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Season Four Episodes - click on the thumbnails to view larger photos

Gaslight - A patient of Rachel's is being haunted by her sister's death, but it's not supernatural. Derek helps to investigate the mystery.

Derek Derek smiles Derek Derek investigating Derek taking tea Derek and Rachel
Derek's hand with ring Derek's Sight Derek on the phone   These pics/clips posted:

Infernal Affairs - The SF Legacy House receives a mysterious pack of tarot cards in a package addressed to the Luna Foundation. Alex, Nick and Derek spend a house-bound, stormy evening being given a reading by the cards.

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Derek Derek Derek with a BIG grin Derek Derek Derek
Derek       These pics/clips posted:

The Beast Within (Season Finale) - The portal to Hell has sprung a leak and Winston (Derek's Father) is baaaaaack! Derek does what he must to seal the portal for another one thousand years.

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Derek asleep Derek up in a robe Derek leaning over desk Derek looking for book Derek in a moment of Sight Derek translating text
Derek having the Sight Derek Derek w/ Rachel Derek smiling at Rachel Rachel, Alex, Nick, Derek next to the griffin Derek outside
Derek & Alex holding cross Alex and Derek Alex kissing Derek Derek kissing Alex Derek, Alex, Rachel Derek confronted by Winston
Alex and Derek Derek giving Nick his ring Derek talking to Nick Derek Derek kissing passed-out Alex Derek fighting Evil
Derek - The Anointed One
Montage of Derek, Winston and buring house
by Clair
    These pics/clips posted: