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Chat Transcript: Robbi Chong
Host: RealHollywood.com ( web page and its transcript no longer exist )
Chat Date: October 14, 1998

The following is the transcript of the Hollywood Spotlight chat (moderated) with Robbi Chong. Listen to this event, broadcast LIVE with Real Audio! (52 minutes)

NOTE: All spelling mistakes left in, as they were typed by the fans and person typing in the moderator and guest.

HSHost says "Welcome to the fourteenth night of our special Thirty-one Days of Terror Series. It's October 14th and you are chatting live (or undead) at Real Horrorwood! My name is April and I'll be your macabre host for the evening. Joining me in the studio tonight are my spooky producers Mike and Peter, and our gothic superhuman typist, Michelle."

HSHost says "For the entire month of Shocktober, we'll be presenting the strangest, the weirdest, the scariest of guests, leading up to the most sacred of horrordays, HALLOWEEN! Stars of big and small scream, uh, screen, will be joining us as the sun sets and the night holds reign. If you would like to ask our guest a question this evening, it's very simple. Just type in /ask a space and then your question. If you're using "Excite's VP chat" you need only click the "something to say" icon at the bottom right corner of your screen."

HSHost says "We are all very excited about our special guest this evening, actress Robbi Chong. Welcome to Hollywood Spotlight, Robbi!"

RobbiChong says "Hello! How are you?"

HSHost says "Very well, you?"

RobbiChong says "Great!"

Mary_Alice asks "Robbi, how do you feel about doing these kind of online internet activities? Do you explore the web very often?"

RobbiChong says "I'm embarrassed to say I don't! Even though I play a computer literate on the show, I don't explore the web myself, this is the first time I've done anything like this. aaaaaah!"

WHTWOLF asks "Robbi-What made you go into acting-is it because it's the family business?"

RobbiChong says "Actually if anything that made me stay away from it longer than I should have, knowing how difficult and competitive it is, I didn't pursue it at a young age, I started much later. I wanted to try something else. I started out in modeling."

HSHost says "You're very pretty!"

RobbiChong says "Thank you."

Merano asks "What's the best thing about being the child of a famous person? And what's the worst?"

RobbiChong says "Well, it's .. let's see .... it's an interesting dilemma because being the child of someone like Tommy Chong, I have the coolest dad in the world! He's the nicest .. and he is the king of cool, on that side it's great! But, on the other side, I always get the stoners coming up to me, Oh! You're Tommy Chong's daughter ..."

HSHost says "Will you sign my bong?"

RobbiChong says "Exactly!"

sadge1127 asks "any plans to do a project with your dad and sister?"

RobbiChong says "I'd love to. We never have cause I've been offered serious dramatic stuff and my dad is the complete different end of the spectrum. If the opportunity came up it'd be great. As well as my sis who is now directing. She's now writing a great story for the two of us, so hopefully in the near future, you'll be seeing us."

Clarianna asks "When is your birthday? Are you around age 33? That's younger than many of us "regulars" who watch the series."

RobbiChong {action} laughs"

RobbiChong says "I'm around age 33, a good age to stay. I'm a little younger, older, around 33, born May 28th. I'm a Gemini."

HSHost says "Cool!"

Mary_Alice asks "robbi - what plans do you have for after the show ends its run?"

RobbiChong says "Oh boy! Um, do a lot of traveling. Yeah, and continue to work, I enjoy the show so much I can't imagine it ending. Hopefully when we're on the sci fi channel in january it'll be a lot more accessible and we'll have a better chance of staying on the air longer."

Mary_Alice asks "Robbi, are you and the rest of the crew excited about the show moving to the SciFi channel?"

RobbiChong says "We're VERY excited, we have a channel that's so into us and excited about having us .... a nice change. They're really into the show and what we're doing, they watch the dailies, love the episodes, are into our characters .. the extra attention is making us all a little nervous!"

HSHost says "Oh no! That's so great."

Clarianna asks "We absolutely love the chemistry between Alex and Derek Rayne - is that your input into the character or the directors leaning that way?"

RobbiChong says "Actually, it's our input. I always figured Derek and I .. my relationship with him on the show .. he's my mentor, and someone I respect and learn from and I sort of hopefully get that across in playing that."

AryneRayne asks "What is it like to work with Derek de Lint?"

RobbiChong says "Oh, he's fantastic! You wouldn't know this but he's probably one of the funniest men I know... I'm constantly laughing, great sense of humor besides wonderful to work with and to look at!"

RobbiChong {action} chuckles"

SpiderWeb asks "Where would you like to see your character go in the upcoming season?"

RobbiChong says "I'd like to see Alex get a bit edgier ... I feel I've always been the mediator, the nice one in the group. Hopefully we'll explore that a bit more and question more her place in the legacy."

HSHost says "When is the show on?"

RobbiChong says "I'm in Canada, so it's on Saturday nights up here. Don't know when it's on in the states. It's in syndication now, so weird times all over, in January, the new season will be on SCI FI and then there'll be a regular time. I don't know the time slot yet."

SpiderWeb asks "What are the other types of roles you would like to portray in the future?"

RobbiChong says "Um, I'd love to do comedy .. like I said. I think that'd be wonderful, I'd love to do a romantic comedy ... really great fun."

Clarianna asks "So what tv series, if any, do you enjoy watching? (As if you have time, eh?)"

RobbiChong says "Yeah, exactly,w e don't really ahve time. I've been watching more tv than normal cause of being in Canada .. I don't go out much!"

RobbiChong {action} laughs"

RobbiChong says "Just kidding. I like Outer Limits, Ally McBeal, sitcoms."

HSHost says "A lot of good ones on now."

RobbiChong says "Yeah, TV's good right now."

Clarianna asks "Don't you wish your character would be allowed OUT of the control room more often?"

RobbiChong {action} laughs"

RobbiChong says "Absolutely, that waas my biggest gripe for the first two years, Alex needs to get out of the house more. So, now I am because I've complained enough about it."

HSHost says "Yeah!"

Knightize asks "have you been informed of the viewers reactions to the move to the sci-fi channel and certain reactions to reviews?"

RobbiChong says "No! We haven't been informed. They keep us in the dark about everything that's going on with the show. It's nice to know, hear the feedback, that people are watching it! We feel like we're in timbuck two, that we're filming this thing and no one's seeing it!"

RobbiChong {action} laughs"

Mary_Alice asks "are there any plans for any of the P:TL regulars to attend any conventions any time soon?"

RobbiChong says "If we're invited, we'd love to do it .. maybe that's something down the line that will happen in the future and I'm sure all of us would love to do it."

Mary_Alice asks "do you realize how many fans there are in spite of the mistreatment that Showtime has given the show?"

RobbiChong says "Oh no! It's nice to realize it. Because we've been shoved away .. aside from showtime, obviously we have some fans cause the studio brought the show back for a season .. kind of unheard of. The studio's really been working hard on getting us out there .. so a lot of support from the producers in the studios .. obviously it must come from the fans."

SpiderWeb asks "How much input do you have in your characters development?"

RobbiChong says "A lot more .. as much as ..."

RobbiChong {action} laughs"

RobbiChong says "I can! I give as much as I can. Basically, whenever the producers and writers care to listen .. I have a lot of input, let's put it that way."

HSHost says "Cool, cool!"

LadyViper asks "So can you give us a hint to the first eps.. cliffhanger of Alex going to the dark side?"

RobbiChong says "Okay um ... She flirts with the dark side a bit which is an interesting little ... doesn't get ... not very clear when we come back whether to Alex, whether it is the dark side. A lot of twists and turns. she's questioning here place in the legacy, her place with Derek, a lot of betrayal .. more of an emotional journey."

HSHost says "Oooh , sounds good!"

Clarianna asks "This question is from Dave Dafouchey who works the nightshift and could not be here: WHEN oh WHEN are they going to let her out of that damned house to do some"

RobbiChong {action} laughs!"

RobbiChong says "I agree. Finally, they've started getting me out of the control room. I'd love to go to different rooms."

HSHost {action} laughs1"

HSHost says "I'll settle for the bathroom!"

RobbiChong says "Let Alex go to the kitchen once in a while! I agree and I've been pushing the producers and writers to do that."

Merano asks "Anything exciting in store for the character of Alex this season (that you're willing to tell us about, that is?)"

RobbiChong says "I've sort of been kept in the dark myself about things so um ... I know that they've introduced some new characters and that will bring up questions and resolve things about what the legacy's about ... we're seeing things from an outsider's point of view. So, I'm curious to see what's going to happen myself .. hopefully I'll get out of the house!"

RobbiChong {action} chuckles"

HSHost {action} laughs"

HSHost says "Yeah"

guest6180 asks "Is Poltergeist: the legacy really gory or does it psych you out like Twilight Zone"

RobbiChong says "It's more fantastical."

HSHost says "Good word!"

RobbiChong says "Yeah, takes you on a journey and deals with the fantastic, what can I say?"

LadyLilac asks "If you had you choice of any actor to work with...who would it be, and why?"

RobbiChong says "Lady Lilac, I like that. Oh boy .. Oh I have a whole list of them! Off the top of my head, Denzel Washington .. a fine actor, actresses that are working now .. Halle Berry, there's so many I'd love to work with. So many great actors. I'd love to work on TV, do comedy, love to work with my sister, we worked together on Poltergeist .. did an episode together and had a blast!"

SpiderWeb asks "Are you in the midst of filming now or are you on hiatus?"

RobbiChong says "In the midst of filming ... we're on our third episode."

dishighlander asks "what do you think about the character of Kristin"

RobbiChong says "Um .... I think that she's a crucial part, it's great bringing new people into the legacy. I'd love to see her develop a bit more .. I enjoy her as an actress."

HSHost says "Cool!"

Clarianna asks "Argh - THIS one is from Dave Dafouchey - Is she going to vamp out again? and will she gain Nick's trust?"

RobbiChong {action} laughs!"

RobbiChong says "Um ... I love being a vampire .. lemme tell ya! I love being on the side of goodness ..."

RobbiChong {action} chuckles"

RobbiChong says "But, I also love flirting with the dark side as well. It's fun as an actress to play that .. a vampire, or someone over the edge."

HSHost says "What are you going to be for halloween?"

RobbiChong says "Oh! I haven't decided that yet. I still have my fangs!"

RobbiChong {action} laughs"

SpiderWeb asks "I REALLY appreciate you taking the time for your MANY fans! How would you like to see US promote the show to keep it on the air longer?"

RobbiChong says "Oh just keep writing in and doing what you're doing and watching .. it's great .. wonderful to know that people are enjoying it and loving the show. Really is."

guest6177 asks "You wear such gorgeous clothes in PTL. Do you get to choose them yourself?"

RobbiChong says "Actually I do.I get to oversee what I wear. I work closely with the costume designer .. we pretty much have the same taste."

Clarianna asks "What was it like working with a co-cast member, Martin, as your director in Irish Jug?"

RobbiChong says "He's a brilliant director .. he's got another career, cause he's also a great actor. He's very organized, has a great eye and becuase I respect him as an actor I could take direction from him."

Knightize asks "how do the fangs feel?"

RobbiChong says "A little TOO good!"

RobbiChong {action} laughs"

HSHost {action} laughs hysterically!"

RobbiChong says "They felt very natural .. I don't know what it is. I have about 7 pairs of them, too."

HSHost says "Wow. Very cool."

Knightwatch asks "Did you get to keep the teeth?"

RobbiChong says "My mom .. oh you mean my stepmother Shelby."

LadyLilac asks "How is your dad and mom? I'm a big fan of them too!"

RobbiChong says "They're great, wonderful, my father's great, working hard."

HSHost says "Cool, cool."

guest6180 asks "what's the poltergeist website"

HSHost says "Peter got it for us ... www.thelegacy.com"

RobbiChong says "There ya go!"

guest6180 asks "will I get nightmares if i watch your show?"

RobbiChong says "Oh dear .. no! I think it's very entertaining. The goodies always win. So .. we always win .. we overcome the baddies."

HSHost says "Yeah, so that's good."

SpiderWeb asks "What is your favorite thing about portraying "Alex Moreau" on Poltergeist: The Legacy?"

RobbiChong says "I'm an employed actress!"

RobbiChong {action} laughs!"

HSHost {action} laughs!"

HSHost says "I love it!"

sadge1127 asks "what kind of pranks/gags go on during production of Polt. the legacy?"

RobbiChong says "I wish I could say we do more, but it's such a grind that we don't have time! Plus the material we're dealing with it's impossible to really go off and do pranks on set. It's so much serious time that if we start going off at one point, we'd lose it for the rest of the day."

HSHost {action} chuckles"

HSHost says "I understand."

AryneRayne asks "How is the chemistry of the cast? You all get a long?"

RobbiChong says "Amazingly, we do! It feels like a family .. i look forward to coming back to work to see all of them! We feel like we kind of bonded in a sense that we live together on the show but we live together up here .. in Canada filming .. I live up here in Vancouver filming the show but am not from here. They feel like a family."

sadge1127 asks "is there something special that we should look out for on Poltergeist: the legacy in the next few weeks"

RobbiChong says "Right now we're on syndication .. so all the third season that was playing on Showtime is playing now. Not sure what order, but I think we did some really great shows."

Merano asks "Many of us think Derek and Alex have a "thing" for each other. Any comment?"

RobbiChong says "I know. I think .. I've been playing that Alex is secretly in love with Derek anyways .. the writers are staying away from that .. but you'll see down the line that's something they develop."

HSHost says "Cool! So you don't know .. maybe later on?"

RobbiChong says "Exactly!"

Mary_Alice asks "is there any chance that Patrick Fitzgerald will be returning to guest on a show?"

RobbiChong says "I hope so. His character was so popular, with the ladies, he's one of my fav people in the world .. I hope he comes back to join us."

SpiderWeb asks "Do you see any major changes happening in the show now that it will be moving from Showtime to the SciFi Channel?S"

RobbiChong says "I think one of the things is you're gonna see that we're going to be able to do a lot more two parters. It was successful with the vampire episode .. so we'll do that so we don't have to wrap everything up so neatly ... on SCI FI they'll play everything in sequence .. like first season again."

SpiderWeb asks "Are you interested in directing an episode of Poltergeist: The Legacy the way two of your colleagues have?"

RobbiChong says "I think eventually I will be .. right now it makes me ill thinking about it. Derek will be directing this season .. I opted not to this season .. rather wait for another year or so."

HSHost says "Yeah."

WHTWOLF asks "What's your Favorite role so far?"

RobbiChong says "Oh, on Poltergeist? Well, it's really ... Poltergeist is the bulk of my experience .. I loved playing the vampire story and the character when I played the ex-slave .. that was a fun character to play. It's great! Gives you so much life this series, cause we're dealing with death and ghosts and so we get to play people from past lives and things like that."

HSHost says "that's so cool!"

LadyLilac asks "If you had a comedy with a great character, would you like to be the funny one or the straight man/woman?"

RobbiChong says "Of course I'd like to be the funny one!"

RobbiChong {action} laughs"

RobbiChong says "But, it's also difficult to play the straight one. So, it depends on the writing."

HSHost says "There are a lot of fan sights for the legacy! Your fans wanted me to tell you that."

RobbiChong says "Derek looks that stuff up and drags me to his house .. look! look ! and it's like that's so great!"

Mary_Alice asks "are there plans for Alex to have a love interest next season? She's the only person who hasn't gotten 'intimate' on the show so far!"

RobbiChong says "I know! And, you know, I keep saying Alex needs to go on a date. It's uh .. you know, that part of it is out of my control ... but keep writing and maybe she'll be able to have something. Unfortunately, whenever any of us have love interests, it turns out to be the devil so ..."

HSHost {action} laughs!"

HSHost says "All the girls here are laughing."

SpiderWeb asks "Are you and the cast going to be doing more promotion, magazine interviews, etc.! We are CRAVING things on you guys!"

RobbiChong says "Yes. Hopefully we will be .. now that we're on SCI FI they have a strong publicity department. We feel like we've been out of the loop. It feels like .. it's been a bit disorganized."

HSHost says "It's gonna change!"

RobbiChong says "It's gonna change. yeah."

SpiderWeb asks "The chemistry between the cast is so wonderful ... did it gel right away or did it take time?"

RobbiChong says "It took time .. to get to know the people and the nerves to settle down after a while .. but certain people you click with right away and certain it takes a bit of time."

guest6175 asks "Do you have a particular past guest star that you would like to have on the show again?"

RobbiChong says "We've had so many wonderful guest stars .. they are returning. I love the Shaman ... the actor was Robert Wisdom and he will be returning this season .. he was fantastic even though he was the nemesis .. I'd love to see Patrick back and a lot of others."

HSHost says "They'll probably be back .. they were so good!"

RobbiChong says "Yeah."

kzdaniel asks "Will we learn more of your character's roots and creole background / how you got your sight?."

RobbiChong says "Yes. And, i'm forgetting that a lot of people haven't seen the third season .. I do an episode in New Orleans .. Nick and I go down and Esther Rolle plays my grandmother ... I havea couple episodes where I come from. And, how I get my sight is from my grandmother and there's a whole episode of where that comes from."

HSHost says "Cool!"

tiger1 asks "For us new viewers, will there be a possibility of seeing the previous season episodes (i.e. Season 1 or Season 2)?"

RobbiChong says "Yes, there will be. They'll start playing all the old seasons in February on SCI FI channel."

Knightize asks "we've had an Evil Derek, Alex and Rachel...any thoughts on and evil Nick?"

RobbiChong says "Isn't he evil all the time?"

RobbiChong {action} laughs"

HSHost {action} laughs"

RobbiChong says "Well, yeah!"

RobbiChong {action} laughs"

RobbiChong says "I don't know!"

kzdaniel asks "Just wanted to say--love the show.. what makes it great is how the show takes time to build on the complexities of the characters.."

RobbiChong says "Oh! Well wonderful :0"

WHTWOLF asks "Where is your Favorite place in the world?"

RobbiChong says "Paris. It's just one of the cities the minute I was off the plane I knew I never wanted to leave. I feel that way everytime I return .. it's beautiful .. a city for a woman. A woman's city. It's beautiful."

HSHost says "I'd love to go!"

Clarianna asks "As a web developer and someone who already keeps a small unofficial page with info on your career (filmography) - would you like to make an official one?"

RobbiChong says "Sure, I'd love to. What do I have to do?! I have to go get online or something, right?"

HSHost says "Peter will work on this."

RobbiChong says "Cool."

guest6175 asks "Doing any other movies or episode TV during your off season?"

RobbiChong says "Yes, I'm going to be doing two Outer Limits .. and scheduled to do a Movie of the Week and I have another movie planned for the summer and it's a small feature."

HSHost says "Oh good! Congrats1"

RobbiChong says "Thank you!"

IchabodCrane asks "What do you do when you're not acting?"

RobbiChong says "Well, um .. I ride horses. I have a lovely house on the beach so I do a lot of beachcombing and skiing and all kinds of normal things."

Sid asks "DO you live in LA?"

RobbiChong says "I live in LA when I'm not shooting in Vancouver."

Sid asks "What do you do for fun?"

RobbiChong says "I don't think I should say that!"

RobbiChong {action} laughs"

HSHost {action} laughs"

HSHost says "You don't wanna get in trouble?"

RobbiChong says "Nope. I'm actually quite boring .. I do a lot of traveling, I read and go to museums .. that's a good answer."

SpiderWeb asks "What is the movie of the week's title?"

RobbiChong says "It's untitled as of yet, cause they haven't place me in it yet."

HSHost says "Oh, cool."

SpiderWeb asks "Do you and the cast ever get to "travel" outside the Vancouver area to film?"

RobbiChong says "Occasionally we'll go to Victoria, that's where the legacy mansion exterior is .. we shot the pilot there and a few days shooting around the grounds."

tiger1 asks "Will "William Sloan" be brought back from the dark side?"

RobbiChong says "Ooooooooh! Sloan! Well, the beauty of the show is that anyone can be brought back, can't they? So, we never know. We have a pretty strong nemesis this year, Horton, who's being played by Simon McCorkindale. So, we'll see."

HSHost says "Cool!"

dishighlander asks "is alexranda purvis going tobe in more eps this season"

RobbiChong says "She, I believe, will be in 6 or 7 out of the shows."

HSHost says "Oh wow."

RobbiChong says "Yeah."

Mary_Alice asks "are there any big-name actors that will be appearing as guests in season 4?"

RobbiChong says "Um .. let's see .. trying to think. I believe Simon's well known .. in England and Canada .. he's coming back for 6 episodes, and of course our wonderful cast members, Esther Rolle, Rene, we're going to keep up with the great guest stars we've been having."

Knightize asks "certain fans have worried about the character of Kristin coming in to boot you out, your thoughts?"

RobbiChong says "Ah! Oh! There's certainly room for two of us .. if anyone's going to go it's going to be her."

HSHost {action} laughs1"

HSHost says "I love it!"

Clarianna asks "Okay, I know I shouldn't ask but I'm a terrible curious cat - what's it like working side-by-side with Derek de Lint?"

RobbiChong says "Well, he's just fantastic. Wonderful, he's Dutch, what can I say? He's charming, funny, and gorgeous!"

RobbiChong {action} laughs"

HSHost says "Yeah ... that works!"

IchabodCrane asks "if you could write a movie what would it be about?"

RobbiChong says "Interesting question .. I have a few going through my head right now. Has to do with touching on some of my family life."

HSHost says "Oh, cool!"

guest6165 asks "we're you a fan of horror/scary movies before you started working on Poltergeist?"

RobbiChong says "I was you know, when I was a kid, what was it Friday nights they used to have those horror movies on late at night and I'd watch them all the itme and get scared out of my wits! I've had this in my blood for a long time."

LadyLilac asks "Not to be to awfully nosey here...do you have a "mate" in your life? Plans of marriage in the future? Kids?"

RobbiChong says "I am married."

HSHost says "You are? congrats! kids?"

RobbiChong says "Thank you. Well, certainly .. but with all my free time .. I'll have time to breast feed, too!"

RobbiChong {action} laughs"

HSHost {action} laughs"

Merano asks "How hectic is filming? Do you do like 12 hour days?"

RobbiChong says "Yes, we do .. filming is very hectic and usually up to 16 hours days. It's fun, they keep us cozy, you can't complain when your'e an actor, we have beautiful trailors, it's good."

HSHost says "That's good."

guest6165 asks "what's the scariest thing you've ever seen"

RobbiChong says "It's so weird because .. I guess we've all become sort of blasee about it .. the guest stars get freaked out when they're working on the show cause we're dealing with heavy subject matters. And, we're like Okay! What's for lunch! So, I've sort of become a little numb to everything around me ... a bad thing."

HSHost says "Yeah."

sadge1127 asks "what kind of effect did it have on you growing up in an atmoshpere where pot was so acceptable?"

RobbiChong says "Um .. if anything it probably did the opposite in that drugs were never an issue. So, they just wer e.... it being so THERE .. available ... i never became a drug addict!"

RobbiChong {action} laughs"

HSHost says "That makes sense."

sadge1127 asks "I met your dad once, he seemed to be a really cool guy. What was it like growing up in your house?"

RobbiChong says "Exactly what he seems like, he IS the coolest and he was a very affectionate father .. he loves kids, my father, so he was big daddy, a good dad."

HSHost says "Is he pushing for grandkids?"

RobbiChong says "Yes, he wants me to have them and then he wants to take them!"

HSHost {action} laughs"

SpiderWeb asks "Have any of the "stunts" or special effects ever been dangerous?"

RobbiChong says "This season I've been looking out for it ... all of us are pretty fit and do a lot of our own stunt work to the point where I have to be careful ... I've done dangerous things. I've been hanging over a cliff and the only thing below me are the cameras .. a little frightening to do at 3am~! Wait a minute! Don't we have stunt doubles?!"

Angeline1012 asks "Is the relationship between Nick and Alex going to be strained after the whole vampire incident?"

RobbiChong says "Nick's a pretty forgiving guy."

HSHost {action} laughs!"

HSHost says "Must be. I love it!"

RobbiChong {action} laughs"

AryneRayne asks "Are you familiar with Stargate, and would you ever like to appear on that show?"

RobbiChong says "I'm not familiar with the show although we do film in the same studios .. I see the cast often, we've all sort of bonded, but I haven't caught the show yet."

HSHost says "Okay."

Knightwatch asks "If a person were wandering the streets of Vancouver during filming season, would there be a possibility of running into any cast members? Or do you keep mostly to the set?"

RobbiChong says "No, you'd definitely see us in fact. We're all over the place. I'm all over the city."

RobbiChong {action} chuckles"

HSHost says "Okay"

guest6165 asks "how much is your show like Poltergeist the movie"

RobbiChong says "Um .. actually very little other than the fact that we do deal with poltergeists .. we've taken part of the legacy .. we've created this secret society which deals with poltergeists .. so it doesn't have much to do with it as far as structure .. but we embellished on it."

SpiderWeb asks "Do you find some of the episodes to be emotionally draining?"

RobbiChong says "Absolutely! Sometimes I come home and I'm tired from acting!"

HSHost says "You're like, I need a vacation!"

WHTWOLF asks "Do you like reading poetry/who's your favorite poet?"

RobbiChong says "Oh God! Do I like reading poetry! Yes, I do.. everyone .. who doesn't like it? Keats is my favorite."

HSHost says "Cool!"

Mary_Alice asks "Which season do you feel has been the strongest?"

RobbiChong says "For my character, the third season because I got out of the house! And, actually, hopefully, it'll continue to get stronger in the 4th, it's taken a while for everything to gel, so in this next season, it'll start to happen."

kzdaniel asks "I'd love to see an episode with a middle-eastern flaire.. any chance of this comming up?"

RobbiChong says "Oh! I think we have done a few of them. We did one involving Kristen's father where she goes off to Tunisia in search of him. Has to do the the Knight's Templar .. called "The Last Good Knight.""

AryneRayne asks "What type of music do you listen to?"

RobbiChong says "I love all types .. listening to classical, blues ..."

HSHost says "All the great stuff!"

RobbiChong says "Yeah."

LadyLilac asks "Do you believe in ghosts or paranormal happenings?"

RobbiChong says "I do. ONly because I know we're not alone."

RobbiChong {action} chuckles"

HSHost says "Yeah, definitely."

SpiderWeb asks "Have you filmed the Outer Limits episodes you're going to be appearing in yet?"

RobbiChong says "No. I will start filming them probably the beginning of next year."

Knightize asks "while the door is open - us NickChicks are VERY curious about Martin haha"

RobbiChong {action} laughs"

RobbiChong says "Is Martin single? He is not, sorry to disappoint, has a beautiful lovely wife."

HSHost says "Awwww"

kzdaniel asks "What are some of your favorite books, authors, artists?"

RobbiChong says "Well, it'd have to be my husband Tobias Keane .. my fav artist by far! I love Allison Van Pelt's work. These are people that are living. Dead artists I love the Renaissance period .. books all the classics."

HSHost says "They're all great!"

RobbiChong says "Toni Morrison, Orwell, uh ... Dostoyevski ..."

Knightize asks "what is your fondest memory behind the scenes of the show?"

RobbiChong says "I think it was while we were shooting an episode called "The Light" about the fairies ... it was odd and unusual for Poltergeist cause it was our attempt at comedy. We had a bizarre director and this was in season two and at this point we all clicked as cast members, bonded together cause the director was an odd man that we had to pull together and pull through the material as best as we could!"

Sid asks "When did you first hear about the show Poltergiest and were you excited when you got the part?"

RobbiChong says "I was thrilled! I was absolutely thrilled, it all happened so quickly ... within a week, I got the job and moved to Canada .. didn't have time to think. I realized the magnitude of it when we started shooting .. I had to pull a lot together .. working on a series and a demanding role."

guest6175 asks "You've got quite a few fans in Texas. Ever thought of coming down here?"

RobbiChong says "Hey Texas! It's interesting cause I'm doing a feeble attempt at tracing my roots, so apparently we originated at one point in Texas, so I'll have to come visit."

SpiderWeb asks "How many episodes of Season IV will YOU be in?"

RobbiChong says "I will be in 15 episodes."

HSHost says "Nice. Cool!"

RobbiChong says "Mm hmm."

PrestoQuesto asks "What do you do to relax?"

RobbiChong says "Oh PrestoQuesto!"

RobbiChong says "I go to movies, long walks .. so beautiful in Canada, we have the woods and the sea ..."

Sid asks "WHen did you start acting?"

RobbiChong says "I started acting about 8 years ago ... right after I stopped modeling. But, it just happened that I got offered a movie while I was in Paris modeling and it happened form there. It became a natural segue."

HSHost says "That's great!"

Knightwatch asks "Is Horton one of Derek's past friends/enemies?"

RobbiChong says "He is. And, it will all be explained in the first episode. You'll see. I can't give it away cause I don't know how much you guys know!"

RobbiChong {action} laughs"

HSHost says "Okay"

Merano asks "Are all the "House" exterior shots filmed at the same time? Do you ever get to go to Hatley Castle (the Legacy House)?"

RobbiChong says "Yes. A couple times that we have been we've done the exteriors there .. it was beautiful .. absolutely gorgeous there."

dishighlander asks "how many episodes are there this season"

RobbiChong says "22 episodes again. But, all staggered .. all of us are doing 15 at the most .. so it'll give the other people a chance to have one episode on their own .. so Nick and I will have one and then Derek and Rachel and things like that."

LadyLilac asks "If your child wanted to be an actor..would you lead them or deter them?"

RobbiChong says "I think my being in the business speaks for itself, I'd trust that my child will have great judgement on her own. And, it's going to be a girl!"

RobbiChong {action} laughs"

HSHost {action} laughs"

HSHost says "You've already decided! How many do you wanna have?"

RobbiChong says "Uh ... one."

RobbiChong {action} laughs"

Mary_Alice asks "Robbi, how much are you like the character on P:tl? Or are you completely different?"

RobbiChong says "I like to think I"m not, but I'm not as computer literate .. and I'm not psychic for one. And, I actually get out of the house a lot more."

RobbiChong {action} chuckles"

LadyLilac asks "How many regular writers are on the show? Would you like to take a stab at writing an episode?"

RobbiChong says "Well, we have 3 writers that are producers .... so I'd say 5 or 6. I'd love to take a stab at it if we continue on .. cause that's the direction I'd like to go into."

guest6177 asks "Is he the same Horton from the Highlander series...ala..David Tynan influence?"

RobbiChong says "Oh interesting .. David is our writer .. I don't know if there's a connection .. I 'll have to bring that up with David. We shall see."

HSHost says "Hmmmm ... okay."

Mary_Alice asks "just so you know, the comedy episode you were talking about 'light's out' is one of the more popular ones. Will we see more comedy next season, hopefully?"

RobbiChong says "Oh good! Yes. I think we did an episode where it's sort of .. it's called"Seduction" between Rachel, Alex, and Kristen home alone in the legacy house without the boys. And, this charming devil comes in and charms us all .. I think it's funny. I enjoyed doing it!"

Clarianna asks "are ALL Derek's old friends on the Darkside?"

RobbiChong {action} laughs!"

RobbiChong says "That's so funny .. another bone of contention ... does he have any friends that aren't from 20 years ago?! That's another bone of contention."

SpiderWeb asks "Do you ever do public appearances for either charity or health causes -- such as Breast Cancer or AIDS or other charities?"

RobbiChong says "I haven't done only because I've never been asked .. I'd love to do it, but have never been asked."

HSHost says "As soon as the sci fi shows start, you'll be really involved!"

AryneRayne asks "Any chance we are going to see more of the Derek/mentor Alex/student past? More info on what may have happened?"

RobbiChong says "I hope so!"

HSHost says "They don't want you guys to talk!"

RobbiChong says "I don't think they know themselves!"

AryneRayne asks "Any chance we may see Derek lose it like he did in Trapped? Do you think that would be a good plot twist?"

RobbiChong says "Yes, he does a bit in the first episode, in the two parter we just finished shooting .. is Derek really who he says he is."

HSHost says "Ahh, sounds good!"

Erin54 asks "When does the fourth season start?"

RobbiChong says "Yeah. I believe the launch is mid to end of January. But, we're definitely doing publicity for it so you won't be able to miss it .. they're really going to push the launch!"

HSHost says "Derek's going to be on our show tomorrow!"

RobbiChong says "He is?! Yeah!!!!!"

HSHost says "We'll ask him a lot of good stuff!"

LadyLilac asks "What has been you most embarassing thing that has happened to you on the set of PTL?"

RobbiChong says "Oh God!"

RobbiChong {action} cringes in embarrassment."

RobbiChong says "I was playing the vampire and I had to do this scary sexy move with me exposing my fangs and I dropped them in the woods and couldn't find them."

RobbiChong {action} chuckles"

RobbiChong says "So, it kind of took the power out of being scary."

HSHost says "Oh no!"

HSHost {action} chuckles"

Clarianna asks "we've noticed the lack of female writers/producers on the series - dare we hope there might be at least ONE female writer (maybe you?) for Season Four?"

RobbiChong says "Yeah, I think it'd be great and Helen and I have been championing that cause cause I think we really need to have a female voice on the show. It'll take time."

Mary_Alice asks "will you please mention to the people in 'control' at the show how desperate we are for any merchandise? And that we want to see you guys at conventions and making other appearances?"

RobbiChong says "Well, wonderful! I don't know who we talk to about that but none of us are against it. I will certainly do that."

HSHost says "I'm sure there's a lot of sci fi conventions for the channel."

RobbiChong says "Yeah, I'm sure it'll come up for next season."

PrestoQuesto asks "what is something you wish people would ask you that they never do?"

RobbiChong says "Oh .. uh ... argh! I think you guys ask really good questions, what can I say? They never ask me about my dog! I'm kidding."

HSHost says "You have a dog? I love dogs!"

RobbiChong says "My dog just passed away :("

HSHost says "Sorry!"

Sid asks "For those who don't know what role do you play and what is Poltergeist about?"

RobbiChong says "about a group of characters who live in this secret society and their cause is to get rid of the evil in the world, we deal with the metaphysical on a sophisticated level ... and my role is that of a researcher and a psychic."

LadyLilac asks "Do you think there may be any spin-offs of PTL?"

RobbiChong says "Wow! Gee, that's an interesting way to go. I wonder how we could do that? I'm sure there's room for it."

PsychoticGoblin asks "what do you want that you know you will never have?"

RobbiChong says "Um .... I'll never be 21 again."

HSHost {action} laughs!"

RobbiChong says "That's really sad."

HSHost says "Me neither! I've just started accepting that!"

RobbiChong {action} laughs"

SpiderWeb asks "How long is your current contract for? We ALL hope the show continues for a LONG time, but it wouldn't be the same without YOU!"

RobbiChong says "It expires May/99. Oh thank you! Yeah!"

HSHost says "Robbi, thank you so much for joining us tonight. It was a pleasure to have you on the show!"

RobbiChong says "Thanks a lot! It was nice talking to you!"

HSHost says "Nice talking to you, too! And, thanks to all you viewers out there for chatting with us at REAL HOLLYWOOD.COM. Please join us tomorrow night at 7:00pm PST when our guest will be actor, Derek De Lint. Good Night, everyone!",Inc.. TM & Copyright Universal Studios On-Line, Inc.