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15. Dark Priest

Season: 1
First Air Date: 02 August 1996 (Showtime)
Alternate Title(s): Das Medaillon (German)
Le prêtre maléfique (French)
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While hosting a Luna Foundation invitation-only affair to introduce a rare addition to its collection, two brothers crash the party. They steal a medallion that belonged to their dead father, a magician. One of the brothers, guided by his father's evil spirit, goes the magician route to make it big by doing what the audience just thinks are some really macabre tricks.
Derek de Lint

"Dr. Derek Rayne, Ph D"

Helen Shaver "Dr. Rachel Corrigan, MD"
Martin Cummins "Nick Boyle"
Robbi Chong "Alexandra (Alex) Moreau"
Guest Actors


Tom Schanley "Tom Davace" (bad brother)
J.C. MacKenzie "Stan Davace" (good brother)
Peter LaCroix "Zach"
Derek Hamilton "Man"
Darcy Laurie "Bum"
Xantha Radley "Hard Woman"
Sarah McLachlan
"Girl sacrificed in the Iron Maiden"
Co-Executive Producer -
Co-Executive Producer -
Producer -
Writer Grant Rosenberg
Director Brad Turner
This description by: Patti (1997)


During a formal party given by Derek to unveil the latest addition to the Winston Rayne Hall of Antiquities (a magnificent suit of armor worn by Charles VII), the alarm system goes off. It appears at first to be a false alarm. However, Nick discovered that one of the alarm boxes had been tampered with.

After the guests leave, the team takes inventory. It is then discovered that there has been a theft - a medallion from a display case in the Library. Derek confides that the medallion once belonged to Levon Soltar, a known satanist, sorcerer and the leader of "The Church of the Black Mass." Soltar claimed to have made a pact with Lucifer himself which gave him mystical powers. The church, under Soltar's direction, had been credited with the murders of several prominent San Fransicso citizens and the ritual slayings of many young women. Of all the members of the team, Nick is most upset by the possibility of a resurrection of Soltar's "church". The team quickly begins their investigation.

After inspection of surveillance tapes from the party, only two young men were left unidentified by any of the House members.They felt that those two were most certainly the theives. While in the process of tracking them down through a generic search of known satanists in the city, Derek unveiled more of the mystery surrounding the medallion. Levon Soltar had supposedly embued the medallion with his spirit and planned to use it to return from the dead. Nick is shocked and angry at Derek's witholding of information. Derek further revealed that the Legacy was responsible for Soltar's death. Specifically, that Nick's own father, Jonathan Boyle, was the member who killed him. Before he died, Soltar vowed to revenge himself on the Legacy. Nick becomes even more determined to find the two who stole the medallion and get it back. In the meantime, young women have begun to be ritually murdered on a nightly basis.

Nick tracks the two suspects to an after-hours club where the younger, Tom Davice, has achieved a certain notoriety with his macabre "magic" show. He went to the club to see this act for himself and was amazed when Tom conjured up a ghostly apparition that congealed into the form of a young woman on stage. Tom then put the girl in an iron maiden, slammed the door shut as the audience heard her blood curdling screams. When Tom opened the door, the young woman had disappeared but blood was left on the spikes. Nick suspects that the trick was no trick at all.

His suspicions are confirmed when he read of the girl's body being found, murdered, in the newspaper the next morning. Nick revealed to the others that the two men they have sought are Stan and Tom Davice, the sons of Levon Soltar. He told them about the "magic" show he witnessed the night before and the resulting obituary of the dead girl. It was obvious that the younger brother, Tom, had managed to unlock the secrets of the medallion. Derek is concerned that Soltar is using Tom to come back from the dead.

Stan, the "good" brother, was becoming increasingly frightened that Tom might be involved someway in the murders of several women who have appeared to be ritually killed. He confronts Tom but cannot get through to him.

When Nick and Rachel go back to the club to confront the brothers, they are too late. Tom, through Soltar, had sensed their arrival and pulled Stan out the back door. Frustrated at his inability to stop the murderous intentions of Soltar, Nick pulled out his gun and to Rachel's horror and surprise, shot several inanimate objects. They get thrown out of the club by the owner.

Tom watched all of this covertly from a hiding place across the street. When Stan tried to stop Tom from killing Nick and Rachel, Tom threw Stan against a wall and believed he killed his own brother. Tom was overcome with contrition but Soltar had grown too strong for him to stop.

Back at the Legacy house, Nick was angry beyond belief. He was planning to go back to the club to kill Tom Davice. Derek tried to stop him but Nick can't see beyond the need to stop the evil brother. Just as he was ready to walk out, the front door burst open, throwing Nick and Derek backwards.

Levon Soltar had arrived, prepared to destroy the Legacy House along with everything and everyone in it. Nick tried to shoot the man but Soltar ripped the gun from Nick's hand with use of an invisible force. Just as Soltar began to wreak destruction on the house, Stan stumbled in. Weakened from loss of blood and a concussion, he pleaded with Tom to fight the evil, their father, that pervaded his soul. Shocked at the sight of his brother still alive, Tom emerged for a moment but Soltar took possession once again and struck Stan down, this time mortally.

In the ensuing chaos, Derek told Nick to use the spear attached to the suit of armor next to him. As Soltar returned to destroying the Legacy, Nick grabbed the spear and impaled the dark priest with it, killing him.

When it was apparent that Soltar/Tom was really dead, Nick looked to Derek and asked how this could happen. Derek assured him that it will never happen again. He planned to destroy the medallion for good, as they should have done many years ago. Nick and Derek stood over the bodies of the two brothers - the innocent victims of a long dead evil.

Description last revised: 26 February 1997