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Season One
Sins of the Father
Town Without Pity
The Tenement
Twelfth Cave
Man in the Mist
Ghost in the Road
The Substitute
Do Not Go Gently
Crystal Scarab
The Bell of Girardius
Fox Spirit
Thirteenth Generation
Dark Priest
The Bones of St. Anthony
The Signalman
Traitor Among Us
(character name first, actor/actress second)


Professor Washburn Mentioned by young Derek as saying that Winston shouldn't be going alone, the boxes he was looking for were more powerful than he thought, supposed to contain soul of a demon.

Patrick Corrigan (John Novak) born 1958 and died 1995. An architect, he was Rachel's husband and born in Ireland. Killed in car accident in California in 1995 and it was his wish to be buried in Ireland

Connor Corrigan (Chad Krowchuk) born 1982 and died 1995. He was Rachel's son. Killed in car accident in California in 1995 and was buried in Ireland along with his father.

Ellen (Sandrine Holt) In love with Philip. She killed herself by drowning when rejected by Philip after he chose to take his vows with the Church instead of a relationship with her.

Winston Rayne (Daniel Pilon) - Derek's father. An archaeologist, in 1969, he was precept of the San Francisco House and founder and CEO of the Luna Foundation. Killed by demon of first sepulcher in Chipote, Peru.

Father Kernan - Parish priest killed with others in search of the fifth sepulcher.

Seamus Bloom (William Sadler) - Antique store dealer in Connemara, Ireland. Was killed by the demon in the fifth sepulcher.

Julia Walker (Jordan Bayne) - member of San Francisco Legacy House, she was killed in Ireland by the demon in the fifth sepulcher. Her ashes were scattered on Angel Island by her best friend, Alex.

Gravedigger (W. Morgan Sheppard) - Cassandra-like figure at Connemara cemetery.

Young Derek Rayne (Myles Ferguson) - Derek at 15 years of age.

Bartender (Dave Fredericks) - Sarcastic bartender at Connemara pub.

Peruvian Man (Jose Vargas) - Man who knew location of first sepulcher.

Peruvian Girl (Marites Pineda) - Daughter of above who led Winston to the first sepulcher.

Party Girl - girl at Luna Foundation party that Nick was regaling with his wild exploits.

Sister Margaret - Nun who looked after Rachel after her return to San Francisco.

Azazel - demon who resided in the fifth sepulcher.



Lisa Ballard (Suki Kaiser) Wife of Damon and mother of Michael

Damon Ballard (Anthony Heald) Old friend of Derek's. Alcoholic father of Michael and David (illegitimate son who sought revenge and killed Damon in the end.)

Michael Ballard Ten year old son of Damon and Lisa. Was being beaten by his the vengeful spirit of his half-brother, David.

David Illegitimate son of Damon and Laura who died at age 10 after his mother drowned him in a bathtub and committed suicide herself.

Ballard, Sr. (Walter Marsh) Influential businessman, father of Damon

Honorable Amanda Kern Judge for California Superior Courts. Presiding judge at Damon Ballard's pre-trial hearing.

George Roper Prosecuting attorney for State of California against Damon Ballard.

Laura (mentioned) - Old love of Damon Ballard's. Gave birth to their son, David. Committed suicide.

1st Police Officer (Anthony Harrison) - Police officer who responded to Lisa Ballard's 911 call.

Emily (Joely Collins) - Kat's baby-sitter.

Jonathan Boyle (mentioned) - Nick's father and former Legacy member. He was alcoholic and would abuse his wife and Nick when drunk.



Emily Kat's babysitter when Rachel is away.

Abraham Hawking (Nick Mancuso) The Right Reverend, Leader of New Eden, which is waiting to reclaim the Earth after the Messiah returns. He detained Nick and Rachel after they stumbled upon his commune. Tried to rape Rachel so he could re-populate the Earth.

Ezra (Don Thompson) - Follower of Reverend Hawking. Killed by Hawking for leaving New Eden.

Sam MacAllister (Jay Brazeau) -Brother of Eugene, who vanished into New Eden. Assisted Derek and Alex in breaking spell over New Eden.

Eugene MacAllister (Andrea Kavadas-kid/Hagen Beggs-adult) - Wandered into New Eden on last day of vigil. Trapped for fifty years until freed by the Legacy

Sarah (Janne Mortil) - Young follower of Reverend Hawking. Burned at the stake for spreading dissension.

Esther (Gabrielle Rose) - Devout follower of Reverend Hawking



Connie (Lori Triolo) Volunteer who assisted Alex in relocating residents of the Tenement.

Mrs. Wilkinson (Gloria Crichlow) Elderly resident of the Tenement.

Ada the cat of Mrs. Wilkinson

Kyle Vance (David Cubitt) inherited and relatively new owner of the Tenement

Dix (Doug Abrahams) Attorney for Kyle Vance

Judge Druckner (Scott Swanson) Judge who presided over Kyle Vance's trial

Nakties D'avasia (Fiona Hutchison) Lithuanian demon who haunted the Vance Family and resided at the tenement.

Adolfas Vance (Alex Green) Kyle Vance's late Grandfather

Karl Vance (John Taylor) Kyle Vance's late father

Lena Vance (Babe Dolan) Kyle Vance's late grandmother. Hanged herself .

Joseph Vance (David Longworth) Kyle Vance's late great-grandfather



Conway (Mark Saunder) deceased member of expedition that found Cain's Scroll. Murdered by John Harper.

Jones (William MacDonald) deceased member of expedition that found Cain's Scroll. Murdered by John Harper.

John Harper (Earl Pastko) Member of expedition, hired by Randolph Hitchcock, that found Cain's Scroll. Killed Jones and Conway when he became cursed by the scroll. In order to free himself and Derek from Cain's curse, he flung himself onto fire to destroy the scroll.

Randolph Hitchcock (David Ogden Stiers) Old friend of Derek's, , he was
a former member of the San Francisco Legacy House (20 years ago.) He was engaged to be married to Alicia Summers,a fellow Legacy member. Once in trouble with State Department for buying oil wells in the Middle East. Blamed Derek for Alicia's death and left Legacy. Tried to kill Derek by giving him Cain's Scroll.

Alicia Summers (deceased) Derek's first love. Killed by evil entity Derek, Randolph Hitchcock and her were tracking on a "routine mission" for data.

Benjamin Cartwright (Luke Bohomis) Ghost of young child that haunts Pennywhistle Inn because his nursery was turned into a luxury room at a B&B. Died in childhood of pneumonia.

Monica (Christina Jastrzembska) Owner of Pennywhistle Inn



John Doe/Captain Samuel Hartford (Julian Stone) - Captain of the Golden Princess, he was drowned at sea in 1874. However, he returned to the living to complete a promise to his wife.

Caroline Hartford (Chilton Crane) - wife of Samuel Hartford. Born 1943 and died 1901.

Christopher Hartford - son of Samuel and Caroline Hartford. Born 1864 and died 1928.

Melinda Hartford - daughter of Samuel and Caroline Hartford. Born 1870 and died 1941.

First Convict (Bill Croft) - bald convict who drowned with Hartford when the Golden Princess sank.

Second Convict (Luc Corbeil) - bearded convict who drowned with Hartford when the Golden Princess sank.

Dr. Thomas (Jayme Knox) - doctor who examined "John Doe" at the hospital.

Dr. Cannon (Andrew Wheeler) - doctor who examined "John Doe" at the hospital.

Martha (Betty Linde) - current owner of Hartford House.

First Mate (Richard Lautsch) - first mate of the Golden Princess.

Bartender (Tim Henry) - bartender at bar on the docks where John Doe first appears.

Chuck (Michael Dobson) - listed in the credits, not sure who he is.

Dock Master (Stephen Dimopoulos) - dockmaster where John Doe first appears.

John Milton (mentioned) - English poet, born 1608, died 1674. Member of the Legacy.



Wendy Barton (Michelle Beaudoin) Young girl murdered by her boyfriend and assisted by Nick.

Jerry Tate (Frank J. Grillo) Abusive gambling boyfriend who murdered his girlfriend, Wendy.

Hank Fidel (Alex Diakun) Bookie that works out of Sam's Bar.

Cyrus Barton (Ken Kramer) Wendy's father.

Janet (Alexa Gilmour) Wendy's roommate.

Brian Cass (Nuno Antunes) Young man murdered by Jerry Tate.

Exercise Video Girl (Sonya Banmen) - girl seen in Wendy Barton's exercise tape.

Salvador Reneau (not seen) - Sighted precept of Belgian House. Believed he was the Evil Messiah. Crucified by his followers, but did not rise again like Christ. His followers encased his body in plaster and shipped it to the San Francisco House.



Callie/Senephra (Colleen Rennison) - Callie is the name taken by the spirit of Senephra, a Middle Kingdom princess. Eight years old at death, she was denied access to the afterlife, until the Legacy aided her.

Jane Hankin ( ) - poisonous classmate of Kat's, who accused Kat of attacking her (actually attacked by Callie).

Ms. Clark (Chapelle Jaffe) - headmistress at the Claremont School for Girls.



Joseph Dawkins (Kaj Erik-Ericksen) - young student at St. Athanasius. Found the journal of the Legerdermain Club and brought Samuel Warden back to the living.

Mrs. Stickley (Anne Hagan) - librarian at St. Athanasius.

Samuel Warden/Andrews (Ben Cross) - a teacher at St. Athanasius. When his evil doings were discovered, he was poisoned, then hanged by parents of students.

Brad Rawlings (Tobias Mehler) - tormentor of Joe and his friends, he was stung horribly by invisible insects and hospitalized.

Melvin Klein (Terry Kelly) - chemistry teacher at St. Athanasius, he was kidnapped by Warden and used as his "mummy" in a school presentation.

Arthur (Jorge Vargas) - friend of Joe's and reluctant member of the new Legerdermain Club.

Peter (Tony Sampson) - friend of Joe's and reluctant member of the new Legerdermain Club.

Monsignor Gray (Paul Batten) - head of St. Athanasius who calls the Legacy for help about his missing chemistry teacher, Mr. Klein.

Kimberly (Jennifer Carmichael) - Brad Rawling's girlfriend.

Higgins (mentioned) - lead boy in 1966 Legerdermain Club.



Elizabeth "Liz" Barrow (Molly Parker) - A school teacher and former love of Nick

Kevin Sumner (William de Vry) - A school teacher and fiance of Liz Barrow

Young Blond Boy Sander (Steve Jaltema) - young man in hospital following routine appendectomy. Killed by Dr. Slade.

Dr. Patterson (Jerry Wasserman) - neurosurgeon at St. Alban's Hospital.

Dr. Bill Nagel (William B. Davis) - longtime friend of Rachel's, he is a cardiovascular surgeon at St. Alban's Hospital.

Dr. Brendan Slade (Matthew Walker) - world class surgeon at St. Alban's Hospital. A sufferer of arthritis, he found a cure in Mazatlan, which involved killing patients. Died when his statue of Huihatzen was destroyed.

Miguel Sanchez (Lenno Britos) - orderly at St. Alban's hospital. Cat lover.

Lucien Breton - Deceased Precept of Paris House. His body was discovered in Paris by Alex.

Huihatzan - Aztec god who is the gatekeeper of Tallukhan, the shadow world between life and death.



Samantha Wallace (Nicole de Boer) - 24 year old daughter of Clayton Wallace. Student pursuing teaching degree. Died of aplastic anemia.

Dr. Clayton Wallace (Roy Thinnes) - anthropologist. Colleague of Derek's at the University.

Theresa Wallace - wife of Clay and mother of Samantha. Died of pneumonia.

Dr. Barsman (Brian George) - doctor overseeing Samantha's case.

Shopkeeper (Terry David Mulligan) - the shopkeeper who helped smuggle the ring and pendant from Turkey.

Ali (Sasha Popove) - young boy from Ankara who smuggled in Scarab ring from Turkey.

Dr. Frances Carlton (Kim Restell) - coroner friend of Nick's.

Gang Kid (Reese McBeth) - young thief who accosted Dr. Wallace at the docks and was killed by Scarab Ring.

Tina (Sarah Strange) - young homeless woman killed by Scarab Ring.



Mr. Jenkins (Lloyd Berry) deceased, Caretaker of cemetery who was murdered by Anton Lazaroff.

Anton Gustave Lazaroff (Ryan Michael) b. 1961 - d. 1996 The only child of wealthy family, a professional violinist, died of brain aneurysm on stage during rehearsal. Fiance of Miranda Blake, who brought him back from the dead using an artifact from the Winston Rayne Hall of Antiquities, she returned him the same way.

Miranda Blake (Barbara Tyson) Assistant Curator of Winston Rayne Hall of Antiquities. Fiancee of Anton Lazaroff. Stole the Bell of Girardius to bring her lover back from the dead.

Mrs. Blake (Joy Coghill) Elderly mother of Miranda Blake.

Cook's Helper (Jason Griffith) Employed at Chez Paul, murdered by Anton Lazaroff.

Dominick Butler of San Francisco House

Ernie - Miranda Blake's German Shepherd dog, killed by Anton Lazaroff.



Lee Sin Sung (Victor Wong) Elderly Chinese man, lives in Chinatown at Temple. Longtime Legacy associate, he knew Derek's father.

Dominick Fitzgerald (John F. Parker) - Butler at San Francisco Legacy House.

Jensen (J. Douglas Stewart) - Bigoted City maintenance man killed by Gao Zivan.

Miller (Eric Keenleyside) - City maintenance worker. Co-worker of Jensen.

Sherry ( ) - Dispatcher for City maintenance workers.

Mei Ling (C. Ma) - Lee Sin Sung's granddaughter. She had a crush on Derek, and has a one night stand with him.

Gao Zivan (Benita Ha) - A quai (Chinese fox spirit), a ghost that kills. After her release from her burial urn, she sought revenge for the murder and improper burial of her fiance, Tung Wa.

Tung Wa - Gao Zivan's fiancÚ, he was lynched by rioters a century ago.

Zhou Zhan (Ed Hong-Louie) - Chinatown shopkeeper robbed by two white men. He then witnessed their murder by the Fox Spirit.

Street Vendor (Colin Foo) - Chinatown street vendor.

Jake (Robert Lewis) - Robber who held up Zhou Zhan's shop. Killed by the Fox Spirit.

Hal (Aaron Pearl) - Robber who held up Zhou Zhan's shop. Killed by the Fox Spirit.



Sarah Browning/Cora Richland (Laurie Holden) - Sarah was drowned as a witch in Hellsgate Pond in 1696. Cora is her current day descendent, a senior at a Boston College.

Josiah Blood (Frank C. Turner) - Puritan reverend who drowned Sarah Browning in Hellsgate Pond. She cursed him and his family, to the thirteenth generation, to her same fate.

Mother Browning (Hilary Strang) - the mother of Sarah and Abigail.

Abigail Browning (Vanessa Morley) - younger sister of Sarah Browning, she witnessed her sister's murder by Blood.

Jordan Slater (Art Hindle) - a professor at a Boston college. A long-time colleague of Derek's, he was murdered by Sarah's vengeful spirit. She then used his body to carry out her revenge. A member of Josiah Blood's thirteenth generation of family.

Detective Longbow (Lawrence Bayne) - a detective with Boston Police Precinct B-4. Working with Derek to solve the murders, he was nearly killed by Sarah's vengeful spirit. A member of Josiah Blood's thirteenth generation of family.

Brian Chang (Mike Crestejo) - Businessman found dead on Beacon Hill. A member of Josiah Blood's thirteenth generation of family.

Dominick Fitzgerald (John F. Parker) - Butler at S.F. Legacy House.

Robert Jaycox - Boston's Police Commissioner, given by Derek as a reference to Detective Longbow.

Boston Strangler - Detective Longbow mentioned that he had discovered that the Luna Foundation has some involvement with that case.



Levan Soltar (deceased) Evil, satatnic magician. Killed by Nick's father, Jonathan Boyle.

L. Thompson "Tommy" Davace (Tom Schanley) - youngest son of Levon Soltar, he become possessed by his father's spirit. Killed by Nick in the foyer of the San Francisco House with a spear.

Stanley "Stan" Davace (J.C. MacKenzie) - oldest son of Levon Solar, he did of injuries inflicted by his possessed younger brother.

Levon Soltar (deceased in body, but not spirit) - Devil worshipper. Called himself the Dark Priest. Founded the Church of the Black Mass in San Francisco. Killed by Nick's father, Jonathan Boyle.

Zach (Peter LaCroix) - bartender/owner of joint where Tom Davace holds his gruesome magic act.

Beautiful Woman/Victim (Sarah McLachlin) - on-stage victim of Tom Davace, once he is possessed by his father's spirit.

Hard Woman (Xantha Rally) - blonde bar patron harassed by Tom Davace in his magic act.

Man (Dick Hamilton) - skinhead biker who witnessed Tom's first magic act.

Bum (Darcy Laurie) - bum ejected from bar.

Sandra (mentioned) - Nick's beloved cousin, she was killed at the age of 17 by the Children of the Apocalypse, a cult which she had joined.

Jonathan Boyle - Nick's father and former Legacy member, he personally killed Levon Soltar.

Jacob Meyers - cardiologist at Children's Hospital, he was a guest at the Luna Foundation's party.



Lorraine Compton (Jennifer O'Neill) - headmistress and owner of Hampton Boarding School. Also a practicing witch.

Monica Greer (Ingrid Tescen) - Patti's paranoid, "gypsy dancer" mother.

Patti Greer (Katie Stuart) - student at Hampton Boarding School. It is when the witches are attempting to steal her childhood, that they are caught.

Constance Merrick (Allison Hossack) - A teacher at Hampton Boarding School, she is a follower of Lorraine Compton's and her designated heir.

Ingrid Rayne (Camille Mitchell) - Derek's sister, she is a nun in a California convent.

Jan Cassidy (Lorraine Landry) - teacher and coach at Hampton Boarding School, she tries to aid Rachel, but is forced to commit suicide by jumping from the school's roof.

Old Witch (Jennifer Griffin) - old, ugly version of witch Lorraine Compton.

Sherry (Emily Hall) - student at Hampton Boarding School.

Vickie (Chantal Strand) - student at Hampton Boarding School.

Plasser (Brent Sheppard) - listed in credits.

Allison Fleming (mentioned) - former student at Hampton Boarding School, she is in prison for torching a church.

Grace Reardon (mentioned) - former student at Hampton Boarding School, she is on probation for the mutilation of cattle.

Beth Connor (mentioned) - former student at Hampton Boarding School, she was stabbed in the heart by a woman who claimed she had put a spell on her husband.



Victor Arkadi Enemy of the Legacy. Family has sought occult artifacts for generations. Acquires occult artifacts and sells them for profit. Responsible for murders that brought down the Cairo House.

Dr. Frances Carlton (Kim Restell) - coroner who examined Stanley Cornell's body. Old acquaintance of Nick's.

Warren Sloan (Frank Moore) - sleazy dealmaker working with Arkadi and Cornell.

Stanley Cornell (Peter Hanlon) - geneticist killed by demon.

Dawson (Michael Rogers) - security guard at University genetics lab. Killed by demon.

Sister Jehanne (Linda Sorenson) - nun of the Holy Order of Anchorites. Killed by demon.

Father Marin - University chancellor.



Joshua Cantwell (Andrew Johnston) - (deceased) Rachel's grandfather. A Satanist - he promised his two daughters' souls to the Devil but was unable to fulfill that promise. Killed by Winston Rayne and his ashes were interred in a seamless metal "urn."

Ruth Cantwell (deceased) Rachel's mother. Killed by Winston Rayne when she was mistaken for her evil sister, Rebecca.

Rebecca Cantwell (Heather Hanson - young/Bethoe Shirkoff - 73 years old) Ruth's sister, Rachel's aunt. An accomplished necromancer. Died at the age of 73.

Matthew Cortland (David Everhart) - Rebecca Cantwell's lover. After his death 40 years ago, she used his bones in her necromancy. His decomposed body was found next to Rebecca's.

Ingrid Rayne (Camille Mitchell) - Derek's older sister. A nun in a Northern California convent.

Simon Walters (Tony Burton) - older man employed/enslaved by Rebecca Cantwell. Murdered by Rebecca after he decided to talk to authorities.

Harold Taggart (Don S. Davis) - Rebecca Cantwell's attorney. Murdered by Rebecca.

Sheriff Hank Parker (Garry Chalk) - Sheriff of Kingston. Met Rachel at the funeral and let her speak to Simon Walters. Nick believed it was he who supplied them with autopsy results on Rebecca and Matthew.

Reverend Mandeville (Tim Dixon) - reverend who presided at Rebecca's interment (where Rachle wore her micro-mini.)



David Praeger (Kevin Kilner) Physicist and psychic debunker. Knew Alex while at Loyola University. Deceased.

Douglas Praeger (Kim Kondrashoff) David Praeger's Great-Grandfather and Station Manager for Powder Wash Facility/Train Station.. Murdered by survivors of train crash.

Sergeant Mapes (Peter Bryant) Army Sergeant responsible for getting train through Powder Wash.



Christina (Zelda Rubenstein) - Ghost advisor to SF House for over 300 years, previously Winston Rayne and now Derek. Speaks in rhyme.

Joshua Cantwell (Andrew Johnston) -(deceased) Rachel's grandfather. A Satanist - he promised his two daughters' souls to the Devil but was unable to fulfill that promise. Killed by Winston Rayne and his ashes were interred in a seamless metal "urn."

Ruth Cantwell - Rachel's mother. Killed by Winston Rayne when she was mistaken for her sister, Rebecca. She spoke to Rachel through Christina to warn her of the danger to Kat.

Rebecca Cantwell (Heather Hanson) - Ruth's sister and Rachel's aunt. An accomplished necromancer. She died of old age.

Michael Callaghan (not seen) - (deceased) Philip's brother. Father of five children. Killed by IRA bomb.

Miss McHugh (Alison Matthews) - teacher who took Kat on field trip to the art museum.

Marcy (Shaina Unger) - one of Kat's classmates.

Museum Guard (Jim Smith) - guard at art museum.



Charles Bannion (Philip Granger) - (deceased) Precept of New York House. A vampire/demon, he was killed by sunlight when Derek suspected and disclosed who he was.

Claire Spencer (Susan Hogan) - Precept of Hong Kong House. After her and Derek had a veiled discussion, we can possibly presume she had an affair with him in the past.

Sir Edmund Tremain (Lawrence Dane) - Precept of Ruling House in London (at the time of this episode) Good friend of Winston Rayne's before his death.

Legacy Guardians - the enforcement arm of the Legacy.


Mega-thanks to Emmalee for giving me her list of data that was the basis for this page and her continuing efforts to provide more info each season. Thanks to Mary Alice, Kris K., Valery and other episode description writers for providing all sorts of *details.*

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