The Dream Walker by Deb T.

Part Four

Alex shivered as she and Pippa entered Lissa's room,
whispering, "It's cold in here." She didn't mean just the
temperature. Pippa nodded, her eyes moving quickly around
the room. The girl shuddered and Alex put her arm around
Pippa, saying, "Let's get Lissa's things, then scram."

"Okay. I'll show you what to get," Pippa said and
started pointing out things which were special to Lissa. As
Alex worked, she grew more and more certain that something
terrible had happened in this room. It wasn't just the
coldness of the room...there were other things.

Lissa's bedroom was almost compulsively neat, and Alex
frowned. That wasn't like the Lissa she had known in
college...she had been shy, but a little on the messy side.
The teddy bear which rested on Lissa's bed seemed out of
place in this cold, cold room. Stranger still, there were
no photographs, not even posters in Lissa's room. It gave
Alex the creeps. It took them a little less than five
minutes to pack up the things Lissa loved most, then they
left the cold room and the even colder house.

Derek and Rachel talked for a half hour about the
fragility of children...and their resilience. Rachel left
when she decided it was time to check on Kat, who was still
playing outside. That reminds me, Derek thought, I should
check on Lissa.
He rose to his feet and walked to her room.

Philip was barely awake, but he shook himself as Derek
entered the room. The young man murmured, "No change. I
keep wondering why she chose me...but she may not be sure
herself. Not that we can ask her."

"Does it really matter, Philip?" Derek asked softly and
the young man looked away. The psychic could tell that it
did matter to Philip, and Derek briefly considered telling
his godson about his childhood connection to Lissa. Then he
decided against it. The event which tore Lissa from them had
traumatized Philip as well. It was best to let him remember
on his own, rather than torment himself for not remembering
that horrifying afternoon.

"It just doesn't make any sense, Derek. I don't have
the Sight, I don't have any abilities whatsoever. If she was
to contact someone, why not Alex? They went to school
together, and from what Alex has said, it sounds like they
were very close," Philip replied. Derek said nothing. How
could he tell this young man, whom he loved like his own son,
that the bond between him and Lissa had been even stronger?

The need for Derek to reply at all left when the butler,
Duncan, opened the door to Lissa's bedroom, with Alex and
Pippa behind him. The butler was carrying a box, while Pippa
hugged a brown teddy bear tightly. Derek recognized it as
the bear he had given to Lissa over twenty years earlier, and
he suppressed a surge of emotion. There's nothing I can do
for Alicia,
he thought, and nothing I can do for Fiona. But
I can still help Lissa...if I stay in control.

"Why don't you take a walk, Philip? I can stay with
Lissa, while you take Pippa on a tour of the grounds," Alex
suggested as she put down her own box. The young man nodded
wearily, pushing himself to his feet. The teenager very
gently placed the bear beside her comatose sister, then
kissed Lissa's forehead. She followed the priest from the
room and Alex sat down in the chair Philip had vacated.

"You look troubled, Alex. Did something happen while
you were at the Reynolds home?" Derek asked and Alex sighed,
rubbing her temples. The older psychic sat down on the foot
of the bed, carefully avoiding Lissa's feet, and continued,
"Something did happen, or something was said. I know that
look, Alex. What's troubling you?"

"Nothing happened, per se. When I met Lissa, she was a
very sweet, very shy girl of sixteen," Alex explained. Derek
nodded. That was also the little girl who had breached
Philip's protective wall of silence when no one else could.
Alex continued, "You expect someone with such a warm
personality to have a room reflecting that warmth. Lissa's
room was cold. Something terrible happened to her, Derek,
but I couldn't get a handle on what that something was."

"That troubles you...not just the coldness of Lissa's
room, but that you couldn't sense what happened to her,"
Derek observed and Alex nodded with a sigh. Derek touched
her shoulder lightly, continuing, "That may be what she
wants. She may not want anyone to know whatever happened.
I have paperwork to finish...I'll be in my office if you
need me." Alex nodded and Derek slipped from the room.

After her mentor departed, Alex turned her attention to
the young woman lying so still in the bed. She murmured,
"What happened to you, Lissa? I can't believe that you were
so different at home. Your room is supposed to be a
sanctuary, even from your father's abuse. And why did you
never tell me? Why didn't you tell me what he did to you?"

Alex leaned forward to take her friend's hand,
continuing, "Do you remember all the times when we would
share a pizza and talk? I remember, even then, as a sixteen
year old, you knew that you would join the force. I had
never met anyone as determined...and I haven't admired many
people the way I admired you. Funny...you're a lot like
Derek. You were right, Lis, when you said that attending his
lecture would change my life. It did."

Alex paused, then continued, "What's really odd is that
after all these years, you come back into my life...through
Philip. I was crushed when I learned he was a priest, or
would soon be a priest...I'll bet you felt the same way the
first time you saw him. Pippa tells me that you told the
girls in her school to leave him alone, that anyone who
messed with him would have to answer to you."

"Is that what happened? I always wondered what the
girls whispered about as I passed," Philip commented dryly.
Alex glanced at her watch, and the priest continued, "Pippa
wanted to get back and finish unpacking. I do feel better,
Alex...thanks." The researcher smiled and rose slowly to
her feet. She felt better as well, though there were answers
she needed when Lissa woke up.

"You're welcome...you look like you feel better," she
replied, "I have some things to check on. Derek asked me to
find out what I can about the original shooting." Philip
nodded and Alex squeezed Lissa's hand gently, saying, "I'll
see you later, Lis. Philip will take care of you now."

After Alex left the room, Philip walked around for a few
minutes, still feeling a little restless. He looked at the
few things which Alex and Pippa had brought from the
Reynolds...several Clannad and Maire Brennan CD's, which
made Philip smile. He turned his attention to the bed,
murmuring, "I like your taste in music, Elizabeth." For the
first time, he noticed the brown stuffed teddy bear lying on
the bed beside the comatose young woman. The priest frowned
thoughtfully and walked to the bed, lifting the bear from
Lissa's side. It was like a window opening to his past...

He had been seven years old, living with Derek for a
little over a month, when the tall, dark-haired woman arrived
for a meeting. She wasn't alone...a small girl came with
her, a child with unruly dark curls and hazel eyes. As ever,
Philip hung back when visitors came to the castle.

"Hello, Fiona...thank you for coming so quickly. And
you brought Lissa," Derek said to the woman as the butler,
Oswyn, helped the woman out of her coat. The woman nodded
with a broad smile as she rested her hand on the little
girl's shoulder. Derek dropped to one knee in front of the
child and said, "Hello, Lissa Marie. Do you remember me?"

"You're being silly again, Derek," the child answered
with a sigh as she threw her arms around Derek's neck.
Philip's godfather laughed as he returned the embrace. The
little boy wriggled a little closer, and the girl stared
straight at him. She said, "Derek, who is that boy?"

Derek turned and said, "That's Philip. You remember
him, don't you? His mum was a good friend of your aunt
Alicia's. Which reminds me, did Molly have cheerleading
practice this afternoon? It was raining the last time I
checked." The woman named 'Fiona' rolled her eyes as they
headed into the library.

"Molly has quit the cheerleading squad. Decided to work
as a candy-striper instead. God only knows how long she'll
stay with that. Hello, Philip. I'm terribly sorry about
your mother and father," she said. His position given away,
Philip sat at Derek's feet, while the little girl named
'Lissa' took her place at her mother's side.

"Did his mama and daddy die like Aunt Alicia did?" Lissa
asked and Derek nodded. Lissa continued, returning her gaze
to Philip, "I'm sorry. My aunt Alicia died. But before she
died, when Mama and I spent weekends here, I would sit on
Aunt Alicia's lap while we were in here. I miss her a lot.
I'll bet you miss your mama and daddy, too?" Philip
hesitated only slightly, then nodded.

The two adults had fallen silent, and Lissa rose slowly
from her feet. She walked across the room and sat down in
front of Philip. Lissa said, hugging a brown bear in her
arms, "This is my bear. Derek gave him to me, since Aunt
Alicia couldn't. He wants to know if he can give you a
kiss." Philip hesitated slightly, then nodded.

Twenty-one years later, the man that child had become
stared at the bear in his hands. The images flashed through
his mind with incredible speed, five years passing in front
of his eyes in a matter of seconds. He whispered, "Oh God,
Lissa. Oh God, how could I have forgotten?"

"Fiona was like a second mother to you, Philip...her
death completely devastated you," Derek said from the door.
Philip looked up, still stunned by the wash of memories, and
Derek continued, "The day after her funeral, William Reynolds
told me that he wanted neither of us to contact Lissa, ever.
Foolishly, I agreed...the two of you needed each other."
Philip very carefully, very tenderly, placed the teddy bear
on the bed beside Lissa, then rose to his feet.

"Why in God's name didn't you...she was my best
friend, Derek! For so long, she was the only friend I had
close to my own age, I couldn't have loved Lissa any more if
she was my own sister!" the young priest cried out. Derek
nodded sadly and Philip composed himself with difficulty. He
said, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry, this isn't your fault. I
remember what William Reynolds was like...he probably
threatened to reveal the truth about the Foundation."

"You always did see too much, Philip...whether you
were seven or twelve, you saw far too much of William
Reynolds' darkness. Yes, he did threaten to reveal the
Legacy's true name, but that wasn't the reason I agreed. I
believed that staying in contact with us would only intensify
Lissa's grief. The more I'm hearing about her life after
Fiona's death, the more I regret that decision," Derek
replied. He walked slowly to the bed and picked up one of
Lissa's hand, whispering, "She was such a beautiful child."

"She's even lovelier when she's awake," Philip said,
"When I first discovered her presence, she found me staring
at her. She thought she had a spot of grease on her face."
Derek laughed and Philip smiled, adding, "I told her that I
thought I had been looking at her as a lovely woman should be
admired. That upset her. She thought I was mocking her."

"William's influence, no doubt," Derek said grimly, "he
kept telling her that she was ugly, and without Fiona to stop
him, she believed him." Philip nodded sadly and Derek placed
Lissa's hand on the sheet, saying, "Sleep well, little one.
We'll watch over you."

Derek looked back at Philip, started to say something,
then changed his mind. The young priest closed his eyes,
sighing deeply. He hadn't meant to tear into Derek like
that, but the shock of the memories had overwhelmed him.
Philip sat down on the bed again, pulling the teddy bear into
his arms. How many times had he and Lissa sat on one of the
beds, talking quietly while Derek, Fiona, and Jonathan Boyle
conferred about a new case? Too many to count.

Magically, she had been drawn from the dark place. She
was now beside the pool where she had met her friend. This
time, the voices over her were clearer. She heard a man's
gentle voice telling her to sleep well, and she could almost
feel two warm hands cupping one of hers.

But that warm, gentle sensation didn't last...and
while she remained in the magic place, she suddenly felt very
cold inside. Don't leave me here, she cried out from her
heart, please, don't leave me alone again!

There was only silence, and the young woman paused. She
listened to the silence, then her heart cried out once more.
I want to join you, I want to be free! But the warmth had
fled and she didn't know when it would return...or even if
it would. She sat down heavily, dangerously close to tears,
but she shook her head. No more of that! No more crying!

Crying won't help, she told herself sternly, it won't
get you out of here, and won't take you home. So just stop
crying and start trying to figure out a way home. However,
there was one problem...where could she begin?

About an hour after Pippa and Alex's return from the
Reynolds house, dinner was served. Alex immediately noticed
Philip's silence as they gathered around the table...he
murmured grace quickly, and the psychic frowned. Philip was
normally quiet, yes, but this was unusual even for him.

Alex glanced across the table at Derek, who was staring
at Philip with undisguised concern. Something happened after
we got back from the Reynolds house, Alex thought, something
which caused a massive argument between Derek and Philip.
She had known them both long enough to recognize the signs.

However, Alex also knew Philip well enough to realize
that he would talk about it when he was ready, and not a
moment sooner. Until then, Alex thought, I'll see what I can
do to help Pippa. The poor girl was a basketcase...twice
in the last hour, she had gone to her sister's bedroom to
check on Lissa. And yet, she didn't seem upset by the lack
of change in her sister's condition...it seemed that she
wanted to reassure herself that the situation was real.

Alex glanced across the table again at Derek, wondering
once more at his reaction to Pippa's mention of the teddy
bear. She had never seen such a pained expression in his
eyes before...she hoped she never saw such an expression
again. Somehow, that bear of Lissa's was tied to an old
emotional wound of Derek's. But which one?

During dinner, Alex entertained everyone with 'roomie'
stories about Lissa...until Kat interrupted to say, "Lissa
is getting closer to home." That got everyone's attention,
and Kat added, "She's not in the dark place any more, but
she's still scared. And alone. Mom, why is she alone?"

Before Rachel could speak, Philip said, "Lissa isn't in
the dark place. Did she tell you where she is?" Kat bit her
lower lip, then shook her head sadly. Philip continued, "Did
she describe where she is now, Kat?" This time, the little
girl nodded, her expression cheerful again.

"It's really pretty, Philip. Mom, I went into Lissa's
room after I washed. I wanted her to know that even though
Philip wasn't with her, he hadn't forgotten her," she said.
She took a sip of milk, then added, "She said she was sitting
beside a pool, waiting for a friend. She was afraid he
wouldn't come...afraid that she frightened him."

Rachel glanced at Philip, who had turned white. It took
her only a moment to realize that Kat had been told of the
dream place, where Philip had met Lissa on the first night he
had a dream about the young cop. She asked, trying to seem
casual, "Kat, do you know anything about Lissa's friend? Did
she say why she thought he was frightened?"

Kat frowned, then shook her head, saying, "She didn't
feel like talking any more, Mom. She was really tired and
really sad. She said that she had to rest." Rachel nodded,
then Kat added, her eyes brightening as she remembered
something else, "She said that she heard voices...and felt
someone holding her hand, someone who wasn't there."

"Kat, did Lissa tell you what these voices said to her?"
Derek asked, speaking for the first time. Rachel turned her
attention to the psychic. His eyes were intent on the child
in a way Rachel had come to recognize. Kat nodded and Derek
continued, "Could you tell me what they said? Or did Lissa
ask you to keep that a secret?"

"Oh, no! She wants the voices to come back...she
doesn't feel so alone when she hears them. The voice that
she heard when it felt as if someone was holding her hand
told her, 'sleep well, little one.' But that can't be right.
Lissa isn't small. She's a grown-up, isn't she?" Kat asked,
her blue eyes wide and puzzled. Rachel nodded as she
suppressed a smile, then looked at Derek.

"She can hear us...she can hear every word we say. At
least, when we're touching her. Perhaps even when we're
not," he murmured, sitting back. Derek paused briefly, then
continued in that faraway voice, "It must be her Sight which
is enhancing her ability to hear us."

"Hold on, Lissa has the Sight? She's psychic?" Nick
asked and Derek nodded. The young man continued, "How do you
know this, Derek? Do you know her?" Again, the psychic
nodded and Nick exploded, "Well, why didn't you say so? If
you know her, then you can go under and get her, can't you?"

Derek looked exasperated, but replied patiently, "I told
you, Nick...her coma is natural. All I can do...all any
of us can do...is tell her that she's needed here. And as
to your second question, I knew Lissa when she was a child.
Her mother was a member of the Legacy, who was killed sixteen
years ago, shortly after I first became a precept."

"Mom, can I go back upstairs? I don't want Lissa to be
alone. She's so sad and if someone's gone too long, she may
give up on us," Kat requested. Rachel nodded after a quick
glance at Derek, and Kat neatly crossed her fork and knife on
her plate, then jumped from her chair. She made her rounds,
kissing first Rachel, then Derek, then Alex, then Philip,
then finally Nick. Once she was done, she ran upstairs.

When Kat was out of earshot, Pippa turned her direct
gaze on Derek and asked in a low, deadly voice, "Why didn't
you tell me that you knew my sister when she was a child?
This could make all the difference in the world to her
recovery! And don't tell me that the subject never came up,
because I won't buy it. I may be young, but I'm certainly
not stupid. Father C, why didn't you say something?"

Philip winced, but answered, "Because I didn't remember
that I once knew Lissa. I know, it sounds lame, but it's
true. I shut out all memories dealing with your sister, up
until about a half hour ago. And Derek said nothing because
it's irrelevant. We don't know why Lissa remains comatose,
or even if it has to do with what happened then."

Somewhat mollified, Pippa said, "All right, I can accept
that. But, what is this talk about the Sight? Nick said
something about being psychic...I could have told you that
Lissa was psychic, but none of you bothered to ask. She's a
consultant for Homicide when she's not working on a case for
Crimes Against Children. Or is it Vice? Anyway, she helps
Homicide with their cases sometimes."

"The Sight is what I've always called it, Pippa. It's
something I have...something Kat and Alex have as well.
Some call it 'clairvoyance,' others call it 'ESP,' and still
others call it 'telepathy.' The Sight covers all of those
things. Can you answer a few questions about your sister's
abilities?" Derek asked and Pippa nodded, still looking hurt,
and the man continued, "You mentioned that Lissa has been
using her psychic abilities to help Homicide with their
cases...how has she done that?"

"She'll touch something from the murder scene and get a
sense of the perp. She doesn't really like doing it, but she
feels that she has to," Pippa replied. She paused, then
added, "And she has awful nightmares. That's why her bedroom
is at the end of the hall...she didn't want her screams to
wake me. They do anyhow...back before she was shot, she
was having nightmares every day. That's odd."

"What is?" Rachel asked softly, fascinated by this new
information about her comatose patient. Pippa didn't answer
right away...she seemed to have retreated to somewhere deep
within herself, a place that belonged only to her. Rachel
waited patiently, exchanging a quick glance with Alex, who
looked worried. When several moments had passed and Pippa
still hadn't answered, Rachel repeated, "What's odd?"

"Oh, I'm sorry. I just realized something, and I should
have seen it earlier. The nightmares woke me up around the
same time each morning. It was around two thirty in the
morning, about an hour after Lissa got home. She likes the
night shift. Anyhow, Lissa would be screaming, but when I
woke her up, she didn't remember the dream at all...just
her terror. I thought it dealt with a case...that happened
a lot. Do you think Lissa was seeing the shooting before it
happened?" Pippa asked, leaning forward.

"It's very possible, Pippa. Your sister may have been
receiving premonitions. That is sometimes a part of the
Sight. Pippa, what time of the day was Lissa shot? During
the afternoon or the night? Do you have a specific time?"
Derek inquired. For the first time, Rachel realized what he
was thinking. Of course, she thought, I should have known!

"As near as the police can tell, it was around two p.m.
I got home a few minutes past two, found Lissa and Dad on the
floor, and called the police. Dad was already dead, but
Lissa had a strong pulse. That surprised me, since there was
so much blood on the floor," the girl replied. Derek nodded
thoughtfully and Pippa asked, looking anxious, "Derek, is any
of this gonna help bring my sister back?"

"I'm not sure, Pippa," he admitted, "I'm not even
certain that this has any bearing on how long she's been in a
coma, but any information about the shooting helps. Did you
get everything at the house which you'll need?" Pippa
nodded, glancing at Alex ruefully, and Derek continued,
"Good. We can get the CD player and the VCR set up once
everyone is finished with dinner."

"Lissa's bear is already beside her," Pippa said, "that
was the first thing I did when we got back. I just hope it
helps." Derek nodded, a strange, sad look appearing in his
hazel eyes. The teenage girl across the table paused, then
continued hesitantly, "Derek, I apologize for my earlier
rudeness. My father...he liked to scare me when he came
into the room, and he made fun of me for not enjoying it.
I'm afraid...well, I'm sorry for being so rude. It was
totally uncalled for and it won't happen again."

Derek's eyes flashed, but his voice was gentle as he
replied, "Apology accepted, Pippa. I'll try to warn you in
the future when I enter a room. I don't want to frighten you
any more than you are already frightened." The teenager
blushed and looked away from Derek.

"Thanks," she murmured, then looked up and said, "Can we
get to work now? I'm done, and I want to get everything set
up. The sooner we do that, the better chance Lissa has,
right?" Derek grinned unexpectedly and Pippa looked pleased
with herself, the way Kat did when she had made Derek or
Philip laugh. The teenager pushed herself away from the
table and ran into the foyer, then upstairs.

"The girl has the right idea," Alex said, grinning
broadly as she put her utensils down, "C'mon, you two...we
need your brawn!" She left the table, grabbing first Nick's
wrist, then Philip's, and dragged them upstairs. Nick barely
had enough time to put down his fork as he followed Alex from
the dining table. Rachel looked at Derek, who was valiantly
suppressing a smile. The second their eyes met, they burst
into laughter.

"Shall we join them? The way Pippa's going, I'm afraid
something priceless or of sentimental value might be broken,"
Rachel asked once she regained her composure and Derek nodded
as he rose to his feet, still laughing.

For a brief, unsettling moment, Rachel had a glimpse of
the boy she had seen in Philip's christening picture, the boy
Derek had been once, so many years ago. Rachel wished she
had known that youngster, who reminded her so much of Kat.
She shook herself and the pair followed the younger people up
the stairs to Lissa's room.

Under Rachel and Derek's supervision, the VCR and CD
player were set up...though not without several mishaps and
much laughter. Kat and Pippa sat on Lissa's bed with Alex,
and Kat giggled, her blue eyes sparkling, "Nick, you're being
silly! The VCR is turned the wrong way!"

Nick looked at Kat, then looked at the VCR, and smacked
the back of Philip's shoulder, exclaiming, "Philip, why did
you let me do that? How can Lissa watch the VCR if it's
turned the wrong way?" Philip responded with a dirty look,
though Rachel saw his lips twitching with barely suppressed
amusement. Our solemn young priest isn't so solemn right
now, she thought, I'm glad to see that.

"She can't see anything, Nick, but that's not the point.
We can't plug the VCR in if it's turned the other way,"
Philip replied with a rueful smile, and Rachel nearly lost
control of her mirth. A quick glance at Derek revealed that
he was having similar trouble. Alex was almost in tears from
laughing so hard at the antics of the two young men.

"I think we all should head to our rooms after we're
done. You're starting to behave like ten year olds at a
slumber party, rather than adults," Derek observed with a
grin and Pippa nodded, giggling. For the first time, she
seem to be fourteen, rather than an adult in a teen's body.

"Derek's right, you're all being silly. Especially you,
Father C. If only the soccer team could see you now!" Pippa
said, holding her sides, and winked at Kat. The child
giggled and Philip gave both girls dirty looks, then winced
as the trolley carrying the VCR ran over his foot. Pippa
howled with laughter at his expression, and Rachel bit her
lip to keep from smiling at the girl.

"Are you all right, Philip?" Kat asked anxiously and
Philip nodded with a pained smile. The laughter in her
little girl's bright eyes had died as soon as the young
priest winced, Rachel noted. Kat sighed with relief and
said, "I'm glad, Philip. I don't like it when you're hurt.
I don't like it when any of you are hurt."

Philip replied, "And we don't like it when you're hurt,
Kat. I'm fine...but I wish Nick would watch where he's
going." This was said with a mock glare at the other young
man, who was fighting a losing battle with his laughter.

"I knew exactly where I was going, Philip, you just put
your foot in the way," Nick retorted with a grin as he and
Philip finished positioning the VCR. The CD player was
already set up, and that was what Pippa opted to use first.
She withdrew a CD, which Nick took from her hands. He
frowned and said, "Mare Brennan? Who in the hell is Mare
Brennan? She's gorgeous, but I've never heard of her."

"It's pronounced 'Moya,' Nick, she's Irish. And watch
your language, there are children present!" Philip retorted,
swinging Kat into the air, much to her delight. He sat down
in the chair, still holding Kat. Nick glared at Philip and
put the CD into the player. Philip asked, "Kat, would you
like to stay until you fall asleep?"

"Oooh...Mom, can I? Please, please, please?" Kat
begged eagerly. Rachel hesitated very briefly, then nodded.
Kat gave a squeal that would have woken the dead, and said,
"Thanks, Mom, I'll be really good for Philip!" Rachel
smiled, going to the chair to kiss her daughter.

"You better! Philip, don't hesitate to send her to bed
if she misbehaves. Kat, brush your teeth and change into a
nightgown," she said. Kat screwed up her face, looked up at
Philip, who nodded, then scrambled to her feet and ran from
the room. Rachel told Philip, "Thank you...sleep well."

"It's my pleasure...I'll see you in the morning,"
the young man replied. Rachel and Derek left the room,
followed by Nick, Alex, and Pippa. As they headed for their
own rooms, Kat ran back into Lissa's room, and Rachel heard
Philip say, "Now, would you like to just listen to the music,
or would you like me to tell you a story...?"

Rachel smiled as she listened to her daughter's eager
chatter. He really is a wonderful older brother to Kat, she
thought. She asked Derek as they headed away from the room,
"Was he like that when he was small, Derek? Was Philip
anything like the boy we saw tonight in there?" The psychic
nodded, his expression growing melancholy.

"Yes, he was something like that when he was a child.
What you saw tonight was a small fraction of the little boy
Philip was before Thomas and Maeve died. I've missed hearing
him laugh like that," Derek admitted. He paused, then added
almost shyly, "Would you like something to drink?" Rachel
looked at him, surprised, then nodded with a smile.

end of part 4

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