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08. Doppleganger

Season: 1
First Air Date: 7 June 1996 (Showtime)
Alternate Title(s): Doppelgaenger (German)
La princesse égyptienne (French)
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Kat acquires a unique "imaginary" friend - the spirit of an Egyptian princess.
Derek de Lint

"Dr. Derek Rayne, Ph D"

Helen Shaver "Dr. Rachel Corrigan, MD"
Martin Cummins "Nick Boyle"
Robbi Chong "Alexandra (Alex) Moreau"
Patrick Fitzgerald "Father Philip Callaghan"
Alexandra Purvis "Katherine (Kat) Corrigan"
Guest Actors


Colleen Rennison "Cally/Senephra"
Chapelle Jaffe "Miss Clark"
Co-Executive Producer -
Producer -
Writer Bill Reich
Director Allan Eastman
This description by: Clair aka "Clarianna" (1996)


Derek is lying in an open casket. All the other members of his Legacy team stand around him. Alex is crying in mourning. He looks at them as they leave and he sees an Egyptian girl's face. Then Derek finds himself lying on a slab looking at an Egyptian priest with a jackal mask. Other "priests" surround him - they're Alex, Philip, Rachel and Nick. Rachel lifts up a ritual knife over her head and prepares to stab Derek in the chest. He finds that his mouth is sealed, he has no voice and cannot scream. She plunges the knife in...

Derek awakens screaming from his nightmare. He sees the Egyptian girl-child in his room and she asks him repeatedly, "Are you the one?" Her glance falls on a photo of all the Legacy members and specifically on Kat. She smiles menacingly, then tells Derek to "forget about me, I'm just a dream."

On the playground at Kat's new, private, all-girls school, a snobby older girl tells her she has to be "initiated" and they start chasing her in a mock game of "cat & mouse" - Kat is the mouse. As Kat hides in some bushes, a girl who calls herself Cally (don't know what the correct spelling is...sorry) mysteriously appears and says she's Kat's new "best friend." A huge wind comes up and an invisible forces knocks over and hurts the snobby girl who was chasing Kat.

At the Legacy house in the control room. Derek is explaining to the others that the Cairo Legacy House has asked for their assistance in identifying a mummy and its cause of death. He tells Alex of his previous night's nightmare of "ritual disembowelment by his friends." Rachel gets a call that there's been a "mix up" at Kat's school and has to leave. When she gets there, the head mistress (or an equivalent title) tells her Kat attacked the other girl and is lying about it because she says her "imaginary friend Cally" did it. Rachel tells her Kat doesn't lie. When she speaks with Kat herself, Kat tells her it was Cally who did it and is frustrated because no one believes her.

Philip is looking for books in the library. Kat comes in and talks to him. She's wondering about when people die and they go to heaven. If they don't know they're name, how can they be introduced themselves to God? And states she thinks they should spend more time looking for the mummy's name. Cally is jealous of Kat spending time with Philip and the others.

Nighttime at the Legacy House. Alex and Derek are in the "tomb." They notice the name of the mummy has been chipped away. The rest they can read and they wonder why a pharaoh's only son was buried without a name. After they leave the tomb, the Legacy Data Network com link to the Cairo House starts to download info to them but Cally fries the computer.

Cally reminds Kat later that they made a pact, when Kat expresses that she feels bad about everything done to the tomb. Cally tells Kat she's going to bring a cat mummy's spirit back into it and makes Kat participate in the ritual. She won't let Kat leave. Derek psychically see/hears the chant "the dead shall walk, the dead shall speak." Cally plunges a ritual tool into the cat's mouth. Derek awakens.

Later in the tomb, Derek inspects the damage done to the cat mummy and realizes it was done in a ritual. Nick tells him the com link is fried. Derek talks to Rachel and accuses Kat of the damage. Rachel's appalled but says she'll talk to her. Derek asks for a translation from Philip from a past Legacy member's writings.

Rachel talks to Kat...she sees Kat's drawing of her "imaginary friend," Cally. She asks Kat if she was playing in the tomb and Kat says "Cally did it!" Rachel thinks that Kat doesn't like her working with the Legacy and that Kat is upset with her - damaging things to get attention. She tells Derek if it comes down to it, Kat wins over the Legacy, hands down. Derek tells Rachel about his nightmares which he feels are a psychic assault. He's afraid the Cairo House is setting him up.

Kat and Cally - Kat's mad at her but Cally says now it's time to do the mummy!

Derek, Rachel and Nick find the cause of death of the mummy - a blow to the head - and there's something lodged in the throat. From the x-ray of the pelvis and surrounding bones, Rachel figures out that the mummy is an eight year old Egyptian princess. Derek asks Alex to re-read the hieroglyphs and asks Philip to look for anything about strangulation.

Cally is playing an Egyptian game in the basement tomb. Alex is double-checking the translation. The pharaoh's daughter's name is Senephra - she received no burial and her name was not inscribed, which means she was doomed to haunt the sarcophagus forever. Cally knows her real name now. She tells Kat she wants her to go to the Priest in the library to find out what the writings he's translating say.

Derek asks to see Rachel in the control room. He asks her when was the first time Kat mentioned seeing Cally and finds out it was the exact same time his nightmares began and the sarcophagus arrived. Nick shows them the reconstructed face of the female mummy. It looks like the picture Kat drew of Cally. They surmise that the princess was killed by a priest and buried without a proper burial. Cally haunts her tomb forever! Rachel realizes Cally is a not-so-imaginary friend after all and that with Kat being the same age, same sex, they're kindred spirits.

Philip's in the library finishing up some translations. Kat surprises him. She asks about the translations. Cally, who hates priests, forces Philip down the stairs which knocks him out. Kat promises to help Cally if she doesn't hurt Philip anymore.

In the tomb, Kat and Cally start to perform the ritual ceremony, reading from Philip's translations.

In the control room, Nick sees that the mummy's throat has been clogged up with resin so her Ka (spirit) couldn't enter into the body. That forces her to find someone else's body....Kat's!

Alex find Philip, hurt, in the library...he warns her that Kat's in danger.

Kat is reading from the translations. Cally/Senephra puts on the ritual jackal mask and tries to open the mouth to let her Ka in with a ritual "key" but she can't get the passageway open because of the resin. Derek, Rachel, Alex, Nick and Philip race to the tomb. Senephra won't let Kat go to Rachel and then starts to enter Kat's body. Derek rushes to the mummy and finally forces the passageway open into which Senephra's spirit goes into, finally. Senephra says good bye to Kat. The we see her and the jackal god heading off into the nether world.

The next day, Rachel and Kat are playing shadowtag. Kat wonders why Cally was so mean. They're ready to leave for their home. Unobserved by them, Derek watches them go. Derek says to Nick that Kat reminds him of himself at the same age but he doesn't want to see her childhood lost.

Description last revised: 1996