Science Fiction Television Series books by Mark Phillips and Frank Garcia
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Science Fiction Television Series: Episode Guides, Histories, and Casts and Credits for 62 Prime Time Shows, 1959 - 1989
by Mark Phillips & Frank Garcia

These are just some of the revelations included...

  1. Why did the U.S. Defense Department feel a Men into Space story threatened national security? Answer
  2. What was the incredible secret of a Detroit auto worker who guest starred on The Immortal? Answer
  3. What movie star made an unbilled cameo in the pilot of Time Tunnel? Answer
  4. Find out why Ray Bradbury enjoyed - but refused to write for - The Twilight Zone. Answer
  5. RobotWhat award-winning writer was horrified by the PTA's charges that his TV series was causing severe psychological damage to the minds of youth? Answer
  6. What movie stars were the original choices for the roles of the Captain and Stewardess on Land of the Giants? Answer
  7. How a dying actor used his impending demise to create a startling performance for Night Gallery. Answer
  8. Why a Lost in Space episode was banned in Los Angeles for two decades. Answer
  9. How did star Richard Basehart literally save the lives of his co-stars on Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea? Answer
  10. What science fiction series was Harrison Ford rejected for because the studio felt he couldn't handle action? Answer

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  1. It dealt with a space satellite that could take photographs of countries below - a "SF" concept that was secretly being worked on for real spy purposes by the government. Next question
  2. He had extremely rare blood, which he sold to a pharmaceutical house for 12,000 dollars a year. Next question
  3. Dennis Hopper, who originally had a speaking role as a Titanic passenger, but was cut down to background player due to time. Next question
  4. An important, crucial scene was not included in his one TZ teleplay, "I Sing the Body Electric". Next question
  5. Rod Serling, when he was writing for Night Gallery. Next question
  6. Sam Elliot and Barbara Hershey. Next question
  7. Actor Lawrence Harvey, who went off prescribed painkillers so that he could feel his character's pain. Next question
  8. The depiction of a Mexican Bandito in "Castles in Space" was deemed offensive. Next question
  9. He demanded that he and his cast mates not stand near an explosive charge, which destroyed a portion of the submarine set, where they would have been standing. Next question
  10. The lead as The Six Million Dollar Man.

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Some of the 250 individuals whose exclusive comments appear in the book:


  • Peter Barton
  • Melinda Fee
  • Stacy Haiduk
  • Nicholas Hammond
  • Richard Hatch
  • Robert Hays
  • David Hedison
  • Michael Ironside
  • Martin Landau
  • Kent McCord
  • Lee Meriwether
  • Suzanne Pleshette
  • Parker Stevenson
  • Roy Thinnes
  • James Whitmore, Jr.


  • Sylvia Anderson
  • Donald P. Bellisario
  • Harve Bennett
  • Ben Bova
  • Ray Bradbury
  • Martin Caidin
  • Philip DeGuere
  • Steven de Souza
  • Dorothy Fontana
  • Glen A. Larson
  • Stanley Ralph Ross
  • Jill Sherman-Donner
  • Joseph Stefano
  • Leslie Stevens


  • Ray Austin
  • John Badham
  • Rob Bowman
  • Robert Butler
  • Nicholas Corea
  • Wes Craven
  • Peter Hyams
  • Kenneth Johnson
  • Paul Lynch
  • Stuart Margolin
  • Ronald Satlof
  • Jeannot Szwarc
  • James Whitmore, Jr.
  • Thomas Wright
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