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Deceased/Previous Members of The Legacy

Julia Walker (Jordan Bayne) approximately late twenties at the time of her death. Killed by demon released from fifth sepulchre in Connemara, Ireland. Best friend of Alex and had some kind of chemistry with Nick too. (see "Pilot")

Winston Rayne (Daniel Pilon) Derek's father and former Precept of San Francisco Legacy House and founder/CEO of the Luna Foundation. He was an Archaeologist, could read and write Latin, ancient Hebrew and Greek. Possibly an alcoholic. Killed in Peru in 1969 by a demon from the first found sepulchre. Killed Joshua Cantwell (Rachel's maternal grandfather) and his "good" daughter Ruth, Rachel's mother (mistaking her for Rebecca) when Rachel was small. Good friend of Sir Edmund Tremaine of the London House. (see "Pilot")

Lucien Breton Precept of Paris House. Body discovered by Alex.

Robert Louis Stevenson (see "Man in the Mist")

Dr. David Livingston (see "The Spirit Thief") Born 1813 and died 1873. Scottish medical missionary and explorer of Central Africa.

Edgar Allen Poe (see ?)

Albert Einstein (see ?)

H.P. Lovecraft (see ?)

John Milton (see "Man in the Mist") English poet, born 1608, died 1674. Member of the Legacy.

Sigmund Freud (see "Rough Beast")

Jonathan Boyle Father of Nick. Alcoholic - abusive towards his wife and kids when drunk. (see "Sins of the Father") Killed Levan Soltar (see "Dark Priest")

Randolph Hitchcock (David Ogden Stiers) Previous Legacy member and an old friend of Derek's. Engaged to Alicia before her death. Once in trouble with State Department for buying oil wells in the Middle East. Left Legacy and never forgave Derek after Alicia's death. Tried to kill Derek by giving him Cain's Scroll. (see "Twelfth Cave.")

Angeline D'Arcy Deceased Precept of the Montreal House...turned to the Darkside, former lover of Derek's from when both were trying to decided whethere or not to join The Legacy.

Giroloamo Savonarola (1452-1498) In "Sins of the Father," Father Philip states that the mark of the lamb found on the boy Michael was discussed in a volume by a previous Legacy member Savonarola. Savonarola was an Italian monk and martyr in the 13th century. He was noted for warning the terribly corrupt Borgia papacy in Rome that unless they mended their ways the Roman Catholic Church would fall. The Borgia Pope had Savonarola branded a heretic and killed. Within 50 years came "The Schism" in the Catholic Church resulting in a dual papacy--one in Avignon, France and the other in Rome. - thanks to Megan for providing this bio for us!

Jeanette Montpelier (see "Lights Out") - Precept of Paris House, she was bludgeoned to death in 1865 in Paris.

Selwyn Roberts (see "Lights Out") - Legacy member poisoned in Cardiff on May 19, 1761. Poison was found in the 18th century silver pitcher found in the trunk.

Heinrich Olsdorff (see "Lights Out") - Legacy member who died from a fall, while hunting in Vienna in 1705. The leather strap from his saddle was found in the trunk.


Other Legacy Members & Associates

Lay Sin Sung (Victor Wong) - Elderly Chinese man and friend/colleague of Derek's and The Legacy. (see "Fox Spirit")

Christina - Literally a "spirtual" advisor to San Francisco House for over 300 years. Speaks in rhyme. (see "The Reckoning")

Charles Bannion (deceased) - Former Precept of New York House. Killed by sunlight when Derek exposded him as a vampire. (see "Traitor Among Us")

Claire Spencer - Forner Precept of Hong Kong House. Age approx. late forties. Possible affair with Derek in the past. (see "Traitor Among Us") Uknown whether she is deceased, retired or transferred.

Sir Edmund Tremaine - Former Precept of London House. Age approx. late sixities, early seventies. Good friend of Winston Rayne. (see "Traitor Among Us")

William Sloan - Current Precept of the London Ruling House.

Andrew Martin (see "Enlightened One") - Boston Legacy House member.

Jane Witherspoon (see "Enlightened One") - extremely proper, stern member of Boston Legacy House.

Nina Andros (see "Hell Hath No Fury") - retired Legacy member, she is curator at the Museum of Antiquities. She borrowed the Scepter of Pythia from the London Legacy House for a presentation on vengeance in ancient Greece. Frank Karmack stole the Scepter from her.


Known Legacy Houses

San Francisco - California, USA Precept: Derek Rayne, for 15 years Uknown: 13 year gap between Derek and Winston - Precept(s) was/were _________?

Belgium - Europe
Current Precept: Unknown
A Former Precept: Salvador Reneau, who believed himself to be the Anti-Christ. His House turned to evil 1835 and he was Crucified by his followers who burned the House down when Reneau was not resurrected. (see "Ghost in the Road")

Florence, Italy - Europe
Current Precept: Unknown
A Former Precept: Sir Benna Lalla, the martyr, in the 1500s (see "Sins of the Father")

Cairo, Egypt - Africa
Current Precept: Unknown.
Was destroyed by Victor Arkadi through murder of key individuals. (see "The Bones of St. Anthony")

Paris, France - Europe
Current Precept: Unknown.
A Former Precept: last known one was Lucien Breton (til '96) Murdered in Paris.

New York City, New York - USA
Current Precept: Unknown.
Former Precept: Last known one was Charles Bannion (til '96) before he was exposed by Derek as a having gone to the Darkside and killed by sunlight. (see "Traitor Among Us")

Hong Kong, China - Asia
Current Precept: Maya Chen (Sloan said, in "Ransom", that Maya was handpicked by Claire to be her replacement.)
Former Precept: Claire Spencer (see "Traitor Among Us") - deceased?/retired?

London, England - Europe (current Ruling House)
Current Precept: still no word on a replacement for Sloan
Former Precept: William Sloan (see "New Guard" and "Trapped")
Former Precept: Sir Edmund Tremaine (see "Town Without Pity" for first mention, then "Traitor Among Us")

Montreal - Canada
Current Precept: unknown
Former Precept: Angeliny D'Arcy (see "Ransom") - deceased

Buenos Aires, Argentina - South America
Current Precept: Maria Contrares - doing research at the Vatican.


Mega-thanks to Emmalee for giving me her list of data that was the basis for this page and her continuing efforts to provide more info each season. Thanks to Mary Alice, Kris K., Valery and other episode description writers for providing all sorts of *details.*

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