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Season Four Episodes - click on the thumbnails to view larger photos

Unholy Congress (part 1 of 2) - An ancient Boston catacomb is unearthed, releasing a malevolent spirit that may threaten the Legacy. Patrick Fitzgerald returns as Father Philip Callaghan! Horton Reed returns to team up with Doctor Church and destroy The Legacy.

VIDEO CLIPS: Derek and Nick - male bonding, Derek and Philip - uncovering the history behind the malevolent spirit of the week.

Derek Derek Derek Derek Derek Derek
Derek Derek and Nick Derek and Nick Derek Derek Derek and Philip
Derek and Philip Derek Philip Callaghan
Church and Reed
Church & Reed
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The Sacrifice (part 2 of 2) - Kristin has to deal with a death in her family and with leaving The Legacy. Derek works with Nick and Philip to find out who is in cahoots with Horton. Unfortunately, Derek and the others can't save one of their members in the process.

VIDEO CLIP of Derek and Philip - Philip fibs to get access to sealed church documents for Derek. 0:58 sec

Derek Derek Derek Philip and Derek Derek Derek
Philip and Derek Derek Derek A saddened Derek Derek reading Kristin's last journal entry.  
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Body and Soul - Horton is back and so is Derek's lover, Megan (for a wee bit anyway.) Horton tries to turn Alex and Derek against each other and over to the Darkside.

VIDEO CLIPS: Derek and Megan (1:12 min), Derek and Alex 1:33 min

Derek and Megan Derek and Megan Derek and Megan Derek Derek Derek
Derek Derek in deep thought Derek being tortured Derek being tortured Derek Derek
Derek having a vision Derek and Alex Derek and Alex      
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