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Season Two
The New Guard
Black Widow
Lights Out
Spirit Thief
The Gift
Dark Angel
Lives in the Balance
Rough Beast
Finding Richter
Devil's Lighthouse
Silent Partner
Shadow Fall
Mind's Eye
Someone To Watch Over Me
Let Sleeping Demons Lie
The Choice
(character name first, actor/actress second)

The New Guard

Dr. Mary Alcott (Mimi Kuzyk) - Chief of Staff at Rose County General Hospital. Was dying of cancer, when received "gift" from dark spirit that released her from pain.

C.D. Broward (Eric Keenleyside) - Reporter at Rose County Chronicle, first alerted Derek to problem in the area.

Sheriff (Roman Podhara) - extremely aggressive sheriff of Rose County.  

E.R. Doctor (Allan Franz) - emergency room doctor at Rose County General Hospital that saved Derek's life after he shot himself.  

Paramedic #1 (Colin Lawrence) - paramedic seen "rescuing" cyclist outside of the Hospital.  

Station Nurse (Constance Barnes) - nurse that injected Rachel for her "conversion."  

E.R. Nurse (Nancy Sivak) - nurse who assisted in the emergency room when Derek was brought in.  

Jonathan Boyle - Nick's father and former Legacy member. Sloan referred to him as "one of the great ones."  


Black Widow

Karen Morgan/Elizabeth (Diane Dilascio) - a succubus (a female demon who
prays on men), masquerading as a waitress, when Nick falls in love with her. Sent to a watery prison by Nick and Derek. Elizabeth was her name in her previous incarnation in 1893.

Deputy Carter Shelton (Shane Kelly) - a 24 year old deputy sheriff, he is murdered by the succubus posing as his fiancee, Sally.

Sheriff Marx (Timothy Weber) - sheriff in charge of murder investigation, he calls Rachel for assistance, getting the Legacy involved in the case.

Sally Rollins (Tanja Rekhert) - Deputy Shelton's runaway fiancee. The succubus poses as Sally to get close enough to kill the deputy.

James (Pete Flemming) - Elizabeth's husband. Killed in explosion when she was imprisoned in the mine shaft.

Mitchell Taylor - Rachel's patient. His murder gets the Legacy involved in the case. Second victim.

David Calloway - prospector in his mid-50s. First man murdered by the succubus after her release from the mine shaft.

Jack (Russell Porter) - trucker killed by the succubus. Third victim.

Julia Walker (Jordan Bayne) - member of San Francisco Legacy House, she was killed in Ireland by the demon in the fifth sepulcher. It is revealed in this episode that she and Nick were lovers. The succubus posed as Julia to get close to Nick.

Isabelle (Carla White) - Ex-lover of Derek's. The succubus poses as her to tempt Derek.

Priest (Nen Roberts ) - priest that imprisoned the succubus in 1893.

Ted (Russell Ferrer) - friend of James, he tries to prevent James from going after his "wife" in the mine shaft.

Miner (Dean Wray) - set the explosives in 1893, which imprisoned the succubus in the mine shaft in 1893.


Lights Out

Frederick (Hagen Beggs) - Butler of Legacy House. Killed by Clan Cavendish members.

Delivery Man (Darryl Quonn) - delivery man from Night Owl, he brought the mysterious trunk to the San Francisco House.

Clan Cavendish - A Scottish clan of highwaymen, who used the occult to help them evade the law. In 1296, the Legacy helped Robert the Bruce to capture them, and they were tried, convicted and burned at the stake, their souls consigned to eternal darkness, never to see sunlight again. Completely destroyed by the San Francisco House. The bagpipes found in the trunk were made of the Cavendish tartan.

Clarissa Mayhew - Born in London March 5, 1856. Aunt was precept of Paris House. They were bludgeoned to death in 1865 in Paris. Her bloodstained doll was in the trunk delivered to the San Francisco House.

Jeanette Montpelier - Precept of Paris House, she was bludgeoned to death in 1865 in Paris.

Selwyn Roberts (see "Lights Out") - Legacy member poisoned in Cardiff on May 19, 1761. Poison was found in the 18th century silver pitcher found in the trunk.

Heinrich Olsdorff (see "Lights Out") - Legacy member who died from a fall, while hunting in Vienna in 1705. The leather strap from his saddle was found in the trunk.


The Spirit Thief

Tanya Moreau (Rae Dawn Chong) - Alex's older sister. Possesses some psychic ability, but it is not as strong as Alex's.

Daniel Uare (Robert Wisdom) - A Mendoki witch, masquerading as a healer Shaman.

Grandma Rose (Thelma Gibson) - Alex and Tanya's grandmother.

Naomi Sabah (Luan Davison) - From Zaire. Daughter of Thomas and Leah. She flew from London to States with Daniel and was imprisoned in his Ankheesi Cauldron.

Anna Jeonette (Marcie Mellish) - A healer of Haitian and Creole descent. She gained fame as a healer in New York, until she became imprisoned by Daniel in his Ankheesi Cauldron.

Sick Boy (Neil Denis) - Young boy "healed" by Daniel to impress Alex.

Dr. David Livingstone - born 1813 and died 1873. Scottish medical missionary and explorer of Central Africa. "Dr. Livingstone, I presume," was a Legacy member.


The Gift

Patrick Corrigan (John Novak) - returns Kat to her mother and the land
of the living.

Connor Corrigan (Chad Krowchuk) - resenting his death, Connor tries to
bring his sister to the other side with him.



Stephen Romero (Kim Coates) - Ex-patient of Rachel's. A serial killer of five, he was committed to an insane asylum. Intense fear of death. Killed himself, then returned from dead, using his invented religion, to get Rachel to join him.

Arnold (Patrick Keating) - CPA patient of Rachel's. Suffers from severe inferiority complex.

Frank Karmack (Tim Butler) - Police contact of Derek's. Derek helped him with "something with fangs and teeth we don't have a police code for".

Orderly (Andre Benjamin) - Orderly at Headlands Medical Correctional Center. Killed by Stephen Romero.

Dr. Arnold (Nathaniel De Veaux) - Doctor at Headlands Medical Correctional Center. Contacted Rachel when Stephen Romero escaped.

Mary Pastor (Ellie Harvie) - 41 year old librarian at University Central Library, with nice bangs, murdered by Stephen Romero.

Seth Peterson (Allan Ziny) - Patient at Headlands Medical Correctional Center. Friend and confidant of Stephen Romero. Liked to cut out people's brains so he could look at them.

Carla Willetts - Friend of Rachel's from Alcoholics Anonymous. Murdered in Golden Gate Park by Stephen Romero to show Rachel "the way."

Anthony Romero - Father of Stephen. Died of a heart attack in front of Stephen when he was six years old.


Dark Angel

Emma Jane Scott (Meredith Salenger) - young woman using the alias of Mary Rogers, she got into the Legacy, seeking their help. She had escaped from the Oakglen Sanitarium, where she had been committed for the murder of her sister. She had offered her soul to the devil if he would kill her sister, which he did, but is now unwilling to pay the promised price.

Cora Scott (Glynis Davies) - sister of Emma, she cared for their dying mother, and consequently received her mother's entire estate, rousing Emma's ire. Cora was killed by the devil, after Emma promised him her soul for the deed.

Brother Brendan (Myron Natwick) - monk living at the Hadley Bay Monastery. He was a friend of the Rayne family and had assisted the Legacy in the past. He recommended that Emma go to the San Francisco House for help. Badly injured trying to help Emma.

Dr. Samuel Praetorius (David Fox) - Emma's doctor at the Oakglen Sanitarium. Murdered and his body taken by the devil (or his representative) to claim Emma's soul.

Dominick (John Parker) - butler of San Francisco Legacy House.


Lives in the Balance

Ingrid Rayne (Camille Mitchell) - Derek takes his son to meet his sister at the nunnery.

Lucas DuMond (Jonathan Scarfe) - Demon representation of Derek's dead son. He intends to take over Derek's body and destroy the Legacy from within, but is killed by Derek.

Laura DuMond - Old love of Derek's. He last saw her 20 years ago. She was sent by the dark side to destroy Derek, but fell him love with him instead. She and her son by Derek both died in childbirth.

Justin Marley (Wally Dalton) - River guide and longtime friend of Derek. Knows about the Legacy. He was killed by demon Lucas.

Dr. James Risling (Don MacKay) - physician who attended Laura's birthing process. He was so disturbed by their deaths, he is now committed to a sanitarium.

Male Nurse (Ernie Jackson) - nurse at sanitarium caring for Dr. Risling.

Jacob Cable (Michael St. John Smith) - attorney at Swinburn and Cable, the attorneys who handled Laura's estate.

Swinburn - attorney at Swinburn and Cable, he supposedly killed himself. Probably killed by demon Lucas to cover his tracks.

Miss Stuart (Angela Moore) - receptionist at Swinburn and Cable, Attorneys at Law.


Rough Beast

Tracy Lasker (Chilton Crane - adult/Jennifer Olney - child) - 18 year old patient of Rachel's. She is killed in her lupine form by Nick and Derek.

Anne Lasker (Laura Harris) - Tracy's mother. Also a lupine, unbeknownst to The Legacy.

Dr. Francis Carlton (Kim Restall) - performed autopsies on the lupine's victims.

Stranded Motorist (Marc Baur) - motorist stranded in Golden Gate Park, he is killed by lupine.

James Hardin (Greg Neumeyer) - husband of Anne and father of Tracy. A lupine, he was killed by Anne when Tracy was eight years old.

Lupine (Owen Walstrom) - the "creature" version of Tracy.

Sam - dog of Rachel's next door neighbor.



Ingrid Rayne (Camille Mitchell) - is kidnapped by Angelyne D'Arcy to supposedly to force Derek to give her the Blood Chalice. Stabbed by D'Arcy as the sacrifice, Ingrid is saved by the healing power of the Chalice.

Angelyne D'Arcy (Lori Haller) - Precept of Montreal House. An ex-lover of Derek's who joined the Legacy at the same time, she turned to evil for power. Died by immolation.

Barbara Rayne (Martha Henry) - Derek and Ingrid's Mother, she currently lives in Amsterdam.

Patient (Stefan Arngrim) - man at St. Crispin's who was being comforted by Ingrid prior to her kidnapping.

Child (Adrienne Carter) - young girl who helps get Ingrid kidnapped, then tells Derek is was a precept who kidnapped her. Actually, just an incarnation of Angelyne D'Arcy.

Maya Chen - precept to Hong Kong House. Hand-picked by Claire Spencer to be her replacement.

Maria Contrares - precept of Buenos Aires House. Doing research at the Vatican.

Legacy Ruling Council - mentioned for first time by William Sloan.


Finding Richter

Charlie (Graham Greene) - former SeaBee, acted as Nick's guide while he was hunting Richter. Shot in the leg by Richter's men, but rescued by Nick.

John Wesley Richter (Brent Stait) - Nick's former commander from the Seals. A graduate of the Citadel, he had an outstanding military career. Thought dead, or turned traitor, after the death of his squad in South America, he began a new career, introducing a weird religion to the world. Killed either by his spiders or an explosion in the cave.

Cardinal Scafalo (Michael Foster) - cardinal assassinated by Richter at a pro-choice rally in San Francisco.

Susan Graham (Marie Stillin) - Richter's sister. Nick visited her in Seattle to see if she had heard from her brother.

Amanda Guthrie (Brenda McDonald) - shopkeeper in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, she sold Nick ammunition for his "hunting" trip and recommended Charlie as a guide.

Scott, Banks, Wakefield, Heston, D'Antonio, Enrice- last names of Nick's former comrades. Killed in South America, his zombie was used by Richter for his religious crusade.



Frank Karmak (Tom Butler) - police detective friend of the Legacy, he alerts Derek to Phillip's arrest.

Eric Ravenwood (Miguel Fernandes) - executed serial killer, he blamed Phillip for turning him into the cops and returned from the dead to seek absolution so he could escape from Hell.

Father John Murphy (French Tickner) - priest friend of Phillip's. He was murdered by Eric Ravenwood after his return from the dead.

Abby Cranford (Karen Elizabeth Austin) - mother of Cheryl Cranford. Believed Phillip was innocent of murdering her daughter.

Cheryl Cranford - young girl murdered by Eric Ravenwood in such a way to implicate Phillip.


The Devil's Lighthouse

Michael MacCreedy (Ian Tracy) - alcoholic, ex-Navy friend of Nick's. Runs a boathouse in Point Clifton.

Elizabeth Baker (Joy Coghill - older/Donna-Lea Ford - younger) - widow of Captain Daniel Baker, who was killed at sea when Elizabeth's lover failed to turn on lighthouse.

Daniel Baker - Captain of a ship, he was killed at sea when his wife's lover failed to turn on lighthouse.

Noah Wilkes (Sebastian Spence) - keeper of the lighthouse, he was Elizabeth Baker's lover. To gain possession of her, he did not turn on the lighthouse on a stormy night, and Captain Baker's ship foundered. Wilkes was lynched by the angry townspeople. His spirit haunted the lighthouse.

Joan Warner (Gillian Barber) - Bobby's mother, she was also taken by the lighthouse. Rescued by Derek.

Bobby Warner (Scott Vickaryous) - 16-year-old young man whose disappearance at the lighthouse gets the Legacy involved in the case. Rescued by Derek.

Sara Kincaid (Crystal Bublé) - Bobby Warner's young girlfriend. She was stricken blind by the incident and did not regain her sight until Bobby's rescue.

Jim Kincaid (Roger Barnes) - Sara's dad.



Marion Wood (Alandra) - Jenny Wood's mother.

Jenny Wood (Shannon Beaty) - friend of Kat's, she was the first child kidnapped by Alice Burke.

Lisa Gannon (Cynde Harmon) - Alana's mother.

George Wood (Anthony Harrison) - Jenny Wood's father.

Amber (Carly McKillip) - Kat's friend, she was kidnapped from the Legacy House.

Celinda (Alexa Mardon - child/Betty Phillips - adult) - daughter of Alice Burke, she was sent to an orphanage at nine and was never adopted.

Don Gannon (Ted Simonett) - Alana's dad.

Alana (Zoe Stryd) - friend of Kat's, she was kidnapped from her home.

Alice Burke (Jane Sowerby) - a prostitute, she once lived in the Wood family's home, which was a brothel at the time. She was convicted for prostitution and sent to prison where she died six months later. Came back as a ghost to get her child.

Sister Patricia (Rebecca Toolan) - nun at orphanage that helped Alex find Celinda Burke.


Silent Partner

Laura Davis/Elizabeth Caldwell (Kathryn Morris) - Laura is a childhood friend of Nick's. Stricken with deafness at five, she developed new abilities as a channeler. Once she moved into Elizabeth Caldwell's house, she became an unwilling landlord to Elizabeth's vengeful spirit.

Elizabeth Caldwell (Theresa Torin) - an ex-chorus girl and legendary beauty, she was struck by her husband, who mistakenly believed she was flirting with his friends, causing her to fall to her death. Her death was covered up as a suicide and her vengeful spirit came back to avenge her death.

Margaret Davis (Tamsin Kelsey) - Laura's older sister.

Matthew Davis - a member of the New York Legacy House, he knew both Winston Rayne and Jonathan Boyle, explaining how Nick and Laura were childhood friends.

Benjamin Caldwell (Neil Vipond - older/Rik Riviaho - younger) - Elizabeth's husband. Enraged at seeing what he thought was her flirtation with his friends, he struck her, causing her to fall to her death.

Ned Gregson (Lawrence Zane - older/Bob Frazer - younger) - a friend of Benjamin Caldwell. He helped cover up Elizabeth's murder, and was subsequently murdered by Elizabeth's vengeful spirit.

Henry "Harry" Jenkins (Tom Shorthouse - older/Hidalgo Rubin - younger) - a friend of Benjamin Caldwell. He helped cover up Elizabeth's murder, and was subsequently murdered by Elizabeth's vengeful spirit.

Sergeant (Henry Beckman) - the police sergeant who assisted Rachel and Alex investigate Elizabeth's "suicide."

Doorman (Kevin Blatch) - doorman at the Drake Club.

Marsha (Angela Gann) - female guest at the seance held at Laura's house, with Derek and Nick present.


Shadow Fall

David (Ryan Kent) - young Native American boy haunted by the "Shadow Spirit" he received as a sickly infant.

Fiona (Margo Kane) - David's mother.

Joseph - David's dad, he was killed by the Shadow Spirit one year before the events in "Shadow Fall."

Ezekial (Floyd Westerman) - an old friend of Derek's and the Legacy, as a Native American Shaman, he aids on cases where Native American spirits are involved.

Shadow Spirit (Floyd Faircrest) - spirit given to David to protect him as a baby.

Mr. Rayburn (Forbes Angus) - principal at David's school, he was thrown through a window by David's Shadow Spirit, causing David to be put in a juvenile home.

Sgt. Haney (Charles Andre) - brutal guard at juvenile home where David was sent. After he beat on David, the Shadow Spirit killed him.

Skinhead (Tyler Labin) - one of the boys who tormented David.

Pierce (Zak Alam) - one of the boys who tormented David.

Detective Crotes (Anthony Ulc) - the detective in charge of investigating the attack on the principal at David's school.

Frank Karmak (Tom Butler) - helped Derek by getting copies of the security system tapes from the juvenile home where David was held.


Mind's Eye

Jeffrey Starr (Maurice Godin) - Real name is Harold Churikian. Con man who steals from people needing help with supernatural problems. Other aliases include Danny Jones and Chet Sinclair. After banging his head in jail, developed real psychic abilities.

Michelle Hoth (Susan Hogan) - newly divorced from an abusive husband. Owner of house where disturbances are occurring.

Peter Hoth (Jesse Moss) - Susan's teenage son. He calls in the Legacy for help.

Sandra Bruskin (Ocean Hellman) - young woman who married her "hired help" husband in 1927. She murdered her husband June 2, 1928 and hid his body, then committed suicide.

Victor Bruskin (Steve Griffith) - abusive husband of Sandra. Murdered by her on their first anniversary.

William Carter - Sandra's father, he built the house for the married couple in 1927.

Deke (Ken Kirzinger) - unfriendly cellmate of Jeffrey Starr, he knocked Jeffrey into the wall, bringing his psychic powers out.



Janice (Rachel Cronin) - young inmate at Westview Sanitarium. Strangled to death by the ghost of her young brother.

Thomas (Mathew Prior) - ghost suggestion of Janice's young brother, who died in infancy from leukemia.

Laura May (Sarah Strange) - former stockbroker, she was first Janice, then Rachel's roommate. Hanged herself.

Dr. Emily Randall (Rosemary Dunsmore) - Chief of Staff at Westview Sanitarium. An old friend of Rachel's, she asked for help. Killed by Dr. Jonas Peyton through suggestion.

Dr. Jonas Peyton (Michael Sarrazin) - physician in charge of inpatient treatment at Westview Sanitarium. A demon, who has long haunted the spot where the sanitarium was built, he was responsible for all evil acts that occurred there.

Frank (Mark Acheson) - orderly at Westview Sanitarium.

Admitting Nurse (Claire Riley) - young nurse who admitted Rachel to the sanitarium.

Susie Watkins (Cheryl Wilson) - a young inmate at the sanitarium, she nearly killed herself by ripping her throat out.

Jack (Pablo Coffey) - ghost suggestion of man who was apparently killed by Susie.


Someone to Watch Over Me

Serena Croft (Louise Vallance) - wife of Spencer, she was dying of ALS, when mysteriously cured.

Spencer Croft (Allan Lysell) - an old friend of Derek and William. He was Derek's roommate at Oxford, William was their proctor. They had worked together on a dig in the Middle East, but Croft published the report without crediting Derek and William, leading to a break in their friendship. Drowned in the reflecting pool in his back yard.

James Donlon (Robert Wisden) - Associate Professor of Classics at the same Montreal university where Dr. Croft taught. He was suspicious about Serena's recovery from ALS. While trying to uncover the secret of the reflecting pool, he was drowned.

Monica (Freda Perry) - student assistant to Drs. Croft and Donlon.

The Sentry (Zoltan Buday) - sentry guarding the passageway created by the reflecting pool in the Croft's backyard.


Let Sleeping Demons Lie

Giles de la Valle, the Baron DeRais (John Pyper-Ferguson) - a wealthy soldier from 15th century France, he was wrongfully imprisoned and tortured (possibly by a Legacy member). He confessed to the murder of 14 children, but was innocent. On October 26, 1440, he was strangled and then his body was cremated.

Captain Smith (Stephen E. Miller) - man in charge of search and rescue mission to find William.

Patricia Sloan (Paty Lombard) - William's wife.

Local (Zook Mathews) - bearded searcher who helped look for William.

Sean (Mitch Kosterman) - pilot of William's plane, he was killed when the plane went down.



No guest stars.


The Choice

No guest stars.


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