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43. The Choice

Season: 2
First Air Date: 17 August 1997 (Showtime)
Alternate Title(s): Am Scheideweg (German)
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Bad Clip Show. Rachel, trying to protect Kat, tries to make up her mind whether to leave or stay in The Legacy


Derek de Lint

"Dr. Derek Rayne, Ph D"

Helen Shaver "Dr. Rachel Corrigan, MD"
Martin Cummins "Nick Boyle"
Robbi Chong "Alexandra (Alex) Moreau"
Alexandra Purvis "Katherine (Kat) Corrigan"
Guest Actors


Co-Executive Producer Garner Simmons
Co-Executive Producer Grant Rosenberg
Producer Robert Petrovicz

David Tynan
Excerpts by Brad Wright, Garner Simmons, John Martin, Mike Berman, James Cappe, David Tynan, Chris Black, Gary Sherman, and Bill Bleich.

Director Michael Robison
This description by: Kris Kroner (1997) - This episode was another "Clip Show"- meaning that the plot includes scenes from several episodes from the previous 2 seasons. I will indicate which episode each clip comes from by indicating the title of the show in *italics.*


Stormy Evening - Legacy House

Kat sleeps fitfully as a storm rages outside. Periodically, lightening illuminates the bedroom. She's having a nightmare and calling out in her sleep, "No!"

Clip . Rachel tells Kat they have to leave and get away from these people. Joshua Cantwell attempts to take Kat despite Derek trying to protect her. *The Reckoning -Season 1*


Kat gets up and walks into the library and finds Alex working there. She asks to see her mother and Alex reassures her she's downstairs waiting for Derek's call, and asks if everything is all right. Kat tells her she had a bad dream and Alex offers to let her sleep in her bed until Rachel comes upstairs.


Rachel stands at the window clutching a telephone. She appears anxious and nervous. Suddenly, and with a great deal of resolve, she dials the phone.

Highway during severe storm

Nick drives the 4X4 as he and Derek discuss that the exorcism took place just over the Nevada border and, with the storm, it'll take just about 2 hours to get there. The phone rings and Derek answers. Rachel tells Derek they need to talk and that she had planned to tell him this in person but Alex had told her they won't be back until Thursday. Derek looks stunned as Rachel tells him she's taking Kat and leaving the Legacy for good. Before he can respond, the storm knocks out the telephone connection. Nick, surprised, says he can't believe she'd leave without talking to them. Derek reminds him that their original plans had them leaving the following day. They decide to turn back.

Alex's Bedroom

As Alex tucks Kat in, the little girl apologizes for not always being nice to Alex. When Alex denies that she was ever rude to her, Kat reminds her about one time in the kitchen. Clip: Alex wants to talk to Kat about her missing friend while she makes her monster sandwich. Kat, even though very upset, refuses to discuss anything and tells her to leave her alone. *Lullaby -Season 2*

Alex smiles and reminds her that the nice thing about being friends is that they can disagree and even feel angry with each other but in the end it doesn't change the way they feel. Kat asks if they'll be friends even if they move away and Alex tells her the only place she's going to is to sleep. She turns off the light and leaves the room.


As Alex enters, she finds Rachel, frantically searching for Kat. Alex reassures her she had a bad dream and she put Kat in her own bedroom. Then she asks Rachel if everything is OK. Rachel says no and tells her they're leaving the Legacy and she was wrong to ever come in the first place. Alex attempts to get her to talk and Rachel tells her it's been building up inside of her and reminds Alex of the night in the farmhouse. Clip: Philip, possessed by Ravenwood, knocks Rachel unconscious. She awakens in the coffin. *Repentance- Season 2*

Rachel tells Alex she was sure she was going to die there in the coffin. Alex reminds her that now, she's at the Legacy and very much alive, but Rachel continues and says that the events of that night have been playing in her mind like an endless loop. She goes on and says that her pain and guilt have her worrying about Kat and she's concerned about taking risks because what will happen to Kat if something happens to her . Alex reminds her that when Romero stalked her, Rachel came to the Legacy for help. Clip: Romero stalks Rachel to try to kill her. The entire team bands together to protect Rachel and Kat from him. *Transference - Season 2*

Rachel still feels strongly and tells Alex she must leave. Her argument is that if she doesn't try she won't be able to live with herself. Alex replies that she doesn't have to leave and that both she and Kat belong there. Rachel's reminds her about the demands the Legacy puts on their personal lives as well as the way they choose violence. She remembers Tracy Lasker. Clip: A lupin has been killing people. The entire Legacy team, except Rachel, decide that the only safe way to prevent future deaths is to kill the werewolf. *Rough Beast - Season 2*

Rachel reminds Alex she wanted to let it live. Because she's a doctor she took a vow to save life and the only thing here at the Legacy is death and violence. Alex reminds her that it was Rachel in danger and not the girl, Tracy. Clip: Tracy turns into a werewolf in front of Rachel's eyes and tries to kill her. Derek and Nick stop it and kill it. *Rough Beast - Season 2*

Alex, showing emotion now, tells Rachel, "Your physician oath doesn't apply here. This is war and it can't be won without confronting evil. Evil doesn't play by the rules." She goes on to tell Rachel that out there she'll be vulnerable and alone and if she stayed with them she'd have the safety of the house.

Rachel reminds her that Angeline attacked inside the house. Clip: Alex, working in the control room is confronted and attacked by Angeline. *Ransom - Season 2*

Rachel asks Alex why she doesn't see that the house is like a magnet, a lightening rod, for evil. She suggests she should leave also, but Alex tells her she came to the house to make a difference and is staying. Rachel smugly replies that they both agree to disagree then.

Highway - Still raining

Car phone rings and Alex tells them she's trying to reason with Rachel but she's not listening to her. Rachel's blaming everything on the Legacy and asks Derek to remember Christmas. Clip: Derek tries to reason with Rachel and tell her that Kat may be on the other side with Connor. Rachel refuses to believe and Derek tries to reason with her to get her to call to Kat. *The Gift - Season 2*

Derek, looking concerned, tells Alex to stop her from leaving. She promises she'll try. Nick looks over at Derek and reminds him that Rachel has always had major doubts since the beginning. Clip: Rachel, after being brought to the house from Ireland demands to leave. *Pilot - Season 1*

Living Room

Rachel looks around the room and sees a picture of her husband, Patrick and Kat. Clip: While Rachel talks with Seamus Bloom, the demon that has taken over his spirit impersonates her husband Patrick in order to impregnate her with the demon's child. *Pilot - Season 1*

Rachel, upset by that memory, moves to a chair near the fire and curls up in it while trying to convince herself she's doing the right thing. She dozes off.

Foyer - Legacy House

Nick and Derek, both wearing dark leather jackets, enter, noting they see Rachel's car so she's still in the house. They find Alex who doesn't know what room she's in so they all split up to look.

Living Room

Rachel awakens and sees a statue across the room that reminds her of when she had the demon's child, right there in the Legacy house. Clip: Rachel goes into labor and delivers a demon child that drags her around the room by it's umbilical cord. *Pilot - Season 1*

Shaken by that memory, she moves over to the piano and starts to play. Clip: Rachel, while being possessed by Rebecca, plays a haunting melody on the piano. *The Inheritance - Season 1*

She looks up and sees Nick, incredibly handsome in a royal blue shirt, leaning against the back of a chair across the room studying her. He comments that the tune is "hard to get out of your head, isn't it?" She agrees, noting they came back. He replies they couldn't let her leave without saying anything and asks her gently if she's OK. He comments he never thought he'd hear her play that tune again. Clip: Rachel, possessed by Rebecca, sees Nick come to her side and thinks he's someone else. When she realizes it's Nick, she faints in his arms. *The Inheritance-Season 1*

She smiles wryly and tells him she thought she'd forgotten it. He quietly says, "You can't, that's the problem." He moves from behind the chair to sit next to her on the piano bench saying, when you go through what they go through regularly, no one walks away unscarred. Rachel, near tears, tells him she can't do it anymore and wants her life back. Nick replies, "That's fair. The decision's yours." She goes on to tell him she wants her life to be like it was before she ever heard of the Legacy and the house and she wants Kat to have normal friends and a future. She asks him why that's so wrong. Nick replies that it isn't wrong. He adds, "You have a big decision to make, I don't envy that." Rachel tells him she already made it. Nick, looking at her, simply and gently replies, "OK. You know where to find me." She leans into him and he kisses her cheek firmly as she hugs his arm tightly before leaving the room.


Rachel walks out of the living room as Derek and Alex come down the steps. Derek asks her to reconsider before she does something she may regret. Rachel tells him she regrets waiting so long to leave. Alex, looking carefully at Rachel tells her she's felt the same thing. The dark side can be very seductive and she reminds her that it almost got her to leave the house right there in the foyer. Clip: After a dinner party at the house, Daniel Euwara encourages Alex to join him to help heal the sick in his rituals. *Spirit Thief- Season 2* Alex tells Rachel if she would have left she'd have lost everything, just because she wasn't strong enough.

Rachel replies it isn't about weakness. She feels different because she's the only one with a child and she feels Kat is growing up without her. She feels she needs to reorder her priorities and to spend more time with her instead of with the Legacy or she'll grow up and be gone and she'll have missed it. She looks at Derek and tells him that the real temptation is there at the Legacy. It takes more resolve to leave than to stay. The danger and the risks are like an addiction. She adds that she also worries that if she doesn't come back one day what will happen to Kat.

Derek reminds her that family is important but she is a part of the family there. He remembers the relief he felt. Clip: Derek receives the call from Nick that Rachel and Kat are OK. He sighs with deep relief and replies, "Excellent, great work Nick. Bring them home." *The Inheritance - Season 1*

He reminds her that when he found out that his own father had contact with her ancestors he didn't want to accept it either. Clip: Derek shows Rachel the pictures he found in his father's journal and tells her about Joshua Cantwell and that his father accidentally killed Rachel's mother. Derek reminds her that she was meant to be a part of the Legacy and ties to get her to think about her gifts and that he considers some things were "meant to be." *The Inheritance - Season 1*

He then asks if Kat also wants to leave. Rachel is angry and tells him that isn't fair. Derek responds quickly, "Isn't it?" reminding her that she 's saying she's leaving because of her. He asks her to talk to Kat "with her heart" first. Then they'll accept whatever she decides.


Kat gets up and goes into the library where she sees the sword in its display on the mantle. She remembers Derek using that sword. Clip: Derek calls to Kat to run and he tells the demon Joshua Cantwell he cannot have her. He grabs the sword and throws it but Cantwell catches it and stabs Derek. They struggle and eventually Derek plunges the sword into the demon and it disappears. *The Inheritance - Season 1*

Rachel comes into the library and asks Kat if she's OK. She kneels down and asks how she feels about leaving, saying they haven't had much time to spent together but now things will change. Kat suddenly realizing that Rachel doesn't intend to ever return, tells her she's sad. Rachel reassures her they'll start all over. Kat, tells her mother that she'll still be different than everyone else because she sees things other people don't and that's why she doesn't have friends at school.

Rachel reassures her she'll make new friend and that they just won't talk about her gift of sight. Kat implores Rachel that she has friends at the Legacy. Nick is her friend, and Alex understands her and Derek, she feels safe with. "They're our family now. I don't want to move away and not see them again!" She adds that she misses Daddy too but he can't come back to them. Rachel is now crying and Kat reassures her that it isn't her fault as she continues and says "This is where I belong, so do you. We're home. Right now." She kisses her mothers cheek and hugs her.

Derek's office

Derek stands looking out his window at the dark night when Alex and Nick enter behind him. Nick asks if she'll stay. Derek replies that some things just must be left to fate. Nick nods and adds that when she said she was leaving he had an empty feeling in the pit of his stomach. Derek, still looking outside, agrees, "So did I. She's become one of us and so has Kat. Let's hope she makes the right decision."


Kat lies asleep under the covers. Rachel kisses her gently and goes to the table to write in her journal.

"They say you see yourself in your children, and while I know it's true, when I look at Kat, I also feel afraid. Afraid that what I've done has somehow placed her whole life at risk. We are both bound to the Legacy with ties we cannot break. All I ask is for the strength to see her grow and to survive."

Description last revised: December 1997