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70. The Possession

Season: 4
First Air Date: 16 April 1999 (Sci Fi Channel)
Alternate Title(s): Fluch der Generationen (German)
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"Sensing that her granddaughter, Alex, may be in danger, Rose Moreau travels from Baton Rouge to San Francisco to give her a protective medallion to wear. Rose suddenly takes ill and is admitted to a hospital, but doctors are unable to help her. When she slips into a coma, Alex has no choice but to resurrect the spirit of a dangerous shaman (see Spirit Thief) who may be the only one who can help. " -



Derek de Lint

"Dr. Derek Rayne, Ph D"

Helen Shaver "Dr. Rachel Corrigan, MD"
Martin Cummins "Nick Boyle"
Robbi Chong "Alexandra (Alex) Moreau"
Guest Actors


Virginia Capers "Grandma Rose"
Robert Wisdom "Daniel Euwara"
Co-Executive Producer Garner Simmons
Co-Executive Producer Grant Rosenberg
Producer -

John Simmons

Director William Fruet
This description by:

Tracey -



Legacy Gardens (night)

Alex and Grandma Rose are strolling through the Legacy grounds. Alex is happy that Rose braved travelling in an airplane to visit her in San Francisco. Rose remarks that she still doesn't understand the concept of flying but is thankful to have arrived safely. A breeze stirs some nearby leaves and Rose freezes as she sees a vision of a white snake. Alex, concerned, asks Rose what's wrong and Rose tells her that she had to see for herself that Alex was safe. Rose has been having feelings that Alex was in danger.

Legacy House

Alex accompanies Rose to her bedroom and Rose gives Alex a carved pendant, which she says has been in the family for 'a long time'. It is a magic charm that will protect Alex from evil. Alex asks Rose what is going on and suddenly realises that Rose has had a vision. Rose thinks about the vision she received back home - images of Alex in pain and the white snake. She tells it to stay away from Alex and to take her instead. Back in the present, Rose makes Alex promise to wear the charm. Alex agrees and leaves her grandmother's room.

Legacy Grounds

A round plaque with a cross symbol begins to glow.

Grandma Rose's Bedroom

The wind picks up and the windows to Rose's bedroom burst open. Startled, Rose looks round in fear. Once again she sees images of the white snake. She turns quickly away and accidentally knocks over a lamp, which alerts Alex in the hallway. Alex heads back to Rose's room and finds her collapsed on the floor. Rose tells Alex that she needs a shaman as a bokor (voodoo priest who practices black magic) has put a curse on her. Alex tells Rose that she needs a doctor, but Rose argues that a doctor will do no good. Rose has more visions of the white snake and sees the face of a man, before falling into unconsciousness.

Legacy Grounds

The plaque with the cross symbol continues to glow.


Rose lies in the bed, as a doctor arrives in the room, closely followed by Derek who asks Alex how Rose is doing. Alex tells Derek that Rose is in a coma. The doctor tells Alex that Rose's MRI scans are clear and there appears to be no neurological problem causing the coma. She admits that they don't know why Rose is in a coma, but her vital signs are weak and her blood pressure is dropping dangerously low. When the doctor leaves the room, Derek asks Alex what Rose said after she collapsed. Alex tells him that Rose said she'd been cursed and that she had come to San Francisco because she was sure Alex was in danger. Derek wonders why anyone would want to put a curse on Rose and asks if Alex is hiding something. Alex repeats that Rose believes she was cursed by a bokor and that only a shaman can release her from the curse's power. Derek assures Alex that they will do what they can to help Rose.

Legacy Library

Nick comes into the library as Derek continues to search through books on the shelf. Nick looks through a pile of books on the table and reads the titles of two of them aloud: Neurological Disease and Dysfunction and Voodoo From The Inside. He tells Derek that he has very eclectic taste in reading material. Derek replies that they have to cover all bases and asks how Nick's search is coming along. Nick replies that is very slow and that you can't exactly find a shaman in the Yellow Pages. He shows Derek a file with details on a shaman who claims his father was a Nubian king and his mother was a leopard. Derek tells Nick that he has been in touch with an anthropologist friend of his called Charles Lawton who may have some contacts. At that moment the phone rings and Derek answers - it is Charles with a contact number. When Derek hangs up, Nick asks if they are really going to hire a witch doctor to cure Rose. Derek replies that when conventional medicine fails you do what you have to do. Nick, still sceptical, asks the witch doctor's name and Derek tells him it is a woman - Madame Claire.


Madame Claire tells Alex not to worry that she can help her grandmother. She notices the charm around Alex's neck and says it is meant to help her control the powers of evil. Alex comments that she wished her grandmother had been wearing it the previous night. Madame Claire reassures Alex that she has strong magic that will heal Rose, as she removes a small drawstring pouch from inside her dress. She places the pouch on the bedside table and picks up a glass of water. Dipping her fingers into the glass, she sprinkles Rose with drops of water while chanting softly. Derek, Alex and Nick observe her from the other side of the room. Madame Claire puts down the glass and picks up the pouch, which she opens, pouring coins into her hand. She then places the coins on Rose as her chanting intensifies. She suddenly stops and reaches out to pick up one of the coins but recoils in shock, saying the curse is very strong. She takes out a shaker and begins beating it against her hand, chanting loudly.

A strong wind gusts through the room and images of Daniel Euwara can be seen as the white snake slithers from Rose's chest. Madame Claire, terrified, flees for the door but Nick prevents her from escaping as Alex asks her what is happening. Madame Claire tells her the killing curse is too strong and nothing can be done to save Rose - Alex should let her go. Once she leaves the room, Nick tells the others that Madame Claire probably knows more than she is letting on and Derek agrees that he should follow her. Nick tells Alex to hang in there and leaves to follow Madame Claire. Derek tells Alex to stay with Rose while he returns to the Legacy to search the database for similar cases in the hopes of finding a solution.

Once he's gone, Alex returns to her grandmother's bedside and picks up one of the coins lying on Rose. Alex receives a vision of Rose and the white snake, suddenly realising who can help Rose. Alex tells Rose she'll be back soon.

Legacy Grounds

Alex removes the plaque with the cross symbol and digs up a box, which she breaks open. She removes an nkisi cauldron and breaks the seal, freeing the spirit of Daniel Euwara. He re-materialises before her, laughing in delight. He feels that it is poetic justice that the one who imprisoned him is responsible for his release. Alex tells him that she had no choice since her grandmother has been cursed by a bokor and she needs his help to free her. Daniel asks why he should help her and Alex offers him his freedom. Daniel points out that he is already free, but Alex holds up the charm around her neck and tells him that she can put him back into the cauldron. Daniel recoils from the charm, suddenly afraid, and agrees to help Alex. He tells Alex that he needs time to regain his power before he can work on freeing Rose from the curse and he will send her a sign when he is ready to begin his work. Alex will know his work has begun when her grandmother regains consciousness and speaks her name. Daniel warns Alex that she must not speak of this to anyone or his work will not help Rose. Alex agrees.

Ville Bonheur Tavern

Madame Claire walks down the street and enters the tavern, watched by Nick. Inside, Louis Bonet is working a spell of vengeance on a man who has been unfaithful to his wife. Holding a voodoo doll in his hand, he sticks a pin in a vital area of anatomy, much to the delight of the man's wife. After the woman leaves, Madame Claire enters and tells Bonet's assistant, Marie, to leave. Bonet asks her if the old woman was genuinely cursed and Madame Claire assures him that the curse was real and that she saw the serpent spirit (sorry, can't catch his name) when she tried to free Rose. Bonet is shocked and says that the only bokor strong enough to release that spirit is dead. Madame Claire insists that it was 'his' work and with 'him' the line between life and death is thin. Bonet wonders who brought him back and Madame Claire answers that it was someone in desperate need of his magic.

Legacy House Control Room

Nick is doing research on Louis Bonet and has is file up on the big screen to show Derek. Bonet apparently comes from a long line of royal shamans from West Africa. Derek asks Nick if he is a bokor and Nick replies that it is possible since the word is mentioned frequently in connection with Bonet. He also tells Derek that Bonet was a preacher in Moreau County and was run out of town by Rose and others, because one of his followers committed suicide after handing over his life savings. Derek notes that Bonet now has a motive for cursing Rose, but why wait until now for revenge. He asks Nick if Bonet is still at the tavern, but Nick tells him that Bonet cleared out after Madame Claire's visit. He does, however, have the address for his assistant Marie.

Outside Town

Daniel is accosted by a mugger, who holds him at knifepoint, demanding money. Daniel overpowers him and reaches into the mugger's chest, pulling out his soul, which glows in his hand. He then returns to his warehouse and begins a ceremony that will give Rose strength.



Rose awakens from her coma and speaks Alex's name. Alex assures her that everything is okay and she is going to be fine. Daniel has begun his work.

Abandoned Warehouse

Daniel shows the mugger his new home and shows him the bottle where is soul is being held, telling him that it will soon be joined by others. The mugger is now a zombie, completely controlled by Daniel. Daniel begins a ritual, which draws out the white snake from a circle of fire. Daniel drapes the snake around his shoulders and begins to dance in circles. The snake is absorbed completely into his body and Daniel's eyes take on a snake-like appearance, just as Alex pulls up outside.

Alex tells Daniel that Rose woke for a moment, but fell back into the coma. Daniel assures her that his wok is only beginning and that it will take time. Alex argues that Rose doesn't have a lot of time left. Daniel suggests that Alex merge her power with his in order to save Rose but Alex hesitates. Daniel tells her to trust him.

Marie's Apartment

Nick and Derek arrive at Marie's apartment building, they go inside and knock on Marie's door. Bonet and Marie are inside and Bonet hides in the back as Marie answers the door. Nick tells Marie that they have a very sick friend in need of Bonet's help and asks where they can find him. Marie says she doesn't know and tells Nick to leave a number where Bonet can contact him. Nick and Derek leave, but decide to stake out the apartment.

Inside, Marie asks Bonet what they want with him. Bonet says that he doesn't know but he has enough problems to deal with. A voice behind him agrees and Bonet is shocked to see Daniel standing there. Daniel is impressed by Bonet's new status as a city shaman and advises Marie to leave. She doesn't hesitate, sensing the menace in Daniel. Daniel accuses Bonet of not being grateful for his help in setting him up in Louisiana as a preacher.

Outside, Nick and Derek watch as Marie leaves the building and Derek follows her.

In the apartment, Daniel tells Bonet that he needs to recover his strength and Bonet assures him that he will help. Daniel moves closer to Bonet and begins to chant, telling Bonet that this won't hurt.


The doctor tells Alex that Rose's blood pressure is continuing to drop and there is not enough blood flowing to her brain. Alex is dismayed as she realises that Daniel is not helping.

Marie's Apartment

Bonet is lying on the floor surrounded by candles. Daniel continues the soul stealing ritual and reaches a hand into Bonet's chest, pulling free his soul.


Rose regains consciousness and asks Alex where she is. Alex tells her that she is in hospital and everything is okay. She leaves to get the doctor.

Marie's Apartment

Daniel raises Bonet from the floor and orders him to show himself at the window. Bonet pulls back the curtain, letting Nick see him. Taking the bait, Nick rushes over to the apartment.


Alex returns to Rose's room with the doctor, but Rose is no longer conscious. The doctor asks Alex if she's sure her grandmother spoke to her. Alex calls Rose's name and tries to get her to wake, but there is no response. Alex asks the doctor what is going on, but the doctor doesn't know.

Marie's Apartment

Nick knocks on the door, which is answered by Bonet. He grabs Nick roughly by the shoulders and drags him into the apartment, throwing him to the floor. Nick gets to his feet and attacks Bonet, but is soon overpowered and knocked unconscious by Daniel. Daniel rips open Nick's shirt and prepares to steal his soul, but he is interrupted when Derek knocks on the door calling for Nick. When Derek receives no reply, he kicks in the door, finding Nick unconscious on the floor and no sign of Daniel or Bonet.

Derek rushes to Nick's side, checks for a pulse and is relieved that Nick is still alive. Standing, Derek turns his back on Nick and walks over to the front door where he looks out into the hallway. Suddenly, Nick attacks him from behind, pulling him back into the apartment. Derek struggles and manages to shove Nick up against a wall, knocking him unconscious. Lowering Nick to the floor, Derek pats his face, trying to revive him, but Nick does not respond. Derek gently peels back an eyelid to reveal a white pupil, which slowly returns to normal as Derek watches.


Alex is sitting on Rose's bed, gently rubbing her hands. She talks to Rose about the time she told Alex that their spirits were joined deep down and that if Alex ever needed her, all she had to do was close her eyes and Rose would be there. Alex closes her eyes and tells Rose that she visualises her standing in the kitchen with crawfish on the stove - the heat warming her hands. As Alex talks she begins to make contact with Rose's spirit and begs her to hold on until the curse is removed. Rose tells Alex that it is too late. Alex insists that Daniel Euwara can help Rose, but Rose shakes her head, telling Alex that Daniel is the one who cursed her because he wants Alex. Alex is shocked and tells Rose that she won't let her die. Rose tells Alex that she loves her and will always be near her and slowly fades away. Alex comes back to herself in the hospital room and calls Rose's name, but there is no response.

Legacy House

In the kitchen, Derek passes Nick a cup of black coffee and apologises for hurting him, explaining that it had been the only way to stop him. Nick grins ruefully and says it's better than being dead and he thought you were a zombie forever. Derek explains that his arrival must have interrupted the ritual. Derek muses that whoever got to Bonet also cursed Rose and asks Nick who's the most powerful shaman they know. Nick replies that he has only ever met one shaman and he is dead. Derek reminds him that Daniel Euwara did not actually die - his spirit was captured and imprisoned. He tells Nick that Alex must have gone to the only person who could help her and they should excavate Daniel's grave to be certain.

Legacy Grounds

Nick and Derek open the grave and discover that the cauldron holding Daniel's spirit has gone. Derek says that the only way Daniel could have gotten out was if someone removed the plaque guarding the cauldron. Nick realises that it had to have been Alex and Derek's suspicion that Daniel cursed Rose is confirmed.

Abandoned Warehouse

Daniel is performing a ritual. He has a voodoo doll image of Rose in his hand and he is offering her as a sacrifice to the serpent spirit in exchange for Alex.


Nick and Derek confront Alex outside Rose's room, telling her that they know about Daniel. Alex tells them she had no choice and couldn't tell them because they would have talked her out of it. She maintains that she didn't know at the time Daniel was responsible for Rose's curse and that he wants to make Alex his voodoo priestess. Derek asks if she knows Daniel's whereabouts. She says he is in an abandoned warehouse outside of town and that she is on her way there to try and convince him that she is going along with his plan. She insists the charm will protect her.

Abandoned Warehouse

Nick and Derek follow Alex to the warehouse. As Alex goes inside, they remain in the car. Nick comments that Alex better be quick, as patience was never one of his virtues.

Inside, Alex meets Daniel and he asks her if she was followed. Alex assures him that she is alone and urges him to start the ceremony as Rose is dying. As they make their way further inside, Daniel glances behind him.

Daniel tells Alex that they should merge their power to summon the serpent spirit to save Rose. Alex is ready to do whatever it takes. As Daniel begins his chant, Alex hears the voice of Rose urging her to destroy the voodoo doll as it holds her spirit. Realising that Daniel has his back to her, Alex reaches for the doll and throws in into the fire. Daniel tries to stop her, but he is too late.


Grandma Rose tosses and turns on the bed, before becoming still.

Abandoned Warehouse

Daniel grabs Alex and asks her if she knows what she has done. Alex replies that she has saved her grandmother. Infuriated, Daniel calls her a fool and forces her to kneel before him. He tells her that she may have saved her grandmother but Alex's soul belongs to him for eternity. Alex grabs the charm around her neck and holds it in front of her, but Daniel laughs and pulls it off. He crushes the charm in his hand, telling Alex that it has no power over him.

Outside, Nick says the wait is killing him and Derek agrees. They leave the car and head into the warehouse in search of Alex.

Daniel has tied Alex to a post and begins to chant and dance around her. He daubs white paint on to her forehead.

Nick and Derek are attacked by Bonet and the mugger who are still controlled by Daniel.

Daniel continues to chant and the white serpent begins to emerge from his chest.

Nick and Derek eventually manage to fight off their attackers and continue into the warehouse.

The snake emerges totally from Daniel and begins to slither towards Alex, just as Derek and Nick reach them. Derek yells Daniel's name and Daniel turns to attack Derek. Nick grabs the snake and keeps it away from Alex, as Derek and Daniel fight. Derek manages to trap Daniel's arms by throwing a rope around him. Alex frees herself and grabs a burning torch, setting the rope alight. As Daniel is consumed by fire, the snake disappears. Rushing up to her, Nick asks Alex if she is okay and she says they have to get to Rose.


Arriving back at the hospital, Alex rushes into Rose's room, closely followed by Nick and Derek. The bed is empty. The doctor arrives and informs Alex that Rose passed away soon after Alex left the hospital. Distressed, Alex says that Rose couldn't be dead because she spoke to her. Alex slowly walks towards the bed, as the others leave. She sits sadly on the bed.

"I was able to save her soul, but not her life. I wonder if the pain will ever go away. One thing I know is that the memories will always be strong and that Grandma Rose will always be a large part of my life. I love you, Grandma. I only hope that you can hear me. Somehow I think you can."

Description added: 14 July 2002