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84. Sabbath's End

Season: 4
First Air Date: 01 October 1999 (Sci Fi Channel)
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"Kat faces mortal danger when she resumes her friendship with an ailing Miranda. To save Kat, Rachel must find magic powers from the past, a past she would prefer to forget." - logline



Derek de Lint

"Dr. Derek Rayne, Ph D"

Helen Shaver "Dr. Rachel Corrigan, MD"
Robbi Chong "Alexandra (Alex) Moreau"
Alexandra Purvis "Katherine (Kat) Corrigan"
Guest Actors


Colleen Rennison "Miranda"
Micki Maunsell "Old Crone"
Co-Executive Producer Garner Simmons
Co-Executive Producer Grant Rosenberg
Producer -

Michael Sadowski

Director Brenton Spencer
This description by:

Tracey -



Sabbath's End

Miranda's House

Miranda is sitting up in bed, looking very ill. Kat tells her she has her homework assignments so that she won't fall behind in school. Miranda weakly informs Kat that she won't be returning to school and that she is dying. Kat urges Miranda to use her magic to cure herself, but Miranda explains that some things can't be fixed by magic. Miranda then tells Kat that she is going to bestow all her powers on her before she dies, but Kat must keep it a secret. Kat hesitates, telling Miranda that she got into a lot of trouble before. Miranda continues to tell her that the first major Sabbath of the witch year is happening the following day and they will transfer her powers then before she gets too weak. Kat reaches into her blouse and pulls out an amulet and holds it towards Miranda who joins it with her own amulet. Miranda begins to chant:

"Call me once, call me double,
I'll talk to you in times of trouble.
If you're lost or need protection,
These jewels become our spiritual connection."

The amulets begin to glow and Miranda collapses back on the bed, coughing. She asks Kat to leave. Kat hopes Miranda will be better soon and leave. Once Kat has gone, Miranda transforms into an old crone and says she is already feeling better. She leans across to the nightstand and blows out a black candle, as she pulls back, she transforms back into Miranda.

Rachel's House

Rachel calls up to Kat and asks if she is ready to go yet. Kat is sitting in her room at her desk. She has drawn a pentacle with magic symbols on a piece of paper and is lighting a black candle, which sits in the middle. Once the candle is lit, Kat reaches for a pale blue velvet pouch and shakes dust into her hand. The dust is sprinkled on to the naked flame and magical sparks begin to rise. Kat holds up both hands and begins to chant: "With this spell I change my fate, to do something fun, not what I hate."

At that point, Rachel comes up the stairs and overhears Kat talking to herself; she listens at the door. Kat continues her spell, oblivious to Rachel's presence and jumps when Rachel touches her shoulder. Kat gets defensive when Rachel asks what she is doing and accuses Rachel of violating her privacy. Rachel points out that Kat promised to stay away from witchcraft, but Kat maintains that she isn't hurting anybody. Rachel argues that Kat is hurting her by breaking her promise, but Kat hits back that she was trying to change her luck because she doesn't want to go to Angel Island. Rachel tells Kat to get ready and as she sulkily pulls her jacket down from the peg, Rachel extinguishes the candle with her fingers.

Miranda's House

Miranda, in a long white night gown, is sitting in the middle of a pentacle, which has candles on each point of the pentagram. She raises her arms and begins to chant:

"I shall not eat nor drink nor sleep, my Sabbath vigil only keep.
Goddess of all, blessed be, bring this vessel unto me."

Miranda picks up a photo of Kat and rubs her fingers across it.

"So that I might take her form, and face, and continue in her place."

She places the photo into the candle flame and once it is alight, she places it into a bowl. Miranda picks up the bowl and says: "I stake my claim."

Legacy House - Library

Rachel tells Derek that Kat is practising witchcraft again, as Derek studies the pentacle that Kat had on her desk. Derek asks what kind of spell Kat was casting and Rachel explains that she was trying to change her weekend plans. Derek warns Rachel that it is dangerous for Kat to continue experimenting with the black arts, just as Alex walks into the room.


Kat is at the table eating from a bowl. She puts down her spoon and pulls the amulet from around her neck. She studies the design: a goat's head within a pentagram, which has small, red jewels at the end of each point. Kat calls for Miranda, telling her she is in trouble again as her mother caught her casting a spell. Miranda advises her to use her power, but not to let Rachel learn their plan. Kat lights a candle and begins to chant:

"With fire on this glass, magic spell I do cast.
So I may hear and also see, all the grown up talk of me."

Kat holds the candle over her plate and lets the wax drip on to it. The plate suddenly reveals Alex, Rachel and Derek discussing Miranda in the library.

Rachel tells the others that she warned Kat to stay away from Miranda, but Alex points out that Miranda has Kat hooked on the Craft and there's nothing legally to be done about it. Rachel continues to say that she should warn Miranda to stay away from Kat or suffer the consequences and Kat will also have to understand that there will be no more magic whether she likes it or not.

Kat, listening in, imagines using her power to throw Rachel across the room. She smiles smugly and blows out the candle.


Kat is sitting at the head of the table, being confronted by Rachel, Alex and Derek. Rachel tells Kat to stop referring to it as magic and call it by its real name witchcraft. Kat retorts that Rachel doesn't understand it. Rachel reminds her that her Aunt Rebecca brought tragedy to her family. Kat demands to know what she did that was so terrible, but Rachel hesitates, refusing to tell her, as it is complicated. Derek intervenes and tells Kat that despite her age, she has seen enough to know that there are real and powerful forces of evil at work in the world. Derek continues to warn Kat that her witchcraft can open her to these forces. Alex emphasises that these dark forces will want Kat on their side because of her gift. Rachel concludes that evil comes in many guises and that Kat will have to be constantly on her guard.

Kat, apparently not listening, says she's tired and gets up to leave. Rachel tells her she can only leave if she can prove that she has understood what they have been trying to tell her. Kat sighs and says she is to lose the magic, changing the word to witchcraft when Rachel frowns at her. Kat leaves the room, and Rachel calls after her that she is forbidden to see Miranda. Kat agrees and tells Rachel that she wishes she didn't worry about her so much. Rachel shouts after her that she wishes she didn't have to worry.

Rachel's Bedroom

Kat pulls a wooden trunk from under the bed and opens the padlock by using magic. Kat pulls out a folded US flag and then a photo of a blonde woman Ruth Cantwell. Kat studies it for a moment then puts it aside, reaching inside the trunk to pull out a newspaper clipping. The headline states: "Ruth Cantwell Slain". Kat reads it and deduces that this is the big secret Rachel has been keeping from her. Kat digs deeper into the trunk and pulls out an old blue book with the title "Book of Shadows" and a pentagram on the cover. She opens the cover to reveal magic pictures and symbols. Just at that point, Kat hears footsteps and rushes to put everything back into the chest and lock it again. She pushes the trunk back under the bed, rushes over to the far wall and casts a spell to make her invisible to Rachel.

Rachel enters the room and walks straight past Kat. She switches on a lamp and begins to remove her earrings. She glances over to the wall where Kat is standing and stops for a moment, but sees nothing. She turns back to the bed and begins to remove the other earring. Glancing down, Rachel notices the newspaper article sticking out from under the bed and bends to pick it up. Kat takes the opportunity to slip out of the room, but Rachel notices the door opening and closing.

Control Room

Alex tells Derek that school records revealed that Miranda lives with her mother, Lilith. There are no credit reports, tax records or birth certificates. Derek asks Alex's opinion on Miranda, and she tells him that Miranda is very advanced for her age a witch prodigy. Derek wonders what Miranda wants with Kat.

Miranda's House

Miranda is still sitting inside the circle of power, this time with a knife in her hand.

"Time is foe, time is friend.
This one's time is at an end.
Time to move, my spirit fly;
To renew and not to die.
My newest vessel is prepared,
And bonds are broken, that are shared."

The knife is brought down on a photo of Rachel and Kat, dividing them.

"And no more love between them flows."

Legacy Kitchen

Kat is eating ice cream at the table when Rachel storms in, asking Kat why she isn't in bed. Kat tells her she couldn't sleep. Rachel points out that the things in the truck are personal and she knows Kat used witchcraft to open it. Kat asks why Rachel never told her where she came from and Rachel answers that she was waiting until it was the right time. Kat retorts that she wonders if Rachel is hiding something about her father and brother's death. Hurt, Rachel tells Kat they died in a car accident and that is the truth. Rachel continues to tell Kat that if she cares about their relationship, she has to stop lying. Kat sullenly asks if Rachel is going to disown her. Rachel denies it, but says Kat is on her last warning. Again, Kat imagines using magic to throw Rachel across the room. Rachel tells Kat she has work to do and leaves the room. Kat picks up her spoon and starts to eat again, muttering to herself that sometimes she doesn't really like Rachel. The bowl shudders and flies across the room, shattering against a bookcase.

Control Room following day

Derek and Alex are looking at pictures depicting scenes of witchcraft. The first image is of women dancing around a fire and Derek wryly comments that all that is missing is a gingerbread house and a bubbling cauldron. Alex smiles and changes the image, telling Derek that the next image is less romantic. The second image shows witches being burned at the stake. Derek studies it and tells Alex that the people of Salem used to say that the only good witch was one "well done". Alex wishes Derek a Happy Candlemas and explains that today is the first major Sabbath in the witch calendar. Candlemas is the traditional time for consecrating new witches and bringing them into the coven. Derek muses that Miranda may have that in mind for Kat.

Rachel comes in and says that is never going to happen. She shows Derek the Book of Shadows from her trunk and tells him that Kat snuck into her room and found it. Alex muses that Kat probably knows that Rebecca was a witch and probably believes that she was born to be one too. Rachel says she should have thrown the book away, but Derek is glad she didn't. The book may help them. Derek passes the book to Alex and tells her to look through it, as there may be something to help counteract Miranda. Rachel tells Derek they should visit Miranda's mother.

Miranda's House

Rachel and Derek pull up outside the house, and Rachel prepares to storm up to the door. Derek stops her and says he should do the talking since Rachel is so upset. Rachel promises to be good and says she was schooled in the art of conversational diplomacy. She then adds that if Miranda's mother gives her grief, she will "let her have it with both barrels". As they knock, Derek notices a pagan mobile and broom by the door. Lilith answers and they introduce themselves. As Derek shakes Lilith's hand he sees a vision of the old crone crying out "Die!"

Lilith invites them in and Rachel asks if Kat has been there lately. Lilith tells her that Miranda has been ill and Kat has been bringing Miranda's homework everyday. Rachel then informs Lilith that she wants Miranda to stay away from Kat. Lilith looks confused and Derek asks her if she knows that Miranda is dabbling in witchcraft. Rachel interrupts and tells her that Miranda has been teaching Kat how to do spells. Lilith denies any knowledge of witchcraft and tells them that Miranda is dying of cancer and is not expected to live much longer. Rachel is shocked. Lilith further explains that it is unlikely that Kat is aware that Miranda is dying. Derek asks to speak to Miranda, but Lilith asks them to leave.

Outside, Derek tells Rachel that he has been picking up some strange sensations from Lilith and that there is more to her than meets the eye.

Inside, Lilith watches them from the window and seems to be talking to Miranda. However it is revealed that Lilith and Miranda are one and the same.


Alex and Kat are walking along the beach. Alex tells Kat that they are worried about her and don't want anyone to get hurt. Kat asks where Rachel is and Alex makes up a story that she had to go into town to help a patient who is in trouble. Behind her, Kat casts a spell to make Alex tell the truth. Alex reveals that Rachel and Derek have gone to see Miranda to stop her from seeing Kat again. Kat casts another spell to make Alex forget what she has just said and Alex continues with her previous excuse for Rachel's absence. Alex asks Kat if she wants to go into town to see a movie, but Kat decides to wait for Rachel to come back.

Legacy House Library

Derek comes in and Alex asks how it went. Derek says not well and tells her that Miranda is apparently gravely ill, but he's not sure if it is true. Derek continues to tell Alex about the strange sensations he felt, as if Lilith's hands belonged to someone else an old woman. Alex tells him that he probably saw an old crone an ancient witch. Alex then shows Derek a spell in the Book of Shadows that allows witches to change form. Alex goes on to tell him that it is a form of merging so completely that nothing of your old self is left behind.

Miranda's House

Miranda and Kat are sitting together in the circle of power. Miranda states that Kat has now cut the ties that bind and is ready to receive her power. Kat asks if Miranda is going to die soon. Miranda tells her not to worry, as she will always be with her in spirit. Miranda picks up a candle and blows out the flame. She hands the candle to Kat and it re-ignites. Kat smirks and says it reminds her of her fifth birthday party. Miranda admonishes Kat to concentrate or it won't work. Kat apologises and blows out the candle, placing it to the side. Miranda closes her eyes and begins:

"Time is foe, time is friend,
This vessel's time is at an end.
My spirit live and never die,
Into another body fly."

Miranda urges Kat to hold her hands and continues:

"The time has come for Kat to shine,
In her own light, yet be mine.
The time for me has come to pass,
When I must be removed at last.
One final test, Kat must say yes."

Miranda tells Kat that she must answer to whatever she says. Kat says yes and Miranda tells her to close her eyes.

"All is done, my prize is won."

A strong breeze begins to blow around the room and Kat opens her eyes to see Miranda has become the old crone. Kat screams and tries to break away, but the old crone says they are one. There is a flash of light and the crone is absorbed into Kat.

Legacy House

Alex realises that Miranda's true purpose is to regenerate through Kat. Rachel rushes in and asks where Kat is, and Alex tells her she is in her room. Rachel says she's not there and that she can't find her. Derek realises that Kat has used witchcraft to get out of the house and that they have underestimated her. Rachel is sure she has gone to Miranda's. Derek says she is heading for trouble and tells Rachel he will explain everything on the way.

Miranda's House

In the car, Rachel wonders how she is going to stop Kat before it gets any worse and why she was untouched by the Craft since it seemed to run in the family. Derek asks Rachel if she is so sure that she doesn't have the gift.

They pull up outside Miranda's house and go inside. Everything is dark and quiet. Derek says he saw a light on upstairs and they go up to find Kat sitting on a rug on the floor in Miranda's room. Distressed, Kat tells Rachel that Miranda is dead. Rachel hugs her and says they should go home. They leave the room, but Derek stays behind. He pulls back the rug to reveal the magic circle on the floor.

Legacy House

Alex hangs up the phone and tells Derek that she has called every hospital in the area and no one has a record of Lilith or Miranda. Alex asks how Kat is and Derek says that she is handling everything too well since Miranda supposedly just died. Alex wonders where Miranda is and Derek tells her that he has an idea but hopes he is wrong.

Kat's Room

Kat is sitting at her dressing table, brushing her hair. Rachel comes in and says she is going to tuck her in as she has been through a lot. Kat says she can put herself to bed and continues brushing her hair. She calls Rachel "mother" and Rachel is taken aback by the formality. Kat accuses her of being too sensitive and points out that it was her friend who just died. Rachel suggests they go on vacation to rest and Kat agrees, saying she loves to fly. Rachel is stunned, but simply says good night. Kat turns back to the mirror and pleads with her reflection to let her go. The reflection answers in the old crone's voice, saying that they are together forever. Kat says she doesn't like this and that it isn't right. The old crone tells her she will get used to it and they will grow up together. If Kat fights she'll die. Kat starts screaming for her to get out of her head and clasps both hands to her head.


Rachel tells Derek that Kat said she loved flying, but Rachel knows that she hates to fly. Derek tells her that Miranda has taken possession and Alex says they have to perform an exorcism. Rachel argues that they don't have time to find a witch to work the spell to cast Miranda out. Alex points out that Miranda will eventually dominate Kat until Kat no longer exists. Derek looks at Rachel and says they may have their witch right there. Rachel suddenly realises that since the power runs in her family, she may possess it. She rushes to the Book of Shadows, searching for a spell to empower a witch. Rachel is adamant that they must consecrate her, but Alex argues it won't work. Rachel says it has to work.


Derek has mapped out a pentacle on the beach, with a fire burning in the centre. Rachel and Alex arrive in black cloaks, clutching lighted candles. Derek asks how Kat is and Rachel says she is fast asleep. Derek promises to keep an eye on her and leaves them to their work. Alex walks to the centre of the circle and begins:

"I conjure thee, my circle of power, that thou be a boundary between the realm of men and the realm of spirit. Let all ill will and hindrance be cast henceforth from this circle. The circle is cast, let the initiate enter."

Alex turns to Rachel and Rachel walks into the circle. Alex asks if she is prepared mind and body to be consecrated. Rachel affirms she is ready. Alex asks how she feels and Rachel sheepishly says she feels a little foolish. Alex asks her to cast a spell, but Rachel is unsure what to do. Alex urges her to try and Rachel moves closer to the fire.

"Miranda Rhodes, I call out your name.
Stand before me and this flame.
Give me back my little girl.
Leave my daughter and this world.
Miranda Rhodes show yourself!"

As she chants, Rachel raises her arms and her voice becomes louder, but nothing appears to be happening. Rachel tells Alex they need another plan.

Legacy House

Derek looks in on Kat, who appears to be asleep. He closes the door and turns to find Kat standing in front of him. Kat holds up her hand and begins to choke Derek. Derek gasps out that they are working on a plan to stop her and Kat tells him they are all going to die.


Rachel asks to try it again on her own and Alex hands her the Book of Shadows. Rachel opens the book and picks up the picture of Ruth. She pleads for help and clasps it to her heart. Rachel asks for a sign and the fire begins to burn brighter. The photo is torn from her hand and is carried away by a breeze. Rachel raises her arms and calls for Ruth and Rebecca's help to free Kat. The flames intensify and the circle lights with fire as Rachel falls to her knees. As she stands, her cloak billows wildly and her hair reaches past her waist. Full of power, Rachel laughs crazily and waves her arms around wildly. She gestures towards the fire and the flames die instantly.

Legacy House

Alex returns to the house and meets Kat in the hallway. She asks why Kat is up and Kat says she couldn't sleep for all the noise. The wind howling; people going up and down the halls; Alex and Rachel casting spells on the beach. Derek calls Alex's name and she turns to see him standing on a chair with a noose around his neck. Alex orders Kat to let him go, before she does something she'll regret.

At that moment, Rachel bursts in and confronts Kat. Kat raises her arms and propels Rachel back out the door, slamming it shut behind her. Kat laughs and claims that was so easy. Rachel says it isn't over yet and Kat whirls to find Rachel behind her. Rachel casts a spell to cast Miranda out, but Kat crumbles to the floor, pleading with Rachel not to hurt her. Rachel falters, but Derek warns her that it is a trick. The crone asks Rachel how she will live with herself if she kills her daughter. Rachel hesitates and Kat propels her backwards against the door where she is stunned. Rachel gets back up and continues the spell, but Kat doubles over and the crone appears in front of her. The crone pulls the chair from under Derek, but Rachel snaps the rope as he falls to the floor. Rachel continues the spell to cast out the crone. As the wind howls around them, she tells the crone that she is finished here. The crone collapses and is consumed by a bright light, which fades to reveal Kat. Rachel rushes to Kat and Kat asks her what she did. Rachel replies that she did what any mother would have done.


Kat apologises to Rachel for getting involved with Miranda. Rachel says she's sorry Kat had to learn the lesson the hard way and didn't listen to her. Kat tells Rachel she doesn't want to be a witch anymore even if she has special powers. Rachel says she feels the same way and they should do something about it together. Rachel asks Kat if she has the amulet and to place it inside the Book of Shadows. Kat does so and Rachel closes the book, telling Kat to cast one more spell. They both place their right hands on the book, Rachel's hand overlapping Kat's.

"On this day, my life I fix.
No more spells and no more tricks.
This is the day that I'll remember,
When all my powers I do surrender."

They throw the book from the cliff and it bursts into flame before disappearing completely. Rachel and Kat laugh and hug each other.

"Sometimes to go forward in life, you need to go back. Embrace the past, however painful, forgive, forget and face the future. Then you might find the only real magic in life is love."

Description last revised: 26 October 2002