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Note: this section is still not finished. If you would like to gather together data from seasons three and four for this page and get full credit for it, email me at the address on the contact page.



Five Sepulchers (see "Pilot")
Attributes: According to ancient scriptures, God appointed five of his most trusted angels to watch over the affairs of man. They turned to evil and the five fallen angels (also called "The Watchers Who Fell From Grace") wreaked havoc by mating with the women they were supposed to protect. The Druids finally subdued and imprisoned them in the five chests. In order to raise true evil, the sepulchers must be arranged into a pentagram. Each chest has a key that must be used to open them. In order to be destroyed, they must have all five chests. Winston Rayne was killed when he found the first one in Peru. His son, Derek, tracked down three more chests. The final chest was discovered in Ireland after Derek had a vision about it.
Status: In possession of the San Francisco House (to be destroyed)

Cain's Scroll - The First Murder Confession (see "Twelfth Cave")
Attributes: Found in Judaean Desert, near Qumran, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were from. Made of human flesh, ink used was human blood which is still motile. Scroll written in paleo-Hebrew, it contains the confession to the first murder, that of Abel by his brother Cain. Whoever owns the scroll is cursed to madness and death. Owner wears the mark of Cain on his forehead.
Status: Destroyed by John Harper in S.F. Legacy House fireplace.

Samuel Hartford’s Telescope (see "Man in the Mist")
Attributes: Given by Samuel Hartford to his wife Caroline, promising he would return. When the telescope was broken, it brought Samuel back from the dead to fulfill his promise.
Status: Probably returned to Martha, owner of Hartford House.

Lyrical Ballads (see "Man in the Mist")
Attributes: A first edition of Wordsworth and Coleridge, given to Rachel by Samuel, so she would remember him.
Status: In Rachel’s possession.

Statue of Huihatzan (see "Do Not Go Gently")
Attributes: A statue of the Aztec god Huihatzan, the gatekeeper of Tallukhan, the shadow world between life and death. He barters worldly goods in return for souls of the innocent.
Status: Broken, and presumably destroyed.

Nafasti Scarab Pendant and Lapis Lazuli Scarab Ring
(see "The Crystal Scarab")
Attributes: Stolen from Ankara museum by Dr. Clayton Wallace. According
to Mertases the Conqueror, "he who wears the ring is the spring of life. He who wears the pendant drinks of that spring." Dr. Wallace stole the items in an attempt to save his daughter Samantha’s life.
Status: Destroyed by Derek Rayne.

Belgium House Bible (see "Ghost in the Road")
Attributes: Referred to by Derek as an "Unholy Bible." Written by the members of the Belgium House after they turned to evil.
Status: In possession of the San Francisco House.

Bell of Girardius (see "The Bell of Girardius")
Attributes: Placed in coffin of recently deceased. When removed and rung three times, the dead individual returns to life. When rung three more times, the individual returns to death forever.
Status: In the Winston Rayne Hall of Antiquities

Silver Shillings ("The Thirteenth Generation")
Attributes: Silver coins minted in 1696. Used by Sarah Browning’s vengeful spirit to kill her victims, the thirteenth generation of Josiah Blood’s family.
Status: Unknown

Crucifix (see "The Thirteenth Generation")
Attributes: A crucifix created by silversmith William Terry for the Archbishop of Canterbury, circa 1670. Used to incriminate Sarah Browning.
Status: Unknown.

Levan Soltar's Amulet (see "Dark Priest")
Attributes: The amulet was possessed by Levan Soltar. He was able to possess his son when his son wore it around his neck.
Status: Derek promised to destroy it.

Locket of St. Anthony (see"The Bones of St. Anthony")
Attributes: A locket, with an ankh on the front, it contains to sanctified bones of St. Anthony, plus a few bits of the demon he killed.
Status: In possession of the San Francisco Legacy House.

Bone Brooch (see "Inheritance")
Attributes: Carved from the bones of Rebecca Cantwell's dead lover, it contained her soul. When worn by Rachel, it enabled Rebecca to possess her.
Status: Destroyed by Rachel when thrown into the fireplace.

Cantwell Urn (see "The Reckoning")
Attributes: Contained the ashes of Satanist Joshua Cantwell. Composed of a titanium alloy, it had the words "Cave Fons Malorum" (beware the source of evil) inscribed onto the surface. Nick joked that those words were "Winston Rayne’s words to live by.": The urn remained at St. Alban’s Monastery in Ireland where Winston Rayne left it shortly before his death, until Philip found it and returned it to Derek.
Status: Destroyed when Joshua Cantwell escaped.

Blood Chalice (see "Ransom")
Attributes: a pre-Columbian, Aztec artifact. The jewels on it indicate appropriate star pattern needed for the sacrifice. Once the heart blood of a sacrifice is put in the cup, whoever drinks it becomes immortal. It also has the power to heal and was used to save Ingrid Rayne’s life.
Status: In possession of the San Francisco Legacy House.



Chipote, Peru
Location of the first of Five Sepulchers. Winston Rayne killed there in 1969 (see "Pilot")

Connemara, Ireland
Patrick and Connor Corrigan buried there. Location of the Fifth Sepulcher (see

New Eden
Colony peopled by religious zealots started in 1796. Reappears every 50 years to see if Messiah has arrived (see "Town Without Pity")

Judaean Desert
Location of cave where Cain's scroll was found (see "Twelfth Cave")

Pennywhistle Inn
Victorian house converted into bed and breakfast. Haunted by child of young ghost. (see "Twelfth Cave")

2913 Mason Street Tenement Building (San Francisco?)
Tenement haunted by Lithuanian Demon (see "The Tenement")

Sam's Bar (San Francisco?)
Bar/roadhouse frequented by Nick (see "Ghost in the Road")

Claremont School for Girls
School attended by Kat in first season. (see "Doppelganger")

St. Anthony Hospital Pathology Lab
Where Joe gets the dismembered hand needed to bring back Warden. (see "The Substitute")

St. Athanasius
The Catholic school attended by boys of Legerdemain Club. (see "The Substitute")

St. Alban’s Hospital, San Francisco
Hospital where Liz was a patient. (see ‘Do Not Go Gently")

Café Musique - Paris, France
Alex found the body of Paris House Precept Lucien Breton in the alley in
front of this café. (see "Do Not Go Gently")

The Aztec name for the shadow world between life and death. (see "Do Not Go

Chinese Cultural Center in Chinatown - San Francisco, California
Lee Sin Sung and his granddaughter are employed there. (see "Fox Spirit")

Temple of Azure Clouds - San Francisco, California
Chinese temple destroyed by 1906 San Francisco earthquake and haunted by
the Fox Spirit. ("Fox Spirit")

Hellsgate Pond - Massachusetts
Pond used for drowning witches. (see "The Thirteenth Generation")

Hampton Boarding School - Los Angeles, California
School attended by Rachel as a child. Location of coven of witches. (see "Revelations")

St. Albans Monastery - Ireland
Monastery in Ireland. Winston Rayne stayed there shortly before his death and left the container of Joshua Cantwell’s ashes there, where Philip found them. (see "The Reckoning")

Gobi Desert
Derek and Nick were returning from a mission there at the start of "A Traitor Among Us."

Rose County General Hospital
Hospital where all the action takes place in "The New Guard."

Crestridge, California
Mountain town where all the action takes place in "Black Widow."

Las Cruces, New Mexico
The origination point of the trunk sent to the Legacy in "Lights Out!"

Pinewall Academy
School Kat attends in second season. (see "Transference")

Golden Gate Park - San Francisco, California
First two killings by the lupen in "Rough Beast" occurred here. Stephen Romero murdered Rachel’s friend Carla there and tried to get Rachel to kill herself there in "Transference."

Headlands Medical Correctional Facility
Psychiatric correctional facility where Stephen Romero was imprisoned and from which he escaped in "Transference."

Hadley Bay Monastery
Monastery that is home to Brother Brendan in "Dark Angel."

Oakglen Sanitarium
The mental health facility Emma Scott was remanded to for her sister’s murder in "Dark Angel."

St. Crispin Mission - California
Mission where Ingrid Rayne works. She was kidnapped from there in "Ransom."

Mt. Tamalpais - Sonoma County, California
The mountain top where Ingrid Rayne’s sacrifice was carried out in "Ransom."

Seattle, Washington
Where Richter’s sister lives in "Finding Richter."

Forest Outside Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
Where Nick found Richter in "Finding Richter."

Marlton Jail
Where Philip was held after his arrest for the murder of Cheryl Cranford in "Repentance."

Eric Ravenwood’s House - California
House where Ravenwood murdered all his victims, which almost included Rachel, Alex, Derek and Nick in "Repentance."

Point Clifton - California
Town where "The Devil’s Lighthouse" is located. Also where Nick’s childhood friend, Mike MacCreedy, runs a boathouse.

Drake Club - San Francisco, California
Exclusive men’s club where Elizabeth Caldwell was accidentally killed by her husband. ("Silent Partner")

Bruskin House - California
House built for Sandra and Victor Bruskin by Sandra’s father, William Carter, in 1927. After she murdered Victor on their first anniversary (6/2/28), she committed suicide. Both souls haunted the house until appeased by the Legacy in "Mind’s Eye."

Westview Sanitarium - north of Eureka, California
Sanitarium built in 1936 on a spit of land called Devil’s Point by the Spaniards. It was built on the same site as a ironworks factory that was abandoned in 1888, due to numerous industrial accidents. Rachel occupied room number 423 in "Fear."

Reflecting Pool - Montreal, Canada
Exact duplicate built by Spencer Croft of a pool designed by Alexander the Great, originally built in Macedonia. Alexander built the pool so he would have a gateway out of the underworld after his death, but a sentry was posted by the Lord of the Underworld, to prevent Alexander’s return. Croft used his pool to bring his wife back to life after her death from ALS. However, he was killed by the sentry at the pool. Derek and William destroyed the pool by removing a lodestone. (see "Someone to Watch Over Me")


Mega-thanks to Emmalee for giving me her list of data that was the basis for this page. Thanks to Mary Alice, Kris K., Valery and other episode description writers for providing all sorts of *details.*

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