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ALL-NEW IN FANFIC (3/5/97): Yet another incredibly intense drama taking place in SF Legacy House by Katy called "Dreamer's Awake" - in its entirety.

NEW IN FANFIC (3/2/97): Ch. 2 of Casey's "Transfers," Parts 3 & 4 of Deb's "Sacrifices," Ch. 7 of Kalaya's "Dominant Ally," Ch. 6 & 7 of Andrea's "Derek's Descendant."

SECOND P:TL SEASON! (3/2/97): On Sunday March 9th on Showtime (US pay cable channel) the all-new 2nd season of Poltergeist: The Legacy will begin with back-to-back episodes: "The New Guard" (introducing new character, William Sloan - Precept of the London Ruling House - played by Daniel J. Travanti) and "Black Widow."

DO NOT GO GENTLY (3/2/97): New episode description by Emmalee now up!

NEW FANFIC (2/27/97): All-new fanfic story "Dark Legacy" by Donna. The link to her story goes to her own webspace but don't worry, there's a link to bring you back! Donna has merged P:TL with "Dark Shadows!"

ALL-NEW EPISODE DESCRIPTIONS! (2/26/97): Ghost in the Road, Dark Priest, The Bones of St. Anthony and I/nheritance.

HECKUVA LOT OF NEW STUFF IN FANFIC 2/25/97): All-new stories: "Sacrifices" by Deb and "Transfers" by Casey. New chapters: Ch. 5 of Andrea's "Derek's Descendant," Ch. 6 of Maryalice's "Minuet" and Chapters 6-8 of "The Heron" (first five chapters were revised too.)

ALL NEW Q in FAQ+MORE!!! (2/23/97): LOTS of new Q&A on the FAQ+More page which has been newly revised and loosely organized into categories as well. Thanks to Mark and to MGM this time for answering viewers questions. It's a must-see!

NEW IN FANFIC (2/19/97): Parts 9 & 10 to Deb's "A Truce of Trust," Chapter 4 to Andrea's "Derek's Descendant" and the beginning of a new story, "Through the Looking Glass" by Kathryn. (Whew! Sorry that took so long to get 'em up on the web!)

ONE ? POLL and FILL-IT-OUT SURVEY (2/18/97): All-new poll question and a revised survey...time to pick the name of our House!

SUSPENDING NEW FANFIC SUBMISSIONS! (2/18/97): I'm so sorry to have to do this but I'm running out of web space and the submissions are backing up. I need a breather for a couple weeks! I'm still working on putting up the parts/chapters and new stories that I've already received so you don't have to worry about those. If you are an author with an unfinished story already on my site, you can still submit chapters/parts to your story. With the second season starting up in a few weeks, there's a bunch I want to get done to the website before then and I want to be able to use my spare time on those efforts for right now. Hope you forgive me! And it's just for a few weeks...not forever!

DEREK DE LINT BB! (2/14/97): As if you didn't see it on my front page already, but just in case. Derek will be answering our questions on the iguide BBS.

"SISTERS" BY KATY (2/13/97): "In lieu of a recent find of the remains of an ancient tribe of warrior Amazon women in Southern Russia near Turkey, I decided to write a story about them..." - Katy. Her latest fanfic story is now up, in its entirety.

NEW IN FANFIC (2/12/97): The finale to Lona's "The Shaman" and Chapter Three of "Derek's Descendant" by Andrea.

FUTURE OF THIS WEBSITE (2/12/97): hehehe...I finally found what I've been looking for! Cheap webspace at a fast webhost that let's you do whatever you want with cgi-scripts! Yippee! I had a java message board at my disposal for awhile now but held out on using it. What I've got planned is inifintely better! But that's just the first of many things to come. I'll eventually start moving parts of this website over to the new space at a later date...I'll keep you posted.

LEGACY ARCHIVES (2/8/97): All-new pages in the Legacy Archives - Artifacts & Locales, Other Legacy Members & Houses and Miscellaneous People.

NEW IN FANFIC (2/7/97): The finale/Chapter Five of Katy's "The Chieftain's Daughter" and a long-awaited Chapter Five & Six of Kalaya's "Dominant Ally."

ALL NEW FANFIC (2/6/97): A Derek story called "Confidence" by Valery King, in its entirety...that means no waiting for the next part! Warning: sexual content. (Enjoy!)

NEW IN FANFIC! (2/5/97): Pt. 8 to Deb's "A Truce of Trust"...Part 5 of Maryalice's "Minuet"...and Chapter Two to Andrea's "Derek's Descendant" are all up and ready to be read on their respective pages.

REMINDER: (2/5/97): If you've promised to do an episoded description, let me know how you are doing on it. Deadline: Feb. 28th!

NEW IN FANFIC! (2/1/97): All-new story by Andrea - "Derek's Descendant" and the fourth chapter to Katy's "The Chieftain's Daughter."

NEW CHATROOM APPLET!!! (1/31/97): After getting totally ticked off last night at paraCHAT's totally inept server and javachat applet (and getting disconnected a dozen times during an hour)...I made the switch to what seems to be a MUCH MUCH better one called SneakerChat! (that link will take you to their page so you can read all about it if you are interested.)

NEW IN FANFIC (1/30/97): Part 3 of Katy's "The Chieftain's Daughter" and Part Seven of Deb's "A Truce of Trust" are now up in FanFic.

LOTSA NEW PAGES!!! (1/29/97): I went on a webpaging frenzy a couple of days ago and ta-daa! I finally got those character pages I've been meaning to do for the longest time. It all starts with a re-design of the "Legacy & Its Members" page. Linked from there are the cast members' filmographies (like before) including a new one for Daniel J. Travanti. You can now also go to the "San Francisco Legacy House" page with links to the characters pages and to the Archives pages which explains more about the history of the Legacy and in the future, info on all the people, demons, spirits, artifacts, etc. There's even a special "Submit Info" form so you can help add data to the Member pages and Archives.

NEW IN FANFIC (1/28/97): Parts 7 & 8 of Mary's "Knights Templar" are now up!

INTERESTING TIDBIT (1/28/97): I received this nice e-mail and found it quite intriguing. Makes me wonder when us folks in North America might see some similar books! (in English) "...the Burgschmiet publishing house in Nuremberg, Germany starts publishing the german 'Poltergeist' - series in February...the 'Burgschmiet Publishing House' or in german 'Burgschmiet-Verlag (BSV)' produces and sells books belonging to TV-series and movies. The release date of our first german 'Poltergeist'-Book called 'Demonenbrut' will be at the 17th of February."

NEW IN FANFIC (1/25/97): Chapter Two of Katy's "The Chieftain's Daughter" is now up for your entertainment. Don't say I didn't warn you! You're gonna die laughing!

ALL-NEW FANFIC STORY (1/25/97): "Waiting for Justice" by Carol (in its entirety) is now up and ready to be read!

NEW Q ON ONE ? POLL (1/25/97): "Which character would you pick to be your Valentine and what would your card say or your gift be to him/her?" The answers should be quite interesting!

NEW EPISODE DESCRIPTIONS (1/27/97): Thanks to Maryalice for doing "Crystal Scarab" and Valery for "Fox Spirit!"

A TRUCE OF TRUST (1/24/97): Part Six of Deb's ongoing saga is up!

THE CHIEFTAIN'S DAUGHTER (1/21/97): New fanfic story by Katy! "Derek wears pigtails. Nick paints his fingernails. Alex and Rachel wonder how to use the men's room. Philip gets PMS. Alll when a chieftain's daughter gets her hands on an anicent Celtic book of spells..."

MINUET (1/20/97) Part Four of Maryalice's fanfic story is now up!

NEW IN FANFIC (1/19/97): Canto I: Chapter 3 of Maggi's "The Other Path" and Part Five of Deb's "A Truce of Trust" are now up on their respective pages.

NEW EPISODE DESCRIPTIONS (1/17/97): "Thirteenth Generation" written for us by Tami and "Traitor Among Us" by myself.

FINALE FOR "VALLEY..." (1/15/97): Chapter Five - the dramatic finale - of Katy's "Valley of the Woeful Abyss" is up on its page as of this afternoon.

NEW IN FANFIC (1/15/97): Part Three of Maryalice's "Minuet" and Part Six of Mary W's "Knights Templar" are now up!

OUR OWN P:TL BB!!! (1/14/97): Just up this afternoon, the new Poltergeist: The Legacy Bulletin Board on iGuide's BBS. Start posting those notes!!!!

NEW IN FANFIC (1/14/97): Chapters 3 & 4 of Katy's "Valley of the Woeful Abyss" and Part 3 of Lona's "The Shaman" are now up for your reading pleasure!

NEW IN FANFIC (1/11/97): Part Four of Deb's "A Truce of Trust" and Chapter Two of Katy's "Valley of the Woeful Abyss."

EPISODE GUIDE (1/10/97): "The Substitute" has got it's own page and description now thanks to a very loyal viewer, Valery, who wrote it up for us (and she's gonna do MORE too!)

OUR OWN POLTERGEIST: THE LEGACY BB!!! (1/10/97): You know the link to the "Offsite BB" I have on the front page to iGuide's Sci-Fi/Fantasy BB? Well, us Legacy viewers have been hogging the site so much that we warrant our own, it seems. (Thanks to y'all who wrote iGuide about it too.) I'll post the URL for it when it's up and running over there sometime in the next week or so.

SNEAK PEAK AT NEXT SEASON'S EPS (1/10/97): JUST WANTED TO PUT THIS HERE AGAIN SO YOU'LL KNOW...Showtime Online has finally updated their Poltergeist page with some brief synopses of a few 2nd season episodes. Derek's stunt double, Crossfire, says "next episode [in production] I'll be falling off a cliff for Derek." (Hey, if Derek de Lint wanted more action for his character...it looks like he's getting it in the 2nd season!)

KNIGHTS TEMPLAR (1/8/97): Part Five of Mary's story is ready and waiting to be read.

VALLEY OF THE WOEFUL ABYSS (1/7/97): The first part of Katy's new fanfic story is now up! "A young woman is found murdered in her home. The only clue to the mystery is a missing Egyptian necklace. Asked by an old friend to investigate, Derek and Nick become obsessed with the woman, shutting out everyone else around them and running the risk of losing their sanity altogether in an attempt to put her violent spirit to rest."

A TRUCE OF TRUST (1/6/97): Part Three of Deb's story now up!

FILL-IT-OUT SURVEY (1/6/97): Okay, my member fill-out form is almost ready to go up on the web. What we need is a NAME for our new cyber "Legacy House." I've had lots of suggetions in the last few months, now it's time to narrow it down. There's an explanation and question just for it on the Fill-it-out Survey, please take the time to check one off. Thanks!

NEW IN FANFIC (1/5/97): Part 2 to Maggi's "The Other Path," Part 2 to Deb's "Truce," and Part 2 to Maryalice's "Minuet." And please tell me if any of the text looks weird to you because sometimes I forgot to go in and put the paragraph breaks in! (On some browsers, the double line breaks won't show up as a space...but they do in mine so I don't notice it.)

CYBER LEGACY HOUSE (1/4/97): Chat tonite at 9 p.m. Central

NEW FANFIC-"MINUET" (1/3/97): Yes, another "Derek" one! <sorry...they're my favorites> Go check out part one of Maryalice's new fanfic.

SINS OF THE FATHER (1/3/97): New episode description, thanks to Maryalice!

SNEAK PEAK AT NEXT SEASON'S EPS (1/1/97): Showtime Online has finally updated their Poltergeist page with some brief synopses of a few 2nd season episodes. I don't know about you, but some of them kinda shocked me! Derek's long-lost son is sent from the darkside to kill him? Derek recovering from a self-inflicted gunshot wound? Derek rescued from a plane crash by a Greek god who then tries to hunt & kill him? Good grief! Poor Derek!

KNIGHTS TEMPLAR (1/1/97): Part 3 to Mary W.'s story now up! And as of early 1/2/97, Part Four too!

DEB'S NEW FANFIC (12/31/96): "A Truce of Trust" - Part One - is now ready for you anxious fanfic readers dyin' to know the continuing story of Lissa Rayne.

FINALE IN FANFIC: (12/30/96): Part Ten is here to bring a close to Deb's "Desecration." Okay, Deb...we're dyin' for the next one!

CYBER_LEGACY_HOUSE CHATROOM (12/29/96): Yesss! I got a freebie and it's a good one! We now have out own special place to yack about Poltergeist: The Legacy (and probably a bunch of other stuff) right on this website of mine. If you've got any suggestions for topics or times to meet...let me know! You don't have to have any special software but your browser has to be java-enabled. (You'll know when you go there.)

NEW IN FANFIC: (12/26/96): Canto I: Chapter One of Maggi's "The Other Path" and Part Two of Mary W.'s "Knights Templar."

ONE ? POLL (12/26/96): There's a new question up. Quick! Go answer it!

NEW IN FANFIC: (12/23/96): Parts 6 & 7 (the finale!) of Katy's "Stones in the Field" and the climatic Part 9 to Deb's "Desecration."

NEW STORIES, NEW PARTS IN FANFIC (12/19/96): "The Other Path" by Maggi - "Who could have known that the end of the world, of all worlds, would be brought about by a fork?" and "Knights Templar" by Mary W. [It's about time somebody covered the Templars in fanfic! - Clarianna] Part 2 of Lona's "The Shaman", Part Five of Katy's "Stones of the Field" and Part 8 of Deb's "Desecration." [Geez, I hope I got all those straight!]

NEW IN FANFIC (12/17/96): Part Four of Katy's rather intense "Stones of the Field."

NEW Q&A IN FAQ+MORE (12/16/96): A few new questions have been answered by Mark, our P:TL guy, as I like to refer to him. <grin>

GENTLE REMINDER (12/16/96): For all those who have dibs on certain episodes to do the descriptions for...let me know if you are still going to do them! Otherwise, I have a few other offers of help on those same episodes.

NEW IN FANFIC (12/16/96): Part Five of "The Heron."

NEW IN FANFIC (12/13/96): ATTN: NICK FANS! All new story by Jennifer called "Ghost in the Painting" - Someone is stalking Nick. A teenaged girl and a mysterious painting are the only warning he's got. But are they enough? Part 7 of Deb's "Desecration" and Part Three of Katy's "Stones of the Field" are now up!

THE SHAMAN (12/11/96): Brand-new fanfic story by Lona J. - a must read!

NEW IN FANFIC (12/10/96): Part 4 to Kalaya's "The Dominant Ally" and Part 2 of Katy's "Stones of the Field." And I've been notified by some new authors of their pending fanfic stories...just in time for the Christmas holidays!

INTERESTING TIDBIT (12/7/96): I found this entry on my guestbook from 'Lance', he also wrote some similar info when taking my survey: "I'm the stunt double for Derek, and just for all of you out there know, Derek is a real stand up guy, treats everyone very nice and is a good person to be around. Look for the episode this year where Derek takes his newly found son white water rafting, good action" Hmm...I don't think I wanna miss *that* episode! BTW, it's the alleged title for that one is "Lives in the Balance." I am definitely looking forward to the next season (hurry up March!)

NEW Q&A ON THE FAQ PAGE (12/6/96): Find out why they're showing the pilot episode one more time...and more!

NEW IN FANFIC (12/6/96): Go to the ALL-NEW "Stones of the Field" by Katy. Then go read the next parts to Deb's "Desecration" (Pt. 5 & 6 - they're split between pages), Clair's "The Heron" and Chapter 3 to Kalaya's "The Dominant Ally."

BELL OF GIRARDIUS (12/6/96): It's got it's own page and description now thanks to a very loyal viewer, Emmalee, who wrote us up a good one!

AREA 52 - NEW SCI-FI/FANTASY SITE! (12/3/96): News, BBS, Q&A, Fan Profiles, etc. Info about P:TL and Q&A with cast coming soon to this new TVGuide Online site. Don't forget to check out some other sci-fi/fantasy sites through my hotlinks page.

POST TO AN OFFSITE BB (12/2/96): Did you see that new "offsite bb" textbutton on the first page? Well, it goes to iguide's Sci-Fi BB. You don't have to register and notes are posted immediately so you can see them. I post there myself and check it out on a regular basis.

NEW IN FANFIC (12/2/96): Part Four of Deb's "Desecration" is up!

FRESH NEW Q&A ON THE FAQ PAGE (11/30/96): If you've got questions about Daniel J. Travanti's new Legacy character, this is a must-see. NOTE: New season on Showtime doesn't start til March '97 unlike previously reported.

LOTSA NEW FANFIC PARTS UP! (11/27/96): The last three parts have arrived to conclude "Sleep of the Dead," part three of "Desecration" and chapters two and three of "The Heron" are all up to entice you into these stories even further.

SOMETIME NEXT WEEK ON TVGUIDE ONLINE (11/26/96): There will be BBs and interviews with P:TL stars at TV Guide Online's new sci-fi/fantasy site Area 52. When I know more and I have the URL for the site, I'll post it here!

NEW CHARACTER FOR 2ND SEASON (11/26/96): Thanks first to Elissa who e-mailed me early this morning with the nieuw news and to Diana R. & Frank Garcia for sending me complete articles from several sources to look through. Remember on the FAQ page Mark saying that they would be getting a recognizable new actor for the second season? Well, it's Daniel J. Travanti, ( he played Capt. Frank Furillo from "Hill Street Blues") and he'll be Legacy member "William Sloan." If you want to express your comments, go the One ? Poll page.

NEW IN FANFIC (11/25/96): Katy's "Tne Next Time" and the next part to Deb's "Desecration."

DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY (11/25/96): Manfred Guthe, C.S.C. contacted me via e-mail after seeing my web site here and has answered a few questions of mine. He was instrumental in achieving the "look" of P:TL with his work on the pilot episode.

TOWN WITHOUT PITY (11/25/96): Diana is the first loyal p:tl viewer to submit an episode description for this web site...thank you, Diana! You too can help make this web site a better place to visit in the future.

NEW FANFIC BY DEB! (11/24/96): Her new piece, "Desecration," follows up the storyline of her first P:TL fanfic here, "The Dream Walker."

SLEEP OF THE DEAD (11/22/96): Parts Ten & Eleven are up for your reading pleasure.

TWO NEW FANFIC STORIES! (11/21/96): The first parts for two stories revolving mostly around Derek Rayne (what a coincidence, eh?) - Kalaya's "The Dominant Ally" and Clair's "The Heron: Time & Patience" are up on the web today.

CHECK OUT THE FAQ+MORE PAGE (11/20/96): Yet another batch of your questions with Mark's answers!!! By the way...I still need your creative and intelligent questions!

ARE YOU A DEREK DE LINT FAN? (11/18/96): Would you like to see/own some of the movies he's played the leads in? If you have a Beta vcr (yes, they're still around and I also have a vhs vcr and laserdisc player) you can order "Stealing Heaven" $2.95 (it's in English) and "The Assault" $2.95 (unfortunately dubbed) from Brauer Trading Ltd., Inc. at 1-800-962-7722 but only until January 7, 1997. Both are excellent movies but if you are a romantic and would like to see more of Derek de Lint, you'll just die watchng "Stealing Heaven" - I recommend it wholeheartedly!

MOYTURA (11/18/96): Go check out this intense story! Part Four - with the ending - just in!

NEW FANFIC: AFTERMATH (11/17/96): Check out Deb T.'s new short story.

SLEEP OF THE DEAD (11/15/96): Just in...PART NINE!!!

P:TL ARTICLE BY FRANK GARCIA (11/15/96): Totally forgot to mention to y'all that there's a nice article about the show in the December '96 print mag "SciFi Entertainment."

MOYTURA THIRD PART (11/11/96): Three more chapters of this hair-raising tale!

HIGHLANDER: THE LEGACY 2ND HALF (11/10/96): the second half with the ending!

DREAMWALKER FINALE (11/9/96): Part Ten of Deb's story just in - you're gonna love the ending! The linked text above will take you directly to it.

NEW BATCH OF ANSWERS JUST IN FROM MARK (11/8/96): In my opinion, this is one of the most enjoyable pages on this web site, next to reading the fanfiction. Still need your questions, so send 'em in to me now.


NEW PARTS TO FANFIC STORIES! (11/6/96): Pt. 2 of "Moytura", pt. 5 of "Sleep o/f the Dead" and Pt. 7 of "The Dream Walker" have been added and Pt. 8 on 11/7/96 and Pt. 9 on 11/8/96!

CURRENT SCI-FI TV BBOARD (11/5/96): I've been looking for a temporary place for all of us to post messages and think I've found the place. It's on the Sci-Fi Channel's Dominion BBoard, go to the Current Sci-Fi TV: "Poltergeist: The Legacy Viewers!!!" topic. I'll stop by regularly until we find a more suitable place to go or I create something here (wish me luck!) P.S. You have to register first before you can post on the board.

DARK SKIES VS. THE X-FILES issue no.7 (11/5/96): Go read my e-interview and many other interesting articles in this week's issue from a really cool 'zine.

ADDED SOME SURVEY QUESTIONS (11/4/96): I'm pondering things again and have asked a couple more new questions of you.

NOTE TO E-MAILERS (11/4/96): If you don't get an answer from me withing a couple days, it's 'cuz I can't e-mail you back! The return addresses are incorrect for some reason. Here's a couple people whom I've had problems replying to: Maryalice, Emma, Pykala, Michael/dylmad, Anna/acs, and a few more that I forgot to save the error messages for.

NEW FANFIC STORY & PARTS (11/3/96): Part six of "The Dream Walker" just in and an all new story by Katy called "Moytura."

NEXT BATCH OF ANSWERS JUST IN! (11/2/96): Mark has answered more of our questions and I've put them up on the FAQ+more page...a definite "must read."

I NEED YOUR P:TL QUESTIONS! (10/31/96): If you have ever had any questions about an episode, an actor or character, some discrepancy you've found, or "how'd they do that special fx?", etc.; then PLEASE e-mail me your questions or ponderings. Don't you wanna know the answers!?!

PART FOUR OF "SLEEP OF THE DEAD" (10/31/96): it's in, ready to be read!

MARTIN CUMMINS/HIGHLANDER FANS (10/31/96): Diana R. wanted me to remind you all that a re-run of the episode Martin (with longer hair) was in will be on the USA Channel - Thursday, November 14th at 7:00 p.m. (check your local listings) in "Counterfeit, Part 1"

PART FIVE OF DREAMWALKER (10/28/96): It's getting good! Go check out this fanfic!

NEW POLL QUESTION (10/28/96): You have to go there to find out what it is <grin>

FAQ+MORE HAS YOUR ANSWERS! (10/27/96): Thanks to all who have submitted questions about the show over the last month via e-mail or the survey. (KEEP EM COMING!) Thanks be to Mark for answering our questions about the show.

NEW EPISODE DESCRIPTIONS (10/27/96): I have started the process of creating individual pages with longer descriptions and even have a good start on the credits page.

FILL-IT-OUT SURVEY NOW UP (10/24/96): Go take a break and fillout my lil survey. Your answers will help me make this a better website and who know, maybe your questions and comments will get answered on the FAQ+More page.

LET ME REPEAT THIS ANSWER ONCE AGAIN (10/22/96): There will be no new episodes aired on Showtime until January '97 when the second season (already in production) begins. Even a series on a pay channel needs a hiatus between seasons. (Gotta give the cast & crew a rest!) Until then, you'll just have to watch the episodes from the first season that are airing now in syndication.

HEY, IF YOU HADN'T NOTICE YET, I'M TAKING A POLL (10/22/96): Go to my One?Survey page to find out what the single question is for this week.

NEW PATRICK INFO (10/19/96): I finally got some background info on Patrick Fitzgerald who plays "Father Philip Callaghan." When I get more, look for my all-new web page (separate from P:TL) for this burgeoning Irish actor.

EXCELLENT NEW FANFIC (10/18/96): by Deb T. called "The Dream Walker"...I've read subsequent stories of hers and they are filled with insight into all the P:TL characters, especially Philip. Let her know if you like her story and maybe she'll send us more!

NEW TO THE EPISODE LIST (10/18/96): Starting with the pilot, I'm going to make a separate page for each individual episode and fill it full of information (once I get it!.)

FINALLY...FAN-FICTION! (10/12/96): Mary W. has submitted the first segment of her fan-fiction called "Sleep of the Dead."

GOT ANY QUESTIONS? (10/12/96): I'm compiling a list, so PLEASE send me your questions about anything you would like to know about the series. I'll see if I can't get some answers for you and put them on this page. Send ??? here.

BITTERSWEET NEWS (10/9/96): Poltergeist: The Legacy got a single nomination this year for a CableACE award. It was in the category of "Actor in a Dramatic Special or Series." You think it might have been Derek, Martin or Patrick but alas, it was for the devilishly wicked performance that Ben Cross gave in "The Substitute." The 18th Annual CableACE Award show is on November 16th, I think.

NEW WEB SITE (10/9/96): In case you don't get to the Derek de Lint page on this site, I want to let you all know that I have create an entirely new, separate site with a more comprehensive filmography and links to related sites for this special Dutch actor. Guess what? It's the first unofficial (well, there are no "official" sites) home page for Mr. de Lint unless someone is hiding their page or has it indexed on some obscure search engine's database.