Science Fiction Television Series books by Mark Phillips and Frank Garcia
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The Authors

Mark Phillips

Mark Phillips of Victoria, B.C. Canada is a correspondent for Starlog Magazine and in addition to co-authoring Science Fiction Television Series - Episode Guides, Histories and Casts and Credits for 62 Prime Time Shows, 1959 - 1989 and Science Fiction Television Series: Histories, Casts and Credits for 58 Prime Time Shows, 1990 - 2004 from McFarland & Company, he is a contributing writer to the paperback The Guests of Star Trek (Harper-Collins, 1998). His magazine articles have also appeared in Jigsaw, Science Fiction Platinum, TV Zone, Cinefantastique, Filmfax and Mania on the Internet. He has also written an extensive article for Mike Bailey's Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea site.

Frank Garcia

Frank Garcia of Vancouver, B.C. has been specializing in science fiction media reporting since the 1980s. His works have appeared in Cinescape, Comic Scene, Cybersurfer, Dreamwatch, Filmfax, Sci-Fi, Sci-Fi Entertainment, Sci-Fi Universe, Starlog, TV Week and Video Watchdog magazines. He wrote a double-issue (80 pages) covering the first three seasons of The Outer Limits (1998) and co-wrote a second double issue on all five seasons of Babylon 5 (2000) for Cinefantastique magazine. He was also a correspondent for the online newsmagazines MANIA! (30 stories and (49 stories). He graduated from the Independent Netcaster program at the Center of Digital Imaging and Sound (CDIS) in Burnaby, B.C. on November 2002 and now divides his time between freelance video editing and writing.

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