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Welcome to the Poltergeist: The Legacy Episode Guide!

Before continuing, please read . . .

This was the first episode guide for P:TL that contained long descriptions - they will be will be lengthy and contain "spoilers!"

The episodes are listed in order as they were first aired on the US pay cable channel Showtime (Seasons 1-3) and on The Sci Fi Channel (Season 4) - episodes were aired in a different order in syndication.

A few of the first season descriptions were written by your webmistress but most were are done by your fellow fans. Thanks writers!

This guide encompasses 87 episodes total and they have been numbered for organizational purposes only (for example, the double-length pilot is considered episode no. 1 because when we first saw it, it was only ONE episode, not divided into two. Other seasons with two-parters and different titles for each part were numbered separately.)

It's a given that all episodes have these credits (below) so I didn't include them on every page. Go to the separate CREDITS page for more detailed information on the various companies involved in the production.

Poltergeist: The Legacy™ Created by:
     Richard Barton Lewis

Trilogy Executive Producers:
     Richard Barton Lewis, Pen Densham & John Watson

Production Executive (Season 1) and
Supervising Executive Producer (Seasons 2-4):

     Mark Stern

The information and descriptions provided herein are not for posting on other fans' web pages nor for translation into other languages and posted on web pages. If you would like to help provide info for your fellow P:TL fans by contributing details and/or descriptions here, please email me. THANKS!