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The java applet below connects to a particular IRC server called irc.webmaster.com - A more elaborate version of this same applet can be found at http://irc.webmaster.com/ but you will need to type in the room name (#cyber_legacy_house) to get there.

So how this works is if you do not have an IRC client, like mIRC, you can come to this page and chat, if you have a java-enabled browser like Netscape 3+ or MSIE 3+ (WEBTV IS NOT JAVA-ENABLED, as far as I know.)

GUESTS: After you get in the roon, type in:
/nick YOURNICKNAMEHERE and hit the enter key to change the Guest name to one of your own choosing. If the window tells you the nick you chose is taken already, type the same thing in again with another nickname.

This application requires Java support. You can also join the chat using any IRC client to connect to irc.webmaster.com, and join the #cyber_legacy_house channel.

Command reference for the Java chat room can be found at: