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30. Rough Beast

Season: 2
First Air Date: 25 April 1997 (Showtime)
Alternate Title(s): Der Wolfsmensch (German)
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A female teenage patient of Rachel's is having disturbing nightmares about wolves.


Derek de Lint

"Dr. Derek Rayne, Ph D"

Helen Shaver "Dr. Rachel Corrigan, MD"
Martin Cummins "Nick Boyle"
Robbi Chong "Alexandra (Alex) Moreau"
Guest Actors


Chilton Crane "Tracy Lasker"
Laura Harris "Anne Lasker"
Kim Restall "Dr. Frances Carlton"
Co-Executive Producer Garner Simmons
Co-Executive Producer Gary Sherman
Producer Fran Rosati
Writer David Tynan
Director Garner Simmons
This description by: Kris Kroner (1997)


Opening scene- Rachel's House.

Rachel is talking to a girl named Tracy asking why she wanted to see her. Tracy says she's not sure she can talk about it. Rachel asks if it's real or imagined. tracy says her dream is back just like before. Rachel asks her to tell her about it and she relates she is in a trailer with her Mom, (she is 8 years old in her dream) and she is looking at a book about white horses when she hears a noise and the trailer door starts to crash in. (we see through the eyes of a beast and hear growling and banging on the door, but the view is distorted because it is night.) Tracy says it isn't just just a noise this time but that something is trying to get inside and says it's like a beast, teeth, fangs, claws and eyes. She worries it's coming through the door. Rachel asks her if the beast is like a tiger or a lion and Tracy says it's a wolf. She gets quiet and says the dream scares her. Rachel says dreams are like little coded messages from the brain and if we can figure them out they go away. Tracy asks if she can come back the next day and asks Rachel not to tell her Mom.

Legacy House

Alex and Nick,(who is just back inside after a running) are walking up a staircase. Alex tells Nick that Derek wants them to go over a report from singapore regarding a haunting in the Tomb of the Lost Raja. Alex then comments on the distance of his run and asks why he pushes himself so hard and never takes a day off. Nick says "it's part of the program" and reveals his father made him 'run the gauntlet', everything was a test and he was constantly tested both mental and physical. He says he never knew when or where there would be a test and he recalled that when he was 12 his Dad told him the brakes on the car had failed when they were going 25 mph and told Nick to jump. He didn't jump and rode it out. alex said, You passed then, your Dad should have been proud, you stayed with him till the end. Nick says he still failed the test because it wasn't about survival, but about following orders without question. Alex comments that it wasn't a fair test and Nick agrees, but says his old man would have said, 'neither is life'. alex looks stunned and walks away.

Control Room

Derek, Nick and Alex agree there is no ghost in Singapore, just a structural anaomaly. they debate who calls Singapore to tell them. Nick says, "when it comes to ghosts, faulty architecture isn't much of a substiute.


Rachel comes in. Derek asks if everything is OK. She says she's late because of a patient droppping by- an 18 yr old with repressed trauma, recurring dreams of wolves. Derek says, 'very Freudian' and asks if she can talk about it. she says yes because the girl recently moved to the area and Derek wouldn't know her. She relates that Tracy came via an outreach clinic and tells him about the dream and that the girl is afriad of being attacked. Rachel supposes it's related to Tracy's father and describes Freuds wolfman. Derek then pulls out a book from the shelf written by Freud and says teh only things published were what Freud wanted to tell. Rachel is astounded he has the book and asked if Freud was a member of the Legacy. Derek says no but they traveled in the 'same circles', but Freud did look into the murders by a wolf creature. Rachel says Tracy has nightmares and it isn't about murders. Derek sugests he should have Nick check into it anyway.

Rachel's House

Rachel gets out of her car and gets spooked when the neighbors dog barks. We agian see through the beasts eyes, distorted picture and growling as Rachel enters the house. Then we see a creature in the distance.

Morgue - 4 am

Francis is doing an autopsy. Nick comes in and asks if she ever sleeps. she says, "I do some of my best work at night, Nick". Nick replies with a smile, "so do vampires." He then comments that when he left the message he didn't expect her to get back to hm so soon. She shows him a body with it's throat ripped out indicative of a large canine.

Rachel's House

Office room is darkened, tracy is lying on the couch. Rachel reminds her the hyposis si to help her remember and that she can come out of it whenever she wants. she takes her back to the dream when she was a child in the trailer, she sees her father is the one that breaks in the trailer and gets very frightened. Rachel comforts her and drives her home.

Legacy House

Derek is stoking the fire. He comments that given the bite marks on the body Nick saw, the creature is at least 'part canine'.Nick says 'so you;re saying it's a werewolf." Derek says no, that a werewolf is a folktale but the creature may be what the legend of the werewolf is based upon - the lupan. Nick repsond. Nick responds, "so, you're saying this might be a werewolf.", Derek smiles and Alex tries, saying "No, it's a hybrid with human..." and then gives up and says, "it's a werewolf." Derek then talks about Romulus and Remus being suckled by wolves as infants. They interbred with the she-wolf's true offspring to create a lineage and have survived even through the fall of Rome. Alex says she will contact the Rome house to see what they have. Nick decided to call the coroner again since they believe the 'thing' will kill again.

Tracy's house

Tracy in her room, remembering her dream. We see a gun going off, a small child screaming, her Mom, anne, screaming as a beast with horrible teeth and claws breaks into the trailer. Her Mom comes into the room then and asks Tracy if sh'es OK. Tracy tells her about visiting Rachel and that she is remembering because she needs to know the truth about her father. she now remembers she saw her mother kill her father. Mom tells her it was just a dream..and tells her it will be all right.

Golden Gate Park

We see a man in the park with a disabled car. We see through the eyes of the beast as it growls, stalks, and attacks him.

Legacy House

Nick tells Alex that Francis told him about another killing. Alex then shows Nick what she downloaded from Rome house about lupin. They were driven out and relocated to Albania. Derek comes in and comments that lupin look like humans until they reach maturity. Once they are adults they kill and then resume human form, without knowing they had killed. They know the lupan will kill agian soon and try to decide where the next killing will occur.

Rachel's House

Mrs. Lasker comes to see Rachel and tells her to stop seeing her daughter. Rachels says Tracy needs help and asks if tracy ever experienced violece regarding her father. Mrs. Lasker says the father left when she was 8 yrs old. Anne Lasker and Rachel argue about Tracy but Anne leaves, telling Rachel to leave them alone.

Legacy House

Rachel brings back the Freud book and says he wrote it about a man stalked by his father who was the lupan. Rachel asks why the lupan would kills its own young. Derek says it may have wanted to break the cycle and end the curse. rachel seems surprised that Freu asked the Legacy to help kill it, and Derek reminds her he was trying to save a patient, just as she is trying to save Tracy. when Rachel tells Derek Anne didn't want her to see her daughter anymore, Derek suggests they visit her.

The Laskers' House

Derek and Rachel approach the door. No one responds to the knock so Derek goes to the back where he is attacked by the lupan. Rachel screams,, grabs a shovel and chases the lupan off.

Legacy House

Rachel tells Alex and Nick that what she chased off Derek wasn't a dog or a wolf. Derek comes in and reminds her she saved his life. Nick says Police can't figure our the deaths so they let the Legacy see 'what they had'. Nick shows where in the area the pattern of deaths occurred. They seems to happen in threes so they agree there is one more killing to go. Alex had discovered that 10 yrs ago, in Bar Harbor, Maine, there were killings fitting the same pattern. The police thought a man named James Harden did it but couldn't prove anything. They brought the wife in for questioning but couldn't prove anything and she later took her child and moved. Alex displays pictures of that show James and Mrs. Harden. Rachel recognizes her as Mrs. Lasker. Alex, Derek and Rachel suppose that James Harden must be the lupan.

The Laskers' House

Rachel knocks on the door. Anne Lasker tells her Tracy is in school. Rachel confronts her and says she knows she was Mrs. Harden. Mrs.Lasker says James was wonderful but had to leave for long periods of time every month. He made her learn to use a gun and told her she would 'know when to use it.". Anne Lasker said she finally understood what he meant when he broke into the trailer. She killed the beast and it resumed the form of her husband James. She buried him and left town, moving to San Francisco and changing their name to Lasker. Tracy didn't speak for a year and convinced herself it was imagined. Then the dreams began.

Rachel asks if she's sure James is dead. Anne says she thinks so but isn't positive so Rachel tells her to wait inside for Tracy to come home and Rachel promises to return.

Legacy House

Derek opens a box and takes out an arrow and looks at it while Nick checks out a crossbow. Derek says that lupans' origins are rooted in the supernatural and there is only one way to be sure it's killed. Nick say's 'silver nitrate' and Derek adds, 'straight through the heart'. He tells Nick to be sure he and Alex have the propler ammunition. Alex and Rachel come in, Rachel obviously upset, tells them she doesn't want the lupan killed, that they could study it. Derek says it too dangerous not to kill him. Nick and Alex agree and Rachel leaves the room, visably upset.

The Lasker House

(we see beast growling, moving towards the house, snarling, it looks in Tracy's window and then jumps inside and lays down in Tracys empty bed..time lapse filmography..beast reverts to Tracy)

Rachel drives up , knocks on the door , Mrs Lasker opensit and says Tracy is missing. They open her bedroom door and she is asleep in the bed. Anne is so tired so Rachel tells her to rest and she will sit with Tracy.

Cut to the woods around the house... Nick and Alex are loading weapons, Nick tells her to aim for the heart. Alex is worried she may miss. Nick assures her he won't miss. Derek suddenly comes up carrying his crossbow. Nick jumps up and tells Derek he could have given a warning.

Derek reminds them that the lupan won't. Nick then tells Derek he can have a good look at the front yard if he climbs the tree in the front of the house. He sends Alex around back and he says he'll patrol the perimeter.. We then see Derek, crossbow, in hand, climb the tree and sit in the crotch of the tree looking concerned....

Meanwhile, Rachel is in the room with Tracy when she begins to turn back into a werewolf. Rachel screams, Derek, from his tree perch, shouts to the others that the lupan is in the house.. Alex bursts into the bedroom as the beast is about to jump on Rachel and takes aim. Mrs. Lasker appears from behind, screams, 'NO' and grabs the gun. Tracy beast leaps from the open window right on top of Nick, they struggle.

We see Derek running up, screaming NO and aiming his crossbow. The beast leaves Nick, runs towards Derek. He fires the crossbow, just as Nick retrieves his weapon and fires several times. The beast dies and turns back into the form of Tracy. Mrs. Lasker and Rachel are on the porch and Rachel tells her she could have stopped it...Mrs Lasker says 'no on could.' She then goes to her daughter, cradles her and tells them to leave.

Derek tells everyone they had no choice. Rachel tells Mrs. Lasker they could help her since she cannot explain the death to the police. Mrs. Lasker again tells them to leave and one by one the Legacy members walk away.


Scene is Mom cradling dead daughter. Rachels says that Anne knew all along and that maybe Derek was right, there was no chance to save her. She wishes she had found a way and speculates whether there are others like her and hopes to get a second chance...

Meanwhile, the mother, greif striken, looks upward at the sky and her eyes take on an eerie wolflike glow...

Description last revised: 1997