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71. The Traitor (Part 1 of 2)

Season: 4
First Air Date: 23 April 1999 (Sci Fi Channel)
(This was *suppose* to be the two part season opener but Sci Fi aired Song of the Raven and Bird of Prey instead.)
Alternate Title(s): Saat des Zweifels (German)
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Legacy members reopen a 20-year-old murder in which Derek is the prime suspect.

"In the premiere two-part episode entitled 'The Traitor,'...the usually close-knit team turns on Derek and accuses him of killing an innocent man. Unaware that their suspicions are being controlled by a malevolent spirit trying destroy their leader, the ensuing confrontation throws into focus a series of questions and fears about what each of them is doing on a daily basis. It's an incredibly explosive scenario and concentrates on issues that will take more than one episode to resolve." - From the April 1999 Sci Fi Entertainment (Official Magazine of the Sci Fi Channel)



Derek de Lint

"Dr. Derek Rayne, Ph D"

Helen Shaver "Dr. Rachel Corrigan, MD"
Martin Cummins "Nick Boyle"
Robbi Chong "Alexandra (Alex) Moreau"
Kristin Lehman "Kristin Adams "
Guest Actors


Simon MacCorkindale "Reed Horton"
Stewart Finlay-McLennan "Franklin Cross" / "Reed Horton"
Fionnula Flanagan The Older Woman (from "Darkside")
Elizabeth Shepherd "Boston Precept, Jane Witherspoon"
Mavor Moore "Arthur Middleton"
Co-Executive Producer Garner Simmons
Co-Executive Producer Grant Rosenberg
Producer David Tynan
Produced by Robert Petrovicz

Grant Rosenberg

Director Michael Robison
This description by:

Lauro O.



Note: This story is a continuation of the 3rd season cliffhanger, "Darkside". In "Darkside", a mysterious older woman openly recruits Alex to join the Darkside. She declares that the Darkside is stronger that the Legacy. Alex, seemingly enthralled by a spell, agrees.

There are a few minor, but interesting changes since that episode. In "Darkside," the older woman had been wearing a gray suit and black jewelry. Alex had been wearing a white suit. In "The Traitor," the older woman is wearing the same suit but is now wearing white pearls. By contrast, Alex is now dressed in black. Otherwise, the setting is the same.

An unknown amount of time has passed since the end of "Darkside" and the beginning of "The Traitor/Double Cross". If viewed in production order, "The Traitor/Double Cross" continues directly from the end of Season 3. However In broadcast order, several other episodes aired first which gives the impression that several weeks passed since Alex's first encounter with the mysterious woman.


he Darkside mansion - Parlor: It is evening. The scene opens in a elegant mansion, sparsely but richly furnished, lit by the glow of dozens of candles. An stylishly dressed, white-haired woman sits at a table and performs a summoning spell over a burning pyre. A naked man appears and angrily demands to know why she has summoned him from Hell. When he realizes where he is, his expression twists into eager malice as he says the name, 'Derek Rayne'. Lightening flashes and both man and woman reveal demonic faces beneath their human façade. The woman nods but tells the man that they have other business to attend to before he can confront Derek.

The scene shifts to a small suburban house. The man approaches a young woman who has just returned home from grocery shopping. The man introduces himself to her as Reed Horton, and says that he is an old friend of her father, Franklin Cross. The girl informs Horton that her father isn't home. Horton compliments her on her beauty and says that his own daughter would be her age now. He says that he's never seen his daughter...because he died 20 years ago. His hand begins to glow and he thrusts it directly into the girl's chest. He kills her slowly and gloats as he watches her die, saying, "The payback begins here."

Act One

Morning -a busy San Francisco street: Reed Horton accosts Franklin Cross and pushes him up against a wall. He tells Cross that he has returned from Hell to get revenge on the Legacy for killing him 20 years ago. Horton kills Cross and then transforms into the exact image of the slain man. He laughs as he puts on Cross's glasses.

Legacy House - Control Room: Kristin enters the Control Room and finds Nick doing a computer scan of Alex's financial records. She has been missing for a week and they are all very worried about her. Nick has not been able to trace Alex through any financial or legal records. He even checked with Francis at the morgue but has found nothing. He jokes that maybe Alex simply left for a little R&R, and is lying on a beach somewhere.

The Darkside Mansion - Parlor: The older woman is talking to Alex. She says that in the past three days she has learned that she and Alex share many beliefs, but senses that Alex is still hesitating. When Alex starts to defend the Legacy, the woman casts some sort of spell by touching Alex. Alex's eyes seem to glow red for a moment and she now listens receptively. The older woman says that the Legacy "is run by self-righteous individuals who no longer see clearly what is best for individuals." Still obviously enchanted, Alex asks how they can change the Legacy. The woman summons "Franklin Cross" (Reed Horton). Alex is astonished. Cross is the head of Legacy Internal Affairs, a high-ranking and extremely powerful position within the organization. He tells Alex that a cancer has been growing within the Legacy. He is leading a secret task force to cleanse the Legacy of evil, and asks for her help. Alex is excited and eager agrees to join him in his mission.

Legacy House - Control Room: While looking through old newspaper records for some clue about Alex's past associates, Kristin turns up a 20-year-old article about the murder of an archaeology professor named Reed Horton. Horton had been shot through the heart and the prime suspect was none other than Derek Rayne. Police had released Derek after questioning. Kristin tells Nick that she didn't investigate the matter any further out of respect for Derek's privacy, but Nick urges her to dig for more information.

Legacy House - Library: Alex arrives home. She finds Rachel sorting through mail. Rachel is overjoyed and greets her with a warm hug and kiss, but Alex pulls away and keeps her distance. She complains that people obviously weren't too worried about her absence since everything seems like business as usual. Rachel is stung by the nasty comment and replies that when someone takes off with no explanation, the others have to pick up the slack. Alex tells Rachel that she took a sabbatical to clear her head and think about the future. She says that she has been doubting whether what they did in the Legacy made any difference. Rachel is startled, but before she can reply, Kristin enters. Alex asks Kristin if she thinks that the Legacy does any good. Kristin thinks that Alex is kidding and answers in a joking manner. Rachel joins in on the joke, hoping that it might brighten Alex's mood.

Kristin shows Rachel and Alex the newspaper article about the Horton murder. Alex has a vision of Derek shooting Horton in cold blood. She cynically says that the Legacy used its influence to keep Derek from being charged. Disgusted, she notes that the fact that Derek wasn't charged doesn't mean that he was innocent, only that the Legacy protected him.

At that moment, Derek arrives home. He had been investigating a grave robbing incident, involving the body of a shoemaker named Samuel Rosen. He tells Nick that there has been no progress on the case, and then notes that Jonathan told him that Alex was home. He and Nick arrive in the Library just as Rachel says to Alex, "You're implying he could be a cold-blooded killer." Derek smiles at Alex but she immediately looks away from him.

Rachel and Kristin show Derek the newspaper article. Derek is obviously angry but he controls his reaction and tells them that he never mentioned the incident because there was nothing to say. He freely admits that The Legacy whitewashed Horton's murder for the press. Derek himself had recruited Horton to the Legacy. He described Horton as a 'natural-born leader' who could 'light up a room'. For a time, Horton had been one of the Legacy's best agents. However, Horton was corrupted by the Darkside and became an assassin. Horton had killed numerous Legacy members, including the first Precept of the Philadelphia House, a woman named Laura Cahill in the New York House, and six others.

When Derek learned the truth about Horton, he decided to deal with Horton himself. He worked with Arthur Middleton, Precept of the San Francisco House, and Jane Witherspoon, Precept in Boston, to lure Horton to Boston. When Horton attempted to murder Jane Witherspoon, Derek confronted him. Horton shot at Derek and Derek killed him.

Alex experiences a vision of the event that completely contradicts Derek's description. In her vision, it appears that Derek murdered Horton in cold blood. She asks Derek if he was certain that Horton was a killer. The question makes Derek angry. He says that the Legacy had to internally police the situation. He wants to know why they are investigating his actions from 20 years ago and asks Alex if she's holding a mock trial. Alex is just as angry. She snaps that his actions of 20 years ago need to be held up to the light.

Act 2

Legacy House - Library. Nick, Kristin, and Rachel are talking about the Horton murder. Kristin can't understand how Derek could have lied to the police. Rachel suggests that it was obstruction of justice. Only Nick defends Derek's actions. Alex arrives and tells them that she's located proof that Horton was innocent. She found a memo that Horton sent to Jane Witherspoon two days before his death. In the memo, Horton writes that he knows the identify of the Darkside assassin. Alex says that Horton was shot by the real killer before he could reveal the truth.

Legacy House - Foyer. Rachel shows the memo to Derek, who angrily asks why they are all still investigating him. She tells him that Kristin is on her way to the Boston House to interview Jane Witherspoon and Derek becomes even angrier. He accuses them of sneaking behind his back to crucify him. Rachel suggests that they are trying to corroborate his story but he doesn't believe her.

Boston House - Jane Witherspoon's Office: Kristin questions Jane about Derek, but Jane adamantly defends him. Kristin shows Jane the Horton memo and Jane says that she never saw it. She adds that if the memo is genuine, it casts an entirely new light on the matter.

Legacy House - Library: Rachel and Alex are looking at more evidence against Derek when "Franklin Cross (actually Reed Horton)" arrives at the House. Derek walks in just as Cross enters the Library. Derek said that he'd last seen Cross in Cairo nine years ago. Cross says that the Ruling Council in the London House sent him to investigate accusations against Derek. He won't reveal who initiated the charges against Derek, but Alex immediately speaks up and says that it was her. Derek is both astonished and furious.

Act 3

Legacy House - Garden. Alex apologizes to Derek for calling the London House before she confronted him directly. She says that the entire Legacy is in trouble and realizes that she'd been blinding following orders for years. Derek very firmly tells her that she is wrong about Horton. She immediately has a vision that shows him murdering Horton and in disgust says that Derek killed Horton in "perfect Legacy fashion: shoot first and ask questions later". As Cross arrives, she leaves in a huff. Cross notes that she seems troubled. Derek says that she is questioning her place in the Legacy. Sadly, he adds that he thinks that they've already lost her. Cross assures Derek not to worry. He is going to interview Arthur Middleton. Middleton's testimony should clear Derek of all charges.

Boston House - Jane Witherspoon's Office: Kristin is still going through old records looking for evidence in the Horton case. As Jane continues to defend Derek, Kristin's attitude is becoming increasingly negative. Jane points out that Derek led the investigation himself and corroborated all of the evidence which only makes Kristin even more skeptical about Derek's innocence.

SF: Arthur Middleton's House. The ex-SF House Precept defends Derek against all of Cross's questions. He says that Derek revered Horton. Cross thanks him for defending Derek.

Legacy House - Library. Derek finds Nick looking up old records. Nick feels very bad about the investigation. He thinks that they are all trying to build a case where none truly exists. Derek is grateful for the support. He says that Nick is actually doing him a favor because he knows that Nick will find the truth.

Cross eavesdrops from the staircase. He hears Kristin call from Boston to report that she's found inconsistencies in several of Derek's reports. Derek logs onto the computer to pull up the records. While Derek is logging onto the mainframe, Cross magically destroys the computer system as well as Kristin's laptop. Horton is so drained by expending so much energy that his appearance begins to waver. He finally regains control of his "Cross" appearance and leaves.

Act Four

The Darkside Mansion - Parlor. The woman is gazing into a bowl full of flames. When Horton arrives, she demands that he drop the Cross façade and show his true face. He complies and then reports that the evidence against Derek is mounting. The team is becoming increasingly doubtful of Derek's innocence. Only Middleton stands in their way. The woman suggests that if a revered Legacy member such as Middleton were to testify against Derek, it would be very damaging. Horton says that he can arrange that with her help.

Legacy House - Derek's Office: Derek opens a safe to retrieve a box that contains sealed folders. All of the folders are empty. Derek realizes that someone broke into his records.

Legacy House- Library. Rachel and Kristin discuss the fact that Horton might have been innocent. Derek arrives and suggests that he is being set up. Kristin demands to know why anyone would set him up. He picks up some of the evidence against him and says that he is determined to find out who it is. As he leaves, the evidence bursts into flames.

Legacy House - Study. Cross and Arthur Middleton are addressing the team. Middleton says that all of their suspicions of Horton began with events in the Amsterdam House. Derek led the investigation and no one ever questioned him or his motives. Since the murders all stopped after Horton was killed, everyone assumed that Derek had been telling the truth. However, he adds that there never was any concrete evidence against Horton. All they had was Derek's word. Cross says that the true murderer, Derek, would have profited by framing Horton. As he speaks, Alex has another vision of Derek murdering Horton. Middleton says that it is conceivable that Derek is the real assassin.


Legacy House - Foyer: Derek enters the House carrying a strongbox. Nick meets him in the foyer and informs him that Arthur Middleton has arrived. Derek is initially glad, but Nick says that Middleton is against him. The news, though distressing, seems to galvanize Derek. He defiantly prepares for a fight. The two men go into the Study where Cross accuses Derek of being the Darkside assassin. Rachel urges Derek to tell the truth. It's obvious from her expression that she believes him to be guilty.

Derek tells them that he'd always known that the Horton situation would lead to trouble, so he hid all of his records about the case in a safe. However, someone in the House broke into his safe and stole those records. Fortunately, Derek had hidden a second set of records in a bank vault. Cross dismisses the new evidence. Alex says that she's sickened by what she now knows is the truth. Derek directly asks her if she believes that he is the assassin and she says yes. Middleton and Kristin both seem to agree.

Cross attempts to restrain Derek, but energy bolts shoot from Derek's hands, knocking Cross to the floor. Everyone, including Derek, is astounded. Cross attempts to get up and Derek blasts him again. Derek doesn't understand how this is happening.  He turns and accidentally blasts Nick. Derek flees in horror.

Cliffside: Cross gives chase and finds Derek standing on the edge of a cliff overlooking the Bay. Horton drops the Cross façade and reveals his true image. He tells Derek that he will make it appear that Derek committed suicide rather than face his crimes. Horton shoots Derek once in the chest with Derek's own gun - the same gun that Derek had used 20 years ago to kill Horton. The shot sends Derek plummeting off the cliff. Horton laughs and throws the gun over the cliff after Derek.

To Be Continued...

Trivia: The card number that Nick was searching on when he was trying to track Alex was: 00215354215354. She had recently shopped at Zenardi's Gifts, Harbor St. Café, City Florist, Lorraine Dupre, Gray Room, Street Café, Navy Room, Russian Hill Gifts, and 20th Century Books.

Description last revised: 27 Dec 2000