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81. Forget Me Not

Season: 4
First Air Date: 10 September 1999 (Sci Fi Channel)
Alternate Title(s): Vergissmeinnicht (German)
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Kat forms a bond with a mysterious girl who pushes her into dangerous situations. Miranda is baacccccck!



Helen Shaver "Dr. Rachel Corrigan, MD"
Martin Cummins "Nick Boyle"
Alexandra Purvis "Katherine (Kat) Corrigan"
Guest Actors


Colleen Rennison "Miranda"
Alison Pill "Paige"
Co-Executive Producer Garner Simmons
Co-Executive Producer Grant Rosenberg
Producer -

John Benjamin Martin

Director Jerry Ciccoritti
This description by:

Tracey -



Miranda's House

Miranda is sitting in the middle of a pentacle and is casting a spell to bring someone into the world. She reads the spell from an old book. There is a breeze and the area surrounding Miranda begins to glow. Miranda looks up and declares it done.

Rachel's House

Kat is watching a videotape of a family picnic that includes Rachel, Patrick, Connor and herself. Rachel comes into the room and warns Kat that she is going to wear the tape out. Kat tells her that she likes hearing her father's voice. Kat pauses the tape and notices the figure of a girl in the background; she asks Rachel who it is and says she's never been there before. Rachel peers at the screen and admits that she has never seen her before. Kat is adamant that the girl has never been on the tape as she has watched it hundreds of times and it is creepy the way the girl seems to be watching them. Rachel says she must have been there before. Kat starts to get upset and accuses Rachel of not listening to her before finally getting up and leaving. Rachel continues to stare at the image.

Legacy House Control Room

Nick scans the video through the computers as Rachel tells him Kat has watched the tape dozens of times and the girl wasn't there before. Nick asks why they keep watching this particular video and Rachel reveals it was shot the weekend before Patrick and Connor died in the accident. Nick zooms in on the figure of the girl and she stares at them before disappearing. Nick and Rachel are stunned.

Miranda's House

Miranda continues to sit in the circle of power, holding the book of spells.

Kat's School

Kat is walking along when a group of boys accidentally knock into her, causing her to drop her lunch. An older girl picks up the bag and hands it back to her, saying there should be a leash law for boys instead of dogs. Kat remarks that she hasn't been seen the girl before. Paige introduces herself and says she just moved here from Oakland. They continue to walk, watched closely by Miranda.

Legacy House Control Room

Nick continues to run the tape through the computer and with some frustration notes that there has been no chemical alteration. On the tape, Rachel and Kat are playing around and Nick focuses in on the girl in the background. The image of Rachel and Kat glows green and the tape in the background begins to deteriorate. Nick taps a few more keys and the image of the girl reappears. He zooms in and cleans up the picture.

Kat's School

Kat and Paige are walking along when Miranda joins them. Paige introduces Miranda to Kat, but Kat stiffly says they know each other. Miranda apologizes for the incident with Rachel and asks if they can be friends again. Kat says she has to go and leaves.

Legacy House Control Room

Nick tells Rachel that the aura around the girl is completely different to that around Rachel and Kat on the video, and that may mean the girl is not corporeal. Rachel wonders how she got there if she is indeed a spirit. Nick comments that the tape is just a thin layer of molecules and perhaps it was easier for the spirit to materialise there rather than in real life. Rachel asks why that tape and that particular moment. Nick suggests the girl may be trying to tell her something, but Rachel doesn't like the idea of the girl just standing there. Nick tells her he's going to give her a copy of the tape and a print of the image in case it jogs Kat's memory. Rachel wryly points out that Kat has reached the age where she hates her mother and thinks everything she says is stupid. Nick hands her the print and Rachel continues to tell Nick that she was thirteen when she entered the same phase and that she thought she'd be better prepared to deal with it on a professional level. Rachel looks at the print, but neither she nor Nick can make out the face.

Rachel's House

Kat is doing her homework while watching a Pink Panther cartoon. Rachel comes in and switches off the television, reminding Kat that the rules are homework first then television. As Rachel removes her coat, Kat switches the television back on. Rachel reaches for the remote control and switches it off again. Kat insists she's old enough to do homework whichever way she wants and switches it back on. Rachel tells her to go to her room. Kat gathers her books and starts to leave the room; she turns to Rachel and tells her to make sure she locks the cell door once she's inside.

Later that evening, Rachel is watching the picnic tape on her own. She pauses the tape just as the girl appears and leans closer to the screen, asking her what she wants. A ghostly voice whispers "why". Stunned, Rachel gets to her feet, as the voice asks why again. As she turns around, the voice yells "why" and the girl from the video appears in the room. She asks Rachel why she has forgotten her and Rachel rushes to put on a light. As the light comes on, the girl disappears.

The following morning, Rachel sets the table for breakfast while speaking to Nick on the phone. She tells him that she may have been dreaming the whole incident, but is seemed so real. Nick asks if she has shown the picture to Kat yet. Rachel says no and places it on the table for Kat to see when she comes down for breakfast. Nick asks Rachel if she remembers the name of the park where the video was shot so that he can look into its history. Rachel tells him it was Dunlinden Park, but she thinks it was closed down a couple of years ago for development. Kat comes in and Rachel tells Nick she has to go.

Kat sits down and Rachel places a plate of waffles and whip cream in front of her. She apologizes to Kat and tells her as long as she does her homework and gets good grades, she can decide how she does it. She then asks if they are friends again and Kat agrees. Rachel starts to tell Kat that she went to the Legacy House and reaches for the print. Kat rolls her eyes and leaves the room, telling Rachel she has to get to school early.

Kat's School

Kat meets with Miranda and Paige. Miranda asks Kat if they can be friends again and Paige adds that she wants them all to get along. Kat agrees and admits that she missed hanging out with Miranda. Miranda asks Kat what's bothering her and Kat tells them in disgust that her mother gave her "permission" to watch television last night and treats her like a five-year-old. Miranda comments that parents derive pleasure from thinking they can control their children. Paige remarks that she doesn't even talk to her mother anymore. Kat says she'd be grounded if she tried that. Paige asks Kat if she has ever played chicken in order to see whom she can really trust and urges Kat to dare her into doing something. Miranda suggests she draw a picture of their teacher on the board and Kat adds with a piggy nose and bunny ears. They walk away, giggling.

Legacy House Control Room

Nick is looking at some press clippings about Dunlinden Park on the big screen. Very bored, he dryly comments that it has to be the only park in California where nothing happens. As he sits in front of the computer, Miranda magically appears to the side of him and blows some dust from her raised palm. The vapour travels across the room and swirls around Nick's head, and he passes out. Miranda whispers "sweet dreams" into his ear and taps the computer keys.

Kat's School

Paige reminds Kat that they are playing the game, not Miranda. Their teacher leaves the school building, just as Miranda finally arrives. Kat warns Paige that if she is caught they will all get into trouble. Miranda tells her not to worry. Paige won't be caught.

Paige sneaks into the classroom and begins drawing on the blackboard. Outside, Kat and Miranda watch as their teacher turns around and heads back inside. Paige hears footsteps along the corridor and manages to hide. Kat and Miranda peer in through the window, as their teacher puts on her glasses and studies the drawing. Kat and Miranda quickly duck out of sight as she angrily turns away from the board and looks towards the window. Paige, somehow having managed to escape the room, meets with them and announces she has the perfect dare and to meet her at the old stone church.

Legacy House Control Room

Nick wakes up, believing he fell asleep and looks at his watch. Bleary-eyed, he starts working on the computer again and notices that Rachel's private file is on the screen. It opens and Nick looks stunned as he begins to read the contents of the page.

Stone Church

Paige asks Kat if she remembers what she has to do. Kat says she is to climb in the window and place the box in the rectory room. Kat asks what's in the box and Paige tells her she'll find out when she gets there. Miranda and Paige tell her they will knock on the front door to provide a distraction. Kat climbs up the trellis and watches as the priest works at his desk. Paige runs up and rings the doorbell, drawing the priest downstairs. Kat opens the window and reaches inside. She places the box on the table and then opens it to reveal a lizard. She squeals and loses her footing on the trellis, hanging from her hands. She cries for help, but as Miranda moves forward, Paige grabs her and says Kat has to get out of trouble by herself. Miranda argues that she might get killed, but Paige scoffs that would be too bad. Miranda reminds her that wasn't part of the deal. Kat continues to call for help and as she begins to slip, the priest appears in the window and grabs her wrists.

Rachel's House

Rachel helps the priest on with his jacket and apologizes again for Kat's actions. Once he's gone, Rachel scolds Kat, telling her she could have been seriously hurt. Kat argues nothing happened and cheekily tells Rachel to take a "chill pill". Rachel warns Kat not to speak to her that way, demanding respect as her mother. Kat storms out as the doorbell rings. Rachel answers the door - it's Nick. He tells Rachel that he has been doing some research into the park, looking for any unusual deaths involving young girls. Rachel asks if he found anything and Nick hesitantly tells her that the computer had some sort of weird glitch and opened her private file. Rachel smirks and asks if it contained information on her wild past when she abused alcohol and drugs. Nick quietly tells her that the Legacy knows about the child she had before marrying Patrick. Rachel is visibly upset and shocked.

Later, Rachel tells Nick that she was nineteen and not ready to be a mother. When she found out she was pregnant, she stopped the drugs and alcohol, and then made the decision to have the child adopted. She tried not to think about the baby and went about her life as best as she could. She then met Patrick and never told him about her daughter. Rachel starts to cry and says that it was painful for her when Connor was born; she couldn't tell Patrick about her daughter. She never told anybody. Looking uncomfortable, Nick asks if she knows where her daughter is now. Rachel hands Nick a birth certificate and says that's all she knows about her baby. Nick informs Rachel that he was working on the tape when he passed out and the file was on the computer when he woke up. He believes it was done on purpose and that the girl may be her daughter trying to communicate with her. Rachel looks devastated.

Kat's School

Paige announces to Kat and Miranda that it is time for round two to prove which of them is the bravest. Miranda protests that Kat was almost killed last time, but Paige insists that this is the only way to seal the bond between them. Kat states she's ready and Paige announces they'll meet in a clearing in the woods the next day.

Rachel's House

Rachel sits Kat down and starts to tell her that she had a baby in college before meeting Kat's father. She tells Kat that she was only nineteen and unmarried, so she made the decision to give the baby up for adoption. Kat starts to get upset and asks if Patrick knew; Rachel confesses that he never knew. Kat asks why; as Rachel always says they should never have secrets between them. Rachel says she still believes that, but it happened a long time ago. Kat insists it was still a lie and that Rachel lied to her daddy. Rachel admits that she would go back and change things if she could, telling Kat that she wants to search for the family who adopted the baby. Kat asks why she wants to do that and Rachel tells her that she thinks the girl in the video is her daughter trying to reach her. Kat gets upset, thinking that Rachel loves her other daughter more than her. Rachel assures her that she loves her and Kat asks to help. Rachel refuses and Kat storms away to her room.

Dugans' House

Nick and Rachel drive up in front of the house and Nick tells a nervous Rachel that she doesn't have to go through with it. Rachel insists that she has to because she's thought about this moment so many times over the years, wondering what her daughter looks like. Rachel heads up to the front door as Nick waits by the car. Rachel introduces herself to Mrs Dugan and tries to speak to her about her daughter. Mrs Dugan tells her that their daughter died eight years ago in an accident and excuses herself as her husband isn't well. Rachel hands her card to Mrs Dugan and asks if they can talk sometime. Mrs Dugan takes the card and closes the door. Stunned by the news, Rachel heads back to the car and Nick tells her he's sorry. At that moment the front door opens and Mrs Dugan gives Rachel a photo of her daughter taken just before she died. She tells Rachel that her daughter fell down a flight of stairs. Rachel's eyes fill with tears as she looks at the photo and she asks what she was like. Mrs Dugan says she was smart and full of life. She says that Rachel gave them a gift for a little while and that they resembled each other. Rachel hugs her and says thank you. Mrs Dugan heads back inside and Rachel looks at the photo. It is Paige.

Miranda's House

Light of day, dark of night
Angry spirits come to light.
Let injustice set you free
And use your rage to come to me.

Miranda chants the spell and stands as Paige's voice tells her that she may have brought her back but she will go where she pleases. Miranda tells her the idea was to get revenge on Rachel and that hurting Kat was never part of the plan. Miranda reveals she has plans for Kat and that Paige should remember that she is not to be harmed. Paige tells her she'll keep it in mind.

Rachel's House

Kat is asleep when Paige enters her bedroom, wearing the long white nightdress from the video. She waves her hand over Kat, watching her sleep, and then disappears.

The following day, Nick is sitting in the lounge when Rachel walks in. He tells her she looks like she didn't get any sleep. Rachel opens the blinds and asks him if Kat left. He confirms that she went to the library. Rachel then asks if he found anything more about Paige. Nick says he spoke to her teacher, principal and the local hospital. Everything Mrs Dugan said was true, Paige was pretty, popular and smart. Rachel smiles and compares her to Kat. Nick nods, then gets up looking uncomfortable, he tells Rachel that when Paige was about eight she started to become withdrawn and was labelled problematic. She was diagnosed with a mental illness. Horrified, Rachel wonders if Paige inherited the Sight like Kat; nobody would have been able to help her. Rachel wonders if Paige knew she was adopted and Nick reminds her that her presence on the video seems to indicate that she knew something and they have to find out.

The Woods

Kat, Miranda and Paige sit in the woods and Paige says now that they have achieved their dares, it is time for a challenge to prove courage and loyalty. Kat asks about the challenge and Miranda tells her they will meet in the park at ten. Kat is uneasy about sneaking out and Paige scornfully tells her to forget it. Kat argues that she can handle it. Miranda tells Kat to hold out her left hand, as she reaches for a lit candle. She pours wax into each of the girls' left hands and they all clasp hands. Paige declares they are officially sisters, and the first one to back out will be banished. She blows out the candle.

Rachel's House

Later that night, Rachel knocks on Kat's bedroom door and asks if they can talk. The room is dark and Kat is curled up in bed. Rachel walks into the room, holding a photo, and tells Kat that she understands why Kat is angry. She apologizes and sits on the bed. She tells Kat that she went to see Paige's family and found out that she was dead, so she and Kat are alone again. She promises not to keep any more secrets as she looks at Paige's picture. The figure in the bed stirs - it is Paige, not Kat. She tells Rachel that there will be no more secrets and accuses Rachel of not loving her enough to keep her. She demands to know why Rachel never looked for her and Rachel confesses she was afraid of doing the wrong thing. Paige demands to know why Rachel gave her away and Rachel reveals she was unable to provide Paige with the kind of life she needed. Paige argues that Rachel doesn't understand the kind of life she did have. Rachel apologizes and reaches out to touch Paige's face. She tells Paige that she knows she suffered, pulling her into her arms. She confesses she wasn't ready to be a mother as Paige sobs in her arms and tells her she thought she was doing the right thing by giving her to people who would love her. Rachel cradles Paige and tells her she can't undo the past, but she'll never forget her. She calls Paige "her first baby girl" and this infuriates her. Paige pulls away and asks about "her second girl" who had the life Paige deserved. Rachel insists that this has nothing to do with Kat and Paige tells her she'll be sure to tell Kat that. Growing concerned, Rachel asks where Kat is. Paige asks Rachel where she thinks she is and her voice changes to Patrick's, saying, "his favourite two girls". With that Paige disappears.

Nick pulls up in front of Rachel's and she rushes out to tell him that Paige has Kat.

Dunlinden Park

Miranda assures Kat that they won't get caught, but Kat tells Miranda that she's not afraid of that - she's afraid of the cliff because she's afraid of heights. They meet Paige and she leads them to an old rope bridge that bears a sign saying it is unsafe to cross. Paige stands at the beginning and invites them to cross. Kat comments that it will probably fall down any minute and Paige teasingly asks her if she is backing out. Kat asks who is going first. Paige volunteers and tells Miranda to stay to make sure Kat doesn't run away. Paige crosses the bridge, which sways dangerously, and she pretends to stumble, frightening Kat and Miranda. Paige starts to laugh and tells them she was kidding.

Nick and Rachel stop at a "Road Closed" sign and get out of the car. Rachel tells Nick that there is an old bridge there and it is dangerous. Nick tells her to take the car and he runs off into the woods.

Paige has made it across and shouts over to Kat that it is her turn. Nervously, Kat begins to cross as the bridge continues to creak and sway. She is almost halfway across when Paige points and makes the wooden slats fall away on either side of Kat. Kat is trapped in the middle, unable to go forward or back. Paige points again and the ropes begin to snap. Kat hears Rachel calling her name and Miranda hides in the trees. Kat yells at Paige that they are supposed to be sisters. Paige tells Kat that they are really sisters and she's the one their mother never wanted. Kat tells her that she's dead and Paige informs her that she will soon find out what it is like. Rachel reaches the edge of the bridge and yells at Kat not to move. She starts to climb on to the bridge, but Paige brushes her aside.

Hidden in the bushes, Miranda casts a thought to Kat, telling her to use her magic.

Rachel begs Paige to talk to her and Paige tells Rachel that she knew she'd want to be there for Kat since she failed to save Paige from falling to her death. Rachel pleads that Paige is angry with her and not Kat. Paige orders Kat to let go off the bridge and again Miranda urges Kat to use her magic to destroy Paige. Kat tells Paige that they are sisters and she's sorry they never knew each other. She tells Paige that she forgives her. Paige quietens and has tears in her eyes.

The bridge is creaking ominously and the ropes are beginning to snap, just as Nick reaches Paige's side. He starts to inch along the ropes towards Kat and grabs hold of her, telling her to get on his back. They edge slowly to the side, the bridge creaking all the way. Just as they get on the ground, the ropes give way and the bridge plummets below.

Paige turns to look at Rachel on the other bank and Rachel tells her she's sorry. Paige, fighting back tears, pleads with Rachel not to forget her, as she begins to shimmer and ascend. Rachel promises never to forget her and tells her she loves her. Kat looks over to Rachel, clearly upset. Rachel calls her name but Kat turns and walks away.

"A child is life's greatest gift, in giving up Paige, I abandoned that gift. Yet she's found it in her heart to forgive me. There's no greater love than that between a mother and her child. There's also no greater pain."

Description last revised: 04-SEP-2002