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80. Body and Soul

Season: 4
First Air Date: 27 August 1999 (Sci Fi Channel)
Alternate Title(s): Souvenir aus der Hölle (German)
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Real™ Videoclips: Derek and Megan (1:12)
Derek and Alex (1:33)

While searching for the killer of Derek's lover (oooh! More Derek angst!) Horton turns Derek and Alex against each other.



Derek de Lint

"Dr. Derek Rayne, Ph D"

Helen Shaver "Dr. Rachel Corrigan, MD"
Robbi Chong "Alexandra (Alex) Moreau"
Guest Actors


Tamara Gorski "Megan Torrance"
Simon MacCorkindale "Reed Horton"
Garwin Sanford "Detective Royce"
Co-Executive Producer Garner Simmons
Co-Executive Producer Grant Rosenberg
Producer -

Michael Sadowski

Director Neill Fearnley
This description by:

Sue Morrison (1999)



Megan's Home

Derek and Megan are in bed, basking in the afterglow. They talk about spending their lives together, but know their respective careers could cause problems. Derek says he can't just "walk away" from his. She wants him to join her on the trip she's about to take. He can't, not this time. They agree on "next time." Soon they're dressed and she's ready to leave. They talk of Paris before her car arrives. She gives him her keys to lock up when he leaves. A kiss goodbye. She tells him she loves him and starts to leave. He stops her, tells her to "travel safely." She's at the front door, struggling with her bags. Her driver smiles strangely before taking them. Inside the car he comments about her traveling "a long way." Yes, she is. Derek's getting ready to leave. He picks up her keys and has a vision. He Sees her looking out a window, then a car exploding! Outside the car locks are set. Megan's confused and tries to unlock one. Derek runs outside, screaming her name, seeing her looking out the window as in his vision. She tries the door as the driver stares. Derek runs toward the car but it blows. The force sends him back, he ends up on the ground. His head rises and he watches it burn. The driver is near him now, watching it as well. Derek's in shock. The driver comments about love being "a fleeting thing," then drops a pocket watch near him. Derek loses consciousness. The driver laughs, then disappears in a flash of red light.

Police Station

Derek wants to see the watch. Detective Royce guesses he's looking for revenge and warns him against it. Alex enters, having heard the news. Royce leaves them alone. They hug, and Derek tells her that Megan told him she loved him. It was the first time she said it, and he regrets he never told her the same. Derek blames himself; she shouldn't have gotten involved with him. Alex tells him he's not to blame as Royce enters with the watch. They observe Derek as he opens it. It's inscribed, "J.G., Ph.D." Derek has a vision -- the driver looking at the burning car, his dropping the watch near him, electric cables sparking on a floor, the driver smiling at him. Royce asks if the watch means anything. No, Derek lies, not a thing, as he hands it back. He's finished now, right? Derek leaves. Royce and Alex exchange looks. Any word on the driver? No, but they have an APB out. Don't be surprised if he turns up dead, she says.

Alex catches up to Derek in the hall. Where's he going? Someone else may have been attacked, he says. Who? He doesn't tell her. Why doesn't he tell the police? It doesn't concern them. She's coming with him. No, he says, it's something he has to do alone. He's got no choice, she tells him.

Dr. Goddard's Office

Alex and Derek are in an office that has been ransacked. The poor doctor's sitting in his chair -- as if sleeping, Alex says. It's obvious someone was looking for something, she says, moving toward a desk. Derek gently opens the doctor's collar wider, spotting the burn marks that he's seen before. Another vision, that of someone Derek knows well. "Horton." Alex picks up a file, her back turned. Derek sees a pad of paper hidden next to Goddard. He takes it, and sees a note written to him for a meeting. Derek quietly rips if off and puts it in his jacket pocket. Alex doesn't see, as she's leaning over the desk. How does Derek know him? He's his doctor, a "private psychiatrist." Alex is surprised, but remains quiet.

Later, the body is being removed. Derek tells Alex to go back to the house, lock it up tight and wait for Nick. What's he going to do? She knows Horton was behind this. He's going after him, right? Derek has an idea where to look for him. She wants to know, but he's quiet. Don't get "sucked into his game," she warns. At least wait for Nick. He's killing off those around him, Derek says, because of their "association" (his accent is so cute here) with him. He won't jeopardize them. Alex says they can all take him on. No, it's "not your fight." A cop interrupts; Royce wants to talk to her. Alex tells him she'll be there. Derek takes his chance and leaves. She turns back, then rushes out after him.


Derek gets into his SUV and starts it. He's ready to pull away, not even buckling up. Alex comes running out. She bangs on his window, trying to get him to stop and listen. He starts to drive away, Alex continuing to bang on his window, calling his name. She gives up as he drives away, looking in frustration after him. Royce approaches her. They found the chauffeur, dead by the same MO as Goddard. He tells her she can trust him. They can talk as he drives her home.

Angel Island - Control Room

Alex tries to reach Derek on his cell phone -- no answer. Horton appears. "My God," she whispers. No, but "I'm working on it," he replies. Why kill Megan and Goddard, she asks, they had nothing to do with the Legacy. No, but Goddard wouldn't tell him what he wanted to know, and Megan was a "bad influence." Reed tells Alex that Derek let down his guard, all the while backing her up until she's against the wall. Take that up with Derek, she says. Oh, he intends to. He touches her face; it's good to see her. He still has "fond memories" from before. She hasn't missed him, she says. Hell is not a comfortable place, he remarks, but he'd like to bring "a slice" into her life. He's brought a "souvenir." A crate appears on the table. With his head turned, she tries to escape. He stops her, pushing her by her shoulders to the floor. He tells her the item is "valuable," the key to it all. He takes her face in his hand, pulling hers to his. He likes what she's done to her hair. He then disappears, leaving her stunned. She looks at the crate, while touching her throat.

A Dark Stretch of Road

As Derek drives, he remembers being with Megan, her asking him to go with her, her leaving, the car blowing up. We hear Horton laughing.

Angel Island - Control Room

Alex scans the wooden crate. The screen shows no explosives or toxins. She opens it with a crowbar, pulling out a dark smooth artifact with strange markings.

Abandoned Power Plant

Derek pulls up and gets out. He's got wire cutters, which he uses to cut the lock and chain. He enters, and seems to have taken lessons from Nick. Derek holds his gun up, stealthily continues walking, and presses himself against a machine as he peers around it. He continues further, with Reed appearing on a walkway above. Derek "made good time," he says. Traffic was light, Derek retorts as he points his gun up at Horton. Derek wants to rip his heart out and feed it to him. Horton laughs, he's "welcome to try." He looks down at Derek, who seems to be on a walkway himself near an open area. Does Derek remember that he murdered a good friend of his here several years ago? Derek does, she lured him there to kill him. She was an agent of the Darkside. Yes, Horton admits, she introduced him to the powers of the Darkside. She was also "very, very good in bed" and he loved her. So he understands Derek's pain. Derek raises the gun, but Reed disappears. Derek looks around, turning to see a loop of tied heavy tubing heading for him! It hits him, sending him over the side. He falls heavily on his back to the floor below. He groans in pain. A bright light suddenly blinds him as he puts his hands up to block it. He struggles to rise, but only manages to slide around and sit up. Horton sits and watches from above. Megan had no idea the trouble being involved with a Legacy precept, did she? He taunts Derek, as he pulls himself along the floor, moving behind this machine. Poor Megan, lost and alone now, not knowing where she is or what's happened. Until she finally realizes that she's dead. Derek holds on to a pipe sticking out, trying to pull himself up, gradually doing so. Reed can hear Megan moaning. Can Derek? Reed cups his right hand, holding it out, then lowering it. Derek doesn't see that a large cable of wiring is moving toward the floor, then touching it. Reed makes a fist and electricity pours from the wiring. Derek screams and shakes as the electric current hits him through the metal floor. He falls, his hands shake for a moment, then he's still. "So shocking," Reed says.

Angel Island - Control Room

Alex is researching the writing on the artifact, trying to decipher it. Reed appears on the screen. She's all alone? They have confidence, she retorts, that she can "squash any bug" that comes along. Isn't she "spirited," he comments, just like Megan. But she's now just a spirit, he says, as Alex starts typing into the computer, trying to pinpoint his location. Does she like his gift? It's sure to give her a challenge in working it out, he promises. She should hurry, for Derek's "salvation" depends on it. He stands back to reveal Derek, who is strapped to a chair, his head down. She wants to talk to Derek, but Horton says Derek's mind is "elsewhere." As Reed talks to her, Derek's head rises and his hands are flexing. What does Horton want? Nothing, he has it already. She types furiously as he blows her a kiss. He's gone, as she looks at the blank screen.

Abandoned Power Plant

Derek's alone, still strapped in. He hears Megan's voice, telling him to wake. He turns and smiles at her. Her voice changes and she slaps him hard across the face. He turns back, only now it's Reed with his hand pulled back. His hand becomes a fist, then he walks away as Derek's head turns away. Reed has Derek's psychiatric report. The file date is March 25, 1997, with Derek's phone number as 555-0135. There's no age listed, but his date of birth is shown as August 17, 1954 in the European manner. Horton reads aloud the doctor's notes. Derek came to see him, reporting "a crisis of confidence in his ability to lead, and questions if his work to which he's devoted his life is meaningful, though he refuses to discuss this work in any significant detail. He wonders sometimes if he's just too self-absorbed and self-indulgent." Reed taunts that's he's been telling Derek that for years. He continues, "Patient reports an inability to express affection." Derek's fighting for control to keep his face impassive. Why this doctor? Couldn't Derek find someone in his own House to talk to? And where are his friends? It's me you want and have, Derek says. Only his body, Reed remarks. Well, kill him and they'll "take it up in hell," Derek counters. Giving up already? Megan would be disappointed, Reed taunts. That gets him. Derek strains to get at Horton, calling him a SOB. Reed only laughs. He can give Derek something for his pain. He grabs Derek's head and pulls it back, his other hand grabs at Derek's heart. "Death," as red light glows on Derek's chest. Reed stops. That's too easy, he says, as Derek catches his breath. Reed pulls out large needle filled with green liquid and plunges it into Derek's neck. He grimaces as Reed laughs. Derek's eyes go wide, then close as he passes out.

Angel Island - Control Room

Alex is watching the tape of Reed, running an analysis, trying to learn where Reed has Derek. She notices Derek's hands. Is he signaling? First both hands as if 10, then 3 fingers. Twice she sees this -- 13!

Abandoned Power Plant

Derek's head slowly rises as the drug's in his system. Reed wants to help Derek with his "crisis." Who better than him? And what's the credo? "Faith has need of the whole truth." Just what does that mean? Reed babbles on as Derek tries to fight the drug. He watches Reed, his eyesight cloudy then clearing. Reed says that he's learned the truth, "The truth is darkness, there is no light. Faith just simply can't accept that."

Angel Island - Foyer

Royce enters after receiving Alex's page. She tells him that Derek's been kidnapped. Is she sure? How long has he been gone? Two nights. Any ransom demand? No, and there won't be. He pulls out his cellphone, ready to call in "the troops." Alex stops him, Derek will be killed, and an army of cops won't help with this man. She knows who it is? Why didn't she tell him? He wouldn't have believed her, she says. Royce tells her she has no choice now.

Abandoned Power Plant

Reed whispers in Derek's ear, "Looks who's here." Alex has come to rescue him. Derek's head turns. "The truth is darkness, there is no light," Reed emphasizes. "Alex" appears, holding a gun. "The truth is..." Derek mutters, on Reed's order. Reed releases Derek's left hand. She's evil, he must kill her before she kills him. She nears the chair and Reed puts a gun in Derek's hand. He raises it, but Alex tilts her head and smiles at him. He sags and lowers his gun. He should have done it, she says. He can't, he replies. She comes closer, walking around the chair, saying, "The truth is darkness." She tries to get him to say it, but he won't. He refuses to believe it. She pulls him back by his hair. He screams.

Angel Island - Control Room

Alex shows Royce the tape of Reed's transmission. Derek and Reed have a bad history together, she says. He tapped into their feed, and she couldn't trace it back to him. And Reed's the killer? Yes, she confirms.

Abandoned Power Plant

Reed is on one side of him, Alex the other. Alex says he'll learn that the truth is darkness when he dies. Is he afraid to die? She goes behind him, placing a long strip of tubing around his neck. He gasps as she tightens it. If he says it, she won't kill him. She pulls it tighter, and Derek's eyes go wide as he struggles for air.

Abandoned Power Plant - later

Reed releases the straps holding Derek. Alex is here, she's come to get him. Reed pulls back the clip, then hands the gun to Derek, who grips it. It's a different Alex, wearing a coat as if it's the real one. Reed tells him, "The truth is darkness." Alex stops as she sees Derek with the gun pointed at her. Derek shoots her and she falls. He stands and coldly walks over to her, stepping over her body. This Alex disappears. Reed smiles.

Angel Island - Control Room

There's disbelief in Royce's voice. Reed is a ghost? It's more, but just trust her. Okay, let's say he believes this -- now what? Alex shows him Derek's hand signals. He's trying to tell her where he is, but she just sees the 13. Royce wants the truth, did Derek remove anything from Goddard's murder scene? Not that she knows, she tells him. Royce pulls out the doctor's large notepad. The top page is missing but his lab treated it. Alex sees the original message, "Eye for an eye, friend for a friend. Meet me where -- Remember when?" Horton has him somewhere they both know. The transmission continues with her sound analysis. Royce recognizes the background sounds as power generators and electrical transformers. Alex has an idea, pulling out a map of the area. Rte. 13 runs through an area of power stations, with one 40 miles outside of town. They leave.

Rte. 13

A dark blue sedan drives up the road.

Abandoned Power Plant

Reed asks Derek how he could live with himself now that he's killed Alex. There's only one thing to do. He brings a gun to Derek, who's back in the chair. Derek takes the gun, points it at his temple and fires. We hear the click. What is the truth? "The truth is darkness," Derek answers.


Royce and Alex arrive. She spots Derek's car. They see the broken gate and enter, each pulling out a gun. Royce wants her to remind him to see the permit she has for the gun after this is over.


Reed's gloating. If he had the time he could make a "real monster" out of Derek. Reed hears something and knows he has company. Derek sits unmoving on the floor as Reed sits in the chair, one leg over the arm. He puts on gloves, anticipating meeting whomever has come. He starts for the door, turning back to see a still-unmoving Derek, a vacant expression on his face. Reed exits down a corridor between the walls.

Derek slowly moves and looks around. He pushes himself up, using the chair as leverage. He limps to where Reed had exited, only now there are solid walls as he feels along them. He turns and spots a large duct opening covered by a metal grill behind the chair. He limps to it and tries to remove the grill, but can't. He spots the electrical cables attached to the chair. He removes them and attaches them to the screen. Limping to the power source, he throws the switch. Sparks and electricity fly. He's now able to remove the screen, and he crawls into the duct.

Elsewhere Inside

Alex and Royce quietly search. Reed jumps from a ladder behind them unseen. Royce hears the noise and heads back, telling her to stay. She tries to warn him about what he's facing, but he's running from her. Derek comes out from the duct behind her, calling her name. Alex helps him to his feet. He tells her that Horton's here somewhere, they have to find him. No, she's getting him out of here, and it's not a suggestion.

Royce stops, uncertain where to go. He relaxes and turns, to see Reed standing there! Reed smiles, then raises his hand. Red light streaks from it, hitting Royce in the chest. Down he goes. Reed stands over him. Is he a new Legacy member of Derek's team that he doesn't know about? Royce tries to get up, but falls back. Reed squats next to him. Is he just a volunteer? One who's been "callously conscripted" for the Legacy's "expedience?" He introduces himself to Royce. And he is? Royce doesn't say. Reed places his hand on Royce's shoulder and sizzling is heard. Alex's voice interrupts, calling for Royce. He's very lucky, he tells Royce. He pats his face and exits. Alex leaves Derek's side to check on Royce. He manages to stand and tells them he met Horton. Who the hell is he? Derek says trust him, he doesn't want to know. They leave.

Angel Island

Derek's sleeping, but he's restless. He remembers what happened at the power plant -- falling to the floor, being electrocuted, being in the chair, Reed's taunting, Megan's car exploding, Megan slapping him... He's startled awake by Alex touching his shoulder. He should be in bed. (He's on a sofa covered with a throw.) It's okay, he's safe now, she tells him. His head falls back on the pillow. Rachel's on her way back, and Nick will be there in the morning. Derek wonders why he's still alive. What does he remember? Being trapped and drugged. He sits up. Something's wrong, it was too easy. Why didn't he kill him? Alex tells him that Reed was there at the house as well, and wonders why she wasn't killed. He also brought a "souvenir from Hell." Derek demands to see it.

The Library

Alex paces as Derek says that he's convinced the stone is the key to Reed's agenda. He's standing, holding it, with several open books on the desk before him. Derek's getting agitated. Alex wants him to slow down, but he says they can't. Reed is taunting them, "playing us for fools." She wants him to rest, he's been through a lot. He hasn't even talked about what happened to Megan. He stops, then turns to her sharply. She apologizes, she shouldn't have said that. They're tired and need a rest. Derek vows not to until he's sent Reed back to Hell. He goes back to examining the stone. It's pure Obsidian, she tells him as she pulls the gun from her coat draped over a chair. His back is to her, as he examines the stone with a magnifying glass. The only thing she's been able to translate is, "The truth is darkness, there is no light," she says, pushing the clip into the gun with a click. Derek stops and raises his head as he remembers Reed's programming. "Kill Alex," he hears Reed say. A vacant look comes on Derek's face as he turns.


Alex heads for her room, her coat draped over her arm. The lights flicker as she gets to her door. She pulls out the gun, drops her coat, and starts to head back downstairs. The lights continue to flicker, then go off as she stands at the top of the stairs. She calls Derek, telling him the power's out as she starts down. Derek appears at the bottom, startling her. He scared her, she starts, then pulls back as he aims a gun at her! What's going on? He shoots as she pulls back, the bullet hitting the wall behind her. He's about to fire again, so she aims her weapon at him. It disappears in a flash of red light. Reed stands on an upstairs landing. He apologizes for taking her gun, but it's "supposed to be a massacre, not a fair fight." She turns and flees up around the corner. Reed tells Derek he knows what to do. He has to teach Alex what he knows, "The truth is darkness." Reed snaps his fingers and Derek runs after Alex.

She runs down a hall, into a room, locking the doors behind her. She grabs a poker from the fireplace and stands by the door. Derek shoots out the lock! He slowly enters, gun drawn. She swings the poker down, knocking the gun from his hand. He grabs her by the throat, pushing her against the wall. She shoves the poker at his stomach, then swings it as he falls back. He falls to the floor. He looks up at her as she tries to get through to him. In his delusion he sees her holding his sword, about to swing it at him. Horton did something to him, she says. Derek only hears Reed's voice, "The truth is darkness." Derek jumps up, grabs at the "sword," and belts her with a left cross! She lands on the floor, holding her cheek as she looks up at Reed standing there. What has he done to Derek?

Reed scoffs, doesn't anyone listen to him? He's been saying for years that the Legacy has a cold-blooded killer among them. Derek's a seriously disturbed man, Reed says, as Derek stands there, staring down at Alex. He finally had to give them a demonstration. Alex watches as Reed stands beside Derek. What is the truth? "Darkness," Derek replies. Kill her, Reed orders. Alex tells him that Derek won't do it. Derek just stares at her. Reed explains to Alex that if he had killed Derek, then that would have made Derek a martyr to his cause. But if he kills her, then himself, everyone will see what he's been saying is true. Reed picks up the stone from the table and gives it to Derek. He knows what to do. Derek takes it as Alex tries again to get through to him. Reed may have his mind, but not his soul. He's know this is wrong, she says, as he steps closer and raises the stone to strike. Don't let Megan's killer bring him more pain, she says, as he recalls again the torture Reed did to him. He raises it higher as Reed says, get on with it. Derek again sees Megan's car blow up, then her face. With speed and strength he brings down the stone -- behind him into Reed's chest! Derek steps back as Reed gasps and grabs at the stone. He turns to look at Derek as he disappears in a red light. Derek and Alex look at each other. He helps her up. Is she all right? She nods.

Angel Island - the next morning

Derek's at his desk, Alex sitting on a corner of it. He tells her the stone is from ancient Babylon, used by high priests to exorcise evil. Reed sent it and tried to brainwash him. And almost succeeded, Alex says. What stopped him? It's in the complete description, "The truth is darkness, there is no light, for souls condemned to eternal night." Alex smiles, did he know of Reed's intentions before or after he shot at her? Derek smiles in return. He missed her, didn't he? He apologizes for putting her through that, but he had to be convincing to lure Reed into a vulnerable position. He had to believe he had control over him. But what if she had shot back? Then they wouldn't be having this conversation. She laughs. What happens next? What does she think, he asks. Let's get back to work, she replies. No, he says, they should do some living first. Good idea, she pats his arm, then leaves. Derek's eyes come to rest on the picture of Megan and himself (with black hair?!) He picks it up and looks at it.

Derek's voice-over:

"Horton's gone, once and for all, but Alex may be right -- all of us too busy with death to have a life. So preoccupied with saving a world from which we are increasingly isolated. Maybe the world was created so evil could exist. I don't know what to believe. Only this -- I did love you, Megan. And I'm sorry I never said it." - direct quote from the episode © MGM

Description last revised: September 13 1999