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"...It was but the breath of a whisper overheard. It was the hour when night visions breed disquiet, as men lie chained in sleep; fear took hold of me, a fit of trembling that filled my whole frame, and made every hair bristle. All at once, a spirit came beside me and stopped; there it stood, no face I knew, yet could see the form of it, and catch its voice, light as a rustling breeze."
- Anonymous member of The Legacy, written circe 6th Century B.C.

In the tradition of film and television's most successful science fiction and horror franchises, POLTERGEIST: THE LEGACY reveals the existence of a secret society whose members delve into the mysteries of human experience and often find themselves protecting humanity from the true evils of this world.

"The Legacy"

What the bastion of the CDC (Center for Disease Control) is to the hard science of biology and epidemiology, so The Legacy is to the identification, study and containment of paranormal incidents and the supernatural. ªFrom poltergeists (both good and bad) to demons and even vampires, werewolves and witches, The Legacy must rise to the fore when all other means of conventional understanding and protection have failed. They have become humanity's last line of defense.

The History

A secret society whose origins are so old as to unrecorded, older even than the Freemasons, The Legacy is rumored to have begun in Greece in the 5th century BC as a radical off-shoot of Socratic empiricism -ªone of modern man's first attempts at quantifying and categorizing our world in scientific rather than religious terms. What began as a simple study of the unknown eventually led the early members of The Legacy to the study of all things in nature which science could not define. It found itself often focused on supernatural and paranormal behavior of poltergeists, believed to be ghosts which manifest themselves by noises, rappings and the creating of overwhelming disorder.

Past members have included Bram Stoker, H.P. Lovecraft, Robert Louis Stevenson - whose reporting of their actual Legacy experiences have been taken as works of fiction. Members have been present at the Salem witch trials, as defenders of the innocent accused women, and have investigated many phenomena though the years, including: disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle, the unexplained murders attributed to Jack the Ripper, werewolves in Central Park, whole villages being possessed in China, vengeful demons in the Amazon.

The Organization

Under the guise of the Luna Foundation, a broad-based philanthropic organization devoted to "The betterment of the human condition" and raising money for the Arts and Sciences, The Legacy has spread its influence into every layer of society, both financial and political. Though the "outside" world may know of the Luna Foundation only as a charitable organization, their true function as paranormal investigators in The Legacy is kept secret and known by only a handful.

This ancient and elite society has become extremely powerful and wealthy through a closely held network of "houses." The efforts and activities of the member Houses are coordinated by the main Ruling House. Located in San Francisco, this Ruling House is the home base of our series, though we shall be able to bring in members from other Houses when needed. [The ruling house was not set in San Francisco, it was changed to London.] This network of Houses provides The Legacy with an extraordinarily comprehensive view of supernatural phenomena throughout the world. More conventional sources of information - mass media, police reports, and the recommendations of police and the FBI - also brings new cases to the group's attention. Though not directly affiliated with the University, as a private organization,ªand benefactor of the school, The Legacy, under the guise of the Luna Foundation, also has ready access to the University's resources (both physical and intellectual.)

There is no hierarchy among the members, save for the elected leader of the group, the Precept. Though many of the group's decisions are made by democratic vote, the Precept can, and does, overrule themªshould he find the need.

As with any diverse investigative/informational organization, the day at The Legacy usually begins with a run-down of relevant events occurring around the world. Using their map and information screens, the Precept and the members review all supernatural activity being reported and determine which events require their personal and immediate attention. Similarly, as leader of the Ruling House, the Precept will delegate many of the less urgent reports to local member Houses around the world.

The Membership

Membership in The Legacy is determined not by social standing, but by a more spiritual, mystical means. Members come from all walks of life, but share one thing in common - a belief and a recognition of a world beyond thatªseen by our normal senses, and a pressing desire to explore that world.

In addition to common goals and interests, a handful of the members also share a power, similar to a sixth sense or ESP, which they call "The Sight." Though unpredictable and hard to control, The Sight, allows those possessing it to sense supernatural events, and even at times communicated with ghosts and other beings.

Some members have an overriding family lineage in The Legacy which stretches countless generations, others are newcomers who have been recognized as either possessing The Sight or having a legitimate ability to help The Legacy. All share a desire to explore the supernatural boundaries of our physical world - uncovering both the exquisite and wondrous, as well as the dangerous and evil. It is these darker elements of their work that sometime lead members astray. In fact, though not often discussed by our group, there have been whole "Houses" who have been turned to the powerful and evil elements of the supernatural. Their vengeful havoc will become the occasional focus of episodes.

The Location

Perched at the top of Angel Island in San Francisco Bay, The Legacy and its "cover" organization, the Luna Foundation, is housed in a massive castle-like building. Accenting its grand exterior, the interior of the mansion combines old Craftsman-style woodwork with dark rich mahogany walls and ornate sitting rooms. With panoramic views of the San Francisco skyline and nearby Alcatraz Island, the rooms have an old-world grandeur which belies the organization's true purpose.

A large, two-story library containing a massive oak table (rumored to be as old as The Legacy itself) provides The Legacy members with a forum for discussion and reflection. The library contains something even more vital. A painting in the library wall is actually a hidden doorway, a hologram. Walking through it, one enters the more vital and secret tactical rooms of The Legacy. High-tech monitors and equipment populate a control room from which our group operates. Prominent in the room is a map of the world with red flares of light, each representing supernatural activity (as earthquake and volcanic activity from the "ring of fire" is often represented on seismic maps of the world.) Powerful Cray computers hum with the compilation and correlation of the countless pieces of information constantly flowing into the center by day and night. [The Legacy must have one HELL of an IT staff, eh?]ª Adjacent to the control room is a medical/scientific lab, outfitted with everything from an electron microscope to bottles of strange occult potions and specimens. Also adjacent to the control room is Derek Rayne's office. Used as both a place of reflection and of decision-making, the room is richly appointed with dark mahogany walls, a large Biedermeyer desk, and a sweeping view of the Golden Gate bridge.

In addition to a common library and secret tactical rooms, the Legacy mansion has a large open foyer with a double staircase which leads into a paneled living room. Charity functions (dinners, parties, dances) are held occasionally, both to sustain the group's public persona as a philanthropic organization, and to actually support the causes they believe in. The building also contains a number of simple but comfortable bedrooms. A few of our members currently live in the building,ªwith residence at The Legacy being a voluntary matter.

A full complement of support staff, both technical and housekeeping, also work and/or reside in the mansion. As with any sub-secret organization, these workers are hired carefully and under a strict code of silence. In many cases, employment with The Legacy is something handed down through generations. Since the workers are well-paid and respected by their employer, breaches in security from The Legacy's support staff is unheard of.

The Legacy's Beliefs and Battles

Religion was formed asªan attempt to explain the unknown. "Gods" were given powers for that which man could not understand. It was a simple way of explaining and justifying, but as time went on we lost those crutches, and we realized other forces were at play. The Legacy found footing at the time when those crutches were taken away. There were and are still those things about evil and the human experience that science still cannot explain. The Legacy battles those forces.

Where religion goes awry is the treatment of disbelievers. If youªdon't follow these rules the darkside is going to find you. This is part of the church rules vs. alternative ways to justify evil.

What is the underlying scientific/spiritual belief of The Legacy?

The Bicameral mind - Two hemispheres in the brain. It was said that one side listened to God and communicated with the unseen, unspoken, but as time went on humans lost touch with this ability.ªLike the earlier societies, The Legacy connects with and cultivates this side of the mind. They tap into the part of the brain that has been ignored. Their conflict is with the perversion of these forces. The mysteries they solve, and the conflicts that arise are perversions of those forces which bring people into the light.

"Faith has need of the whole truth," the motto of The Legacy, is that information is critical, that the truth is as much information as you can gather, and it allows us to be stronger. Blind faith is harmful. The Bicameral mind is part of that truth. Understanding these forces, the Bicameral mind, the shining, the truth, gives us aªsense of peace and allows us to grow as a higher life force.

Why secrecy of the group?

The Legacy is a secret society for several reasons:

1. In order to protect themselves from a unified force of evil. Evil is trying to find them and they must protect themselves.

2. Like any small group that has experienced persecution in the past, our group has probably experienced, at one time or another, slaughter and persecution.

3. Like the Priesthood has to keep it's secrets, things that can't be broadcast to the masses, our group also needs secrecy for inner sanctum.

A Format for the Series and Glossary © 1995, 1996 Trilogy Entertainment Group.
This annotated (by Clair) version of the series bible is not for publishing elsewhere.