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Scripts currently in the works:

* denotes that the episode turned out a little differently than described here
** denotes that the episode turned out significantly different than described here
*** this episode was never made

Man in the Mist

When a man materializes out of the mist in period wardrobe, it triggers a strange supernatural event which in turn summons The Legacy. In the process of investigating the phenomenon, Rachel finds herself becoming more and more attracted to this strange, unearthly man, forcing her to confront her feelings toward the loss of her husband. Ultimately, with Rachel's help, the man discovers his true past as the captain of a ship that was lost at sea, and realizes that he must return to the other side.

Sins of the Father

When his young son is attacked at home, a friend of Derek's is brought up on child abuse charges. Ultimately, the group discovers that the boy is being attacked by the spirit of another young boy, the illegitimate and abandoned son of Derek's friend.

The Twelfth Cave

An ancient scroll is found in a cave on the Dead Sea. One more of the Dead Sea scrolls, this one turns out to be the original confession of Cain. The finder of the scroll bequeaths it to Derek at The Legacy, deliberately transferring the Scroll's hidden power - it turns its possessor into a paranoid psychotic. As Derek loses control of The Legacy, the members must find out a way to stop the curse.

The Tenement

Alexandra helps condemn a young slumlord to the confines of one of his tenements, only to discover that an evil spirit inhabits the building, and wants the young man's soul. Alex moves into the building to help the man and stop the spirit, only to find herself enmeshed in the strange evil of the building and fighting for her own life.

Do Not Go Gently **

When one of Nick's friends falls into a coma, Nick discovers that the hospital his friend is staying in has an above-average incidence of coma patients Ultimately, the group discovers that a surgeon at the hospital has made a pact with a demon to put patients into comas in return for strength and vitality. When Alex falls victim to the surgeon and falls into a coma, Nick must enter the spirit world to confront the demon and frees the souls of the patients.

The Substitute *

When some disgruntled teenagers summon a spirit to help them with their problems, they inadvertently raise an evil demon who proceeds to take apart their lives, and plunges them on a path of no return, until The Legacy steps in.

Town Without Pity **

One of Rachel's friends disappears while hiking in the woods and Alex goes to investigate. She discovers a mysterious idyllic town deep in the woods. The people of the town have a timeless, otherworldly quality, and seem friendly to a fault. While searching for her friend, Rachel becomes close with one of the townspeople. Soon thereafter, she discovers that the town is cursed, doomed to appear for three days every one hundred years. The townspeople have that amount of time to find innocent victims to "transfer" with, exchanging places. Rachel finds that she has become a part of the town, trapped by its strange curse, and due to disappear in less than 48 hours unless The Legacy can free her.

Open Wounds ***

A graduate student begins to have progressively more horrible dreams, haunted by strange visions of open graves and corpses. Fearing for his sanity, he takes part in a sleep lab, coming to the attention of The Legacy. Ultimately the group determines that the ghosts are spirits of concentration camp victims. The young man's grandfather had been a Camp guard who tried to hide among the prisoners during liberation. The outraged prisoners had set upon the guard, killing him, and his body was inadvertently buried with camp prisoners. The souls want the young man to acknowledge who his grandfather really was (something his family kept secret from him), and to atone for his grandfather, allowing them to rest.

Dark Spring ***

An ancient well is uncovered in a small idyllic town, releasing an evil curse which affects whoever drinks the water. When Philip inadvertently drinks from the well, The Legacy must find a way to stop the curse, before Philip succumbs to it.

Epiphany ***

Philip and Nick fly to a small town which has reported the appearance of the Virgin Mary on the wall of a barn. They soon realize that this is no ordinary "visitation" when an actual spirit appears, commanding the citizens of the town to follow her. Nick, the skeptic, begins to believe that this truly is the Mother of God. Philip, the Catholic priest, has doubts. Things come to a head when the Virgin commands her followers to imprison the "heretics", the nonbelievers, and Philip suddenly finds himself condemned to death. Ultimately, The Legacy discover that the "Virgin" is actually an evil spirit, bending religion to manipulate the township.

Grave's End ***

A man raises his wife from the dead, only to slowly realize that he has raised the spirit of a long-dead witch instead. As The Legacy investigates they suddenly become one of the witch's targets.

The Crystal Skarab

A man obtains a strange crystal talisman in the shape of a skarab and uses it to help save his dying daughter. Unfortunately, though the talisman works, it requires souls, and the man must begin killing people to "feed" it. In their investigation, The Legacy narrowly escape falling prey to the man, and in the final confrontation, the man's daughter, realizing what her father has done, crushes the crystal - sacrificing her life.

Ghost in the Road *

Returning from a ski trip, Nick picks up a beautiful girl, hitchhiking on the road. Returning her to her house the next day, he discovers that she's been dead for ten years. When Nick finally communicates with the ghost, he realizes that she has appeared to track down her killer, something Nick joins her in doing.


Rachel's daughter, Katherine, begins a strange relationship with a darkly sinister "imaginary friend", Callie. As ominous and unexplainable things begin to happen to The Legacy members, it soon becomes clear that Katherine's new friend is somehow connected. The group realizes that Callie is the spirit of an Egyptian princess who was buried without the proper ceremony. The group must perform the burial ceremony and return Callie to her proper resting place, before she attacks Katherine.

Before Their Time ***

The Legacy explore an elderly man's claim that members of his nursing home are being killed before their time by an evil spirit. The group discover that a poltergeist is using the guise of "death by old age" to kill healthy people, and steal their spirits.

Other Available Stories

Dark Angel *** (not the same storyline as the Dark Angel that was made)

Emma, a 15-year old orphan, comes to Philip's attention because she's become a problem at the Catholic school where Philip consults. Philip tries to help her and discovers that she has the Sight. Emma ultimately confesses that she has been having terrible nightmares and stays with The Legacy who try to figure out her dreams. As strange forces begin to attack The Legacy members, Emma comes clean. A demon follows Emma around, destroying everything and everybody she comes in contact with. All conventional attempts at stopping it seem futile. Philip, under attack by the creature, seems in danger of losing his life. Ultimately they discover that the demon doesn't truly exist. It is a manifestation of Emma's subconscious. The victim of abuse, Emma's subconscious mind destroys anyone who gets close to her, trying to protect her.

The Shadow People ***

A scientist well-known to The Legacy is found dead in his lab with no apparent cause of death. When his research tapes are reviewed, we realize he was literally scared to death.

Don't Look Now ***

A woman is pursued by small, demon-like creatures who have access to her house through the furnace. No one believes her until the woman disappears - The Legacy have to fight the creatures and get the woman back.

The People of the Pit ***

Schoolchildren dare each other to spend a night in a haunted house - everything seems fine until one of them goes into the basement and disappears. The Legacy must venture down the same path to rescue the child.

Potential Adaptations of Classic Ghost Stories

Aunt Jezebel's House - Joan Aiken

A lonely business woman traveling on her commuter train into the city meets a small frail looking little boy who boards the train alone each day. He dreamily looks out the window of the train, waiting patiently until he disembarks at an abandoned stop. The Legacy learns that ten years ago a small boy of similar description was killed by the train while walking the tracks home from school. The woman is the boy's guilt-ridden mother whom the boy is trying to release from her anguish.

The Music of Erich Zaan - H. P. Lovecraft

A man living in a boarding house is drawn to the room above him where a strange old German mute plays a haunting and horrific melody on his violin. When he notifies the owners, they claim no one's lived in that room for years. But the haunting tune persists, and as the music becomes more frantic, the man realizes the mute is trying to communicate with him to reveal a horror so terrifying he is unable to speak it...

The Dreams on the Witch-House - H. P. Lovecraft

A graduate student rents a room in a boarding house which, centuries ago, belonged to an infamous witch who was said to have escaped her incarceration by her ability to travel to a fourth dimension. When the young student becomes haunted by strange dreams of the evil witch trying to seduce him into the next dimension with her, The Legacy tries to help save him from a fate worse than death.

The Others by Joyce Carol Oats

Taking a different route home one day, Spence sees a man whom he recognizes as his cousin who had died twenty years before. He comments on this to his wife who is nonplused. Later he runs into his old elementary school teacher who he knew had been long since dead. People begin to show up that are all familiar, and all dead. Spence fears that he may be going crazy, but he finds this vaguely comforting. As he walks through a maze of underground tunnels he finds that everyone is old and moving like a long river of death, they too seem familiar as he decides to follow the crowd...into eternity.

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