The Dream Walker by Deb T.
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Part Five

For the next few hours, Derek and Rachel sat in the study, talking about
Philip and Kat when they were young. Derek's stories about the young man
before his parents were killed made Rachel laugh until she was on the
verge of tears. At last, she glanced at her watch and gasped.

The psychiatrist put her wine glass on the table and said, "Derek,
it's eleven thirty. Let's go upstairs and check on our children."
Derek smiled at her words...well, in his heart, Philip was his son.
He set his glass to one side, and they left his study for Lissa's room.

The light was on in Lissa's room, Derek noticed, but both Philip and
Kat were asleep. Her head rested trustingly against his chest, with his
arms wrapped protectively around her. Rachel whispered, "They look so
peaceful, I almost hate to take Kat to her room. What about Philip?"

"No," Derek murmured, "if I wake him, he may never get back to
sleep. While you get Kat, I'll get a blanket for Philip." Rachel
nodded and gently lifted Kat from Philip's arms. Derek went to a
dresser and withdrew a blanket. He returned to Philip's chair and
covered his sleeping friend. Blue eyes flickered open briefly, then closed again. Derek touched Philip's hair and said, "Sleep well, my friend."

"Will he be all right?" Rachel asked and Derek nodded. Rachel
smiled and said, "Well, I'll say good-night. Thanks for the drink."
Derek nodded and Rachel departed. The psychic watched her go, then
turned back to Philip and Lissa. He arranged the blanket more securely
around Philip's shoulders, then turned to Lissa's limp body.

As he had earlier, Derek took her hand and said softly, "Kat tells
me that you can hear us, Lissa. Then listen carefully when I tell you
that you're not alone any more. That's the most important thing of all...
you are not alone, and you will never be alone, ever again."

Derek paused briefly, gave the young woman's hand a gentle squeeze,
then added, "I couldn't save your mother or your aunt, but I will not
fail you. I promise." He leaned forward and lightly kissed her
forehead. He placed her hand back on the covers, then left the room.
It was time to rest.

For the third time in as many nights, Philip found himself in Magic
Land, as he had begun calling it in his heart. Elizabeth...Lissa...
was sitting a few yards away, looking unbearably sad. Philip said
softly, "Elizabeth." The young woman looked up, startled, then she

"Philip! Oh, I've missed you so much...I was so afraid you
wouldn't come back, afraid that I had frightened you!" she replied,
rising swiftly to her feet. She went to his side and put her hands on
his shoulders, kissing him lightly on each cheek. Philip took her
hands, and Elizabeth asked, looking worried, "What's wrong, Philip?"

"You asked me earlier why it seemed as if you knew me. That's
because you do...in the other place," Philip replied gently.
Elizabeth frowned, from confusion or concern, and Philip continued,
"There is so much you don't know about me, Elizabeth, things which I
should have told you the last few times I was here. But I enjoyed being
with you too much. I didn't want to spoil things."

"I've enjoyed being with you, Philip. Whatever we are to each
other in the other place, it doesn't matter. Not here. Well, it would
matter if you were a blood relative. And you're not, are you?" Elizabeth
asked. Philip shook his head and Elizabeth said, "Then we don't have to

"But..." Philip began, feeling honor-bound to tell her about his
vocation as a priest, and her place in his parish. Sighing, Elizabeth
removed her hands from his and put them on his shoulders once more, then
kissed him. The moment Elizabeth's lips touched his, Philip could no
longer protest. He couldn't do much of anything, besides return her kiss.

At last, Elizabeth pulled away and said, "Philip, it truly doesn't
matter. Not here. Now, do I have to kiss you again, or will you
listen?" When the still-shaken Philip said nothing, Elizabeth
continued, "Well, it's about time you shut up! I hope you don't talk
this much in the other place, you probably drive your friends nuts!
Now, strange things have been happening, and perhaps you can explain

"I'll do my best," Philip answered weakly, his senses still reeling
from Elizabeth's kiss. How was it possible for her to do this to him,
not just once but twice? He had kissed a woman before...but his
senses had never reacted like this, and it was very disconcerting.

The early morning sun woke Derek at five thirty. He washed and
dressed, then headed for Lissa's room. Philip was still asleep, he
discovered upon reaching the girl's room, and decided not to wake him.
Derek turned from Philip to Lissa...and made a stunning discovery.

Lissa's beautiful, dark hazel eyes were open. Not only open, but
the motion of those eyes showed that she was fully alert. Some time in
the last six hours, she had returned to them. Right now, she was
staring at him with a curious frown. She asked in a hoarse voice,

Derek didn't hesitate...he went into the adjoining bathroom,
where he filled a cup with tap water. He returned and placed the cup on
the nightstand beside Lissa's bed. He sat down and slid his hand under
her neck, saying, "Drink slowly, in small sips. We don't want you
getting sick." Lissa did as she was told, then lay back, closing her eyes.

After several deep breaths, her dark eyes opened once more and she
asked, "Where am I? Who are you?" Then her eyes drifted to the
sleeping Philip, and she whispered, her expression growing concerned,
"You know Father Callaghan? Is he all right? How long has he been

"I will answer your questions to the best of my ability, Lissa.
You are on Angel Island, which is in San Francisco Bay. My name is
Derek Rayne, a friend of Philip's. I raised him after the deaths of his
parents when he was a child. He's fine, just sleeping...and he's been
here all night. Before you ask, you've been here twelve hours," Derek
replied, anticipating the girl's next question.

The young woman smiled impishly, but that faded as she asked,
"Derek Rayne? Of the Luna Foundation?" When Derek nodded with a
surprised smile, Lissa continued, "I thought so! The Winston Rayne
Collection is one of my favorite parts of the museum. And you spoke at
Loyola during my sophomore year of college. Let's see...you also gave
the department money to buy Kevlar vests a few years ago."

"That was in 1990...surely you weren't on the force?" Derek
asked. Lissa responded with another impish smile... Fiona's smile...
Derek noticed, however, that the grown Lissa didn't resemble either
parent, aside from that smile. Derek added, "When did you graduate from
the academy?"

"I graduated from college when I was twenty, then joined the force
after graduating from the academy. The chief says if I keep this up,
I'll be a detective by the time I turn twenty-six. If you can become a
detective by getting lucky a few times, I guess I will," Lissa answered
with a shrug.

Derek looked away...how did he tell her that she had been in an
coma for more than a year? Better yet,
he thought, how do I explain her
presence here?
The girl must have noticed his expression, for she asked
with concern, "I'm sorry, Dr. Rayne, did I say something to upset you?"

"No, no, no, not at all," Derek replied. The young woman still
looked concerned, and the psychic continued, "You've been unconscious
for a very long time. Do you remember how you were injured?" Lissa
shook her head with a sigh. There was a moan from the chair and Derek
looked at the young man slumped there, saying, "Good morning, Philip."

"Morning, Derek," Philip answered sleepily as he sat forward.
Derek and Lissa looked at each other, Derek quietly reassuring the
concerned young woman with a glance. Philip rested his head in his
hands for a few minutes, then looked up again. His eyes focused on the
young woman, and he gasped, "Elizabeth?" Lissa nodded with a puzzled
frown and Philip looked at Derek, asking, "How? Did you...?"

"No. Since the two of you haven't been formally introduced...
Philip, this is Officer Elizabeth Reynolds, of the San Francisco Police
Department. Lissa, this is Father Philip Callaghan, of St. Bartholomew's,"
he replied. Philip rolled his eyes and pushed himself out of the chair.

"Hello, Lissa...it's a pleasure to meet you finally," he said as
he joined Derek at Lissa's bedside. The young woman smiled shyly and
glanced down at her bedcovers...an action that Derek noticed. That's
he thought, I wonder what it means? He glanced at the
young priest, who hadn't noticed the reaction. Philip asked, folding his arms over his ribs, "How much have you told her, Derek?"

"Not much," Derek replied, then added, "Lissa, what I'm about to
say will shock you, but there's no way around it." Lissa nodded, looking
anxious, and the psychic said, "You and your father were shot during a
break-in, the police believe. He died instantly from a gunshot wound to
the chest, and you received a head injury, resulting in a coma."

Lissa was silent for several moments, and Derek resisted the
impulse to pick her hand up. When she was ready to tell him what she
was thinking, she would. At last, the cop asked quietly, "I see. And
how long was I in a coma? Before Father Callaghan woke up, you said it
was a long time."

Derek hesitated, then replied, "For more than a year." Lissa's eyes
widened, and Derek continued, "The police chief and his wife have been
caring for your sister ever since the shooting, and up until yesterday,
you were at St. Luke's Clinic. A colleague of mine, Rachel Corrigan,
received permission from the chief to treat you, then you were
transferred here yesterday afternoon."

Lissa whispered, "A...a year?" Philip quietly left the room.
Going to find Rachel, Derek supposed. At least, that was what he hoped.
Lissa continued after a moment, "Oh my God...my poor sister. She must
have been frantic! But why am I here? I mean, how did you find out
about me?"

"Philip went to your hospital room yesterday morning, after
speaking to your sister. Before I continue...Pippa tells me that
you're psychic," Derek said. Lissa nodded, and Derek went on, "I also
have the Sight. It seems that you sent a psychic distress call to
Philip. He telephoned me when he realized you were real, not a product
of his dreams."

Derek paused. Lissa's hands were compulsively opening and closing
on the bedcovers. Derek wanted to say something to comfort her, but
there was no time. Philip had returned with Rachel, who said with a
warm smile as she sat down beside Lissa, "I see our patient is awake and
alert. I'm Dr. Rachel Corrigan, Lissa, how do you feel this morning?"

"Hello, Dr. Corrigan. I'm tired and confused, but otherwise okay.
Nothing hurts, not that I can tell at any rate. I haven't done that
much moving around in the last few minutes. And can I have something to
eat before Derek drops any more bombshells on me? Sorry...I mean, Dr.
Rayne," Lissa said, blushing. Derek smiled and put his hand on her wrist. In
some ways, she hadn't changed at all.

"It's all right, Lissa, I prefer 'Derek.' You'll be staying here
until you're recovered, so there's no reason to be formal. Your sister
has already started. Rachel, would you like to check her out before she
has anything to eat?" Derek asked and Rachel nodded.

"Yes, please. Philip, could you get some fruit? I know you're
hungry, Lissa, but it's been a long time since you had solid food and we
don't want you getting sick," the doctor said and Philip nodded as he
left the room. There was silence in the room for several moments as
Rachel examined the girl. At last, she smiled, saying, "Other than
losing a lot of weight, you're fine. Your heart and lungs sound good,
your blood pressure is stable...but you look like you're about to fall
asleep." Lissa nodded with a sleepy smile.

"I'm sorry," she apologized, even as Rachel gently eased her back
against the pillows, "I've been asleep for more than a year...I can't
imagine why I'm so tired. And Father Callaghan has gone for food for
me. I should stay awake at least until he gets back." Even as she
spoke, her eyelids were drooping, and for a moment, Derek saw the ten
year old girl he once knew. 'I'm not sleepy, Mama, really I'm not!'

"No, you shouldn't," Rachel answered gently, "you need to rest.
You can eat the next time you wake up...build your strength back up
slowly. For now, just rest...you won't be hurting Philip's feelings.
Someone will be with you at all times, and you aren't to worry about
Pippa. She's fine, aside from being terribly anxious about you. I'll
let her know that you're all right, so you don't have to worry about
that either. All you need to do is get some rest."

"Are you sure, Dr. Corrigan? Father Callaghan stayed with me all
night, last night. I don't want to hurt his feelings," Lissa murmured
in a child-like voice, "I've been in a coma for a year...I shouldn't
be so sleepy." Derek saw Rachel smile at the girl's logic.

The doctor answered, "I'm positive. Philip only wants you to get
well." Lissa's valiant fight to keep her eyes open was lost finally,
and she relaxed against her pillows. Rachel gently pushed a lock of hair
away from the girl's forehead, murmuring, "Rest now. The other things can wait."

"So she's really all right?" Derek asked in a soft voice and Rachel
nodded. She couldn't believe Lissa had recovered consciousness so
quickly after being moved to the Legacy House. That's amazing, she
thought, I wonder if the presence of three other psychics had something
to do with it?

"Yes...she's very much all right, Derek. We'll have to watch her
over the next few days, to make sure she doesn't tire herself, but she's
fine. Derek, why do you think Lissa regained consciousness so quickly
when we brought here here?" Rachel asked, turning to face the psychic.
He shrugged as he slipped his hands inside his pockets.

"I'm not sure. It almost feels like she was waiting to be moved
before she woke up. When I came in, she was awake. The first thing she
asked for was water. Then she wanted to know where she was and who I
was," Derek answered. Rachel smiled-both very reasonable questions.
Derek returned the smile and went on, "Before I could ask her if she knew her name, she saw Philip sleeping and asked me how I knew him."

"Did she remember what happened?" Rachel asked and Derek shook his
head. The psychiatrist continued, "That's understandable...between
the physical and emotional trauma, I'm not surprised. The next time she
wakes up, I'll ask her a few basic questions. We got lucky on this one,
Derek...she could have been unconscious for another year."

"I know," the man answered, "I just wish I knew, for certain, why
she woke up so quickly. I don't think Lissa even remembers her dream
connection with Philip, and perhaps that is how it should be." Rachel
nodded and Derek continued, "Why don't you tell Pippa that her sister is awake and doing fine? I'll stay with Lissa, at least until Philip gets back with
Lissa's breakfast." Rachel nodded once more, gave Lissa's hand a gentle
squeeze, touched Derek's shoulder, then left the room in search of Pippa.

Philip was still in shock from Lissa's awakening, so he barely
mumbled a good morning to Nick as he passed the other young man in the
hall. Nick asked, "Is everything all right, Philip?" The priest looked
around, disoriented, and Nick walked back to his side, repeating, "Is
everything all right? You seem distracted this morning...kinda like
the way Derek gets when something throws him off-balance."

"Yeah, everything is fine, Nick, I'm sorry. Lissa has regained
consciousness," Philip replied. Nick's eyes widened and Philip
continued, "When I woke up, she was talking with Derek. Rachel is
examining her now, and she asked that I get some fruit...so, to the
kitchen I go. I suppose I'm just stunned that she woke up so quickly,
that's all." Actually, the young priest admitted silently, 'stunned'
isn't the word.

"I bet! Why did she wake up so quickly once she was moved here?"
he asked and Philip shrugged helplessly. He was a priest, not a
psychic...he had no idea. Nick continued, "I suppose we shouldn't
look a gift horse in the mouth, but it's so weird. You knew her when
you were kids?"

Philip nodded as they reached the kitchen, answering, "Yeah. She
spent a lot of time on the island, especially after I came to live with
Derek. Lissa was a sweet little girl, but her father was an absolute
monster. Used to tell her that she was ugly and stupid and clumsy.
Derek nearly got into it with him a few times over it."

"Poor kid," Nick murmured, then asked, "Hey, did Rachel say what
kind of fruit she wanted for Lissa?" Philip shook his head, and Nick
continued, "All right, I'll just grab stuff from the fridge, since we
don't know what she likes. Tell me more about Lissa. Were you two
really close?"

Philip rocked back on his heels and said, "Yes. In fact, we were
almost like brother and sister. I was an ocean away from my older
brother, and Lissa didn't have any siblings at the time. And since
Lissa really didn't have a father, either, we kind of looked out for
each other. In the beginning, especially, Lissa looked out for me."

"You really loved her, didn't you?" Nick asked. Philip looked
away, then nodded. Nick continued, "I guess it's freaky, to find your
childhood best friend after all these years, and under these conditions.
Especially when you would have never found her again if it hadn't been
for the dream."

"Yeah," Philip admitted, "especially under these circumstances, and
especially given the dream. You know, it's really strange. In the
dream, she was...she didn't seem to realize that I was a priest. But...
when I was in her room earlier, she remembered me as her parish
priest, and not her companion from the dreams. And she certainly didn't
seem to remember..." Philip stopped, blushing. Should he even tell
Nick about those sense-stealing kisses?

"Morning, guys," Alex greeted as she walked into the kitchen.
Philip and Nick both nodded, and Alex stopped moving toward the
refrigerator. Her dark eyes fell on the plate of fruit which the two
young men were preparing and she asked, "Is that for Pippa?"

"No," Philip replied, "it's for Lissa, Alex. She regained
consciousness this morning." Alex raised an eyebrow and Philip
explained, "When I woke up, I heard her and Derek talking. I suppose
she regained consciousness early this morning. Rachel examined her and
said that she could have a little bit of fruit. Lissa hasn't really
eaten anything in a year, so Rachel didn't want her to eat a lot."

Alex was silent for several moments, then said, "She was in a coma
for a year, then wakes up within twelve hours of her transfer here. I'm
not complaining...I wouldn't do that under these circumstances,
especially not when it involves an old friend...but it boggles the
mind. Does Derek have any idea why she came out of it so quickly?"

"I wish I knew. We can worry about why later...I need to get
this fruit upstairs. Come with me?" Philip asked and the other two
nodded. As they walked upstairs, Philip thought about his most recent
dream with Lissa, and how she didn't seem to recognize him in the real

Rachel knocked on Pippa's door and, receiving no answer, opened the
door. She found the teenager sleeping on her side. Rachel sat down on
the bed beside the girl, gently touching Pippa's shoulder. The teenager
jolted awake and asked anxiously, "What's wrong? Is Lissa worse?"

"Nothing's wrong, Pippa. Why don't you get dressed, sweetheart,
and come to your sister's room? I think she would be thrilled if you
were there the next time she woke up," Rachel said. Pippa blinked the
sleep out of her eyes, then caught her breath as she processed the
doctor's last sentence. Rachel smiled and said, "Yes, Lissa is out of
her coma. She woke up a little earlier."

Pippa gave a little cry and threw her arms around Rachel happily.
The psychiatrist returned the embrace, stroking the soft dark hair, and
Pippa whispered, "I can't believe it...Rachel, what happened? Never
mind, it doesn't matter. Will my sister be all right? Is she...?"

"Lissa was talking with Derek when Philip came to get me, but she's
asleep right now. Aside from amnesia of the shooting itself, she seems
to be fine. I see no reason why she won't make a full recovery. But it
will take time," Rachel answered and Pippa nodded, her eyes glowing with
excitement. Rachel knew the last part meant nothing to Pippa...all
that mattered to her was that Lissa was awake.

Lissa had no idea how long she was asleep after regaining
consciousness...only that her sleep was untroubled by dreams, by the
nightmares which had plagued her before being shot. And the next time
she awoke, she discovered a familiar, dear young face near hers.

Lissa smiled sleepily and murmured, "Hey, sweetie... you're a
sight for sore eyes. How come you let me sleep so long?" Pippa broke
down sobbing, and buried her face against Lissa's shoulder. The older
girl stroked her sister's hair.

"Welcome back again. How do you feel, Lissa?" Derek asked and
Lissa smiled faintly. She glanced around...her sister and Derek
weren't the only ones with her. Father Callaghan was back, as was Dr.
Corrigan. There were two other people whom Lissa didn't recognize, a
man and a woman. Both were around the same age as her and Father

"I could use something to eat. I don't believe I've had the pleasure," Lissa replied, glancing at the two others. Unexpectedly, the
young woman smiled impishly, triggering a long-forgotten memory. Lissa
stared at the young woman... yes, it was the girl whom she remembered,
her friend of a decade earlier. She whispered, "Xan?"

The smile broadened and the woman replied, "Right the first time,
Lis. And I haven't been called 'Xan' in years." Lissa kept stroking
Pippa's hair, but extended her free hand to Alexandra Moreau, her
college roommate for her first two years at Loyola. The other young
woman took her hand and held it tightly, saying, "It's good to see you, Lis."

"I don't believe it...how long has it been, eight years?" Lissa
asked as Xan sat down on the bed beside her. The other young woman
nodded almost sadly and Lissa continued, "So you're with the Luna
Foundation as well? I was right, wasn't I? Going to that lecture did
change your life?" Her former roommate nodded with a smile.

"Yes, it did. You were right...thanks for insisting that I go,"
Xan replied. She shook her head, adding, "I couldn't believe I had
heard Derek right when he told me that you were being transferred here
from the clinic. I can't believe we lost track of each other."

"Oh, Xan, I've missed you too! I always wondered why I never heard
from you, when I wrote you every week after you graduated and I came
home for the summer," Lissa replied. The older woman frowned and Lissa
felt very cold inside. She asked, "Oh no. You never got my letters?"
Alex shook her head, and Lissa felt the first stirrings of rage.

"Uh, I hate to bust up the reunion..." the young man said, and
Lissa tore her eyes away from Alex. The dark-haired young man said,
"I'm 'Nick Boyle,' Lissa, since no one has seen fit to introduce us. .
.another member of the Foundation." The others looked embarrassed and
Nick added, "Alex is our researcher, and I kinda help her out."

"Hi, Nick, I'm Lissa. Sorry about that...it's just been a very
long time since I saw Xan, I mean, Alex," Lissa replied with a smile.
Nick returned the smile, and the cop said, looking at her younger
sister, "So, Maeve Philippa, have you been behaving for these nice

"Aside from a few smart-ass comments, yeah. But those were only
'cause Derek scared me," Pippa replied. Lissa started to reprimand her
sister for her language, then realized it didn't matter. I almost died,
she thought, I don't want to fight with my little sister!

Lissa's eyes strayed to Derek Rayne...he was a very attractive
man, she had to admit. Especially his eyes...he had the most amazing
chameleon eyes she had ever seen. And there was something very familiar
about him...disturbingly so. Lissa didn't think it dealt with the
Luna Foundation or even the museum. There was something else about her host, something that danced at the edge of her consciousness...

Pippa interrupted her sister's reverie as she said, "Father
Callaghan made the arrangements to bring you here. He said that Derek
and the others might be able to help you. Wait until you see all of the
servants! There's a butler, his name is Duncan, and he took my jacket
when we got here!"

"I'm looking forward to seeing the entire castle, and the island.
But...has it really been a year, honey?" Lissa asked, interrupting the
breathless recital, and Pippa nodded, looking away. Lissa swallowed
hard, devastated by the pain she saw in her younger sister's eyes. She
said softly, "Oh, Pippa, I'm so sorry! Did the chief take good care of
you?" She silently prayed that the answer was 'yes.'

Pippa wiped away a tear and replied, "Yeah. He made the funeral
arrangements, and went to see you when he could. But it was hard for
him. And it was hard for me to go to Mass, 'cause people were always
asking about you. I was so angry, 'cause they were living, and you
almost died. I wanted to tell Father Callaghan, but didn't have the

Lissa said softly, "Oh, sweetheart, that's what priests are for! I
wish there was some way I could make up for the last year. You've been
alone, for all intents and purposes. You know, it will be a while before
we can go back to the house. Are you all right with that?"

"Yeah, I could get used to living in a castle, especially with all
the servants! Rachel told me it would take a while, that you had to
regain your strength. We won't go back to our house until you're at one
hundred percent, at the very least. And maybe not even then," Pippa
replied and Lissa nodded. From her position beside Derek, Rachel
Corrigan shifted her weight, and Lissa frowned thoughtfully.

"Unless I miss my guess, hon, I think Dr. Corrigan wants to examine
me. Why don't you shower and get dressed, then get something to eat?
I'm not going anywhere, and I'm afraid you can't run around in your
nightgown all day. You're becoming a lovely woman, and let's face it.
Both Father C and Nick are young. They're gentlemen, but let's make it a little
easier on them, ok?" she asked. Pippa hesitated, then nodded. She
kissed Lissa's cheek, then left the room, followed by Alex, who smiled
reassuringly at the young cop.

"Thank you, Lissa...I do need to ask you some questions.
Physically, you're in excellent condition, given that you've been in a
coma for the last year. I just want to make sure there is no brain
damage. Philip, would you mind telling Kat the good news? I'm sure
she'll be glad to hear that Lissa is awake," Rachel said. The young man
nodded and left the room after Pippa and Alex, and Rachel explained,
turning to face Lissa once more, "Kat is my eight year old daughter...
she kind of sees Philip as her older brother."

"We'll leave as well...there's a lot of work to be done. I'll
check on you again later, Lissa. It's good to have you back," Derek
said and touched her shoulder. Nick walked to her bed and squeezed her
hand, then followed Derek from the room, leaving Rachel and Lissa alone.

The doctor commented, "You're a very lucky young woman, Lissa...
your coma could have lasted another year, even with the help of the
Luna Foundation, or even longer. I've already checked you out...as I
said, you're doing well physically. I just want to ask you some
questions. They may sound simple, or even silly, but I need to hear
your answers. All right?" Lissa nodded, barely controlling her
impatience with the doctor...what did this woman think she was,
stupid? Rachel asked, "Can you tell me your full name, your date of
birth, and the names of your parents?"

Lissa resisted the impulse to roll her eyes, but answered clearly,
"My name is 'Elizabeth Marie Anne Reynolds.' I was born May 1, 1970 in
San Francisco, baptized by Father Sebastian Douglas, who is now a
bishop. My mother's name was Fiona Joanne Cecilia Summers Reynolds, and my father's name was William Darius Xavier Reynolds." And he was the
meanest son-of-a-bitch you could ever meet,
Lissa thought, careful to keep
the hatred from reaching her eyes when she spoke her late father's name.
Even though he was dead now, Lissa wasn't sure if she could ever forgive
him for what he had done to her.

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