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74. Initiation

Season: 4
First Air Date: 11 June 1999 (Sci Fi Channel)
Alternate Title(s): Das Amulett (German)
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Kat's new friend, Miranda, may have ulterior motives when convincing Kat to hone her witchcraft abilities to gain control of her magical powers.



Derek de Lint

"Dr. Derek Rayne, Ph D"

Helen Shaver "Dr. Rachel Corrigan, MD"
Martin Cummins "Nick Boyle"
Robbi Chong "Alexandra (Alex) Moreau"
Alexandra Purvis "Katherine (Kat) Corrigan"
Guest Actors

Colleen Rennison "Miranda"
Co-Executive Producer Garner Simmons
Co-Executive Producer Grant Rosenberg
Producer -

Michael Berman

Director Bill Fruet
This description by:

Tracey -



Kat's Schoolyard

Kat is sitting alone on the stands, watching the other children playing in the yard. Suddenly, she hears chanting and looks through the opening between the seats to see Miranda drawing a pentacle on the ground. Miranda looks up to see Kat watching her and beckons to her. Kat makes her way under the stands and asks Miranda what she's doing. Miranda tells her that she is having some fun and asks if Kat wants to help. Kat hesitates and reminds Miranda that Alex nearly died the last time they messed around with stuff like this. Miranda reminds Kat that it wasn't her fault and she just has to learn how to control her power. Miranda lights some candles and asks Kat to remove the items from her backpack. Kat pulls out a jar containing a dead mouse and asks Miranda what she intends to do with it. Miranda draws Kat's attention to a teacher, Mr Weaver, who is in conversation with another teacher. Kat reveals that Weaver gave her detention the previous week. Miranda says he gave her detention too and now she is going to see how good he is at staying still. Kat is reluctant to help, but decides that she did not deserve detention in the first place. Miranda asks Kat to draw a face on an egg and then she places it inside the jar with the mouse. Miranda begins to chant:

"Teacher, teacher, no need to fret.
Here's a lesson you won't forget.
Come forward, little mouse,
and make Weaver's pants,
your brand new house."

The mouse runs across the yard and crawls up Weaver's pant leg. He begins to shake his leg as Kat and Miranda watch with glee. As Weaver pulls down his pants, Kat tells Miranda that she's done enough. Miranda accuses her of being a chicken, but she waves a hand and removes the spell. Weaver, suddenly realising everyone is looking at him, pulls up his pants and rushes away. Miranda tells Kat she is having a party in the forest on Saturday and asks her to come alone. She hands Kat an amulet with the image of a horned goat inside a pentacle and tells her that it is a symbol of their friendship. The school bell rings and as Kat turns her head away, the goat's eyes begin to glow red. Kat puts the amulet in her pocket and tells Miranda that she will see her on Saturday.

Kat's Bedroom

Kat is sitting on her bed, studying the amulet when Rachel walks into the room. Kat scrambles to hide the amulet and berates Rachel for not knocking. Amused, Rachel goes back out and knocks on the door, before entering. Kat tells Rachel that she would like some privacy from time to time. Rachel agrees as long as Kat doesn't have her door closed so often.

Legacy Control Room

Alex is busy typing up a report for Rachel, while Rachel is leaning against the console deep in thought. Realising that Alex has just asked her a question, Rachel admits that she was thinking about how she and Kat seem to be drifting apart. Alex tells Rachel that Kat is growing up and rebellion is part of that. Rachel smiles ruefully, but reminds Alex that Kat isn't even a teenager yet. Alex smiles, telling Rachel that it is the Nineties and everything happens sooner.


Nick is fixing a table leg, when Kat asks why Rachel is making such a big deal out of her closing her door. Nick admits that his father used to complain about that too and it is no big deal. Kat picks up Nick's Navy jacket and tries it on, much to Nick's amusement. She turns to Nick and asks if he ever did anything freaky in the Navy. Nick laughs and says that's on a "need to know basis", then he tells Kat about how they used to stuff their bunks with pillows and sneak down to the galley for food. Kat doubts anyone would fall for that trick, but Nick tells her it is all about technique. He gets up and spreads a blanket over the sofa, stuffs it with cushions, then pushes the cushions over to the side. He explains that the pillows have to be pushed to the side, because nobody ever sleeps in the middle of the bed. Kat tells Nick that he tells the best stories and that her mother never tells her anything. At that moment, Rachel walks into the room and asks Kat if she's ready to leave. Reluctantly, Kat hands the jacket back to Nick and leaves the room. Amused by Kat's attitude, Rachel makes a face at Nick.

Kat's Bedroom

Rachel tucks Kat into bed and shuts the door behind her. Kat gets out of bed and uses Nick's instructions to make it look like she's in bed, before sneaking out the window.


Kat meets Miranda in the schoolyard and they both head off into the forest. After a while, Kat asks Miranda how they can possibly get through all the dense foliage. Miranda admonishes Kat to stop looking with her eyes and to start looking with her Sight. Miranda waves her arms and an opening in the forest appears before their eyes. As Miranda and Kat go through, it seals itself behind them.

They head deeper into the forest until they reach a dilapidated cottage. Miranda tells Kat that it belongs to them and they can do anything they like there. They climb in through a window, thick with cobwebs, Kat confesses that she hates spiders. Armed with torches, they climb the creaky stairs and enter a room upstairs. Kat comments that the place is creepy, so Miranda uses her power to light candles throughout the room. Kat wryly asks if this is Miranda's "batcave" and Miranda tells her that it is her place of power where she practices her spells. Kat asks how many spells she knows and Miranda confesses that she only knows basic stuff, like mind-erasing, illusions and lighting candles. Kat asks her about bigger spells and Miranda tells her she can do anything that she wants - magic can affect everything. Kat asks her how she can become powerful and Miranda tells her to start with the amulet.

Rachel's House

Rachel enters Kat's room and softly calls her name. Hearing no response, she moves closer to the bed but is distracted by the open window. She crosses the room, closes the window and looks over at the bed. Quickly, she pulls back the covers to reveal the pillows. Shocked, Rachel looks at the bed and then at the window.

Forest Cottage

Miranda explains to Kat that everything they use in magic has the same five points as the amulet. She demonstrates by crossing over to the large pentacle drawn on the floor. She tells Kat that the amulet is her circle of power, each point contributing to her strength. Kat argues that she has been wearing the amulet for two days and has felt no different. Miranda informs her that she must draw power from people by touching them with the amulet and then using the fifth point on herself. Miranda adds that she must choose four people and use the amulet to draw power from their auras. Kat worriedly asks if anything will happen to the people, but Miranda reassures that they only get a little dizzy, then remember nothing. Miranda presses Kat to think of four people and Kat decides on her mother, Alex and Nick. Before she can add a fourth person, Miranda tells Kat that she wants to be part of her circle too so that they can be bonded. She pulls Kat over to the pentacle on the floor and urges Kat to place the amulet over her heart. As Kat does so, power flows from Miranda into the amulet, lighting one of the points.

Kat's Bedroom

A frantic Rachel is pacing across the room, muttering to herself that children should be safely tucked up in bed at this time of night. A concerned Nick studies the pillows on the bed, finding it hard to believe that he taught Kat the trick. Rachel asks if Kat said anything when they were talking back at the Legacy house, but Nick informs her that they spoke about the usual stuff - Kat complaining that Rachel is on her case all the time. Alex is looking through Kat's schoolbooks and finds a note from Miranda, saying that she and Kat should hang out together in the forest. Rachel admits that she doesn't know a Miranda, but realises that there is a forest behind the school. Rachel asks Alex to stay in the house while she and Nick look for Kat. Alex continues to leaf through Kat's notebooks and finds images of witchcraft.


Rachel wonders aloud what could be going through Kat's mind and Nick dryly comments that he wouldn't know since he's never been a twelve-year old girl. He assures Rachel that Kat will be okay and they split up.

Forest Cottage

Kat and Miranda are sitting on the floor, studying a book of spells. Kat asks if she will really be able to fly, but Miranda informs her that the correct term is levitation. Kat flicks through the book and finds a picture of a witch setting animals alight and comments that it is pretty nasty. Miranda tells her the witch was exacting revenge on a farmer who cheated her, so it was deserved and that there is nothing wrong in using magic to punish bad people. Miranda gets up and goes over to a pot of dead flowers. She tells Kat that the flowers are withered so nobody appreciates them, but a little magic will make them special. She casts a spell and the flowers spring to life much to Kat's delight. Miranda informs Kat that with each point of the amulet she'll grow stronger and once it is complete, she'll be on the next level. Then she will have to draw a pentacle on the floor where she will gain her real power.

Outside, Nick approaches the cottage and calls Kat's name.

Inside, Kat glances up and asks if Miranda heard anything. Miranda tells Kat she is paranoid and they continue studying the book.

Outside, Nick climbs the porch steps, but one step gives way under his foot.

Kat and Miranda are alerted by the noise and Kat starts to panic. Nick enters the cottage and calls Kat's name again. Kat recognises his voice and urges Miranda to flee before Rachel finds out. Miranda stops Kat and informs her that since Nick is already there, it's obvious that Rachel knows she sneaked out of the house. Kat begs Miranda to help. Miranda pulls her over to the window, urges Kat to get on to the roof and uses magic to lower her to the ground. Just as Miranda heads out the window, Nick barges into the room. Miranda lowers herself to the ground and she and Kat run away. Nick climbs out on to the roof and jumps to the ground, running after them.

As they flee, Miranda is angry that her special place has been discovered and Kat promises to make it up to her. Miranda tells Kat that she doesn't blame her, but blames Nick instead. She throws her arms wide and Nick runs straight into an invisible barrier. He falls back, slamming into the ground and losing consciousness. Kat screams at Miranda and rushes over to Nick. Miranda assures her that Nick will be okay and now is the perfect time to use the amulet.  A reluctant Kat is worried that Nick will be hurt further. Miranda tells her Nick will be okay and urges Kat to do it. Finally, Kat places the amulet on Nick's chest and begs him not to hate her. Nick's body jerks as power flows into the amulet and the second point glows brightly. Miranda and Kat rush away.

Kat's Bedroom

In the dark, Rachel is sitting on the bed; she watches as Kat sneaks back in through the window. Rachel switches on the bedside lamp and Kat whirls round in surprise. Rachel asks Kat where she has been and Kat replies that she's been out. Rachel walks over to her and demands to know if Kat has been in the forest. Taken aback, Kat asks how Rachel knows about the forest and Rachel shows her Miranda's note. Angrily, Kat accuses Rachel of going through her stuff; Rachel argues that she had no choice. Kat comments that Rachel should trust her, but Rachel tells her that trust is a special thing that has to be earned. Kat's behaviour has been totally unacceptable and she is grounded. Kat argues that Rachel isn't being fair and Rachel retorts that it is unfair to have to worry all night about your missing daughter. She adds that Kat will never understand how much Rachel loves her until she has a child of her own. She tearfully tells Kat that she would die if anything ever happened to her. Kat gets upset and starts to apologise. Rachel pulls her into a hug and makes her promise never to do anything like that again.

Legacy House - Kitchen

Nick is making a sandwich when Kat comes in. She tells Nick that she heard he was hurt while looking for her last night. Nick shrugs and says he must have hit his head or something and asks Kat where she went. Kat tells him she went for a walk and then happily confesses to using his pillow trick. Nick dryly comments that he noticed and thanks her for getting him into trouble. Kat realises Nick was in her room, so he explains that Rachel was worried and called him and Alex. At that, Kat storms out.

Kat marches into the library and asks Alex if she has seen her mother. Alex asks Kat about her adventure the previous night and Kat accuses her of looking through her stuff. Alex informs her that they were only trying to figure out where she had gone. Kat protests that it was none of her business and tells Alex that she isn't her mother. Alex replies that she hopes Kat considers her a friend and points out that if she has a missing friend, she does whatever is necessary to find that friend. Alex asks Kat if she is upset with her for looking through her stuff or because she is worried about what Alex found - notebooks full of pentagrams like last time. Alex reassures Kat that she understands what she is going through as she shares the same gifts and they can make you feel special as well as alone. Kat argues that if she can learn to control her gifts, they would be magical. Alex disagrees and tells Kat that she is talking about witchcraft and it is dangerous. Kat asks Alex if she is going to tell Rachel. Alex says somebody has to, but she was hoping Kat would do it herself. With her back to Alex, Kat pulls the amulet from her pocket, she starts to tell Alex that she is sorry, then quickly presses the amulet against Alex's chest. Alex jerks back in shock and power is transferred into the amulet, igniting the third point. Alex collapses to the floor, unconscious. At that moment, Rachel comes into the room and asks Kat what happened. Kat quickly hides the amulet and tells Rachel that she found Alex like that. Rachel rushes over to Alex, who is regaining consciousness, and helps her to her feet. Confused, Alex says she got dizzy and doesn't know what happened. Rachel helps her to her room.

Kat's School

Kat is walking across the lawn with an armful of books when a boy deliberately bumps into her, scattering her books. Annoyed, Kat stares after him and unintentionally casts a spell that makes him trip over the curb. Kat, looking guilty, picks up her books. Miranda comes up and tells Kat that's how it starts - things you want to happen - happen. She reassures Kat that she'll get control over it. Kat admits to not liking this and is worried that something will happen if someone, like Rachel, makes her angry. Miranda laughs and tells Kat that Rachel wouldn't be able to yell at her anymore. Kat gets upset, declaring that it isn't funny. Miranda informs Kat that she is simply getting bored with normal people because they aren't as smart as her and asks if Kat has finished her amulet. Kat says she still has Rachel and herself to do. Miranda tries to persuade Kat to ditch school for the rest of the day, but Kat is reluctant. Frustrated, Miranda urges Kat to make up her mind whether she is in this or not, then stalks off. Kat watches her go.

Kat's Bedroom

As Kat and Miranda enter the room, Kat admits that she is worried she'll be caught ditching school. Miranda tells her she worries too much and starts to look in the closet. She tells Kat that she needs more black clothes that will make her look great as well as keeping her powerful. Miranda picks up a white sweater and uses her power to change it to black. Kat is thrilled. Miranda also advises Kat to move her bed nearer the window so that she can see the moon. Kat doesn't understand, so Miranda points out that they worship the moon. Kat thanks Miranda for teaching her about this stuff and then asks if she wants to see something cool, indicating the laptop on the desk.

Legacy Control Room

Alex is talking to Rachel on the phone, telling her she is feeling much better. She tells Rachel that her symptoms were very similar to those she felt the last time when Kat was dabbling and wonders if Kat is at it again. Rachel hopes not, and points out that Kat felt genuinely sorry when Nick was hurt.

The main screen in the Control Room suddenly activates and catches Alex's attention. Alex asks Rachel if she left her computer on, revealing that someone is accessing the database from Rachel's house. Rachel quickly heads home.

Kat's Bedroom

Kat and Miranda are sitting in front of the laptop, having accessed the Legacy database. Miranda asks how Kat got the password and Kat reveals that Rachel keeps it hidden in her office. Miranda is intrigued by what she is seeing on the screen and asks if Rachel is really part of this group. Kat tells her they investigate strange stuff and that it is supposed to be a secret, she's only telling Miranda because they are best friends. Miranda pulls up a search engine and types in the word WITCHES. The file concerning Rachel's experiences with Rebecca Cantwell opens and Kat explains that was when Rachel first learned the family had a history with witchcraft. Miranda comments that Rachel has a lot of power and it is a pity she never learned to use it.

At that moment, they hear the front door opening and rush to hide the amulets inside their clothes. Rachel bursts into the room, only to find it empty, but the computer is still active. Rachel searches for them, eventually finding them in the closet. Rachel asks Miranda to leave and then tells Kat that she doesn't like the girl. Kat cheekily replies that she's sure Miranda doesn't like Rachel either. Rachel admonishes Kat for speaking to her that way, but Kat argues that Rachel embarrassed her. Rachel informs Kat that she should be in school and this is the fourth day this month that she's skipped. Kat throws it back in Rachel's face, by pointing out Rachel's own troubled past. Kat tells her that she knows Rachel was messed up and that Patrick had to take care of her, so it shouldn't matter if Kat skips school, does drugs or drinks alcohol - she's already messed up like Rachel. Rachel grabs Kat's arm, shouting at her to stop, but Kat raises her arm and uses power to propel Rachel back. Rachel falls to the floor and looks stunned. Kat is shocked by her actions and runs out of the room in tears.

Forest Cottage

Kat calls for Miranda, but there is no reply. She makes her way upstairs and into the room where she uses a spell to light the candles. Unseen and looking very pleased with herself, Miranda sits on the bed watching Kat.


Rachel is searching for Kat, while speaking to Alex on the phone. She tells Alex that she blew it. She reaches the cottage and Alex tells her that she and Nick will be there in a few minutes.

Forest Cottage

Rachel enters the cottage and makes her way upstairs, calling for Kat. She goes into the room and sees Kat sitting on the window ledge. Relieved, Rachel tells Kat she is glad she's found her. Angry, Kat shouts at Rachel to get away from her. Rachel pleads with Kat to come home so that they can talk about what happened, but Kat yells that she's not a little kid and Rachel should stop treating her like one. She tells Rachel that she doesn't have to do anything; she can stay right there. Rachel glances around the room and is horrified by all the evidence of witchcraft and asks Kat what she has gotten into.

Suddenly, Miranda appears and tells Rachel she should ask herself the same question, telling her to leave. Rachel starts to argue but Miranda reminds her that this is her place and she makes the rules. Kat is welcome to stay as long as she wants. Rachel spins around and grabs Kat, intent on leaving. Kat shouts at Rachel to leave her alone and Miranda tells her to do what Kat says. Rachel tells her to stay out of it, but Miranda informs her it is too late for that. Miranda uses her power to throw Rachel across the room and she impacts heavily against an armchair. She falls to the floor, barely conscious. Kat rushes over to her, saying Miranda could have killed her. Kat tries to leave to get help, but Miranda stops her. Miranda urges Kat to use the opportunity to draw power from Rachel, but Kat argues that she doesn't care about that anymore. Miranda pulls off her own amulet and informs Kat that it is possible to replace people in the circle of power and if Kat won't use Rachel, she will. Kat is afraid that Rachel will be injured further, but Miranda tells Kat that she can't stop her. Kat gives in and kneels on the floor next to Rachel; she then removes her amulet and uses it to draw power from her. Miranda kneels beside Kat and asks her to move over so she can use her amulet too, but Kat grabs the amulet and runs out with it.

Miranda chases after her, but Kat throws the amulet away into the forest. Furious, Miranda accuses Kat of caring more about Rachel and as a consequence doesn't like her anymore. Miranda raises her arms and prepares to cast a spell, but Kat interrupts her, saying that her amulet is almost ready and it would be stupid for them to fight. Miranda smirks at Kat's suggestion they are almost on the same level of power, she casts a spell that will use Kat's fears against her. Kat is surrounded by cobwebs with a large spider.

At that moment, Nick and Alex arrive in the clearing, and Miranda immediately uses her power to throw Alex away. Kat casts a spell to surround Miranda in a ring of fire and yells to Nick that Miranda's source of power is in the attic. Nick rushes off and Miranda quickly extinguishes the flames to go after him. Kat uses her power to get rid of the cobwebs.

Nick rushes into the attic and over to Rachel, who has blood trickling from her mouth. He helps her up just as Miranda enters. Nick asks what she did to Rachel, but Miranda says it was Kat's doing. Nick pulls out his gun and points it at Miranda as she ties to move closer. Miranda puts on an air of innocence and reminds him she's just a kid. Nick disagrees and keeps the gun trained on her.  Miranda uses her power to send Nick crashing across the attic and prepares to kill him. Nick quickly aims at the pentacle on the floor and fires several shots into it. The power source escapes. Miranda is shocked and tries to cast spells, but is unable. Afraid, she flees. Nick runs after her as Kat goes to Rachel's side.

Outside, there is no sign of Miranda and Alex tells Nick that she never saw her. Upstairs, Kat sobs uncontrollably in Rachel's arms, apologising to her.

Kat's Bedroom

Kat lies in bed, playing with the amulet.

"I know magic can be dangerous. Three people I love got hurt because of this witchcraft and I know it was all my fault. It's not something I should be fooling around with, but I know I'm different and the magic makes me feel special."  

Kat climbs out of bed and touches herself with the amulet. Power flows from her into the amulet and all the points glow. Smiling, Kat gets back into bed, but doesn't notice the goat's eyes light up.

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