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73. Brother's Keeper

Season: 4
First Air Date: 04 June 1999 (Sci Fi Channel)
(This one aired on USA Network prior to season four starting on the Sci Fi Channel.)
Alternate Title(s): Der Seelenjäger (German)
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Nick's deceased brother tries to escape from hell, however the "soul-chaser" is determined to take him back there.



Martin Cummins "Nick Boyle"
Robbi Chong "Alexandra (Alex) Moreau"
Guest Actors


Jeremy Ratchford "Jimmy Boyle" (Nick's DEAD brother)
Mark Callaway
aka "The Undertaker"
"Soul Chaser from Hell"
Co-Executive Producer Garner Simmons
Co-Executive Producer Grant Rosenberg
Producer -

Garner Simmons

Director Helen Shaver
This description by:

Tracey -



Dark Road

Nick is driving along a dark road when a huge truck comes up behind him then recklessly overtakes him. Stunned, Nick watches the truck pass and wonders what the hell is going on. He puts his foot down, increasing his speed to overtake the truck. Again, the truck speeds up behind him and overtakes Nick's Mustang. Getting frustrated, Nick tries to overtake again and suddenly hears a voice shout his name while being blinded by a white light shining through the windscreen. Screwing up his eyes, Nick is horrified when he hits a figure in front of him and swerves to a stop. The truck continues onwards and disappears through a fiery portal.

Nick gets out of the car and cautiously approaches the body on the road. He stares at it in shocked silence. As he continues to watch a spark of energy makes the hand twitch and then it travels up the rest of the body. The man begins breathing and sits up. He looks at Nick, saying his name, telling him that he did it and it's really him. Moving back, Nick shakes his head and stammers that he spread his ashes a year ago and that he's dead. The man tells Nick to trust him that he's his big brother and he made it back. Still incredulous, Nick asks him to prove it. Jimmy thinks for a second and tells Nick that he last saw him twenty years ago and he was a kid. Nick still doesn't believe him, so Jimmy explains that when you die your essence lives on like spiritual DNA. From then on, you never change, staying the same from the moment of death. He holds out a hand to Nick and asks him to feel it. Nick, still in shock, asks if he cut off a finger would he grow another one. Jimmy doesn't know but invites Nick to try. Nick refuses and Jimmy asks for a knife so that he can do it. Nick yells that he's not going to cut off his finger. Jimmy yells back that he'll do whatever it takes to convince Nick but they have to hurry because 'he's' after him. Nick asks who and Jimmy tells him about the Soulchaser - a bloodhound from Hell who tracks down escapees.

Nick tells Jimmy that if he's really his brother then he'll know what they buried in the backyard before he left. Jimmy tells Nick it was a toad called Harry and he was 42 in toad years. Nick, refusing to accept the truth, starts to move away and asks Jimmy how he managed to find Nick in the middle of nowhere. Jimmy explains that to escape Hell you have to focus really hard on where you want to be and he just focused on Nick. Nick comments that if the Soulchaser is so good why isn't he there already. Jimmy angrily says he doesn't know since he's never escaped from Hell before. He begs Nick to get them out of there. Nick looks at him and finally decides to help, telling Jimmy to get in the car. They speed off.

Jimmy starts to thank Nick for believing him, when a dagger stabs through the roof of the car. Nick brakes and they get out. Nick pulls his gun and fires at the Soulchaser who disappears. In a flash of fire, he reappears and tells Jimmy his time is up. Jimmy pleads with him to no avail. The Soulchaser approaches him, but Nick tells him that he isn't taking Jimmy back and he'll do whatever it takes to stop him. The Soulchaser tells Nick that this isn't his fight but Nick assures him it is now. The Soulchaser pulls his dagger and attacks Jimmy, who is stabbed in the arm. Nick warns him to back off, before he fires. The Soulchaser staggers back under the force of the bullets but recovers quickly. He tries to attack Nick but only manages to stab himself in the gut. He collapses to the ground. Nick, warily, stands over him and Jimmy asks if he's dead. Nick sarcastically tells Jimmy to check his pulse, unsure if he even has one. Jimmy doesn't move and Nick bends over and feels for a pulse. He finds nothing and Jimmy urges Nick to leave. Nick notices that Jimmy is hurt and Jimmy says the tip of the dagger broke off. They get in the car and leave.

The Soulchaser's eyes open and glow red. He pulls the dagger out of his middle and uses his vision to see Nick and Jimmy pull up outside the Legacy House.

Legacy House

Nick and Jimmy pull up in the middle of a thunderstorm. Alex rushes down the hall stairs to see Nick helping Jimmy inside. Nick tells her that it is his brother. A stunned Alex tells Nick to get him into the guest room while she gets the medical kit.

Nick helps Jimmy into a chair and helps him remove his jacket as Alex arrives with the medical kit. Nick looks at the wound and asks Alex for the scissors which he uses to cut away Jimmy's shirt. Alex notes the terrible smell and Nick tells her that it is flesh burning and they have to get out whatever's in there. Alex, wearing gloves, prepares a syringe, which she explains will put Jimmy out. Jimmy struggles and refuses it, saying he'd prefer the pain. Nick tells Alex to do it Jimmy's way and he moves aside. Alex picks up a scalpel and begins to remove the tip of the dagger. Jimmy screams in agony. After the procedure is complete, Alex disinfects the wound and prepares to stitch it together. However, she and Nick watch in stunned disbelief as the wound closes by itself. Alex looks at Nick and asks to talk to him alone.

In the hallway, Alex asks Nick what is going on. Nick tells her that when Jimmy died last year he ended up in Hell. Alex asks if he has escaped and Nick confirms it and that he is being chased by some guy called a Soulchaser. Nick tells her that the Soulchaser somehow fell on his sword and seemed to be dead, but they should be ready for anything. Alex studies the tip and tells Nick that she is going to run a spectrographic analysis to see what it is made from. Nick tells her to run a DNA test on Jimmy's blood while she is there. He goes back into the room, but it is empty.


Jimmy is grabbing a beer from the fridge when Nick walks in, startling him. Jimmy moves to the kitchen island and begins to make himself a sandwich, saying he hasn't eaten decent food for ages. As Nick grabs his own beer from the fridge, Jimmy asks where they are. Nick tells him the Luna Foundation and Jimmy asks if it is the same place where their father worked. Nick says yes and Jimmy asks him what he does there. Nick tells him research - "nothing that exciting". Nick moves around the island and tells Jimmy that he looks older as he grabs a jar. Jimmy throws some food at Nick's back and says look who's talking, as he was just a kid. Nick turns around and suddenly looks serious as he asks Jimmy why he left. Jimmy says he didn't have a choice because of the situation with their father, but that he did think about Nick. Nick laughs sceptically and goes back to making his sandwich. Jimmy adds that he thought about coming back for Nick.

Legacy Grounds

The Soulchaser progresses towards the house, looking around.


Jimmy tells Nick that if he hadn't left when he did he'd have killed their father. Nick says that's just talk, but Jimmy insists it's true. Nick asks about after his father died. Jimmy tells Nick he watched out for him and then he was older, too much time had passed. Nick says he's lying and that he never even showed for the funeral. Jimmy assures him that he was there and that Nick was wearing their father's old school tie. Nick says he wore it out of respect. Jimmy turns away and says he'd heard their father died in the line of duty and Nick tells him he was betrayed by his own partner. Jimmy smirks and Nick tells him that he didn't know their father and they made their peace. Jimmy asks Nick if he is angry with him. Standing, Nick says he looked up to Jimmy and he let him down. Getting upset, Nick yells that Jimmy walked out when he and his mother had needed him the most. Full of pain, Nick tells Jimmy that he was his hero, but he learned never to make that mistake again. Jimmy apologizes to Nick, saying that he was too focused on getting out to think about how Nick was feeling. Nick comments that he must have been focused in the same way as his escape from Hell, then he asks Jimmy if he would have left Nick behind if he had been in Hell too. Jimmy doesn't answer and Nick, smirking, walks away.

Control Room

Nick comes in, as Alex is passing a laser device over the tip of the dagger. Without turning, she tells Nick that Derek left a message, saying he would be back with Rachel and Kristin at the weekend. Nick asks how the tests are coming along and Alex, removing her gloves, tells him that she's still waiting on the DNA results but they should have preliminary results on the dagger tip.  She taps a few keys on a nearby computer and a picture of the tip, along with analysis details, appears on the large screen. Alex explains that the tip is made from brimstone flint and was tempered in heat that cannot be achieved in nature. Nick holds the container and remarks that heat wasn't a problem where the tip came from. He tells Alex that this may not be over and goes off to prepare for an attack.

Williams at the main gate buzzes to tell Alex that the power is out in Sector 9 and they are going to check it out. Alex acknowledges him and hits a few keys on the computer. Two monitors come to life, presumably covering Sector 9, but there is no picture.

Sector 9

Williams and two colleagues (one called Shaver - presumably a tribute to Helen who is directing) are checking out Sector 9 and Williams reports back to Alex that everything seems okay so far. As they move further along the fence, they find a gap, which is sparking with electricity. Williams tells Shaver and the other security guy to keep looking and to check out the other sectors, as the intruder may not be human.

After they separate, Williams kneels on the ground, and as he leans forward the Soulchaser appears behind him. He grabs Williams and throws him up against a tree, knocking him out. Hearing the commotion, the other two security men come rushing back and fire at the Soulchaser, but the bullets have no effect. As they continue to fire, the Soulchaser advances towards them. He grabs Shaver and pushes him into the electrified fence - killing him. He also knocks out the other guy. Williams regains consciousness and tries to call for help over the radio, but the Soulchaser spots him. He grabs Williams, breaks his back over his knee and then finally breaks his neck. He goes over to the unconscious security guy and breaks his neck too. The Soulchaser continues toward the house.

Games Room

Nick comes quietly into the room and watches as Jimmy tries to break the digital lock on the weapons cabinet. Nick startles him and asks what he's doing. Jimmy explains that he was trying to get ready. Nick walks over to the cupboard and places his thumb on a keypad, opening the door. Nick hands some weapons to Jimmy and tells him to ask in future. Nick goes over to the pool table and straps a holster around his ankle, asking Jimmy if he has a plan. Jimmy tells him that he is just going to keep on going until he gets lost. Nick tells him that he will drive him where he needs to go in the morning, he then asks Jimmy how he ended up in Hell. Jimmy tells him that he killed a guy in self-defense a year ago in a bus station in Seattle. The other guy had been coming on to a girl and Jimmy had intervened. The guy had a switchblade and they both went down. Jimmy tried to escape but was shot down by police and the next thing he knew he was doing hard time in Hell. He tried explaining it was a mistake but nobody would listen to him. Nick asks what Hell is like and Jimmy explains that it is more like a state of mind.

Legacy Grounds

The Soulchaser continues on his way to the house.

Games Room

As he's playing pool, Jimmy tells Nick to picture himself on the subway in New York during rush hour. It is extremely hot, you can't breathe and you want to get off, however there are too many people trying to get on and you can't make it to the door. Nick asks how he got out. Jimmy tells him there are no locks or chains on the doors because they don't expect anyone to escape since the Soulchaser is waiting to get them. And that's when the real suffering starts. Jimmy knew he was innocent and he had to get away from the torment. They torment you with little things like not being able to have your favourite foods although you think about them constantly. Jimmy says he couldn't stop himself from craving cupcakes and Nick tells him the junk food gene is genetic. Getting serious, Nick tells Jimmy that if he had been in the same position he probably would have left as well. He just wishes Jimmy had come back sooner. Alex's voice interrupts them, asking Nick to come to the Control Room. Nick tells Jimmy he'll be right back and as he leaves the room, he teases Jimmy that he's still a "crummy pool player". Jimmy just laughs.

Control Room

Alex is sitting in front of a monitor, frowning at the large screen. Nick comes through the hologram and walks over to her. Alex taps the keys and tells Nick that security called about a breached fence and asks him to look at the monitor. A digital blueprint of the house and grounds is displayed and the area around Sector 9 is red. Nick hands Alex a gun and tells her it is loaded with 10 rounds, as he leaves to check out Sector 9. Alex picks up the gun and holds it in her hands, looking worried.

Sector 9

Nick runs up to the security men lying on the ground and checks their pulses. He is wearing an earpiece and he tells Alex that they are all dead and the fence is down. He tells her it is the Soulchaser and that he's coming back in.

Games Room

Jimmy rubs chalk on to the tip of the cue and prepares to take a shot. Suddenly the Soulchaser crashes through the window, advances on Jimmy and grabs the cue from his hands, snapping it. Jimmy begs the Soulchaser to understand, but he is ignored. Jimmy grabs a pool ball and throws it at the Soulchaser. He grabs it and crushes it to dust. Alex rushes into the room, but the Soulchaser grabs her by the neck and propels her backwards out of the room. The door slams shut. Jimmy takes the opportunity to escape out the window, closely followed by the Soulchaser.

Nick rushes up to Alex, helping her sit up. She tells him that the Soulchaser has Jimmy. Nick barges into the room, but it is empty.

Legacy Grounds

Jimmy flees through the grounds with the Soulchaser at his heels. When the Soulchaser finally catches up with him, Jimmy pleads that there has been a mistake and he was wrongly judged. Jimmy gets on his knees and begs to make a deal in exchange for his freedom. The Soulchaser tells Jimmy that Nick's soul is worth more and he can go free in exchange for it.

Legacy House

Alex catches up with Nick and tries to stop him leaving the house in search of Jimmy. At that moment, Jimmy pounds on the front door, begging Nick to help him. Nick rushes over and lets Jimmy inside - he is clearly terrified. Alex asks what happened out there and Jimmy babbles that he was close to having him. Nick tells them that it is time to take the fight to the Soulchaser and starts to lead Jimmy away. Alex asks to talk to Nick in the Control Room.

Control Room

Alex pulls up the picture of a man on the large screen as Nick rushes in, demanding to know what is so important. Alex explains that in 1649, a wine merchant called Pierre La Rue died with a signed confession sewn into his coat. The confession stated that he had died 20 years previously, was sent to Hell and escaped. He killed a man and assumed his identity in order to escape the chasseur d'ames- the hunter of souls. The only way to kill a Soulchaser is to stab him in the heart with his own dagger.

Nick realizes that is why the Soulchaser didn't die by the side of the road, as the dagger did not pierce his heart. Getting an idea, Nick goes to the weapons locker and pulls out an air ram, telling Alex that a piece of the dagger may be enough to accomplish the deed. He grabs the piece of flint and inserts it into the air ram. Alex warns him that he will have to be in point blank range and he will only have one shot. Nick comments that he'd better not miss and rushes out.

Legacy Grounds

The Soulchaser is keeping watch on the house.


Nick tells Jimmy that the Soulchaser isn't in the house, as surveillance would have detected him, therefore he has to be outside. Agitated, Jimmy paces around the room and complains that there are too many variables involved in attacking the Soulchaser. Nick, spreading out blueprints of the house, explains to Jimmy and Alex that they are going to draw the Soulchaser to them. Jimmy will stand just inside the front door until the Soulchaser sees him, then he will retreat inside the house where Nick will be ready with the air ram. Nick asks Alex to remain in the Control Room, but she argues. Nick sends Jimmy off and Alex tries to persuade Nick that he can't do this alone. Nick assures her that he won't be alone as Jimmy will be there with him. Looking concerned, Alex asks Nick to consider what side Jimmy is on as he managed to escape the Soulchaser too easily before. Nick insists that he trusts Jimmy. Alex tries harder to get Nick to see the truth, but he won't listen to her. Alex finally agrees to be in the Control Room and urges Nick not to miss the shot.

Legacy Grounds

The Soulchaser sees a vision in his head of the front door ajar and Jimmy standing there.


Nick outlines the plan to Jimmy once more, as they come down the stairs. At the bottom, Nick stops to remove the gun from his ankle holster and hands it to Jimmy. He moves further ahead and with his back to Jimmy, kneels on the floor to sort out weapons. Nick begins to reminisce about the time when they were both children and were going to the play-offs with their father. Jimmy remembers their father going ballistic about an "imaginary" twenty-dollar bill that went missing from his wallet. His father had believed Nick had taken it and no matter what he did, Nick refused to confess. Nick asks Jimmy why he didn't admit to stealing it and Jimmy is surprised that Nick knew all along and didn't say anything. Nick simply tells says. "Cos your my brother." Jimmy looks guilty.

Adjusting his earpiece, Nick asks Alex if there are any signs of the Soulchaser and is told that there are none. Nick tells Jimmy to go ahead. Jimmy walks to the front door and steps outside. Inside, Nick gets the air ram ready. Jimmy, looking very nervous, lowers himself to his haunches.


In the darkness, the Soulchaser lowers himself through a gap in the ceiling and lands on the balcony of the library. He 'sees' Nick and Jimmy at the front door and heads off.


Jimmy, still very nervous, peers into the darkness. In contrast, Nick is very calm and keeps the air ram trained on the front door. Jimmy, without turning round, apologizes to Nick for not being a better brother and Nick responds that it isn't over until it is over. Nick asks Alex if there is anything happening and she tells him that he may not be coming. The monitors show nothing. Nick says he doubts it and the tension mounts.

Unseen, the Soulchaser arrives on the balcony above Nick and launches himself over the railing. Alex manages to warn Nick just in time and he scrambles to the side out of the way. Nick attacks, but the Soulchaser swats the air ram out of his hand. Jimmy rushes back inside and watches as Nick continues to struggle against the Soulchaser, badly outmatched. Nick tries various martial arts moves but nothing is effective. The Soulchaser grabs Nick by the throat and lifts him off his feet, slamming him back on to the floor. Nick yells at Jimmy to get the air ram, but Jimmy is still frozen in place, watching the fight. The Soulchaser grabs Nick again and hoists him into the air, telling him that he and Jimmy have made a deal. Jimmy, almost sobbing, tells Nick he's sorry. The Soulchaser tells Jimmy that the only way to escape is by exchanging his soul for Nick's. Nick fights back and pleads with Jimmy that the Soulchaser is lying. The Soulchaser asks Nick why would he lie and head butts him. Nick drops to the floor, stunned. Jimmy closes his eyes, unable to watch as the Soulchaser grabs Nick and throws him down the stairs. Dazed, Nick lands at the bottom.

The Soulchaser pulls his dagger and prepares to strike Nick. Jimmy screams and throws himself against the dagger which stabs into him. Jimmy falls back on to the floor and disappears in a red glow. The Soulchaser turns back to Nick and tells him it felt good taking his brother's soul and it will feel even better taking Nick's. Just as he raises the dagger, Alex appears on the top landing and opens fire on the Soulchaser, distracting him from Nick. Nick manages to grab the air ram, fires it and hits the Soulchaser straight in the heart. The Soulchaser staggers back in surprise and then disappears in a fiery glow. Nick, exhausted, tries to catch his breathe.


The Mustang drives along a lonely road as Nick reflects on the events:

"He had been there and was gone. So fast it seemed like a dream. Yet everything had changed. When we were kids I'd always looked up to him even after he'd taken off. I guess I made him into the brother I needed rather than the brother he was. But in the end he did the right thing and paid a price even our father would have understood."

Description last revised: 25 July 2002