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More Martin on Canada pay tv
posted Thursday, 6-December-2001
For Canadian fans anxious to see more Martin Cummins, you are in luck. Check out MC in the mini-series DICE on The Movie Network (a Canadian pay channel.) Episode 4 airs on Dec 6, 7, 8 and 10. Episode 5 airs Dec 8, 10-17. Episode 6 airs Dec 17, 19-22, 24 and 29. Martin plays the compulsive detective Patrick Styvesant who is searching for the killer of a college student.

WE ALL FALL DOWN, directed by Martin Cummins and starring Helen Shaver, is also listed on The Movie Network. Check their site for future airings.

Martin Cummins' LOVE COME DOWN on TV
posted Saturday, 1-December-2001
Earlier this year, Martin Cummins was awarded a Genie for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role for LOVE COME DOWN. This independent film will be airing a few times on the Black Starz! channel in December.

Future Air Dates (I think these are in Eastern time zone):
Dec 5 - 9:45PM
Dec 6 - 12:15PM
Dec 16 - 1:30PM
Dec 16 - 8:00PM

Love Come Down is the story of two brothers, one black and one white, who must overcome their own personal demons in the wake of a violent family tragedy.