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TV Zone (U.K. magazine) 

1998 #105

  • Lost in Space: a look at the 1960s TV series and 1998 motion picture

1999 #115

  • Cy Chermak produces Kolchak: The Night Stalker

1999 #116

  • The Wild, Wild West as seen by writers Leigh Chapman, Ken Kolb, stuntman Dick Cangey

2001 Special #40

  • Sol Saks recalls creating Bewitched

2002 #149

  • Collecting rare TV memorabilia

2002 #154

  • A look back at the UFO TV series

2002 Special #46

  • Makeup master Bill Blair

2002 #158 & 159

  • Two-Part Jonathan Harris tribute


  • Special #55: The Kids of TV SF: Radames Pera of Kung Fu
  • Special #57: Kids SF Part 2: Susan Gordon, Pat Cardi and others
  • Special #58: Kids SF Part 3: Kids of New Adventures of Huck Finn
  • Special #60: Kids SF Part 4: Stefan Arngrim of Land of the Giants


  • Special #62: Forgotten SF TV Shows including The New People
  • Special #65: Forgotten TV Shows Part 2: Planet of the Apes


August 2001

  • Planet of the Apes: The Original Movie Series (with Don Murray, Joyce Corrington and others)


#132 (August 1988)

  • Star Trek guest stars Philip Pine, Morgan Woodward

#155 (June 1990)

  • The Control Voice from The Outer Limits, Vic Perrin

#159 & 160 (October/November 1990)

  • Land of the Giants writers share their memories

#162 (January 1991)

  • Don Matheson, star of Land of the Giants

#170 & 171 (September/October 1991)

  • The Time Tunnel Writers recall their work

#181, 182 & 183 (August/September/October 1992)

  • Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea writers get together

#185 & 186 (December 1992/January 1993)

  • The Immortal: James Gunn and writers interviewed

#188 (March 1993)

  • Actor Don Knight: in The Night Gallery

#196 (November 1993)

  • Allan Hunt: Riley on Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

#206 & 207 (August/September 1994)

  • The writers of The Invaders

#212 (March 1995)

  • Jan Merlin: 1950s adventure as co-star of Tom Corbett, Space Cadet

#216 (June 1995)

  • John Anderson: acting on The Outer Limits and Twilight Zone

#217 (July 1995)

  • Joseph Stefano: Writing for the new Outer Limits

#218 (August 1995)

  • Sutton Roley; directing The Invaders and Lost in Space

#219 & 220 (September/October 1995)

  • Lost in Space Writers

#224 (February 1996)

  • Vic Lundin: recalling "Friday" on Robinson Crusoe on Mars

#230 (September 1996)

  • Don Marshall: star of Land of the Giants

#243 (October 1997)

  • Richard Herd: The Alien leader of "V"

#247 (January 1998)

  • Dirk Benedict: Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica talks

#249 (March 1998)

  • Louise Sorel: From Star Trek to The Incredible Hulk

#255 (September 1998)

  • Herbert Jefferson ("Boomer") and the rest of the Galactica cast today

#267 (October 1999)

  • Sebastian Spence: Battling the First Wave

#268 (November 1999)

  • Roger Cross: one of the First Wave

#271 (February 2000)

  • Chris Brancato created the First Wave

#283 (January 2001)

  • The Red Shirts of Star Trek talk
  • Thom Christopher (Hawk on Buck Rogers)

#285 (March 200)

  • Ike Eisenmann: He Returns to Witch Mountain

#307 (February 2003)

  • Special Column: Tribute to Jonathan Harris (Dr. Smith of Lost in Space)

#312 (June 2003)

  • The Incredible Hulk Retrospective (Series creator Kenneth Johnson)

#323 (June 2004)

  • Stefan Arngrim (Barry on Land of the Giants)

Starlog Platinum/SF Explorer Series

  • #3 (May 1994) Director James Goldstone charts a Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
  • #7 (April 1995) Richard La Salle composes for Lost in Space and Land of the Giants
  • #8 (June 1995) David Van Arnam writes the Lost in Space novel (1967)
  • #16 STARLOG Yearbook #16 (June 1998) Del Monroe as Kowalski on Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea; Andrea Dromm flies a spaceship on Star Trek
  • #7 STARLOG SFTV (December 1999) Rob La Belle acts, Chris Brancato writes on First Wave


  • #81-82 October 2000. Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea extra Ray Didsbury
  • #91-92 October 2002. Charlton Heston and Joyce Corrington recall The Omega Man
  • #93 February 2003. Tim O'Connor was Dr. Huer on Buck Rogers.
  • #104 October 2004. Felix Silla is Twiki from Buck Rogers
  • #110 April 2006. Poseidon Adventure memories with actors Erik Nelson, Craig Chuddy
  • #116 December 2007. Guy Williams Jr. remembers his Zorro/Lost in Space father


  • #29 2002. Mr. Terrific's Stephen Strimpell

Selected magazine articles by Frank Garcia

  • News: X-FILES Duchovny offered $1-Million per Episode for 8th Season.
  • Features: THE OUTER LIMITS: Season Five
  • Features: THE OUTER LIMITS: Joyride
  • Features: Harlan Ellison Returns to THE OUTER LIMITS
  • Features: X-MARKS THE SPOT: On Location With The X-Files
  • News: DARK ANGEL: James Cameron's Next Project
  • News: CRUSADE: Update
  • News: Bruce Boxleitner Set to Star in GENESIS.
  • Features: Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Volum
  • Features: What Should be the Next Trek: The Polls are Open!
  • Features: What Should be the Next Trek: The Final Results
  • Features: THE OUTER LIMITS: Enduring the Test of Time
  • Reviews: X-PHILES: A Look at X-FILES Fans.
  • Features: THE OUTER LIMITS: Reaching the Limit
  • Features: From BABYLON 5 to the OUTER LIMITS: Catching up with actor Bruce Boxleitner
  • Features: STARGATE SG-1: Looking Back at Season Three
  • Reviews: STARGATE SG-1: Season Three Episode Guide
  • FEATURES: THE OUTER LIMITS Returning the Control of Television Set to you? Show Wraps up 6th Season
  • News: J. Michael Straczynski to helm new series
  • Features: THE OUTER LIMITS Last Appeal
  • News: OUTER LIMITS Renewed by Sci-Fi Channel
  • Features: ANDROMEDA: From Greek God to Starship Captain Kevin Sorbo Speaks
  • Features: ANDROMEDA: Robert Hewitt Wolfe and Allan Eastman Interview
  • Features: ANDROMEDA: Lexa Doig Interview


August 2003/#107

  • The Long Road. For the Second Season of Jeremiah, series creator J. Michael Straczynski faces a battle to save the world.
  • A Means to an End. Peter Stebbings is rebuilding the world from Thunder Mountain.
  • The Mysterious Mr. Smith Fresh from playing Sam in the Lord of the Rings, Sean Astin has joined Jeremiah but what's his character's agenda?

July 2003/#106

  • Second Coming: The Dead Zone co-creators/producers Michael and Sean Piller take Dreamwatch through the just-concluded second season of the top-rated show, episode by episode.
  • Dead Zone Extended: Unforseen extension to the Dead Zone's second season. (newsbrief)

February 2003/#101

  • Renaissance Man. He's responsible for some of the most innovative television shows and comics of recent years. Now J. Michael Straczynski is rebuilding the world in Jeremiah. Dreamwatch investigates as the first season comes to Sky One and the second season enters production.

April 2002/#91

  • Time Tunnel Reopens! The Time Tunnel and Lost in Space are making a return to US network television. Executive Producer Kevin Burns reveals the inside story. (newsbrief)
  • Rebuilding the Babylon 5 Universe: As Production Designer of the new Sci-Fi Channel TV movie, the Legend of the Rangers, Steve Geaghan was charged with the task of recreating the distinctive Babylon 5 look for a new millennium.

March 2002/#90

  • Starlight Club: The Babylon 5 saga is reborn in the US Sci-Fi Channel's new spinoff The Legend of the Rangers. In a unique conversation Frank Garcia quizzes six of the TV movie's cast members about life and death in the B5 universe. Interviewing Alex Zahara, Gus Lynch, Warren Takeuchi, Enid-Raye Adams and Dean Marshall.

December 2001/#87

  • David Nutter Talks about Dark Angel Pilot

November 2001/#86

  • Stargate's New Lease of Life: Executive Producer Robert C. Cooper reveals his plans for season six, a big screen Stargate and a brand new TV spin-off.

October 2001/#85

  • Andromeda Launches Second Season: Executive Producer Robert Hewitt Wolfe Talks about Andromeda's newest frontier
  • Five Star As Stargate SG-1 Enters its Fifth Season writer-producers Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie unlock the secrets of the show's new season

September 2001/#84

  • Babylon Alive: An interview with Babylon 5 Legend of the Rangers producer Douglas Netter

August 2001/#83

  • Back to Babylon: An interview with Babylon 5 Legend of the Rangers star Dylan Neal and producer Doug Netter
  • Making Superboy Fly: Director David Nutter on bringing Superman back to the small screen


October/November 2002

  • The Dead Zone: There's no Doubt King's got Clout: Making the Hit Cable Series

January 2002

  • Babylon 5: Legend of the Rangers: Life after Crusade - The Sci-Fi Channel Gives Straczynski Another Sho
  • Legend of the Rangers: Alex Zahara: A Frequent Guest on SFTV Looks to Settle in as a Pious Warrior

October/November 2001

  • Set Stories Chapter 1: From Vancouver, with Lurch. The Earth Moves for the crew of The Outer Limits

June 2000 issue (Vol. 31 Number 12)

  • Babylon 5 - Special Double issue (85 pages) - COVER STORY

August, 1999/Vol 31#7

  • Babylon 5 Crusade

September 1998/Vol. 30/#5-6

  • Outer Limits - Special Double issue (80 pages) - COVER STORY
  • Poltergeist the Legacy: Outer Limits' sister series movies to the Sci-Fi Channel
  • Stargate: MGM's sci-fi sister to the Outer Limits for Showtime starts second season

January 1998/Vol 30/#1

  • Babylon 5 - Straczynski's prototype for future TV creations
  • Remembering Gene Roddenberry - Colleagues recall a man struggling to be more than a one-shot phenomenon.

August 1997/Vol. 29/#2

  • Stargate SG-1

March 1997/Vol. 28 #9

  • Outer Limits reunion (news item)

Starlog Platinum/SF Explorer Series

#7 (June, 1995)

  • COVER - Universe Builder - At last Tracy Torme is happy creating new worlds of SF [Sliders]
  • Assessing SF-TV (sidebar with Tracy Torme)
  • The Limits of Fear - an Outer Limits production report

#3 (May, 1994)

  • Agents of Fear (Director David Nutter on X-Files/Trancers IV-V/Superboy)

#1 (November, 1993)

  • Creating SF-TV (A roundtable discussion on the difficulties of creating science fiction television series with producer/writers Steven deSouza, Kenneth Johnson, Phil DeGuere, Glen Larson & Ben Bova)


#214 (May, 1995)

  • The Outer Limits - As the genre classic gets updated, Pen Densham is the voice in control (Outer Limits Executive Producer Pen Densham)
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