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67. Bird of Prey (Part 2 of 2)

Season: 4
First Air Date: 26 March 1999 (Sci Fi Channel)
Alternate Title(s): Besessen (German)
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"Following Jennifer Hollybrook's funeral, her fiance, Jeffrey Sandor, tells Alex he'd like to help with the investigation. After she leaves, Sandor approaches Father Norman, the priest who gave Corvus his Last Rites. When Sandor defends Corvus' actions, the priest becomes scared and runs off. " -



Derek de Lint

"Dr. Derek Rayne, Ph D"

Helen Shaver "Dr. Rachel Corrigan, MD"
Martin Cummins "Nick Boyle"
Robbi Chong "Alexandra (Alex) Moreau"
Guest Actors


Jeff Kober "Raymond Corvus"
Tamara Gorski "Megan Torrence"
Michael Reilly Burke "Jeffrey Sandor (Jennifer's fiance)"
Michael Kopsa "Father Norman (gave Corvus last rites)"
Ben Cardinal "Oliver HalfMoon"
Police Officer "John Sampson"
Co-Executive Producer Garner Simmons
Co-Executive Producer Grant Rosenberg
Producer Robert Petrovicz
Associate Producer Kira Domar

David Tynan

Director Garner Simmons
This description by:

Susan Snead (1999)



CEMETERY - Day - light rain

Scene opens in a cemetery at Jennifer Hollybrook's funeral where Alex is talking with Jeffrey Sandor about his dead girlfriend. The raven tattoo that had been on Raymond Couvus is now seen on the inside of his wrist.. Jeffrey tells her that he met Jennifer when he came up to do some research. So you worked together? Alex asked. Jeffrey said no but the moment he saw her , he knew it was destiny. Alex asks what his field is and he says that it is forensic medicine. Alex assures him that they are going to find Jennifer's killer and he asks if she works for the police. Alex says no that she works for a private foundation - a kind of think tank -that focuses on cases like this. Jeffrey wants to do whatever he can to help find Jennifer's killer. Alex tells him to call her if he can think of anything that would help and gave him her card. As she leaves him he calls to her that he hopes they get him.. Then in a lower voice he adds "Before he gets you" and then he rubs his eyebrow with two fingers in the Corvus manner.

San Francisco Legacy House - Day

Derek asked Rachel if she is still thinking about Corvus and she told him that she could not shake the feeling. She says that it is not the first time that she had been threatened by a patient but that it was the first time that she condemned one to death. Rachel said that Corvus could see a little bit of the killer in her....actually he said he thought she was a "hunter" like him. Derek tells Rachel that they have to make hard choices but that ultimately what she did was justified. Is that how you rationalize your actions, Derek? Rachel asked. Derek said that he did not have to rationalize doing the right thing. Rachel continued that they justified so many things they did in the name of the Legacy. But that they were not infallible. Derek agrees that they are not and that they will make mistakes - they are not perfect. They have to accept that and get on with their mission. Rachel says that is the difference between them that she does not find it so easy playing God. Derek replies somewhat sadly that, unfortunately, self doubt is not a luxury that he has been provided and he heads toward the door to leave. He turns and tells her that he is going to Mendocino. Until they understand the connection between Corvus and the murders, they have work to do.


The Priest that gave Corvus his last rites is praying over a marker with number 20959 when Jeffrey Sandor walks up behind him. The Priest asks if he has come to pay his respects. Jeffrey asks what brings him out at this ungodly hour. He replies that the whole thing has been troubling. The Priest then says that he seems familiar and Jeffrey replies that everyone tells him that. The priest goes on to say that Corvus' death seems like such a waste.. Jeffrey disagrees saying that he thinks Corvus served a higher purpose and that what he did might have come naturally to him.. The Priest asks how something so monstrous could be natural. Jeffrey replies when it is what he needs to survive. The Priest does not understand and then Jeffrey in Corvus' voice repeats- "about 2 minutes and I am not your son". Jeffrey asks if that sounds familiar. These were the words that Corvus had spoken to the priest before his death. The priest says that is impossible and then he dies like the others. Jeffrey Sandor goes into the stance that allows the evil spirit to come out and kill the Priest.


Derek is holding one of the black feathers found at the scene of one of the murders. Alex says that it is from the Pacific Coast Raven. Derek thinks that Corvus is behind the killings and reminds her of the Chiapassi Indians and their belief in Soul Transmigration. The Raven was used to transport the soul of the killer who attacked and killed his enemies. It is the ritual that allowed the spirit to feed off his victims' life force. Alex gets a call from Nick telling her that there has been another body had been found - the Priest at San Quentin who gave Corvus his last rites. They head over there to meet up with Nick.


Alex says that the name of the Priest was Father Norman and he was the one who gave Corvus the last rites. Derek believes it was Corvus and Nick says that he is dead. But Derek says that the spirit that inhabited his body was not. That they must look for a killing pattern. The spirit will continue to kill in the same way because it has the same needs. Then the spirit must be having a feast because Nick says because another body was found earlier in the day. A Doctor Reese who was the doctor that pronouced Corvus dead. Alex says that these men were the among the last to talk with Corvus but Derek says that they were not the only ones. Megan Torrence, a reporter, also talked with him just before he died.


Megan Torrence is just coming out of the station when she sees Derek. She asks if he is here to give her a tour of the station or was this just another pleasant coincidence. Derek says that he wishes it was and he introduces her to Nick Boyle, another Luna associate. Megan asked what degree he has that qualified him for membership in the foundation - Art History or Anthropology. And Nick replied "Black Belt" and that he had a very liberal education. She said that she already knew about the Doctor and Derek said the Priest from the execution was also killed. Megan is surprised since that is two in one day. Derek asks her to leave the area. He tells her that this is not like anything you have ever dealt with before and to trust him. But Megan says that this is the type of story reporters run to not away from. After she leaves, Nicks says she is gutsy but with no sense of self-preservation. He asked where Derek met her and Derek says that it was a long story.(?)


Derek and Alex are together when Jeffrey Sandor calls and asked if they are any closer to catching the killer. Again he tells her if there is anything he can do to help to be sure and call on him. He tells her that he cannot leave the area until it is over. Alex says that she will ask the others and if they can think of anything she will contact him. After he hangs up, Jeffrey says to himself that the Lord helps those that help themselves. Derek asks who was on the phone and Alex tells him the grad student friend of Jennifer Hollybrook. He might be able to help somehow. Derek says to leave him out for now and that they do not want to endanger anyone else.


Rachel is alone at the house but hears Corvus' voice in her head. He is repeating what he had said during their last interview about what he wanted to do with her and her daugher. Rachel picks up her phone and calls Kat in Washington. Kat tells her she went to the Smithsonian and that it was old and dusty. Rachel asks her to stay close to the other girls because Washington is a big city and she is a little girl - her little girl.


Megan Torrence is just finishing talking to an officer when she gets a call telling her of another body. She arranges to meet with the man to find out more and is on her way to her car when Nick drives up. She asks him if he is not supposed to be out with Derek catching a killer somewhere. He replies ""Umhum" but that he also trying to stop the next murder - it's sort of a package deal. Megan tells him she does not need him to watch her back. Then Nick tells her she will need 50 bucks unless she can talk that cop out of giving her a ticket. She runs off to stop the cop as Nick chuckles to himself. Megan tells the policeman that she had been looking for him and that the man in the red mustang had been following her. The policeman stops writing her ticket and heads toward Nick. She gets in her car saying that she feels much better and drives off. Nick on the other hand is told to get out of his car by the policeman...Nick says 'you gotta be kidding'.


Megan drives into the parking area and gets out of her car. No other cars are around. She walks into the poorly lit area and sees just the outline of a man in the shadows. He says that he did not think she would come and she asks where the body is. He tells her it is over by the sign and that he is sure that it was done by Corvus. You mean a copy cat and he says no. Megan says she saw Raymond Corvus die. Then using Corvus' voice he says 'Kill me now and set me free'. She gets to the sign and asks again where the body is and he says 'right where you are standing'. The spirit then leaves Jeffrey Sandor's body and attacks Megan. She begins to scream as Nick drives up blowing his car horn. His car lights illuminate Jeffrey Sandor's body as the spirit returns and Jeffrey jumps up and runs away. Nick pulls his gun but does not have a shot so he goes to help Megan who is unconscious on the ground.


Derek is sitting on the bed beside Megan. He asks if she could see the face of the man in the park. She says that it was too dark. But that he must have been at the execution because he said that he remembered it. It must have been one of the guards or a witness. Derek says that is the logical explanation. She frowns and tells Derek that it all happened too fast and that it was horrible. He moves closer trying to comfort her. She then asks him what is really going on here. Derek hears Nick answer his cellphone and tells her that he has asked the sheriff to put a guard on her room. She tries to get up and Derek reminds her that she was nearly killed. Megan says nearly doesn't count and to remind her to show him her bullet wound someday. Nick comes into the room and says that Alex has a line on an expert. Megan wants to know what expert. But Derek tells her to get some sleep. He promises to tell her when he stops back by.


Nick asks who is this Oliver Halfmoon. Alex tells him that he is the assistant curator at the Tribal Museum, south of Eureka. Alex's friend, Charlie Threetrees, in anthropology said this man did his discertation on the Chiapassi. Charlie also told her that when the Spanish tried to convert them, they resisted and were wiped out. Nick said 'mighty Christian of them' referring to the Spanish. Alex said that Corvus' power must have it limits since he did not escape from prison. Derek said he was able to use the raven to find new victims. When he died the spirit had to find a new body. Alex said that executing him actually helped him to move on. Nick who is busy taking off his shoes said that Corvus manipulated Rachel into saying he was sane so they could execute him. Alex wanted to know where the spirit had been hiding all these years. Derek picks up the phone and calls Rachel back at the Legacy House in SF. He asked her what she had been able to find out.

Rachel reported that she had fed Corvus' MO into the computer for a world wide search. She had come up with nothing except for some war attrocities. Corvus had told her that his victims were predestined to be his prey. Nick now drinking a beer said they had to find out who his next victim was before he does. That is when Alex brings up Jeffrey Sandor again and Rachel wonders if he would talk with her. If they could figure out why Jennifer Hollybrook was a target then maybe that would help them to stop the entity before it kills again.


Alex and Jeffrey takes some flowers to Jennifer Hollybrook's grave. Jeffrey says that it is strange but since Jennifer died, he feels closer to her than ever. Alex asks if he still wants to help and he says 'absolutely'. Alex then asks if he would talk to Dr. Rachel Corrigan, a collegue of hers. Jeffrey says he would be happy to help in any way. He knew Jennifer better than anyone. Alex told him then they would be in touch when they were ready. After she leaves him, Jeffrey says to himself that this just keeps getting better and better.


Rachel and Alex enter the office of psychiatrist that Corvus killed. The office still has blood stains on the carpet...unusual since the other victims showed no apparent injury. Also unusual is that the killing must have taken place 5 years earlier - a long time to leave an office and files untouched. Alex asked who Rachel call to get them in the office. Rachel said she knew someone on the Medical Board and told them that she needed to see Corvus' file. Alex asked if the police had not gone through these and Rachel replied that Derek was right when he says the police do not work for the Legacy. Alex asked if she knew the victim and Rachel said not really. Her name had been Mavis Beaushaw. They had crossed paths once or twice. This is California - you throw a rock and you hit an analyst. Alex leaves to go and meet Jeffrey Sandor and bring him back to the office to meet with Rachel.


Oliver Halfmoon is swinging his arms in an upward gesture as Derek and Nick enter the Museum. Derek says that he did not recognize the ritual. Halfmoon says that it is called golf. Nick laughs as Halfmoon continues to say that it is not easy to practice his backswing in the museum...too much valuable stuff. Derek says that Charlie Threetrees said he could help them. They were interested in the Chiapassi Raven Ritual. Halfmoon said that he did his dissertation on the Chiapassi. Nick asked how he happened to choose them. He said that the other tribes - Apache, Navaho - were worked over. But the Chiapassi were hardly known. Derek repeats that was because the whites wiped them out. Halfmoon advances menacingly on him and say 'yea, bummer'. But that their extinction earned him a degree and then he asks why they are interested in the Raven Ritual. Nick pipes up and says that they specialized in obsure rituals. Halfmoon said that the transmigration of souls is pretty obsure. Then he asks them how much they know about the ritual. Derek says only what the Spanish recorded.

Halfmoon said the Spanish did not understand what they were seeing. They tried to exorcise the Chiapassi demon with Christian dogma. Nick is moving around and knocks a wooden indian's tomahawk to the floor. Halfmoon says that white eyes can be pretty stupid as he looms over Nick and picks up the object. Then he looks over at Nick and says 'no offense'. Nick, just happy to be alive, laughs and says none taken. Nick then asks what it was the Spanish did not understand. Halfmoon says that according to Chiapassi legend an evil spirit, called the Hunter, resided within the chief of the Chiapassi. Supposedly he would leave his body using the raven to transport his spirit in order to gather the souls of his enemies.

Derek asked him for what purpose. Halfmoon looks a little surprised when he says 'Power - I kill you I take your power'. Nick asked if the Chiapassi were ok with this and the indian replied that they had no choice. That this spirit had been around since the earth was young. Derek mumbles that it is an elemental spirit. Nick asks how it can be killed. Halfmoon said you would not find this in his dissertation but the old timers said that when the spirit is out of its body - the body it leaves behind is vulnerable to just one thing - fire. They thank Halfmoon for his help and he sends his regards to Charlie Threetrees.


Rachel asks if they have met before and he says that everyone says that...must be just that kind of face. When they return, Rachel asks if they have met before and he says that everyone says that...must be just that kind of face. Alex leaves Jeffrey with Rachel as she leaves to report into Derek. Jeffrey closes the office door behind her. Rachel says she is just finishing and Jeffrey says that he has all the time in the world. Rachel senses something and looks up at Jeffrey. She says that she understands that he and Jennifer were very close. Jeffrey says that they were 'intimate' at one time and snickers. Rachel then says that since his field is forensic pathology he must be aware that most serial killers seek out a certain type of victim. They follow a pattern. The pattern that she was studying involved the killings of those that were involved either in the sentencing or execution of Raymond Corvus.

Jeffrey asks if she thinks that Jennifer was different. Rachel says, yes, that she had herself excused from the trial before it was over. She does not fit the pattern and this could be an important clue to the identity of the killer. Jeffrey says he sees where she is going but asks if she was aware of the theory that some people from the moment they are born are victims. Rachel asked does he believe that this was true of Jennifer. Very much so, Jeffrey says. She was terrified of being killed but she was also strangly attracted to Corvus he felt. She was like a moth drawn to a flame. She said that she could feel Corvus inside of her...that she could feel him entering her. Rachel quietly asked if Jennifer had told him this. He said, yes, but that she also had a very vivid imagination. Then he laughed.

He rubs his fingers along his brow in the same manner that Corvus had done in the prison interviews. Rachel almost mimic this action herself. Jeff continues to say that the killer and victim had a bond...the killer may have actually loved his victim. Rachel had gotten up from the desk and was moving slowly toward the door. Jeffrey stands in front of her and says it takes two to tango...Corvus' voice echoes in the background. Then he repeats ' would you like to dance, Rachel, the tango. Rachel begins to move toward the door and he blocks her way. Stalling for time Rachel's whispers that he had great insight into the state of Jennifer's mind at the moment of her death. Jeffrey says that as a student of forensic pathology, you might say that he has made a study of the art of killing. Then he says she has heard this before but that she has very beautiful eyes - the last words were said in Corvus' voice. Rachel knees him and runs out of the room.


Rachel tells the team that it all fits now. Corvus' spirit must have taken over Jeffrey's body right after the execution. They review his school records from Stamford and see that his thesis was really on 'The Psychology of the Serial Killer'. He was not a student of forensic medicine but was instead one of Criminal Psychology. Also shown on the computer screen was that his thesis was published in 1997.


Alex and Nick are sitting on his car waiting for Derek and Rachel. Rachel drives up and tells them that they contacted the warden (how did he miss getting killed or was it edited out). Jeffrey Sandor had interviewed Corvus regularly for the last two years and that was how he met Jennifer Hollybrook. They change passengers as Derek goes with Nick and Alex returns with Rachel to the Legacy house. They tell Derek that they will lure the spirit away long enough for them to find and destroy the body. As both cars drive off, the raven who had been sitting nearby follows Rachel's car.


Derek tells Nick that while Corvus was in prison all the murders fell into a general pattern. After the execution they continued there. Nick says that a predator will hunt the area until there is no more prey. They were keeping him there because they were a threat to him. Derek wonders where Jeffrey is now but Nick says better yet where do you park a body when you are not using it? Derek says somewhere like San Quentin. And Nick says Corvus' last address. Then Derek realizes that they are not looking for Jeffrey but for a body. Corvus lived in an old house 5 miles out of town and no one had lived there since. That is where they will look for the body.


Jeffrey Sandor's body is seen in a room surrounded by preserved wild animal bodies as he waits for the spirit to return.


Rachel and Alex are calmly sitting are reviewing the information on war atrocities. They determine that since these acts are not always reported as crimes they would not have been included in the information Rachel had searched earlier.


Nick and Derek drive up and unload a can of gasoline and flashlights. They enter the house and start a room to room search of the bottom floor. Derek receives a call from Rachel to tell him the raven has arrived and to hurry.


Now that the raven is there, Rachel sends Alex off to check the east wing while she goes off to check

the west wing. Had they stayed together the spirit probably would not have attacked. However, they were to meet in the Library. Alex finds an open window in her area and goes to close it. But she sees that the bird is already in the house. She closes herself away from the bird quietly. Rachel arrives in the Library expecting to see Alex there. But she is not there so Rachel hearing the call of the bird closes herself inside. However, the spirit was already in the Library and descends on Rachel. She fights him saying ' no, not this way you SOB, face me'. The spirit takes on the appearance of Jeffrey and says 'yes, it has been a long time'.


Meanwhile now on the second level, Nick finds the body and Derek begins to pour gasoline on it. The spirit has to stop its attack on Rachel and to return and fight with Derek. Nick begins shooting his gun at the body of Jeffrey and it catches fire. The fire is fueled by the gasoline and the body begins to spin about the room burning brightly. When the fire goes out, all that is left is some dust in the shape of a body. Nick asks Derek what Poe said about the raven. He replied 'Never More'. A sudden breeze in the room blows the dust away and nothing is left of the body or the spirit.


Derek and Megan are walking along. She is reviewing her injuries as a few bruises and some downtime in the hospital - really no big deal. Derek reminds her that she was very nearly killed. And Megan says that nearly doesn't count and besides you promised me an explanation. Derek said that now it was over he had hoped that would be enough. Megan says 'Nice try'. While she was in the hospital she had time to do a little research. Stories of unexplained events and guess which names kept popping up in the computer. Derek looks down at her and says 'Surprise me'. She recites ' Rachel Corrigan, Alex Moreau, Nick Boyle and Derek Rayne. Derek tells her she should not trust computers and to tell him about her bullet wound. Megan asks if she said anything about a bullet wound. Derek replies, yes, in the hospital. Don't you remember? Megan says it must be his imagination playing tricks on him. They walk off arm in arm into the sunset laughing.


Rachel closes the show with:

"Someone once said 'The death penalty makes victims of us all.' If that's true then Raymond Corvus and Jeffrey Sandor were , perhaps, the greatest victims of all. For not only were they killed but they were instruments of evil. As someone sworn to save lives..not to take them, I can only hope that somehow, somewhere their souls survive."

Reviewer Note: I would like to thank Kris Kroner for the spelling of 'Chiapassi' and for the clue about the word 'Corvus' - it is Latin for crow.

Description last revised: July 1999