The Dream Walker by Deb T.

Part Three

Kat Corrigan could barely stand still. Alex had told
her that they were having guests...the girl she and Philip
had met the day before, Pippa, and Pippa's sister Lissa.
Derek had returned first from the city, and he put his hand
on her shoulder. Kat smiled up at him, resting her cheek
against his hand. She said, "You know something, Derek?"

"What, Kat?" Derek asked, smiling at her. He knelt
beside her, and Kat put her arms around his neck. Derek had
become like her father in recent months. She could tell him
about the people whom she saw, and he understood. Mom said
it was because Derek also saw things. Whatever that meant.

"I wish Mom would marry you. Then you'd be my dad, and
I'd always live here. Mom says that you don't have any kids,
but that Philip is kinda like your son. So, if my mom
married you, then Philip really would be my brother, wouldn't
he?" Kat asked. Derek stared at her for a moment, then he
burst out laughing. Kat really didn't see what was so funny,
but she was glad she made him laugh.

"In my heart, Kat, you are my daughter...whether I
marry your mum or not. You're hurrying things, don't you
think?" Derek said, hugging her, and Kat grinned. Derek
released her and continued, "And in your heart, Philip is
your brother, no matter what." Kat nodded. That was true.
It was then that they heard the unmistakeable thwap-thwap-
thwap of the helicopter, and Derek said, "There they are.
Let's go meet them." He took Kat's hand and they went
outside, followed closely by Alex.

Slowly, the blades stopped and Nick got out of the
chopper. He waved to Kat, then went to the other side of the
helicopter. Derek, Kat, and Alex joined them as Nick and
Philip opened the door to the back. The other passengers
began getting out of the chopper...first Pippa, then Kat's
mother. Kat watched with interest as her mother and Nick
pulled a stretcher from the helicopter. Kat's mother swung
her up into her arms and said, "Hello, you! Kat, you
remember Pippa? Well, this is her sister, Lissa."

Pippa smiled at Kat as Nick scooped the lady on the
stretcher into his arms, and she said, "It's nice to see you
again, Kat. You have a pretty neat family here. I like your
mom." The little girl nodded with a smile, and Pippa
continued, "I like the castle, too."

"It's really neat inside, and real big," Kat said. she
looked at Lissa, the lady on the stretcher, and asked, "You
and Lissa will be living here now, too, Pippa?" The girl
looked away as they went inside, and Kat uneasily wondered if
she had been wrong to ask.

Kat's mother answered, "That's right, honey. Derek
thought she might recuperate better here than in the
hospital." Kat cocked her head to one side, then nodded.
That made sense. Kat didn't like hospitals much. Her mother
continued, "Do you remember when I told you about CAT scans?"

"That's when you take pictures of a person's brain, to
make sure their head isn't bleeding inside, right?" Kat asked
and her mother nodded. They were inside the castle now, and
the butler, Duncan, took Pippa's shoulder bag, then her denim
jacket. Kat looked back at Pippa and said, "One of my
friends made Philip fall down the stairs, and Mom wanted him
to go to the hospital for a CAT scan. It was really scary."
Kat shuddered in Philip's arms as she remembered her terror
when he hit the floor. He had been so still!

Pippa's eyes widened and Kat's mother murmured, "I don't
think Pippa needed to know that part, honey. Anyhow,
according to the CAT scans, the injury to her head is healed.
Physically, she's all better, so she should be awake. But
she can't...or won't...wake up. That's why Philip called
us. Lissa is one of his parishioners, and he thought we
might be able to help her."

"I'll take Lissa to her room. Rachel, can you set up
the IV?" Nick said. Kat's mother nodded and kissed her
forehead. Nick added, "Kat, why don't you come along? Pippa
says that Lissa likes kids. You might be able to help."

Kat only needed a moment to consider that, then she
nodded eagerly. Besides, Kat wanted to hear more about
Lissa, who was so still in Nick's arms. Her mother set her
on the ground and Kat paused just long enough to hug Philip,
then followed her mother and Nick up the stairs, to the room
where Lissa would be staying.

As the small group moved upstairs, Pippa looked at
Father Callaghan and said, "One of Kat's friends pushed you
down the stairs? Should I ask how that happened?" The
priest sighed and looked at Derek. Pippa said, "Oh no. No,
Father C, don't tell me that!"

"It's a long story, Pippa. Suffice it to say, I nearly
gave Alex heart failure when she found me lying at the bottom
of the stairs. If you don't mind, I'd just as soon leave it
at that for the moment," Father Callaghan answered. His face
was bright red with embarrassment. Pippa shook her head in
disbelief once more, then looked at the young woman standing
with Derek and the priest. Father Callaghan said, "I'm
sorry, Alex...this is Pippa Reynolds. Pippa, this is Alex
Moreau, our researcher."

They shook hands and Pippa said, "Rachel mentioned you
in the chopper...it's nice to meet you, Alex." The young
woman smiled and Pippa studied her. She was about the same
age as Lissa, Father C, and Nick...maybe a few years older
than Lissa. She had curly black hair, warm brown skin, and
kind eyes. Pippa liked her. Well, she thought, that's four
out of five. I still don't know about Derek, even if he did
raise Father Callaghan. There's just something about him
which scares me. Kind of.

"Same here. Lissa was my college roommate years ago. I
was stunned when I heard that she had been shot," Alex
replied. Pippa looked down at her feet and Alex continued,
"Come on, I'll show you to your room. You can tell me what
Lissa has been doing." The girl managed a weak smile as they
went upstairs. God, she hated these kinds of conversations!

Alex was silent as she led Pippa upstairs to the bedroom
she would use, remembering Lissa Reynolds from the brief time
they had lived together at Broussard Hall. Lissa was younger
by four years, but she had been only two years behind Alex.
Alex had wasted little time in taking her waifish sixteen
year old roommate under her wing.

"Are you all right?" Pippa asked softly and Alex nodded.
The girl continued, "You kinda scared me a minute there. If
you knew my sister, why didn't she ever mention you?"

Alex smiled sadly as they reached the room. Duncan had
already put Pippa's bags on her bed, and the two sat down.
Alex replied, "I haven't seen Lissa in years, not since I
graduated from college and went to work for Derek. She's
always been a pretty special person, but I guess you already
knew that, didn't you?"

Pippa said softly, "Yeah. I should have remember, she
never talked about college. Did she tell you that Dad abused
her?" Alex gasped. Lissa had been abused? But she never
mentioned anything about that to me! It occurred to Alex
that perhaps Lissa had blocked out that. She never told me
when the other girls on our floor were hassling her, the
young woman admitted, she may have kept that to herself also.

"How did he abuse her? Physically...emotionally?"
Alex asked. She couldn't bring herself to say the third
option. Pippa shrugged, but Alex had a feeling the girl knew
far more about the abuse than she was telling. However, she
didn't push. If she learns to trust me, Alex thought, she
may volunteer that information eventually.

Pippa said, "I'm not sure. I just saw Lissa's bruises
once. And he was never mean to me. Alex, why would he do
that?" The young woman shook her head. She didn't know.
Unless, Alex thought, he didn't think Lissa was his daughter?

Rachel gently arranged the sheets over Lissa's inert
body, careful not to jostle the IV. The young cop needed no
oxygen, so the tubes remained in a drawer. From Rachel's own
examination, she could tell Lissa had received some physical
therapy to keep her muscles from atrophy. The medical care
itself wasn't the problem, from what she could tell.

"What do you think?" Nick asked and Rachel sighed,
gently brushing a lock of dark hair from Lissa's forehead.
According to Lissa's medical history, she had been a healthy
young woman in excellent physical condition at the time of
the shooting. That should have worked in her favor. Unless,
Rachel admitted silently, she has emotional wounds as well.

"I don't know if the Legacy can help Lissa, but there is
no medical reason for her to remain in a coma. I don't think
it's a situation like Liz's...Lissa has a reason for being
comatose," she said finally, referring to a case involving
Nick's former girlfriend several months earlier. She paused,
then added helplessly, "It's like no one is home inside her."

"She's there, Mom. She's just lost," Kat said. Rachel
turned to face her daughter, who was standing on the other
side of Lissa's bed. The child's hand covered that of the
young woman's. Rachel started to speak, but Kat continued
sadly, "She wants to come back, but she isn't sure how. She
doesn't have a guide...and she's afraid."

"Why is she afraid, Kat?" Derek asked from the doorway,
and Rachel glanced at him. He and Philip were staring at Kat
with intense expressions, which would have worried Rachel if
she didn't know how much both men loved her daughter. But
the psychiatrist knew Derek and Philip would die before they
allowed Kat to be harmed in any way.

Kat shrugged and said, "She doesn't know. She's just
afraid and alone, in the dark place. She wants to come home,
but she can't do it alone." She looked at Rachel and said,
"Mom, can I go out and play until dinner?" Rachel swallowed
hard, but nodded. Kat smiled, running past Derek and Philip.
The two men looked at each other, then at Rachel.

"What do you make of it, Derek? Can you go under and
bring her back, the way you did with me and Liz?" Nick asked.
Derek was silent for several moments as he stared at the
unconscious young woman. Rachel couldn't read his
expression, a fact which worried her. Most of the time, she
could read his expressions easily.

At last, he replied, "I don't think so, Nick. I have no
way of reaching her, as I did you. And besides, Lissa's coma
is natural, caused by physical injury. Yours and Liz's were
not. I'll find Alex...she's with Pippa. Since Alex was
Lissa's college roommate, she may hold the key to bringing
her back." Rachel looked up, surprised by this information
about her new patient.

"Lissa and Alex were roommates?" she asked with interest
and Derek nodded. Rachel continued excitedly, "That's
wonderful! Philip, can't the three of you...Pippa, Alex,
and you...figure out how to guide her home?"

"I don't know Lissa well, Rachel. We've never met, only
talked on the phone. Alex is a possibility, but we don't
know how close they were in college. If only Pippa had the
Sight," Philip replied. The psychiatrist was tempted to
mention Lissa's connection with the Legacy and with Derek,
but there was a good chance Lissa didn't even remember him.

"Maybe you should stay with Lissa, while Alex and Pippa
brainstorm," Rachel suggested, "even if you don't know her
that well, she knows you. We don't know why she chose you as
her guide back to the world, but she had her reasons.
Besides, she obviously trusts and respects you."

"All right," Philip said dubiously, "what should I do?
I have little experience with comatose people. When I go to
the hospital, I go into their room, sprinkle them with holy
water and pray over them. That's it."

"You don't have to keep a one-sided dialogue going,
Philip. Just let her know that you're there. Let her know
that she isn't alone," Rachel answered and Philip nodded.
Rachel added, "You know, you might even read to her. We
should talk with Pippa, and find out Lissa's favorites."

"I'll ask her about it," Derek promised and departed.
Rachel hoped the teenager didn't ask Derek the same question
she had asked Rachel in the chopper. Things might get a
little dicey, the psychiatrist thought, I'm not sure if I'm
ready to deal with a teenager!

She hadn't realized that she had spoken aloud until Nick
said dryly, "I wouldn't worry about it, Rachel, Philip and I
are pretty good at dealing with kids. Besides, I'd like to
be there when Pippa asks Derek about you!"

Rachel rolled her eyes and said, "Behave, Nick. Just
because Lissa can't find her way home doesn't mean she can't
hear us. She probably can hear every word, and we don't want
to give her the wrong impression, now do we?" Nick laughed
and shook his head, ambling from the room.

"A word of advice, Rachel," Philip said as he sat down
beside Lissa. The psychiatrist turned to face the priest,
who continued, "If you do decide to explore your feelings for
Derek, you must make the first move. He can't. He's told
you about Alicia, so I think you understand. I don't want to
see either of you get hurt."

Rachel had never heard Philip speak in such a way, and
it touched her. The doctor walked back to his side and
gently kissed his cheek. She said in response to his puzzled
look, "That's for being so sweet." The young man blushed and
Rachel added, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to embarrass you."

Philip smiled and said, "It's all right, Rachel. I can
think of worse ways to be embarrassed. Just ask some of my
female parishioners." This was said with a sigh, which made
Rachel smile. Philip added wryly, "I'm sorry, that was
childish. Roman collars seem to attract women somehow, and
I'm still trying to figure out the logic of that." His
expression and tone was rueful, which made Rachel laugh.

"Some women want what they can't have, Philip...and a
young, handsome priest is definitely forbidden fruit. But
from me, you have nothing to worry about. You're a little
young," Rachel said. Philip laughed and Rachel added, "I'll
be back later." She squeezed his shoulder, then left.

Alex was helping Pippa unpack when Derek entered the
room and said quietly, "Lissa is settled in. Pippa, I'd like
you to...did I frighten you?" At the sound of Derek's
voice, the teen had spun around and pressed her hand to her
chest. Alex put a steadying hand on the back of her neck.

"Yes. You did," Pippa replied through tightly gritted
teeth, "but I suppose since this is your house, you don't
need to knock." Easy, kiddo, Alex thought, we don't get that
many long-term guests. Derek stiffened and Pippa added, "I'm
sorry, that was rude. You've been very kind...I'm just a
little nervous. Is there something you need to know?"

"Yes. Alex, you were Lissa's roommate. I want you and
Philip to alternate in her room. You might be able to spark
a memory which will guide her back," Derek answered. Alex
nodded and Derek continued, "Pippa, Rachel has suggested
finding the things Lissa loves most, such as music, as a
bridge home. Whatever equipment you need, we have."

"Alex, will you come, too? I don't want to go alone,"
Pippa requested and the young woman nodded. Pippa sighed
with relief and continued, "Good. I know which CDs she
would want to wake up to, and maybe I should get a few of her
favorite movies, too. Lissa has always loved to watch
movies. Would that be all right, Derek?"

"More than all right. We have several video cassette
recorders in the castle," he assured her with a smile, then
said, "Are there any other things which would help her
recovery? Books that you and Alex and Philip can read aloud,
photographs of your family, anything like that?" Pippa
cocked her head to one side, then smiled.

"Yeah, I'll get her favorite books. Now don't laugh,
but I know where to find Lissa's teddy bear. She's had it
since she was about five. What do you think?" Pippa asked.
Alex smiled...she remembered that bear! She glanced at
Derek, and her smile died when she saw his pained expression.

My God, she thought, what caused that? She had never
seen Derek look so upset. Well, Alex amended, there was that
phone call which he got a few months ago. But other than
that, she had never seen him so upset...so vulnerable. It
was a little frightening, since Derek worked hard at hiding
his vulnerability, even from his friends.

However, Derek said in a steady voice, "I think that
would be exactly what Lissa needs. Alex, will you and Pippa
be back in time for dinner?" She nodded and he said, "Then
I'll check on Philip and Lissa." He left the room, and Alex
wondered what had shaken him so terribly. I'll find out
later, she thought, right now, we have work to do.

Philip sat alone in Lissa's room, watching the rhythmic
rise and fall of her chest. For some reason, he couldn't
think of anything to say to her...trying to talk to a
comatose Lissa was far more difficult than talking to the
dream Elizabeth, as disturbing as that woman had been.

Lissa's hands were still at her sides, palms flat
against the sheets, instead of waving excitedly as she
talked. She seemed different in the real world...smaller
and more fragile. Then again, he admitted, in the dream
world, her eyes are open and her face animated. That makes
all the difference, especially with a woman like Lissa.

He wondered where she was now...obviously not in their
dream world, since Kat had said she was in the dark place.
He asked, "Where are you, Elizabeth Reynolds? What will it
take to bring you back from that dark place which frightens
you so much?" He leaned forward to take her hand and added,
"And why did you choose me? Why not someone who has the
Sight, like Kat or Alex or Derek? Especially Alex!"

"Did it ever occur to you that maybe you do have the
Sight, though in a different form?" Nick asked from the door
and Philip placed Lissa's hand back at her side. The other
young man continued, "How is she doing?"

"About the same. Nick, I've been tested...I have no
extra abilities. You know, that's what frightens me about
this situation. Out of all the people she could have chosen,
why did she choose me? Sure, I'm her parish priest, but
there are other priests she could have chosen," Philip said.

"Maybe," Nick said very slowly, "she sensed there was
something special about you. I don't know the answer,
Philip. But does it really matter why? Lissa did choose
you, and because she did, she's here. And here, she has a
chance to return home." Philip nodded with a sigh.

"I know, it just...un-nerves me, I suppose. Did I
tell you about the conversation I had with Joe and the other
boys after we defeated the Warden?" the young priest asked
and Nick shook his head with a smile. Philip smiled
wistfully and said, "They thought I was an undercover Fed,
can you believe it? In fact, they seemed almost disappointed
when I told them that I was just a priest. That didn't stop
Joe from paying me the highest compliment he knows...he
told me that I was the coolest priest they had ever met."

Nick laughed and said, "Well, you probably are. You're
young, you don't bullshit them. And *you* defeated the
Warden, Philip...I was just along for the ride. You did
real good. I don't know if I ever told you that, but it's
true. And I was real proud to say that you were my friend."

"I notice you used past tense. Were. Not am. You
still haven't forgiven me for bein' what I am," Philip said
sadly. He remembered Nick's early days with the Legacy,
before Julia and Alex joined them. Nick crossed the room and
sat down on Lissa's bed, facing Philip.

"There's nothing to forgive. You are what you are, what
your life has made you. Just as what my life has made me.
And I am still proud to say that you're my friend. If anyone
needs forgiveness, it's me, for even thinking that you could
betray Derek. I just...I needed someone to blame. And at
first, you weren't here to defend yourself," he replied.
Philip didn't know what to say, then Nick added, "I miss
the old days. You know, when we would sit in your room and
talk and drink." Philip nodded with a wistful smile. Nick
continued, "Listen, I need to check on some things. Will you
and Lissa be all right?" Philip nodded and Nick rose slowly
to his feet, glancing at Lissa. He told the unconscious
girl, "I'll be back soon, kiddo. Keep him in line, okay?"

Philip laughed, which made Nick smile as well. The
young priest said, "Nick...I've already forgiven you for
not trusting me. I forgave you long ago." Nick's smile
broadened, then he left the room, leaving Philip alone with
Lissa once more. The priest sighed, closing his eyes. More
than anything, he wanted the old camaraderie with Nick
back. But he had no idea how to do it...or if anything
more than a truce was possible at all.

After leaving Pippa's room, Derek returned to his
office. He had to bring his emotions under control before he
returned to Lissa's room. She still has it, Derek thought,
Lissa still has that bear I gave her after Alicia's death!
Derek sat down, trembling as he remembered.

He had gone to Fiona's house with the teddy bear to tell
Fiona and her young sister Molly about Alicia's death. The
bear was something Alicia saw the day before her death, and
had planned to buy for her small niece.

The news of Alicia's death had sent thirteen year old
Molly to her room in tears, while Fiona remained in the
kitchen with Derek, strangely calm. Derek, however, was not.
He was struggling to keep from weeping himself.

Ever sensitive to the pain of others, five year old
Lissa had climbed into the chair beside his and touched his
hand, trying to comfort him. With that one touch, Lissa saw
into Derek's mind...and witnessed her aunt's death. Derek
closed his eyes, shutting out the memory as best he could.

After a moment, he got out an old photo album. On the
first page was a picture of his friend and Philip's father,
Thomas Callaghan. Derek and his father had met Thomas and
his wife Maeve in 1968, the winter Philip was born. Maeve
had been pregnant, and when she went into labor, Winston
Rayne drove her to the hospital, while Derek held her hand.

The next few pages were filled with pictures of Thomas,
Maeve, and their oldest son Michael. On the fourth page was
a picture of Derek, who was not yet fifteen, holding an
infant. The psychic inhaled sharply, remembering the day the
picture was taken. He had been the second person, aside from
the doctors, who saw Philip. The caption was in Maeve's neat
handwriting...”Derek and Philip, February 1968.”

"Are you all right, Derek?" Rachel asked softly and he
looked up, startled. Once more, he realized what a lovely
woman she was. Rachel crossed the room to his side and
looked at the photo album. He gave it to her and Rachel
said, "I've never seen these before. I've never even seen
this album. That was you and Philip, when he was born?"

"Yes. When Maeve asked me to hold him, I backed away.
I was so afraid of dropping him. But Maeve put him in my
arms, and when Philip looked up at me, I was lost. I swore
to protect him, no matter what the cost. A vow I wasn't able
to keep," Derek replied sadly.

"A vow no one could keep, Derek. He's always been very
special to you, I know," Rachel said and Derek nodded,
remembering the silent seven year old boy at the double
funeral for his parents. That funeral had taken place only
two weeks after Alicia was laid to rest. Rachel added, "I
don't know much about Philip's early life, but..."

"His parents were killed in a plane crash when Philip
was seven years old. Michael, Philip's older brother, broke
his leg, and Philip wasn't injured physically. But it
changed him, Rachel. Before then, he was an impish little
boy who danced around people until he collapsed from sheer
dizziness," Derek said and Rachel smiled.

"It sounds like he was an adorable little boy," she said
softly. Derek nodded sadly and Rachel continued, "Tell me
more about Lissa's mother. So far, all I know about her is
her name, Fiona, that she was in the Legacy, and the fact
that she was Alicia's sister. Does Lissa look like her?"

Derek smiled and said, "In some ways, she resembles
Fiona strongly, and in other ways, she doesn't." He
hesitated, then added, "There is something you need to know
about Lissa. I suspect that an incident in her childhood is
part of the reason for her prolonged coma. Lissa has the
Sight. As a small girl of five, she saw Alicia's death
through my eyes after touching my hand...to comfort me."

"Dear God," Rachel breathed, obviously horrified. Derek
nodded and the psychiatrist continued, "All right, I want to
hear the entire story, from beginning to end. My God, this
could mean everything in our attempts to bring Lissa back!"
Derek nodded as he searched for the beginning of the story.

The young woman shuddered, the darkness growing ever
more oppressive. She had been alone for too long...her
companion from earlier hadn't returned. She wondered if she
had frightened him again, but didn't think it was likely. I
mean, she thought, it's not like I'm gorgeous or anything!

What did scare her was the fact that she couldn't
remember his face, his name, or even the sound of his voice.
All she remembered was that he made her feel safe and
protected. And for the moment, until she found her way home,
that was the most important thing.

Come back, my friend, she thought, please, come back!
She heard voices then, which seemed to come from just outside
her prison. The girl rose to her feet, wincing at the pain
that shot through her body. I want to go home, she thought,
I want to be safe. But, was there any place safe?
In his office, Derek said, "I went to Fiona's house
after Alicia's death, since Randolph and Fiona never got
along. Fiona, Lissa, and I were in the kitchen. Lissa was
always very sensitive...she hated to see anyone in pain.
She crawled up into the chair beside mine and touched my
hand. For her, it was like touching an electrical current.
It slammed her backwards and she started screaming. My God,
Rachel, I can still hear her screaming. It's almost as haunting
as Alicia's cries as that thing ripped her apart. Except,
Lissa was only five, and Alicia was twenty-five."

Rachel listened intently as Derek told her about the
awakening of Lissa's Sight. She could almost see the little
girl stiffen as terrifying images flooded her mind, images of
her beloved aunt's gruesome death. Poor child, Rachel
thought, I'm beginning to understand her reluctance to wake
up. She probably feels safer in the dream world where Philip
first found her. Derek paused once more and Rachel asked,
"Alicia and Lissa were very close, I take it...but how
close is close? Were they almost like mother and daughter?"

"Yes, in some ways. Fiona never seemed to mind, but she
also had to raise their sister Molly. Their parents died
when Molly was six. I actually met Fiona first, when I was
in boarding school. She worked in our library, and we became
friends after my father died," Derek answered.

"Poor child," Rachel murmured, her heart breaking for
the child Lissa had been, "it's bad enough to lose someone
you love. But to see it happening, and only be five years
old? That must have been horrifying for her! The awakening
of her Sight...did it cause a rift between you and Fiona?"

"No," Derek replied, "Fiona and I actually grew closer.
Unfortunately, her commitment to the Legacy intensified
problems with her husband. He sided with Randolph after
Alicia's death, and was furious that Fiona would speak to me.
I don't know if he ever struck her, but...it's possible."

Rachel asked, "Was he a member of the Legacy?" Derek
shook his head and Rachel murmured, "He was jealous of the
passion she gave to the Legacy. Classic symptons. He wanted
to own Fiona, but couldn't. What was he like around Lissa?"
Derek's eyes flashed with uncustomary anger.

"Hateful," he replied flatly, and Rachel flinched at the
coldness in his voice, as Derek added, "I'm sorry, but it's
true. Most of the time, he ignored her. And when he didn't,
he called her 'stupid' and 'ugly' and 'clumsy.' I can't
count the times I held Lissa as she cried. I would tell her
over and over that he was wrong, that she was beautiful."

Derek paused, then added, "I also told her that if she
were my little girl..." His voice trailed off and he
looked at Rachel, asking in a husky voice, "How can a man do
that to a child? How could he hurt an innocent like that?"
Rachel shook her head and wished she knew what to say. But
she had no answers for him, no answers for herself. On the
other hand, she now had a good idea of why Lissa Reynolds
didn't want to come out of her coma.

end of part 3

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