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Chat Transcript: Robbi Chong and Derek de Lint
Host: SCIFI.CON 3 ( http://www.scifi.com/ )
Chat Date: October 31, 1998 from 5:00-6:00 PM Central

Thanks to JuliaK for sending me the log of the chat. I was on a borrowed pc away from home so I did get to attend and ask a few Qs that I didn't get answered during the last Derek chat but I couldn't get my own log!

Note: this transcript has been edited by me (cleaned out the people entering and exiting the chat and bolded/coloured text) to make it easier to read the questions and Robbi and Derek's answers. Please don't post *this* particular edited transcript anywhere else.

Moderator: Well, I think it's time for the first question.
Moderator: <Clarianna> to <Moderator>: Thanks to both Robbi and Derek for chatting with us P:TL viewers tonight, we really appreciate it! - Question: to date, what P:TL episode was the most challenging for you, as an actor.

RobbiChong: I would say La Belle damme sans merci
DerekdeLint: The first one, it was the first experience with Science
RobbiChong: Where I played two characters.
RobbiChong: Myself as Alex, and an ex -slave.
RobbiChong: Called La Belle
DerekdeLint: The forst one was hard since everything was new.

Moderator: <JennyAnn> to <Moderator>: (for Derek) "The Assault" was one of the most powerful movies I've ever seen. After it was over, I just sat there and it took a few days to come to terms with it. It must have been quite a challenge for you to pl ay so many stages in one man's life.

DerekdeLint: Yes, it was an incredible challange
RobbiChong: Since I wasn't born when the film was made...
DerekdeLint: Usually they use several actors but I got to play many stages
DerekdeLint: Excellent makeup artists
DerekdeLint: ansd a fabulous child actor to play me as a child
DerekdeLint: It was a HIT in Holland

Moderator: <juliak> to <Moderator>: Hello, Ms. Chong, Mr. deLint! Thankyou for joining us this evening. So,if you weren't here with us this evening, what would you normally be up to on Halloween evening?

RobbiChong: Well the night is still young...
DerekdeLint: I am now living in North America...
RobbiChong: But I plan to go see Patrick Fitzgerald who played Phillip on Poltergeist
RobbiChong: in a play this evening.
DerekdeLint: I did not grow up with Halloween, but I have children now....

Moderator: <NancyD> to <Moderator>: How do you feel about the supernatural? Any spooky things happen to you since you started doing the series?
DerekdeLint: We didn't have Haloween in Holland
DerekdeLint: A lot of people ask this Q
DerekdeLint: No, the only thing that is supernnatural is that time
RobbiChong: Hmmm...
DerekdeLint: I know this is a dissappointment for some people

Moderator: <Jan> to <Moderator>: Hi, I would like to know if there are any plans to set any episodes in England where we have lots of ghosts and goulies to investigate!?

RobbiChong: Oh gosh...I would love to be in England
RobbiChong: because of the rich material.
DerekdeLint: It would be wonderful to shoot there, but
RobbiChong: Castles, etc.
DerekdeLint: I think the show will continue to be shot in Vancover
RobbiChong: But it looks like we'll have to substitute Vancouver for
England for the time being.

Moderator: <rmscruggs> to <Moderator>: You intrigued us with last season's ending Robbi. Will we see major changes in your character this season?

RobbiChong: In terms of battling with the dark side
RobbiChong: and flirting with it,
RobbiChong: I would love to continue to explore that because it's more interesting.

Moderator: <raynefan> to <Moderator>: Derek, you so well played chess grand master in 'Lang Leve de Koningin'. Do you play chess? What're your fav kinds of sport?

DerekdeLint: I am a very moderate chess player
DerekdeLint: and nothing like what I portrayed
RobbiChong: I agree with that!
DerekdeLint: I love water sports
DerekdeLint: skiing
DerekdeLint: and I am working out now which I see as a sport

Moderator: <Bouncer> to <Moderator>: Robbi and Derek, some of the episodes look REALLY physically challenging...which one has been the most physically challenging?

RobbiChong: Practically every one that I've been slammed up against the wall on
RobbiChong: Shadow Falls, Shaman, Tenement
I like the one where I ger raped.
RobbiChong: (still can't talk about it...huh Derek?)
DerekdeLint: Ha....

Moderator: <NancyD> to <Moderator>: Robbi and Derek, how much of you is in your characters? Do you have a lot of imput into what happens to them and how they react?

DerekdeLint: Yes
RobbiChong: Yes.
DerekdeLint: I am very different from my character
DerekdeLint: Now they listen to us more
RobbiChong: I bring a lot of myself into my character.
DerekdeLint: It is always a creation of someone else

Moderator: <rmscruggs> to <Moderator>: Is PTL a good place to got to work? Does everyone get along well together?

DerekdeLint: Yes
RobbiChong: We are actually a very happy family.
RobbiChong: We feel like we have been through hell and abck together.
DerekdeLint: You work with more than 100 people every day
DerekdeLint: It is a great place
DerekdeLint: There are many frustrations, but many joys as well

Moderator: <Clarianna> to <Moderator>: For Derek: How will the new "love" of Derek Rayne in Season Four affect the sexual tension/chemistry between Alex Moreau and Derek Rayne?

DerekdeLint: I think it can omly intensify our feelings...
RobbiChong: I love you Derek.
DerekdeLint: Hee..

Moderator: <Aimers> to <Moderator>: Robbi! I love the show! Are there going to be any more episodes with your sister?

RobbiChong: I hope so
RobbiChong: but she's going to be directing me in her own feature film.
RobbiChong: called Baylon Sisters.
RobbiChong: That would be Babylon Sisters!
DerekdeLint: I am not sure,
Moderator: We're chatting with two crazy people here, Robbi Chong and Derek DeLint!
DerekdeLint: it also has to do with the availability of the actress

Moderator: <rmscruggs> to <Moderator>: Will either of your be directing an episode this season? Do you desire to direct?
Moderator: <oops>

RobbiChong: That's a question for Mr. de Lint
RobbiChong: I won't be directing this season.
DerekdeLint: Yes I am going to do my first direction this season
DerekdeLint: The episode is called "Kristin Returns"

Moderator: <JennyAnn> to <Moderator>: If either of you could move your character in a particular direction, or develop a specific aspect of the character, what would it be? :)

RobbiChong: Good question.
RobbiChong: I would like to develop
RobbiChong: more of my back story.
DerekdeLint: Good question
RobbiChong: Meeting Derek, how I joined the legacy...exploring the sight...
DerekdeLint: I would love to explore more of the dark side of Derek Rayne
DerekdeLint: He must have skeletones in his closet

Moderator: <Clarianna> to <Moderator>: From Katy N: Has any of the cast considered writing their own episodes, or is planning to write, or co-written with one of the writers? I know they've directed, but do any of them have a story that they really want to do in an episode, maybe a scary story from their childhood, something they had read about perhaps?

RobbiChong: In a few of the episodes that explored my character
RobbiChong: I used some stories from childhood that were true
RobbiChong: and I think I would like to write more than direct at this point, so yes, it does interest me.
DerekdeLint: I would be nice to be able to do that
DerekdeLint: So far Martin has an episode
DerekdeLint: You can write an episode but you still need the approval of the producers
DerekdeLint: to go into production

Moderator: <rmscruggs> to <Moderator>: There is a lot of fan fiction out on the web. Do you see a development of novels based on the series and characters?

DerekdeLint: Of course, if there is enough demand for it they will print it
RobbiChong: The Signalman was based on a short story from Dickens
RobbiChong: and I can't remember the name of the story,
DerekdeLint: There are a lot of people who would love to read more
RobbiChong: but our Executive Producer usually takes a lot of ideas from literature.
DerekdeLint: That's true

Moderator: <Sticky> to <Moderator>: Robbi, I really admire how the women on the show are never victims. Does that come from the actresses or the writers?

RobbiChong: The actors.
RobbiChong: And also the writers, because we have to work as a team.

Moderator: <JennyAnn> to <Moderator>: (for Derek) In PTL, your character uses a sword a lot. Do you fence or is it simply an aspect of Dr. Rayne?

DerekdeLint: I was a great challange for me
DerekdeLint: I haven't used it lately
DerekdeLint: It is part of my character, I don't fence normally

Moderator: <Z`ha`dude> to <Moderator>: Is there any possibilities of special Poltergeist movies like those that have been done for Babylon 5?

RobbiChong: Always a possibility.
Everything is open

Moderator: <NancyD> to <Moderator>: Robbi and Derek, are you or have you become science fiction fans?

RobbiChong: Indeed I have.
DerekdeLint: Yes, more than I was before
DerekdeLint: but I have become more selective
RobbiChong: Since i'll be doing two Outer Limits this season...

Moderator: <kss> to <Moderator>: How do you like working in Vancouver? Do you miss the US?

RobbiChong: Vancouver's a lovely city, but I do miss the US...
DerekdeLint: I love working in Vancover. It is BEAUTIFUL, but
DerekdeLint: I miss the US and I miss europe a lot

Moderator: <juliak> to <Moderator>: What are your favorite authors? Are there any SF books you'd like to see brought to film and are there any particular parts you'd like to be able to play?

DerekdeLint: wow
DerekdeLint: (thinking)
RobbiChong: That's going to take a long time...
RobbiChong: Ok - here goes - Toni Morrison
I just don't recall right now
RobbiChong: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
RobbiChong: Jamaica Kincaid
DerekdeLint: I would love to play a character in William Gibsons stories
RobbiChong: So...many.
RobbiChong: I don't really know SciFi writers.
RobbiChong: I would like to play in Romantic Comedies and some stage.

Moderator: <Clarianna> to <Moderator>: - Richard Lewis mentioned something about Patrick Fitzgerald coming back in Season Four but it sounded "iffy" when he said it - have either of you heard anything more?

RobbiChong: They don't keep us informed of recurring characters
DerekdeLint: No I have heard nothing about Patrick returning
RobbiChong: but he's definitely one character that we talk about to the producers about the possibility of coming back.
I would be great to have him back
DerekdeLint: He was part of the team when we started
DerekdeLint: and was popular

Moderator: <JennyAnn> to <Moderator>: In what direction would you like to see your career going in the future? More tv, movies, stage? Other?

RobbiChong: All of the above.
DerekdeLint: I would love movies, and stage work

Moderator: <nASh> to <Moderator>: Do you two see youreselves working on anything like a stephen king book or a Dean r koontz book and if so what novel would you see youreself doing or what part would you see youreself playing

RobbiChong: No.
DerekdeLint: Any good script, any well written part is welcome
DerekdeLint: Good scripts are rare !

Moderator: <Adya1> to <Moderator>: "Every one knows that the Space Shuttle took off into space this week. If either of you had the opportunity to go into space what would you want to do while you were up there?"

DerekdeLint: Enjoy it!
DerekdeLint: I wouldn't hesitate to go.
RobbiChong: (I like it here on Earth.)

Moderator: <JennyAnn> to <Moderator>: Are you enjoying this kind of communication and do you have a computer? Do you 'surf the net' at all?

DerekdeLint: Yes, I do have a computer, and serf the net.
RobbiChong: Yes, I don't have a computer.

Moderator: <Clarianna> to <Moderator>: For Derek: What was it like being on the set again with Michael Sarrazin (co-star in the film, Mascara) in the Season 2 episode "Fear?"

DerekdeLint: Absoutely Fantastic!
DerekdeLint: I hadn't seen him for a long time

Moderator: <kss> to <Moderator>: Have there been any PTL eps that have been emotionally difficult for you ?

DerekdeLint: Yes, but not because of the content of the show
RobbiChong: PTL almost every episode is emotionally draining.
DerekdeLint: Because the writing was SO BAD
RobbiChong: We battle with evil every wekk.

Moderator: <Jan> to <Moderator>: What movie role would you like to have played had you been offered it?

DerekdeLint: VERY good Q
RobbiChong: I never think back - no regrets.
DerekdeLint: The lead in the "Unbearable Lightness of Being"...
DerekdeLint: (thinking)
DerekdeLint: I need more time to think about it
DerekdeLint: It is such a good Q

Moderator: <Sticky> to <Moderator>: What role do you think Sci-Fi plays on television and cinema? An important one?

DerekdeLint: Yes, very much so.
RobbiChong: Obviously a very important one, because there is a huge fan base out there.

Moderator: <raynefan> to <Moderator>: Derek, you filmed in the different countries. What foreign languages (except for English) do you know?

DerekdeLint: French, German and my native language, Dutch

Moderator: <Clarianna> to <Moderator>: To many of the fans who already saw Season III on Showtime, the writing was below average compared to the first two seasons (of course, there were still a few good ones!) - you've already read and wrapped up a few new eps for Season Four now - in your opinions, has the writing of the characters improved over last season?

DerekdeLint: Another very good Q
RobbiChong: Well I don't agree - I think the writing improved in the third season.
RobbiChong: So there you go -
DerekdeLint: When you go into a 4th season of a show
DerekdeLint: the writing is the most challanging part
DerekdeLint: but we are only shooting #5 so far and there are 17 more to go
DerekdeLint: lets hope for good work / writing

Moderator: <NancyD> to <Moderator>: Why do you think that PTL is so popular?

DerekdeLint: Because it's different
RobbiChong: Hmmm - we're dealing with the fantastical.
RobbiChong: which takes you out of your every day
RobbiChong: life

Moderator: And now for our final question......
Moderator: <Z`ha`dude> to <Moderator>: What major actors would be interesting as guest stars for the show?

DerekdeLint: Any good One !
RobbiChong: I agree with Derek.

Moderator: Thanks for coming Robbi and Derek, do you have any final comments for your fans?

RobbiChong: Thanks for watching - looking forward to another challenging season.
DerekdeLint: I am really honored that so many people enjoy the show and my work
DerekdeLint: Because of them I really enjoy doing it
DerekdeLint: I would really like thank all my fans for their support !
RobbiChong: Bye Derek - see you next week -
Moderator: Thanks for participating everyone!
DerekdeLint: By Robbi, see you in the next episode, it's a good one !