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Chat Transcript: Derek de Lint
Host: RealHollywood.com ( URL no longer exists )
Chat Date: October 15, 1998

The following is the transcript of the Hollywood Spotlight chat (moderated) with Derek de Lint. Listen to this event, broadcast LIVE with Real Audio! (58 minutes)

NOTE: All spelling mistakes left in, as they were typed by the fans and person typing in the moderator and guest.

HSHost says "Welcome to the fifteenth night of our special Thirty-one Days of Terror Series. It's October 15th and you are chatting live (or undead) at Real Horrorwood! My name is April and I'll be your macabre host for the evening. Joining me in the studio tonight are my spooky producers Mike and Peter, and our gothic superhuman typist, Michelle. For the entire month of Shocktober, we'll be presenting the strangest, the weirdest, the scariest of guests, leading up to the most sacred of horrordays, HALLOWEEN! Stars of big and small scream, uh, screen, will be joining us as the sun sets and the night holds reign."

HSHost says "If you would like to ask our guest a question this evening, it's very simple. Just type in /ask a space and then your question. If you're using "Excite's VP chat" you need only click the "something to say" icon at the bottom right corner of your screen."

HSHost says "We are all very excited about our special guest this evening, actor Derek De Lint from "Poltergeist the Legacy ." Welcome to Hollywood Spotlight, Derek!"

DerekDeLint says "Yes, good evening, hello!"

HSHost says "So great to have you on, you have so many fans!"

DerekDeLint says "I'm excited too. A little younger than I am in real life, he's early 40's .. about 43-44 or so .. not specifically set."

HSHost says "I've caught the show a few times and what I've seen is really great. Excited that you're moving to SCI FI channel!"

DerekDeLint says "Me, too!"

HSHost says "A lot of women love you especially your accent."

DerekDeLint says "My accent, well I really like it when poeple appreciate your work, for them I do it everyday. It was great, one of those episodes .... a lot of great talent falls together and it was a fantastic episode, it was wonderful to do it, I was asking for mor ehumor in that show and Rene was a pro to work with ...."

HSHost says "What's your fav episode?"

DerekDeLint says "So far my favorite episode is Dream Lover. A friend gets killed in Turkey and sends me a broken Urn and his fiance comes back and seduces me cause she's obsessed .. also the "13th Generation" and "Town without Pity." If I look at the shows now, they look so dated cause there are new costume designers and art directors now .. the show has a whole new look. Wonderful to see from the pilot that we made in Nov 1995 to the shows that we produce right now."

HSHost says "What guest stars would you like to see return?"

DerekDeLint says "It's not so much that I want them to return .. we cannot have them return ... Everyone can return to the show as a ghost .. but it's boring if that happens all the time. there must be a real reason and the producer wants the writers to write that character back in. But, the actors I'd like .. it's difficult .. there are so many .. that's the wonderful thing about doing this .. the first time I've done a series year after year in my career. The best thing of it is the fact you work with so many actors .. different guest stars .. it's so great!"

HSHost says "How nice, we talked with Robbi last night ... and she was great! She talked highly of you."

DerekDeLint says "Yes, she's great."

HSHost says "Do you ever check out the Legacy site on the web?"

DerekDeLint says "Yes, I do. I was already into computers but when I started the net was in October 1995 when I started the series! So, I saw it happen from day one, amazing how fans all over the world respond with sites and chats .. I don't see everything but I surf and am amazed at how .. thank you for all the wonderful comments I receive on my personal website, I really thank you very much. It's linked to the Legacy website .. my unofficial website .. and I've never spoken to the girl that does it .. Clariana ... thank you Clariana .. I appreciate all your work."

DerekDeLint says "We should get in touch and talk about it .. I'm really flattered. Maybe it should become an official site. That's the great thing about internet, within five minutes you're totally somewhere else, it's great!"

Clarianna asks "How old is your character, Derek Rayne, suppose to be as of Season Four?"

DerekDeLint says "Well, you know ... logically if he starts at 43-44 then he should be 48 .. but he's now 44 and in season one he was 40, something like that, I don't know!"

DerekDeLint {action} laughs"

HSHost {action} laughs!"

WHTWOLF asks "What's your favorite place in the World?"

DerekDeLint says "Amsterdam. I love the place I'm at now .... I've never been to Australia, New Zealand, would love to go to Japan, South America I've never been. But, I've already seen a lot of countries and big cities .. so many places I'd like to be .. but my fav place is Amsterdam."

HSHost says "I'd love to go there!"

DerekDeLint {action} chuckles"

guest6445 asks "How much input in the scripts, show, wardrobe and character do you have on Poltergeist: The Legacy?"

DerekDeLint says "Well, in the whole season we definitely have meetings at the end of the season for the next if we continue, we never know, we decide or they decide year by year. But, if we have personal wishes or that we think the show should go .. but if we are in production like now, the episodes are already decided through several writers and producers who are following that show or taking that show. So, it's difficult when you're not planned in that season as a writer/creative person to really change the storylines."

DerekDeLint says "But, when the final draft comes out, which is probably a week before you start shooting, you see how the script develops from final to all the color drafts and then for example .. the dialogue you can fix. If it's too much to fix on the set, you can go to the writer and talk to him. There's definitely a flexibility as long as it serves the show and makes the scene more attractive. And, when you rehearse there are small changes you can make."

SpiderWeb asks "-- Not a comment, just a statement .... you have made your fans EXTREMELY happy! THANKS!! :-)"

DerekDeLint says "oh!"

DerekDeLint {action} laughs"

DerekDeLint says "You're welcome! It's so wonderful, such a new thing for me to deal with fans through the internet.. this is my first audio live interview."

HSHost says "You're doing great!"

DerekDeLint says "This is so direct!"

HSHost says "I know!"

Mary_Alice asks "Any chance we might get to hear you speak in your native language on the show? Your female fans would LOVE that."

DerekDeLint {action} laughs!"

DerekDeLint says "We just sometimes they ask me to do it ... to say when I have expositon to do .. they ask me to do one line in Dutch which is difficult for me to do actually. I dream and think in English and when I'm home I speak English cause I have to speak proper English. But, still of course a lot of Dutch, sometimes I do a joke on the set , but it's a one way deal cause no one understands of course."

guest6533 asks "Derek Rayne is portrayed as someone who doesn't do a lot with computers. Are you comfortable with computers and the internet in real life"

DerekDeLint says "Oh yes. I'm not a genius, but I'm a Macintosh guy."

DerekDeLint {action} laughs."

DerekDeLint says "I'm comfortable with my powermac and that's fine, but I'm not really into computers. My sons are."

HSHost says "Oh good!"

guest6445 asks "Of the three women on the show, which do you think your character should get involved with? Which do you think the character of Nick Boyle should get involved with?"

DerekDeLint says "Well, at this very moment, this very week, I had my first scenes with my first love interest on the show, finally now this is happening. And, I don't want to say anything about it cause it has to be a new thing. But, I think all the producers don't want me to be involved with any of the women. Yeah ... Not a very European approach but .."

DerekDeLint {action} laughs!"

HSHost says "Right!"

HSHost {action} laughs!"

Sid asks "What's it like on the set? What's it like working with Robbi Chong?"

DerekDeLint says "First of all, with Robbi Chong it's wonderful. From day one she's been very open, I love her and her husband. We spend time together sometimes when we're not working .. hiatus. But, on the whole we have a crew that's really happy and came back to our show .. they were working on others during hiatus, but they came back, they like to work in a family. At 6:15am you have to be in makeup and there's people you know and it really helps and Stan the coffee man is famous in Vancouver and he brings great lattes!"

DerekDeLint says "And, it's hard to shoot daytime cause the days are shorter and shorter and so we go to night shoots a lot which is fun but difficult cause you can be cold ... like being on location .. but it's great."

guest6533 asks "How does Vancouver compare to the Netherlands?"

DerekDeLint says "Vancouver .. if you see it on the globe, Vancouver is around Paris in Europe and Amsterdam is 5 hours by train north of Paris .. so it's colder and not the influence of the Pacific. Here you can have pouring rain forest rain and breaks open with a blue sky. We don't have that in Holland .. there's so much wind and it can be a week of rain weather. I'm not complaining about Vancouver, I love it here. I can't describe it, but it's different than the weather in Holland. We had the most incredible summer."

Sid asks "What part of Holland are you from?"

DerekDeLint says "I was born in LeHague and then went to Amsterdam ... it's my town for the last 25+ years."

Sid asks "WHat does de Lint mean ( not that fuzzy stuff?)"

DerekDeLint says "Well Lint means "ribbon" in Dutch and then you say .. well de Lint is not an existing thing .. it's an old name it's from the people that escaped from France in the 16th century."

HSHost says "Okay"

Mary_Alice asks "Derek, Robbi seemed a little surprised to find so many fans of the show online - what do you think?"

DerekDeLint says "Yes! Well you must never forget .. you work, go home, you work and you never see people and the show here is on Saturday night at 11:30pm and through my kids I hear how popular the show is, but it sounds weird, but we don't know. We work and enjoy working and yeah, sometimes we're surprised! I heard the other day how popular the show is in Great Britain and I didn't know that!"

HSHost says "wow!"

Clarianna asks "Do you know how popular you are on the web? As of October, you are listed at no. 24 on the Internet Male Stars Top 100 at worldcharts.com- (Martin is at no. 39!)"

DerekDeLint says "24??!! Wow! How does it work? Is that a worldwide poll?"

HSHost says "Yeah, online!"

DerekDeLint says "Wow."

HSHost says "I'm gonna check it out .. that's pretty flattering!"

DerekDeLint says "Yeah."

Clarianna asks "Julie Fundenberger asks: Do you know why they changed the name of Nick's father from Jonathan in Season One to Robert in Season Three?"

DerekDeLint says "No. No idea. There must be a slip of the tongue or something .. mistake. I don't know. Maybe there's a reason, I don't know."

Merano asks "All the fans are desperate for information on the next season on SciFi Channel. Anything you can tell us?"

DerekDeLint says "Um ... what will happen?"

HSHost says "Little surprises or hints .. they wanna know what will happen of course!"

DerekDeLint says "People will be lured into the darkside, I will have a love interest. I don't know at the end of the season cause Richard Lewis the creator had certain ideas .. he told me. If the show is still popular and the audience is growing I think we should go for another season."

HSHost says "totally!"

Clarianna asks "I'm somewhat shy about asking but I know the others who are listening to this chat in RealAudio would dearly love to hear you speak in your native tongue - Dutch - please?"

DerekDeLint {action} laughs!"

DerekDeLint {action} speaks in Dutch ...."

HSHost says "what did you say?!"

DerekDeLint {action} continues to speak in Dutch."

DerekDeLint says "I said that I hope to all the people that speak in Dutch, I don't have an American tongue. A singer's name who lived in America and came back to Holland in the 50's 60's also spoke in a broken Dutch. Yeah, that was Dutch."

DerekDeLint {action} chuckles"

HSHost says "sounded great!"

Sid asks "Derek what channel is Poltergeist the Legacy on and at what time?"

DerekDeLint says "It's in syndication, so it's very difficult, that's the great thing about SCI FI channel, they plan to air the premiere the 22nd or 23rd of January .. and then at the end ... Autumn of 99, they own the whole library of 88 shows and they air the show every weeknight at a certain hour. People can tune in cause they know it's there. Showtime aired the show at 10:45pm a very weird time slot which was difficult cause people wanted to watch the news at 11. In syndication it's all kinds of times .. we were not mainstream at 10 or 11pm at night. So, that's all gonna change."

HSHost says "you can go to www.thelegacy.com to find out, too!"

DerekDeLint says "Yeah. And, speaking of myt alking in Dutch, when I came to America in 73, in acting school the accent was always the problem! Oh my God! If you could speak American, you'd be hired! And, especially after Rutger Hauer, my fellow Dutchman got rid of his accent, people have advised me to get rid of it .. but now it seems that it's something people love to hear!"

HSHost says "Yeah! I love it!"

DerekDeLint says "Yeah, it's funny huh?"

SoulSister asks "Which of your castmates is the wildest, the shyest, the most serious and the most insane?! INCLUDING YOURSELF! ;-)"

DerekDeLint {action} laughs"

DerekDeLint says "The wildest one I would say it's Helen Shaver. The shyest one would be Alexandra Purvis. The most serious .. my God, it's a difficult question! Probably Martin .... The most insane .. that must be me ;) Difficult ot answer those questions."

HSHost {action} laughs"

Sid asks "Do you kid around on the set?"

DerekDeLint says "OH yeah, definitely. You cannot really kid around, you can have a practical joke, but not crazy stuff, cause it's always fighting time .. never more than you expected, always less than you expected. That's the problem, but yeah we fool around. I really enjoy work, it's the greatest thing. So many times I realize how wonderful it is that you go and act everyday."

DerekDeLint says "Acting is the best, the bull**** around it is difficult the audition thing .. but when you go and do it and within minutes you have to create something. While you're in hair and makeup .. you then block for a scene and they mark it and llight the whole thing and while they light it you go back to makeup and get finished and so you're in makeup and you go block at 6 or 7am it's sometimes difficult to be creative and create something within minutes, but it's wonderful!"

DerekDeLint says "I love to work! Especially when there's not a lot of expositon to say andyou play an emotion .. sometimes it's great. The levels become higher, it's great, everyone gets a thrill then."

HSHost says "Yeah, the energy must be great!"

Mary_Alice asks "Derek, Please tell the people in charge of the show how much the fans are desperate for merchandise. They're missing out on making some big money!"

DerekDeLint {action} laughs!"

DerekDeLint says "I don't understand why they don't do it. It probably depends very much on the success of SCI FI. I think cause the show was never really .. promoted by one station or network, you know, that's going to happen now. Also the producers will notice how big the audience is."

HSHost says "I think so, too."

DerekDeLint says "I would love to see myself in plastic ;)"

HSHost says "Yea!"

HSHost {action} laughs"

Merano asks "Lots of us see real chemistry between the characters of Derek and Alex. How much is this real chemistry between you and Robbi?"

DerekDeLint says "Oh it's there, absolutely .. I don't know what she said, I haven't spoken to her .. I heard she did the interview yesterday. I don't know if she had the same question, but it's wonderful .. I feel very at ease with her. There's nothing happening between us romantically, we're both married happily but it's wonderful to work with an actress you're comfortable with."

DerekDeLint says "But, there was an episode in season two "The Lighthouse," I save her and there was an almost kiss, a spontaneous thing that almost happened there. An almost thing .. but I was amazed that the fans picked it up as a special moment. Then I thought we should really go into this in characters more."

HSHost says "Right! You never know."

DerekDeLint says "You never know."

LadyViper asks "There are a lots of fans here going by Derekwenches, and Nickchicks.. any comment on that.....?"

DerekDeLint {action} laughs!"

DerekDeLint says "No! Great! Wonderful! I'll tell him tomorrow, I work with him tomorrow."

Sid asks "What is your favorite Horror Movie?"

HSHost says "Are you into them?"

DerekDeLint says "Yeah, ..."

DerekDeLint {action} thinks on it"

DerekDeLint says "Yeah, "The Shining." Definitely. These are the questions I think when I have to do a talk show, oh my God! for me, those are difficult questions .. who's your fav actress, director, film .. there's so many! The Shining, I'd go for that one .. so perfectly performed!"

HSHost says "Oh yeah! I agree."

Sid asks "Do you think youu would ever do a "buffy the Vampire Slayer.""

DerekDeLint says "I think I'd rather do another two or more seasons of Poltergeist then i'd love to do something completely different."

HSHost says "Like comedy?"

DerekDeLint says "Yeah, that's my dream ... that's why I went to theatre school in the first place. I dont' know if I'm funny"

DerekDeLint {action} chuckles"

DerekDeLint says "My idea is if you make a spoof of this genre you're the first and it's funny. You just have to enlarge it 10-20and it's so funny .. you have to make it bigger, would be great. I'd love to do something like that, but no I wouldn't do another show similar like this, no."

SpiderWeb asks "Do you enjoy the fact that you're considered a "sex symbol" by many of your fans, and have you had the opportunity to meet many of them?"

DerekDeLint says "Um ... Well, sometimes .. to meet one of them, sometimes someone comes to you on the street and tells you. Yes, there was .. an occasion in Holland where a magazine made a contest and one girl won and her prize was that she went out with me for dinner."

DerekDeLint {action} chuckles"

DerekDeLint says "It was great! We had dinner and went to the theatre first, had a nice dinner and then uh ..."

HSHost says "How nice! You sound like you get a bit embarrassed?!"

DerekDeLint says "Well, I'm a very mellow person .. and it was nice."

NChantriss1 asks "we from the london house (online legacy) wish you the best of luck, and we all love you guys!"

DerekDeLint says "Thank you so much! Thank you!"

Sid asks "Are you asked to do things that are really eery (on the show)?"

DerekDeLint says "No. We do things that .. there was one story actually. I'm not very good at anecdotes but now there's so many good stories to tell .. we did an episode "Doppleganger" about a young Egyptian Princess ina Sarcophagus .. in a dream sequence, I had to lay almost naked on a coffin and Rachel comes and stabs me and puts her hand in my stomach. So, they built a chest for me, one that could breathe, and from there she cuts it open and they filled it with meat and it was so gross they couldn't even watch the dailies. But they shot shots with the artifical chest and there's an ugly shot a plastic chest with long hair and I though oh God! It's not my chest!"

DerekDeLint {action} laughs!"

DerekDeLint says "But, that was so gross and I loved doing that .. it was so much fun cause my head had to be on top of the chest while Helen went with her hand .. oooh what's this? and she was getting all these guts out."

HSHost says "Did it take a long time to shoot that scene?"

DerekDeLint says "Well, it was a second unit sort of thing, this was more of an insert .. the first unit was doing other stuff. So, you can have more fun with this sort of thing."

kzdaniel asks "The casting of the character's in The Legacy is SO PERFECT.. please tell the writer's not to kill any off.. we miss Father Callahan enough already."

DerekDeLint says "Yeah, I know. I miss him, too. He was wonderful. I saw Patrick in LA at the audition and then in the hotel, but we didn't really talk to each other, a bit, but I mean. Then we found out we were both on the show, he was from Ireland and I from Holland, we were Europeans .. they wrote him out, I dont know why, I'm sure there were reasons. You'd have to ask the producers."

MaryW asks "Showtime had a 30 minute "Making of Poltergeist: The Legacy" when the series started. Will SciFi channel have that to show the fans?"

DerekDeLint says "Well, the thing is I don't know. it's all new to me. It may be dated cause it was filmed in 96 or 95, in the first episodes, I'm wearing a hairpiece cause my hair was short, I'd done two plays on the second World War, so my hair was short, and the hair piece became smaller and smaller so it finally became long enough.But, the look was totally different."

Clarianna asks "From Julia Kosatka :Is there anything he feels they've overdone?"

DerekDeLint says "Oh yeah! Well, I don't want to go into that .. don't think that I .. it's not my show! I love to work for the show and do my work and try to change things as much as possible and I give all my energy and there are sometimes choices, I think oh my God! I can't believe it. It's taste, it's not my show, I don't make those decisions. Sometimes it's wonderful. If you ask me, are there moments they went over the top, Oh yes."

Clarianna asks "From Julia Kosatka: Does he have any storylines he'd like to see them do and if so what are they?"

DerekDeLint says "Well the script that was available for the pilot was very changed after we started shooting, but I had an idea the show would be much more mystical ... in silence, things you wouldn't see, I didn't know then the show would be so explicit ... or really bringing ghosts as characters in. I'd like to shoot more on location .. go away from the house, which we actually do right now, tomorrow is a day on location. It's a circus, you're on the road, and I love that."

HSHost says "Yeah, that sounds like fun!"

Clarianna asks "Which feature film that you played a significant supporting or lead role in are you most proud to have acted in?"

DerekDeLint says "Well, I've done a lot of features .... I'm very proud of .. actually a film not released in America, was released in theatres and it got fantastic reviews .. called "Bastille" and there's just not a video around, maybe a copy i.... it was actually released here in 85 maybe ... that's one I liked. Sometimes I draw blanks .. cannot find the words! But, the Unbearable Lightness of Being ... Soldier of Orange and The Assault. Are all films I'm proud of."

Mary_Alice asks "were you at all self conscious about the love scenes in Dream Lover?"

DerekDeLint says "Self conscious? Well, it is not .. first of all, when I .. I think I mentioned before I asked for sexual energy in the show, not talkinga bout total nudity and ifyou wanna shoot that it takes the time to do it well. I'm talking about sexual energy in the show and in Dream Lover there was nudity, it's not something you look forward to, it's difficult and you ahve to be careful you're protected on the set and the moment you do it, you have to let go .. for camera, you're beautifully lit and from some angles it can be embarrassing.

DerekDeLint says "I've done a lot of nudity in films before and I know what I can demand, that's there .. it's very difficult especially for scheduling in TV .. to do it well takes time and it's always scheduled in a normal day .. you have to move on.But, now we can't shoot any nudity anymore cause we're on SCI FI and they don't like that there. But, we've done and tried it and I think it's not necessary in the show but it would be nice if at least there's love in the scene."

HSHost says "I agree. you can have a lot of sexual energy without nudity."

DerekDeLint says "Yeah, much more interesting and much harder to shoot. But, it was great for Dream Lover and I tried everything in my power to .. and Crystal Chappelle was wonderful to work with .. I'd love to see her return to the show ... it was a character who was obsessed and after what happened she was not relevant in the storyline anymore."

HSHost says "Well, what are ya gonna do?"

HSHost {action} laughs"

kzdaniel asks "You have the best clothes -- do you pick them out yourself?"

DerekDeLint says "We had great costume designers. I wasn't happy with the look in the first season but now it's great. people in The Legacy .. they have choppers and everything, so they must look great .. in designer clothes, great, I love good clothes and it helps! It helps in the morning when you put your Armani on!"

DerekDeLint {action} laughs"

HSHost says "I agree!"

HSHost {action} laughs"

AryneRayne asks "How fun was it to play the villian in Trapped? It seems to me that you had the greatest time with that part."

DerekDeLint says "I think villains are so much more fun to play in general. And, a wonderful opportunity to play within the frame of Poltergeist, the villain, or obsessed."

Clarianna asks "Robbi told us that you were going to be directing an episode this season..congrats! We're looking forward to it - can you tell us what it is titled and maybe a little bit about it?"

DerekDeLint says "Yes! It will happen in March of next year and it's called "Kristen Returns" and while I don't wanna say toomuch about the context about the show cause I'd give certain things away .. it looks like all the women are in the show, so it will be Helen, Alexandra, Kristen, and Robbi."

DerekDeLint says "I'll bribe them all!"

HSHost {action} laughs!"

AryneRayne asks "What do you think of all the Poltergeist fan fiction stories? Do you ever read them? Do you have a favorite?"

DerekDeLint says "There's so much .. so much going on .. I could not believe it .. like a whole mine of talent! Not recently .. but when it came out .. when it started, I was hooked yeah!"

DerekDeLint {action} laughs"

DerekDeLint says "And, some went really far, really great to shoot, I thought my God, wouldn't it be great if the show was like that. It just takes a lot of time and that's something I don't have right now."

Clarianna asks "Here's another one of those "deep" questions (yes, I'm kidding) - inquiring minds wanna know - just what colour are your eyes anyway?"

DerekDeLint says "They are hazel. So, it's like a green brown, right?"

HSHost says "Yeah."

DerekDeLint says "If I'm not feeling well they're brown and if I'm excited they're green. I'm a Cancer and I'm a Tiger and 180 lbs. that's a question that's asked."

Clarianna asks "Did you work on any other film or tv projects over the summer during hiatus?"

DerekDeLint says "No. I got a wonderful film to shoot during the whole summer. Not a big part but it was Diane Keaton's boyfriend .. Peter chelson an Irish/British director and Warren Beatty, Goldie Hawn. It was fantastic .. then they brought in a writer while they were shooting and they eliminated my part."

DerekDeLint says "Normally it would be devastating, but this time I wasn't dead unhappy cause I really wanted to spend time with my family and parents in Holland. And, I had to fly back to LA while I was in Holland to shoot, I was looking forward to working with those people but I was also looking forward to spending time with my parents who are really old."

DerekDeLint says "I only met the director and got a nice compensation but never actually met them, I was shooting when it all happened .. and there was something else in Europe I turned down cause I thought there was something I should not miss, I love to work during hiatus. But it was the first time in all the years I worked that I was enjoying the holiday and wasn't getting nervous .. so it was five months I spent with my family and it was wonderful."

HSHost says "Oh how nice!"

3Bailey asks "ask/ Some fans got together to meet one another in Vancouver and thought they found the place where Fox Spirit was filmed. Can you tell us where some scenes were filmed?"

DerekDeLint says "Wow! I didn't know that people do that actually. It was filmed in Chinatown here in Vancouver and I remember people weren't happy there .. while we were shooting they were extremely upset and I think they were right cause they had to hang a Chinese person in the middle of Chinatown in the Chinese Community Center there was a Chinese man hanging!"

DerekDeLint says "When all the preparations were being made everyone was upset, I feel for that community and I'm the star standing in themiddle and it was difficult."

HSHost says "Oh wow. We have time for a few more questions here."

Mary_Alice asks "what can we as fans do to help promote the show and let the people in charge know how much we love it?"

DerekDeLint says "I think it will all change now cause of SCI FI. I'm very happy with it and think they're happy with us .. MGM TV worldwide and Trilogy in LA are responsible and makedecisions .. so write them and tell them how you love the show!"

DerekDeLint says "There must be ratings if people watch the show .. America is well organized and people have ratings of all times slots of all programming ... if people watch it will pay in the end .. enjoy!"

AryneRayne asks "How much fan mail do you get? And how much of it are you able to respond to? If any?"

DerekDeLint says "I try to respond .. requests for pics with autographs .. I always read my fan mail .. it's not that much. They can send it to the production office here or my agent in LA. I always try to write back or send a pic back .. very difficult to answer personal questions .. and it's difficult, why would you answer one and not the other."

DerekDeLint says "It's lying and I don't do that. But, you love it when people really appreciate it .. and if you read letters you can actually really read how people enjoy your work. It's really .. that's what you do it for."

HSHost says "Right. A lot of people get nervous when they meet you, so they can express themselves better on paper."

DerekDeLint says "Yeah, and I get wonderful, nice, and positive letters."

HSHost says "I can tell!"

AryneRayne asks "Any plans on having Derek be tempted to the dark side? I see a lot of dark potential in his character."

DerekDeLint says "Um, yes. I think .. and if we have another season, probably at the end of this one, this subject that you just mentioned should be more explored I think. Not so much that he's turned into the devil himself, but that I have my own dark sides."

guest6533 asks "Do you do your own stunts?"

DerekDeLint says "I love to do it, but they don't allow me to do a lot. The stunt coordinator is wonderful and very experienced, but I love to do a fall on a big mattress or stuff, I enjoy it and try to be in good shape. But, the real stunts are for stunt people definitely."

LadyLilac asks "Do you think you may be psychic? Do you believe in the psychic ability?"

DerekDeLint says "Um, I definitely believe in psychic abilities .. I would say I have proof that it exists, there is more than you can just put your finger on. I don't believe in how it's portrayed in the show."

DerekDeLint says "I don't really believe in ghosts that actually enter the room, but I've never seen one, so .. I've definitely felt someone .. felt that someone was there and I couldn't see him or her .. so it's more subtle but I believe there's more than we can see with the eye .. Thank God!"

DerekDeLint {action} laughs"

HSHost says "Yeah!"

HSHost {action} laughs"

WHTWOLF asks "Did you like playing a bad guy on NYPD Blues?"

DerekDeLint says "Oh yeah! It was one of those gates that you come in .. that's why I think of that show when people come into our show .. you come into a family everyone knows everyone and you have three days to put the character down and nail the scene."

DerekDeLint says "I love villains, I'd love to play bad, bad guys ... People enjoy it and you get money for it."

HSHost says "Yeah, totally!"

tiger1 asks "I know you had a part in "Deep Impact". Do you plan to do any other movies?"

DerekDeLint says "The director did lots of episodes of China Beach in 89 when I did that and when the film was getting cast there was a Dutch astronomer and it was a kind of a joke, there was another scene they cut it out so if you look for popcorn, you miss me!"

HSHost {action} laughs"

DerekDeLint says "I had a crew cut so it was very short. It's airing on syndication right now in the first season, my hair was too short for it. I'd love to do films and I will, this hiatus it didn't happen, but it will next year."

Arabella asks "in/ask Have you ever considered playing Dracula?"

DerekDeLint says "Yeah, I was up for the part! But, so many times there are parts for me and I think I'm absolutely perfect and they don't wanna go for it!That's why it's amazing to me to hear now that the accent is something they enjoy!"

HSHost says "Oh it's great1"

WHTWOLF asks "Derek thnx a ton for doing this"

DerekDeLint says "Great! My pleasure!"

Mary_Alice asks "What do you like most about filming in Vancouver?"

DerekDeLint says "The people are really professional and .. it's a wonderful balance of bieng professional and still having compassion with the show. That is the wonderful thing about a great crew .. on a professional level there's discipline and on the other compassion with the show. That's great. And, shooting in Vancouver is wonderful and it's so beautiful ... everyone once in their life should go to BC. .. you can creaate a lot of different landscapes here."

DerekDeLint says "Look at the X Files, people are great when they watch . they are quiet and I'm sometimes I'm so amazed at how willing people are to stop for a moment and wait for sound ..."

HSHost says "Very kind people there."

DerekDeLint says "Yeah, cause they love the show."

HSHost says "Guess what? On Monday we're going to have Richard Barton Lewis on the show! The creator of Poltergeist the Legacy!"

DerekDeLint says "Oh great! When I call his office I always say can I talk to Daddy?I joke that I'm his alter ego .. but he cast me, so .."

HSHost says "Derek, thank you so much for joining us tonight. It was a pleasure to have you on the show!"

HSHost says "You guys are all so great!"

DerekDeLint says "Thank you it was great being here!"

HSHost says "And, thanks to all you viewers out there for chatting with us at REAL HOLLYWOOD.COM. Please join us tomorrow night at 7:00pm PST when our guest will be author, James Curtis. Good Night, everyone!"