."

"I'm sorry about your sister, Dr. Miles," Pippa said in
a low voice and the woman nodded sadly. Pippa added, "And
I'm sorry for threatening you yesterday. I just get so angry
when people talk down to me. I need to be with my sister, as
much as she needs me. I can't let her down, Dr. Miles."

The doctor patted her shoulder and said, "No need to
apologize. I realized later how I must have sounded to you.
Nothing could have kept me from my sister's side, either.
Don't give up on her, Philippa. She needs to know that she
isn't alone." Pippa nodded and the woman patted her shoulder
again, then left the room. Pippa sat down in the chair
beside her sister's bed again and sighed.

She had only been sitting for a few minutes when there
was a knock at the door. Pippa frowned and called, "Come
in." The door opened slowly, revealing Father Philip
Callaghan. She smiled and said, "You made it...I wasn't
sure if you'd make it today."

The priest returned the smile and said, "I would have
come yesterday, but I needed to return Katherine to her
mother. Rachel makes me a little nervous, so I avoid getting
on her bad side." Father Callaghan slowly entered the room
and shuddered, murmuring, "What a lovely place! I'm
beginning to understand why Lissa doesn't seem to want to
wake up! This is not the warmest of environments."

Pippa laughed and replied, "I know. I hate this place,
too. I mean, the doctors are good at what they do, but it's
so cold and impersonal here. But I can't take her home...
private nurses cost too much. And the police chief has bent
a lot of rules just by keeping me at his house."

"I imagine so. It sounds like the chief is a good man,"
Father Callaghan answered as he joined Pippa, and the girl
nodded. The young priest focused on Lissa for the first time
and blanched. His lips formed a word, but Pippa couldn't
tell what it was. After a moment, he said, "There may be
another way, but you must trust me."

"What do you mean? And why are you so upset, Father
Callaghan?" Pippa asked anxiously. The young priest barely
managed a smile as he shook his head. Pippa supposed that
meant he was all right, but she added, still worried, "Do you
know of a free private nurse or what?"

"Or what. I'm not upset, Pippa, please don't worry
about that," Father Callaghan replied. He continued, "I have
a friend, Derek...actually, he raised me after my parents
died. I think he can help Elizabeth. Don't ask me to
explain right now...we need to get her to Angel Island.
I'll give Derek a call and..."

"How did you know my sister's real name was 'Elizabeth,'
Father Callaghan?" Pippa interrupted. That was what he said
when he saw Lissa, she thought, "Elizabeth." But Pippa's
sister had never met Father Callaghan. . .and she always
introduced herself as "Lissa." To the best of Pippa's
knowledge, the only person who ever called Lissa by her
proper name had been their late father.

The priest hesitated, then said, "I'll explain later, I
promise. It takes a lot of explaining. Will you trust me?"
Pippa nodded and Father Callaghan said, "Thank you. I must
call Derek and make arrangements. We should have your sister
at Angel Island by this afternoon. Perhaps she'll come out
of her coma by the end of the week."

Pippa's eyes widened and the young priest smiled, then
left the room. Pippa sat back in her chair. The end of the
week, the girl thought, is this Derek a miracle worker? She
shivered, though the sun's warmth baked the room. Pippa
whispered, "What do you think of that, Lis? Me, I'm too
scared to hope at this point."

Derek Rayne was doing paperwork in his office when the
telephone rang at ten p.m. He made a face at the paperwork
which had just arrived from Hong Kong. I appreciate Claire's
sentiments, he thought, but this was not necessary! He
pushed a button, saying, "Derek Rayne."

"Derek, it's Philip. I had hoped you'd be in the
office," a familiar young voice said. Derek frowned...
where was the boy? He had thought Philip was in the library
doing translations. Philip continued after a moment, "I had
errands to run. I thought Nick told you."

"He probably forgot, although that explains why I didn't
see you at the breakfast table this morning when I came
downstairs," Derek replied, "Where are you calling from? And
what kind of errands did you have?"

"I need your help, Derek. I'm sure Kat has told you
about our visit with Pippa Reynolds yesterday," Philip said.
Derek murmured an assent. Kat had also mentioned the name of
Pippa's sister. . ."Lissa."' If Derek was right, he knew Lissa
Reynolds. Philip continued, "Pippa's sister Elizabeth has
been in a coma for a year. However, the doctors can't find
anything physically wrong with her...and, for the last two
nights, she has been in my dreams."

Elizabeth Reynolds, Derek thought, I knew it! After all
these years, she has finally come back to us! However, he
only asked, "Why does that trouble you, Philip? She's a
member of your parish and you have spoken with her in the
past. Isn't it likely that...?" Philip sighed with
exasperation and Derek asked, "What haven't you told me yet?
I can't help unless I know everything you do."

"I was getting to that," Philip answered with another
sigh. After a moment, he continued, "Derek, she is a
member of my parish. And I have spoken with her in the past,
but never directly. It was always over the phone. I
probably saw her during Eucharist, but I've never actually
met her. And when I spoke with her, she always introduced
herself as 'Lissa,' not 'Elizabeth,' her name in the dream."

"That sounds reasonable," Derek murmured to himself, too
softly for Philip to hear him. As he recalled, Lissa had
never called herself "Elizabeth" when she was a child. And
while he hadn't seen her in years, it seemed reasonable that
her preference for "Lissa" hadn't changed. He added, "All
right...Rachel, Nick, and I are on our way."

"Thanks, Derek," Philip sighed. This situation has him
frightened, Derek thought, understandably. The young man had
never demonstrated the Sight before. Philip added almost
hesitantly, "I was disturbed by the dream itself."

Derek tensed at the priest's words, but asked casually,
"The dream itself disturbed you, Philip? It's not just the
shock of seeing Lissa in a hospital bed after seeing her in
your dream?" Philip's negative was quick.

"No. Lissa kissed me, Derek. She initiated the kiss,
but I returned it. And I didn't feel guilty about it. It
disturbed me...the kiss, the way it made me feel, and the
lack of guilt," Philip answered slowly. He was silent for
several moments, as if considering how much he should say,
then continued, "Holding her...it brought back memories I
thought I had conquered. It frightened me."

So that's it, Derek thought, memories of the girl who
killed herself. I should have known. For his own part,
Derek was disturbed that Lissa had contacted Philip through
their dreams. He took a deep breath and said, "Of course you
wanted to stay there, Philip...you're a priest, but you're
also a man. And your feelings don't dishonor your vow of
celibacy or your commitment to the priesthood."

Philip sighed and answered, "I know. I just..." his
trailed off, then he continued, "It was just un-nerving,
that's all. Anyhow, we're at St. Luke's Clinic. I'll see
you when you get here. 'Bye." There was a dial tone and
Derek hung up with a thoughtful frown. After all these
years, Lissa Reynolds had re-surfaced. It's about time, he
thought, I was afraid she was dead! Although, given her
injuries, it was a miracle that she wasn't.

Rachel was intrigued when Derek told her about Philip's
phone call while Nick prepped the helicopter. She and Nick
would fly to the clinic, while Derek drove his Range Rover
into San Francisco proper. Alex Moreau would stay behind to
set up the medical equipment. The beautiful researcher had
accepted Kat's offer of help with a smile.

Rachel asked softly as Nick approached them, "There's
more to this than you're telling us, isn't there? You could
hardly contain your excitement when you told the three of us
about Philip's call. There's a connection of some sort
between the Legacy and Elizabeth Reynolds. That's what has
you so excited about her case." Derek nodded, his eyes
reflecting that barely suppressed excitement. It must be
important, Rachel thought, for Derek to be so excited.

"Yes. Lissa is the daughter of Fiona Summers Reynolds,
a member of the Legacy. She was killed in 1980...shot to
death on Angel Island," Derek explained. He hesitated, then
added, "Lissa is also Alicia's niece." Alicia? Whom Derek
had loved and lost? He nodded and Rachel gave a low whistle.

"Interesting," Rachel murmured and Derek nodded. The
psychiatrist wondered why Philip didn't know about this
connection. Philip had been twelve in 1980, so there was a
good chance he would have known Lissa. However, it was time
for them to leave, so Rachel boarded the helicopter.

Pippa sat at her sister's bedside, gently stroking
Lissa's brown hair. Father Callaghan had been in and out of
the room several times in the last hour and a half. But this
time, he was gone only a few minutes...and when he
returned, he wasn't alone. There were three people with him.

Pippa smiled weakly at the newcomers, two men and a
woman. The first man to enter the room was around the same
age as Father Callaghan and Lissa, with very short brown
hair, greenish eyes, and a warm smile. Pippa liked him at
once...and it didn't hurt that he was cute.

The second man was several years older, in his middle
or late forties. He had brown and silver hair, with
extraordinary hazel eyes. He was nice-looking, if you liked
old heads. Pippa didn't...however, she knew her sister
would find the man attractive. The woman was somewhere
between the two men in age, maybe thirty-five. She was very
pretty, with shoulder length blonde hair and brown eyes. She
also had a very warm smile, and a reassuring manner.

Father Callaghan said, "Pippa, these are my friends:
Nick Boyle." The first man nodded, and Pippa filed the name
away. The priest continued, indicating the woman, "That's
Dr. Rachel Corrigan, a psychiatrist and Kat's mother."
Father Callaghan concluded, nodding at the older man, "This
is Derek Rayne. You'll meet Alex when we reach Angel Island.
Derek, Nick, Rachel, this is Pippa and Lissa Reynolds."
Pippa nodded and got right down to business. She said
bluntly, "Father C told me that you could help my sister. Is
that true?" She saw a glance between Derek and Rachel, and
she added, "Please, try to ignore the fact that I'm a kid.
Talk to me as you would an adult."

"You are not a child, Pippa. But explaining what we are
is not easy," Derek replied. Pippa relaxed and Derek
continued, "There are things in this world which science
cannot explain. You're aware of the existence of evil, yes?"
Pippa nodded with a glance toward her sister, and Derek
continued, "We battle the shadow-dwellers."

It took Pippa a moment to process this. Shadow-
dwellers...beings which science couldn't explain? Like
ghosts and vampires? She looked at Derek Rayne...he was
totally serious. Pippa looked back at the one person in the
room she trusted and asked bluntly, "Okay, Father C...is he
for real? Or does he need a shrink?"

Father Callaghan was equally blunt as he replied, "He is
very much for real, Pippa. I've taken part in many battles,
and lost people very dear to me. If anyone can help Lissa,
it's us. But the choice is yours. If we move her to a
controlled environment, we have a better chance to help her."

Pippa didn't need long to make her decision. She said,
"Then we'll do it your way. They'll take my sister off life-
support here, and I don't want her to die. There's one thing
you need to do. Call the chief. I have no legal rights
here. I can give unofficial permission...but the chief has
power of attorney, since I'm a minor."

"I'll take care of that," Rachel said, "Pippa, do you
have the chief's number?" The girl nodded, fishing in her
purse for her wallet, and handed it to the psychiatrist.
Rachel left the room. Father Callaghan put his hand on
Pippa's shoulder, and the girl rested her cheek against his
hand, hoping that the nightmare would end soon.

On the third ring at the police precinct, a woman
answered, and Rachel said, "This is 'Dr. Rachel Corrigan,' of
the Luna Foundation. I'd like to speak with Chief Markham."
There was a brief pause while Rachel was connected, then she
said, "Chief Markham, this is Rachel Corrigan from the Luna
Foundation. I'm calling on behalf of Philippa Reynolds...
we'd like permission to transfer her sister Elizabeth to our
facilities on Angel Island."

Markham was silent for a moment, then he asked gruffly,
"Do you really think the Luna Foundation can help Lissa?
She's a good kid, Dr. Corrigan, and she deserves the best
care available. The clinic is all my wife and I can afford.
Is the Foundation going to foot the bill for her care?"
Rachel mouthed the question to Derek, who had joined her. He
sighed with exasperation and motioned for the phone.

"Chief Markham, this is Derek Rayne from the Luna
Foundation. The Foundation will be paying for Elizabeth's
medical care, for as long as she needs it. We're hoping that
a change of environment will help in the healing process.
Dr. Corrigan is a medical doctor, and I know Elizabeth's
parish priest very well. Philippa will be with her as well.
Do we have your permission?" Derek asked. He was silent for
several moments, then smiled. He said, "Thank you, we will."

Once Derek hung up the phone, he said, "Not only does he
gives his permission for us to move Lissa, he's signing over
guardianship to me. Call Alex, and let her know we're on our
way back. I'll meet you there...I have things I need to do
in the city." Rachel nodded and Derek returned to Lissa's
room. The psychiatrist began dialing the castle number.

It took only a few hours to get the chief of police's
permission, the papers releasing Lissa to Derek's
guardianship signed, and the signing of the release papers.
By two thirty that afternoon, Pippa was in the back of a
helicopter, holding her sister's hand tightly.

Nick piloted the chopper, while Rachel sat in back with
Pippa and Lissa. Derek would return when his errands were
done. Pippa turned to Rachel and asked, "How exactly can you
help my sister?" Rachel looked up and Pippa added, "All
Father C said was that you and the others could help Lissa."

Rachel smiled and said, "You think a lot of Philip,
don't you?" Pippa nodded, frowning. What did that have to
do with the price of tea in China? Or even how they could
help Lissa? Rachel continued, "I'm not sure yet what we can
do for your sister, but Derek wanted us to try. Are you
having second thoughts?" Pippa quickly shook her head and
Rachel continued, "Do all of the teenagers in your parish
call Philip 'Father C,' or is it just you?"

"Most of 'em do. Some of 'em call him 'Father Philip.'
Lissa always liked the 'Father C' nickname, so that's what I
call him," Pippa replied. She paused, then continued, "How
do you know Derek? You like him a lot, I can tell."

Rachel laughed and replied, "You are amazing, Pippa
Reynolds! I met Derek several months ago when my daughter
Kat found a box. It was a very old box, something for which
Derek had been searching for nearly thirty years. We were in
Ireland, visiting the graves of my late husband and son."

Pippa frowned and said, "An ancient box? Thirty years?
Now, either there was something real special about this box,
or Derek is a few quills short of a porcupine to be searching
for it for nearly thirty years, and I'm leaning toward the
latter! He seems a little off the wall to me."

"Derek is quite sane. I thought he was crazy at first,
but you need a certain degree of eccentricity to survive.
And yes, this box was very special. . .it was one of five.
If all five boxes were turned a certain way and unlocked, the
demons of hell could escape," Rachel answered.
Pippa felt her jaw drop and she said, "You've got to be
kidding me! Did you...what happened?" The smile left
Rachel's face and Pippa added, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to
push so hard. It's just that all of this is really, really
new to me. I guess I'm just curious."

"It's all right, Pippa. We almost failed. This demon
took the shape of my husband at first, then my son. In order
to get the keys away from Derek and the others, it assumed
the shapes of people they had known. You must understand,
Pippa, that Derek's own father was killed while recovering
one of those boxes. He was about your age at the time and
something like that...it haunts you," Rachel said.

Pippa murmured, "No wonder he's so weird. Though, since
he's rich, I guess I should call him 'eccentric.' That's
what Dad always used to say. You know, Father Callaghan told
me that Derek raised him after his parents died. But even if
I hadn't been told, I would have known, just by the way Derek
acts toward Father Callaghan. Like he considers Father
Callaghan his son. And Nick seems to think of Father C as
his brother. But what about you?"

"I don't know Philip very well, Pippa. He doesn't just
let anyone in," Rachel replied. Pippa looked at her in
surprise and Rachel continued, "That aside, we do need Philip
in our organization. I don't think he realizes how much we
need him, and perhaps that's how it should be."

Rachel broke off and looked out the window, murmuring,
"I hope Alex and Kat didn't have any trouble with the medical
equipment." She glanced back at Pippa and said, "We'll be
landing soon, Pippa...I can see the castle." Pippa leaned
over her sister's inert form and gasped.

"Wow," the teenager gulped, suddenly feeling dizzy as
she stared at the castle, "that's, like...huge! That's even
bigger than the cathedral! And you live there? At least
sometimes?" Rachel nodded with a warm smile and Pippa gulped
again. She took her sister's hand and squeezed it,
murmuring, "Oh Lord, Lissa, what have I gotten us into?"

Rachel laughed and patted her shoulder, saying, "You get
used to it in time. You made the right decision. But I
won't lie to you...Lissa will need you now more than ever."
Pippa looked back at Rachel, doubt crowding into her mind.

I mean, she thought, I think I can trust Rachel. Nick
seems really cool. But Derek frightens me. I don't know
what it is about him, but he scares me. Pippa tried for
several moments to pinpoint it, but at last shook her head.
But once her attention veered away from her anxiety about
Derek Rayne, she focused on something else. She looked at
the woman staring out the window with a faraway expression
and said, "Rachel, you never answered my question, the one
about Derek. You like him a lot, don't you?"

Rachel started to answer, but Nick began setting the
helicopter down. Pippa didn't miss Rachel's obvious relief,
and the teenager blushed. You haven't even been here five
minutes, she scolded herself, and you're already being a
nuisance! Dad would be furious! Instead of pushing the
issue, the girl said, "I'm sorry, Rachel."

Rachel smiled and said, "It's ok, Pippa, you just
surprised me. But helping Lissa is our top priority. All
right?" Pippa nodded, feeling even more ashamed since Rachel
hadn't yelled at her, as she deserved. The woman said
briskly, "Now. Once the propellers stop, we'll go inside.
You'll like Alex. . .she's one of Philip's best friends."

Well, Pippa thought as the propellers began slowing,
that's certainly in her favor. To her consternation,
however, she remained fascinated by Rachel Corrigan's
feelings for Derek. She knew it was none of her business,
but it distracted her from her anxiety for Lissa. That's
sad, she thought grimly, that's really sad!

Some of her emotions must have been reflected in her
eyes, for Rachel said gently, "Hey. You distract yourself
from scary situations as best you can. Sometimes, that means
crossing a few lines. But remember what I said...right
now, we need to focus on Lissa. She really needs you right
now...more than she ever has before."

"I know," Pippa said softly, "I love my sister so much,
Rachel, it scares me sometimes. I loved my father, and he
died. I barely remember my mother. I'm afraid of losing my
sister, I'm afraid of this situation, and I'm really afraid
of Derek Rayne." Pippa turned scarlet at the last statement.

Rachel asked thoughtfully, "Really? Derek frightens
you?" Pippa lowered her eyes and nodded. Rachel continued,
"There's no need to be afraid of him, Pippa. He won't hurt
you or Lissa." Pippa nodded once more. She knew that. But
there was nothing rational about fear, and there was
something very odd about Derek Rayne. He seemed so familiar,
but Pippa knew she had never met him before. Rachel continued,
"There's no need to be afraid of him, Pippa. He won't hurt
you or Lissa." Pippa nodded once more. She knew that. But
there was nothing rational about fear, and there was
something very odd about Derek Rayne. He seemed so familiar,
but Pippa knew she had never met him before.

Part 3