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48. Father to Son

Season: 3
First Air Date: 20 February 1998 (Showtime)
Alternate Title(s): Im Namen des Vaters (German)
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Nick's angered when the ghost of his abusive father (formerly known as Jonathan - see "Dark Priest"- now they call him Robert) asks for help to defeat his killer in order to be freed from spiritual limb.


Derek de Lint

"Dr. Derek Rayne, Ph D"

Helen Shaver "Dr. Rachel Corrigan, MD"
Martin Cummins "Nick Boyle"
Robbi Chong "Alexandra (Alex) Moreau"
Guest Actors



Dominic Keating "Brian Krenshaw"
Michael Moriarity "'Robert (formerly Jonathan) Boyle"


Co-Executive Producer Garner Simmons
Co-Executive Producer Grant Rosenberg
Producer David Tynan
Produced by Robert Petrovicz

John Benjamin Martin

Director Graeme Lynch
This description by: Kris Kroner (1998)


NOTE: The first mention of Nick's father was in the Season One episode "Dark Priest" where we found out his name: "Jonathan Boyle." For who knows what reason, his name got changed to "Robert" in this episode. He is now affectionately known to the fans as "Jon-Bob" (thanks to JuliaK!)

Foggy evening along San Dimas Road

Nick drives fast along a deserted road. He has the top up on his red 1966 Ford Mustang convertible and is listening to the radio as he drives. He switches from a music station to a talk station that's discussing family. When a caller comes on and begins to talk about his parents and how he hated his childhood, Nick abruptly changes the station to rock music. Suddenly, the radio is filled with static as a huge bright white light appears directly in front of his car. He pulls down the car visor and hits the brakes, which puts the car in a skid and causes him to go off the road. When he stops, he exclaims, "What the hell was that?" and gets out of the car and sees the right front tire is flat. "Perfect." Then he hears a man scream and cry, "Help me!" He looks in the direction of the scream and sees an old abandoned house from the turn of the century with a crumbling stone fountain in front. Everything is covered with overgrown vines and shrubs. Suddenly, a flash of light comes from one of the front windows. He runs to the window and looks in. There is dust and cobwebs everywhere and some old furniture is covered with dusty cloth covers. He also sees a man in a chair screaming, "Help me!" The man is sprawled in the chair and another man, standing, holds his hand on the man's chest. A glowing light appears from the hand and the man in the chair again calls out for help. Nick runs to the front door and enters the house. The man in the chair looks directly at Nick and begs, "Nick! Help me." Nick, looking shocked, replies, "Dad. You're dead." Then the man in the chair suddenly glows all over and shrivels up into a shrunken dry corpse and both the glowing man and the other disappear like they were never there. Nick stands, gasping for air, looking very shaken by the experience.

Legacy House kitchen- later that night

Nick explains what happened to Alex and Derek. "The moment I got there this one guy reached out with his glowing hand and killed the other guy." Alex, wearing a brown blouse and a diamond patterned brown skirt asks Nick in a concerned voice what he did. In a perplexed voice he responds, "What could I do? They disappeared like they were never there." Derek, wearing a charcoal shirt and a grey tie with a black suit, looks intently at Nick, and asks how he happened to be on San Dimas road because it's so far away from the main road. Nick simply replies he took a shortcut and went the wrong way or something. He seems very preoccupied and tense. Alex asks what he thinks it was he saw. "I don't know but it sure as hell seemed real." Derek asks him to describe the house and listens carefully to his description as if remembering something. Derek then asks if he recognized either man. Nick gives a very evasive reply that the killer had his back to him and the other man was too dark to see. He avoids Derek's eyes when he answers, and looks away. Derek, watching Nick's expressions closely, looks puzzled by the answer but says nothing. Nick concludes that it's been a long night and he's going to turn in. They say goodnight as he leaves. Derek looks at Alex and raises his eyebrows in concern.

Derek's office – next morning

Rachel enters, saying Alex told her about Nick's accident and worriedly asks what happened. Derek, who is sitting in his desk chair with his feet up on the desk says he's not sure it was an accident. He's looking at the contents of a file and takes photos out, getting up to move to Rachel's side to show her a picture of the house that Nick described the previous night. He tells her that Nick's description of the house got him thinking. He wanted to be sure so he got out the file to see for himself They look at the photo and Derek tells her it's got to be the same one where Nick's father, Robert Boyle, was murdered 12 years ago. She asks if he said anything to Nick about this and Derek replies that since Nick was never told the details of his father's murder so he wanted to be sure himself. He also tells her that Nick had said he didn't recognize either man yet Derek has his doubts. He thinks Nick saw a vision, a replay of his father's murder. Derek has plans to report the incident to London because Robert's murder has baffled the Legacy for 12 years. When Rachel asks if London will reopen the case, Derek replies the case was never closed.

Library – later that day

Derek is standing, intently studying a document, when Nick enters looking worried. He confides to Derek that last night he didn't tell him everything that happened. Nick seems troubled and tells Derek that the man who he saw murdered the previous spoke to him and it was his father. Derek moves closer to Nick then tells him gently that the house he was at was where his father died. When Nick asks why he didn't tell him before, Derek replies he wasn't sure until he checked the file for himself. Derek's voice is very calm and supportive as he goes on to tell Nick there were extremely unusual circumstances surrounding his fathers death. Derek has his arms crossed in front of him and watches Nick intently for his reactions. Nick swallows hard as Derek asks him gently and kindly if he remembers the funeral and, "That the casket was closed?" Nick, looking off in the distance, recalls a 21-gun salute, and a US flag being folded by uniformed men. Nick, still looking away, replies as if remembering a circumstance long ago, "They said he was hurt pretty bad." Derek, continuing to assess Nick closely answers gently, "There was no way we could prepare him for viewing. What was in the casket was little more than an empty shell. Whatever killed your father had sucked the life from his body." Nick, still introspective, remembers the house and Robert asking him to "Help me." Derek carefully tells him, "We need to investigate what happened to you in that house." Nick quickly comes back to the present and obviously does not want to pursue the issue. He emotionally replies, "I spent 12 years trying to forget Robert Boyle. Solving his death isn't high on my list of priorities." Derek continues in a very gentle, understanding voice, "I know this isn't easy for you Nick, but your father was one of us. It's Legacy business." Nick angrily but quietly, retorts, "He made my childhood a survival test. Was that Legacy business?" Derek, still standing directly in front of Nick, gently tells him, "I know your father was a deeply flawed man but he was also a very brave man. I wish you could have known him that way." Nick becomes introspective again and looks off in the distance before responding sadly, "Me too."

Nick's bedroom – night

Nick, wearing a grey T-shirt, sleeps restlessly, in the throes of a nightmare recalling the emotional and physical abuse he suffered from his father. His father screams at him and taunts him for not being good enough. "It's not good enough. Come here you half-wit. There's no use whining." Robert also tells the child Nick in the dream that his own father would take him outside and whack him alongside the head. In the dream, Nick the child, begs his father, "Don't hit me!" "Daddy Please" "I'm so sorry," and screams in pain, "Dad No!" He nightmare ends with the dried up corpse in the house and his father begging, "Help me." Nick, sweating, abruptly awakens and sits up, calling, "Dad?, "as he breathes heavily.

House on San Dimas road – later that night

Nick, wearing a black leather jacket, enters, turns on his flashlight and begins searching the abandoned house. He calls out "Dad?" as he walks around the house. Moonlight casts an eerie blue glow in the house as he searches. He has just started to go upstairs when he hears his father behind him saying, "Nick" Nick turns on the stairs and angrily demands, "What do you want from me?" Robert calls Nick closer then reaches over and grabs his shoulders and demands "free me, son." Then he takes Nick head in his hands and begins shaking him and says sternly, "Free Me." Nick reaches up and forcibly breaks his father's grasp, falling back on the stairs in the process. The ghost disappears. Nick is extremely shaken and disturbed at the encounter.

Derek's office – next day

Nick, looking troubled, stands next to Derek's desk, staring at the floor and tells Derek, who is standing, and Rachel, who sits on the edge of the desk, that his father's spirit came to him and wants him to help set him free. Nick's voice is shaky and he's obviously very stressed. Both Rachel and Derek watch Nick closely. Rachel asks gently, "Free him from what?". Nick, still looking at the floor sounds very depressed as he answers, "I don't know." Rachel leans towards him and gently prods, "what?" He sounds confused as he responds, "You know, I don't need this. I don't have one good memory of the guy. Maybe I just invented the whole thing." He walks towards the door and Rachel moves off the desk to face Nick, reassuring him that he knew the actual description of the body and the house and, "If its any comfort I don't think what you see is in your mind." Nick listens to what she says carefully, then replies, "Then I would just like it if he leaves and goes where dead people go." He sounds and looks both exhausted and annoyed. Rachel standing directly in front of him looks very concerned and intently watches Nick's face and responses. She seems very supportive. Derek moves to Rachel's side and also stands very near Nick as he quietly reminds Nick that his father's life was taken suddenly and violently and it's not uncommon for murdered souls to remain on this side. Nick, looking dismayed, questions, "Why is he coming to me now? It's already been 12 years." Derek patiently replies, "Maybe he's been there all along. You just got close enough for him to feel you and to draw you in." Nick, sounding exhausted, replies, "Next time I stick to the main drag."

Derek gently continues, "I think you should engage his spirit. Find out what he really needs." Nick asks incredulously, "You're asking me to help him find what he needs?"

Rachel, softly replies, "No. He's asking you to talk to your father." "Major Boyle didn't talk, he gave orders," Nick replies disdainfully. Rachel still watches Nick who turns and walks around. He then comes back to the two of them. They both listen and watch him intently and supportively as he tells them, "You know, when I was 8 years old he took me hunting. I was so excited I couldn't stop talking. I kept asking him, what are we going to shoot? Do you know what his answer was?" He pauses then says slowly and deliberately, "Whatever hadn't learned to be quiet. And. You want me to talk to him?" Nick speaks quietly but with deep bitterness and incredulity. Rachel gets a very pained expression on her face as Nick tells the story then puts her head down and replies. "I don't know." Derek observes Nick silently.

Legacy House – Foyer – evening

A car drives up outside and Derek enters with Alex as she tells him that Brian Krenshaw, a special consultant from the London House, just flew in that morning. Rachel, wearing a grey miniskirt and black blouse waits with Brian and tells them that Brian is a forensic specialist and very familiar with the Boyle murder. Derek says he wasn't informed that London was sending someone. Brian replies they didn't know because he came when he read the report. He was in Rome. . His father Jason worked with Robert Boyle on many occasions. Derek mentions he must be Jason's son. Brian comments that not many people l knew he had a son. Derek tells him that Jason spoke of him very little. Alex asks why that was and Brian smiles and easily says that his father and mother never married and he didn't much of him until he was a teenager. The reason he came is because he thinks his father was killed by the same person that killed Robert Boyle. Rachel asked if that's why he joined the Legacy and Brian responds cryptically, "We all do what we have to do. If Robert Boyle has made contact with this side he may have information about his killer." Derek notes that he'll want to talk to Nick but "He's not here right now, but he'll be back tomorrow morning." Alex takes him to the guest room.

House on San Dimas Road – late that night

Nick looking upset and very stressed, waits at the house. His father appears calling, "Nick." Nick asks again angrily, "What do you want from me?" Robert moves towards Nick saying, "Help me." Nick comments bitterly, "That's a switch, Robert Boyle needing his son." Robert, appears to be feeling sorry for himself as he responds, "When I died, something happened." He shows no emotion to Nick and walks right past him and stares off in the distance as he continues, "Something was taken from me. And that's why I'm still here. Stuck in this place." Nick sharply says "Strange. I always pictured you in hell." Robert looks sternly at Nick and says "You're angry son, I know that." Nick spits out, "How could you know? You died before I had a chance to tell you how I felt." Robert answers, "You didn't have to. I saw you at my funeral. I don't know how, but I was there in the crowd and I saw my own son watching his father being buried and there were no tears." Nick, extremely stressed, acridly says, "I spent my life trying to be good enough to be Robert Boyle's son and all I ever got from you was the back of your hand. The day they put you in the ground I was finally free." Robert replies, "I wish that were true son. Help me. Please. Help me." He disappears.

Legacy Control Room - next morning

Derek is in the room with Brian when Nick enters, carrying a cup of coffee. He wears a grey T-shirt and a grey shirt and blue jeans. Derek introduces him to Nick and Brian goes up to him and starts talking. Nick looks puzzled but smiles and comments he needs to be filled in. "Sorry, I'm only on my first cup of coffee, did I miss something?". Derek tells him Brian's father was Jason Crenshaw Nick recalls, "They were partners right?" Derek continues, telling Nick that Brian is following the reports of Robert's sighting and he flew in from London. Nick chuckles, "London must be having a slow day. He's been dead for 12 years." Brian says that while there were other reports in the past of dried up corpses, this sighting is distinctive because it can't be explained. He asks Nick if he communicated with his father. Nick sarcastically replies, "Oh yeah. Regular family reunion." Brian asks if he told Nick how he died or anything to identify the killer. Nick answers that, "No, we mostly spoke about us. My relationship with my father was hardly filled with warm memories." Brain goes on to say that he knows how hard this must be for him because his father was horribly murdered and the killer never found. He believes same man murdered both their fathers.

Nick's bedroom

Nick's collection of memorabilia is displayed on the bureau. In a black frame with gold edging is a collection of patches framed on a black background. Included are ones from SEAL Teams 3, 4 and 6, and a patch of a dragon. Also framed and displayed are various military type medals and other awards. Miniature car replicas including a 66 mustang sit prominently. Nick is lying across his double bed with a wooden carved headboard. Open on the bed is a wooden box, emblazoned with the SEAL crest. He slowly looks through the contents. He picks up dog tags. He next picks up and looks at an unopened letter, hand addressed to Nick Boyle, 5273 Balboa St., San Francisco CA 94113. The return address is Robert Boyle, PO Box 2598, Oakland CA 94919. It has a canceled 22-cent stamp and is postmarked Oakland 1985. He puts the letter down again and picks up and looks at a picture of a group of mourners standing around a flag draped casket. In the photo, Derek stands next to a woman in black and a teen-aged Nick stands at her other side. They are flanked by a military honor guard. Nick has memories of his father yelling angrily and taunting him by telling him he wasn't good enough. Nick is absently fingering the picture when Derek walks in his room, sees what Nick is looking at and comments gently, "There's nothing quite as moving as a military funeral." Nick comes back to reality and somberly answers, "I don't know if that's good or bad." Derek smiles gently and kindly and replies, "Both I suppose. Especially if it's your father that's being honored." Nick picks up a pocketknife from the box and opens it slowly. Derek continues talking softly while moving closer to Nick and tells him that it was strange that day, watching the funeral because it felt like his father was there. Nick replies, "Yeah, he had that kind of invincible quality around him." Then he suddenly remembers and sits upright on the edge of the bed before telling Derek that at the house the previous night, Robert told him he was there in the funeral crowd. He told him he could see him even though he was dead. He looks up quizzically at Derek, "But his ghost was trapped in the house." Derek sits down on the edge of the bed and asks intently, "When you saw the man with your father you said some kind of a light passed between them?" "Yeah. The life was sucked right out of him into the other guy," Nick recalls. Derek tells him he believes that the way Robert was killed gave his soul some momentary connection with the killer. His father saw what the killer saw.. Nick looking intently at Derek says, "Then the killer had to be at the funeral." Derek, very serious, picks up the picture and looks at it saying, "If he was, he may be in the picture."

Control Room

Alex, wearing a fitted grey sweater, and a grey long straight skirt, has the funeral picture up on the large screen. She has eliminated those people that are known family, military or Legacy as she tries to narrow down the search. Nick sits next to her and says he had to be in the crowd. . Brian walks in announcing he wouldn't be so sure about that. Nick, annoyed, asks, "Why is that?" as he stares directly at Brian. Brian sarcastically answers that if he were smart enough to kill both their fathers why would he show up at the funeral. Alex quietly suggests that maybe there was something he was after. Nick, turning in his chair to face Brian, replies sarcastically, "Or maybe it was just arrogance. Smart people can get like that." Brian replies that it just seems to easy. Nick, getting impatient with him, says he heard what his father said and its all they have to go on. He gets up and walks out passing Derek, who has just entered wearing a black suit, deep grey shirt and grey tie. Derek looks concerned and quizzical at what had just been said. He moves over to Brian and looks annoyed at him.

Outside - Balcony

Nick throws pebbles like a baseball pitcher. Derek comes out and compliments, "Nice arm." Nick laughs and replies, "One-Two with Boyle on the mound" and prepares to throw the third pebble, "Strike three," he says satisfied. Derek watches then says, "You know you and Brian have to find a way to work together on this." Nick replies "Yeah. We will." He looks down and away from Derek who still watches Nick intently while saying, "I hope so." Very supportively, Derek continues, You're under more pressure than you realize. So is he." Nick looking at Derek then away, says, "I don't know about Brian but I was raised under pressure. I can handle it." Derek, still concerned, but satisfied with the answer, replies, "Good." He then opens an envelope he brought outside with him and shows Nick a picture that he found in the Legacy archives. It's a wide angle of the funeral that shows all the mourners. He's going to give it to Alex to get started on and he tells Nick, "I'd like you to take another trip to the house." Nick asks why and Derek replies if he can contact his father again Robert may have more information. Nick looking down at the pebbles remaining in his hand replies, "Well, he was never exactly the great communicator." Derek looks away and gently says "Ah, okay.". He then claps him on the back and turns and goes into the house. Nick resumes throwing pebbles.

House on San Dimas road – day

Nick, wearing a brown suede jacket, enters the house and calls out for Robert Boyle. Then, like a child would call, he says, "Dad?" He gets no response and comments casually to himself that it's not like he had an appointment. Robert then appears saying " Nick?" Nick begins to ask, "You said something was taken from you when you died." Robert ignores his statement and instead he says, "He's here, he's back." Nick continues, "…and that's why you're stuck here you can't move on until your life force is..." Robert starts to talk again, not listening, but Nick keeps talking, "The killer was at your burial." Robert responds, "Nick! Listen to me!" Nick, very upset and frustrated shouts, "No! You listen to me. Just once why won't you listen to me? " Robert says, "Nick, you're in danger. I can feel it. I'm trying to make you understand." Nick sharply but with great sadness in his voice, replies, "Make me understand, Dad. Make me understand how Major Robert Boyle was a man of honor, a paragon of virtue and integrity, because I spent a lifetime trying to understand." Robert solemnly replies, "You hate me." Nick acridly says, "Hating you for 15 years was enough, now I just don't care." Robert responds that he can't undo what's been done and he won't ask for his forgiveness. As he talks, Nick begins breathing very fast and very shallow as if hyperventilating. Robert goes on to say that he was hard on him because he wanted him to be strong and to survive. He also says that his own father was harder on him than he was on Nick. Survival was the only thing he ever taught him. He ends with, "I wasn't born a monster Nick, I was raised to be one." Nick, looking tormented, asks, "Why didn't you tell me?" Robert only says "Save yourself Nick, Save yourself." As Nick says, "No wait!" Robert turns and repeats the words then disappears. Nick turns to walk out and he's knocked out from behind. The man that attacked him leans forward and places a glowing hand just over his face and says, "No not yet." Then he walks out leaving Nick unconscious.

Legacy House- Derek's office

Nick leans against the wall while Derek explains to Brian that Nick went to the house because he asked him to. Brian lectures the decision was totally irresponsible. Derek looks at him very sternly. Brian reminds him that he oversees the investigation. Derek reminds him he's precept and the decision was his to make. Brian agrees and says he's invested a great deal of his life to finding out who killed Robert Boyle and his father and that's what he still wants to find out. Derek replies, "Good. Then we all want the same thing."

Control Room - night

Alex shows them that in the wide-angle funeral picture there is a man off away from the crowd standing near a tree. She has used the official records from the funeral and was able to identify everyone but that person.. She brings it in extreme close-up and the face is too fuzzy to identify. Brian responds that he doesn't see how that helps. Alex patiently tells him that he computer can enhance the resolution of his face but it will take awhile.

Kitchen – that evening

Brian sits at the table working on paperwork. Nick enters and grabs two beers from the small frig and offers one to Brian who accepts. He asks Brian if he ever shared a beer with his old man. Brian replies he did so a few times and asks Nick why he asked that. Nick answers that he figured it was a rite of passage like fishing or playing catch. Brian seems astonished and asks, "You didn't?" Nick simply comments, "No. I was 15 when he died. We had other ways of bonding". Brian replies that even though he didn't have much time together he misses talking with his father. He goes on to tell Nick that he wishes he'd had the same opportunity as he did to talk to him again. Nick replies "it's only an opportunity if you have something to say." Brian can't believe Nick isn't curious and didn't want to ask his father things such as what it's like to be dead .Nick replies that he guesses "it slipped my mind." Brian surprised, tells Nick he doesn't understand him. Nick smiles slightly and responds, "There's no reason you should. I don't understand myself half the time." Brian reminds Nick their fathers were friends who gave more to the Legacy than they gave to them and yet they were both murdered by the same man. He comments that if he were in Nick's place he'd want to know everything. Nick simply replies, "You weren't in my place." He walks out of the kitchen leaving Brian standing alone.

Nick's room

Nick lies on his back, straddling a weight table and lifts a barbell over his head. His muscular arms are prominent in a T-shirt. Alex walks in and he carefully puts the weights back in the rack. She says the computer is nearly done with the first pass on the photo and she thought he may want to see it. She moves to the bureau and leans against it. Nick sits up and asks seriously, "Have you ever thought about having kids?" She smiles widely and exclaims "Isn't this a little sudden?". He looks up seriously and then smiles before continuing, "You know what I mean. Diapers. Bottles. The whole thing." Alex thinks for a second then answers, "Eventually, if the time is right. How about you?" Nick looking off worriedly, answers, "I don't think so". Alex is incredulous and prods gently, "Come on., I know you like kids. I've seen you with Kat." She's obviously very concerned and sincere as she watches him carefully. Nick replies, very seriously, "I love Kat but she's not mine." Alex continues and quietly asks, "What if you had a child of your own? A son, say?". Nick, with great sadness in his voice, replies simply, "I don't know" Alex moves towards Nick as she says confidently, "I do. I think I know Nick Boyle pretty well. He's smart, he cares about people, and there's nothing I wouldn't trust him with." Nick looks away slightly embarrassed. She continues gently and reassuringly, "You're not your father, Nick. You're not like him. You turned out okay. You just have to trust yourself." He looks at her intently and listens, then very seriously asks, "Are you sure about that?" Alex looks exasperated and replies, "All right. You're totally nuts," with a big grin. Nick smiles and relaxes. Alex concludes, "But. I think you'd make a great father." Nick deflects the conversation by asking "Didn't you have a picture to show me?" Alex looks at him intently for a second then grins, "Yeah."

Control Room

Nick and Alex work on the picture resolution, which is 29 % complete. They still can't tell who it is because it takes a long time. Brian comes in with Derek and says that they don't know it's a man. It could be a woman. Nick reminds him he saw the killer, but Brian asks him if he can be absolutely sure it was a man. He wonders how the murderer could get that close be able to murder him without a confrontation. Nick gets extremely defensive at that point and asks "What are you saying Brian?". Derek looks at Nick, very concerned. Brian continues and reminds Nick, "You know your father. You know what type of man he was." Nick, angrily, replies, , "Better than anyone but he wasn't that type." Brian dismisses that and decides that no matter, that's the direction they're going to pursue. Nick remains hostile and asks Derek to straighten this guy out before he does. Derek gently replies that London gave Brian control over certain aspects of the case including the house. Nick looks directly at Derek in surprise. Brian tells Nick that all attempts to contact his father must be made in his presence. "He won't show," Nick says as he abruptly leaves the control room. Alex looks at Derek worriedly as Brian replies, "That remains to be seen."

Outside Balcony - next morning

Nick leans against the balcony in deep thought. A cup of coffee sits on the rail and he absently moves his SEAL ring all around his finger. Rachel, wearing a black skirt, black top and grey vest, comes out and leans against the balcony right next to him and casually asks who won the game last night. He responds with a smile that there was no game the previous night. Rachel looks into the distance and admits, "Busted.". She notices him playing with his ring and watches for a few seconds. She looks towards Nick and says, "Well unless you want to talk about the weather, I guess that leaves your father." Nick smiles and replies, "I saw that one coming.". He looks off into the distance. Rachel looks at him then asks if he ever tried to talk to his father and tell him how he really felt? Nick replies that he wanted to, "I wanted him to know what he was doing to me. Why everything had to be so hard. Why I was never good enough." He continues to move his ring around on his finger and Rachel keeps watching his face as he continues in a sad voice, "I just wanted to hear him say that I was gonna be OK. Just once." She shakes her head and looks away as Nick continues, "But whenever I tried to tell him…" Rachel finishes knowingly, "He shut you down." Nick replies, "…Or I choked." She exhales and looks off into the distance and Nick continues to fidget with his ring. He tells he finally wrote his father a letter, "Put everything I felt and everything I had to say into words." He still looks off in the distance as he talks. "Did he respond?" Rachel looks back at Nick hopefully who responds, "What difference does it make? He's dead." Rachel looks intently at Nick and says, "You were 15 years Old Nick. You just wanted him to accept you for who you were." Nick looks directly at Rachel and quietly and seriously says, " I wanted him to love me." Then he looks back at the ring he's been moving around as Rachel continues watching him, looking very concerned.

Nicks room - later that morning

Nick sits in a chair in faded jeans and a white T-shirt holding the unopened letter. With sudden resolve he goes to open it. Just then there's a knock on the door. It's Brian who wants to talk. Nick gets up and tells him there's nothing to talk about because Brian already made the decision. He puts the unopened letter in his top bureau drawer. Brian tells Nick that he made that decision for both of them. He goes on to say he went to the house and saw Nick's father. He describes to Nick that his father was wearing a dark jacket and a military ring. Nick, looking incredulous, asks why he would show himself to him. Brian replies that Robert was killed trying to solve Brian's fathers' murder and therefore knows he was connected. Nick asks if he spoke to him and Brian answers that Robert had told him time was running out and it had to be tonight. Brian also tells Nick that his father asked for Nick specifically. Nick gets his coat on and asks Brian if he mentioned it to Derek. Brian replies, "What for? So Derek could go charging over there and scare the killer off?" Nick asks, "What are you saying?" Brian tells him he's saying they can do this. "Avenge our fathers after all these years. What do you say?" Nick reminds Brian that it's his investigation. Brian retorts that it's theirs and asks Nick if he'll come with him. "How do you even know he's going to be there?" Nick says, staring at Brian. "What else could your father's words mean. The time is running out, tonight. The killer's going to show up, Nick and I'm going to be there when he does."

Control Room - later that day

Alex, wearing light grey slacks and a grey scooped neck sweater, walks into the empty room and looks up at the screen where the computer program is 78 % completed with resolving the face. She exclaims "Oh my god. I can't believe it.".

When the program is 96% complete, Derek in a black shirt and black pants with a grey suit jacket, and Rachel, in the same outfit she wore that morning, flank Alex, who wears a grey sweater. Derek and Rachel look at the face on the screen. Rachel comments that Brian was too young to be at the funeral. Derek recognizes the face as Jason Krenshaw and tells them they always thought he was murdered before Robert but his remains were unrecognizable so he was never positively identified.. He was identified purely by his personal effects. Derek asks Alex to bring up the file photo of Jason Krenshaw and the resemblance is incredible. Then he realizes he also looks like Brian and has her pull up a file photo of Brian. He then has Alex change the hair and the facial hair. Rachel asks if she can make him look 12 years younger. "I can make him look like Madonna if you like." Alex says confidently. When the comparison is done, Rachel says there is no way a child can look that much like his parent. "Unless Jason and Brian are the same person" Derek replies, "Maybe he found a way to stay young. To regenerate his body." Rachel announces that, "Jason Krenshaw made a pact with the darkside." Derek deduces, "That's how he maintains his youth, stealing life force from his victims. Jason Krenshaw killed Robert Boyle." Rachel declares that "He didn't come here to solve that murder he came here to cover it up!" Derek tells them that Nick is in danger and asks where Krenshaw is now. Alex replies that he left the island earlier that day. Derek leaves to find him and tells Alex and Rachel to stay there in case Nick calls. He strides out of the control room resolutely.

House on San Dimas Road - night

Moonlight shines in the windows of the house. Brian and Nick are already inside and Brian has his back to Nick as he says "I knew you'd come. You've got a lot of your old man in you, Nick. Take that as a compliment." Nick asks him if he saw anything and Brian says he saw the killer. He tells Nick the killer is not big or imposing but he does have a distinguishing trait and that's the hand. He laughs, commenting that it looks sort of like this and pulls out his right hand from his pocket and it's glowing an eerie yellow light. Nick astonished, demands, "What the hell are you?" as he backs away. "Brian Krenshaw, Jason Krenshaw, take your pick there's only one of us" he replies. Nick deduces that he invented Brian and there really was no son. Jason applauds and comments that the problem with eternal youth is that eventually people notice. Nick is very angry that Jason faked his death and betrayed Robert since "he was your friend." Jason replies that Robert wouldn't give up trying to find his killer so he had to kill him. It was his life or eternal life. "It was a no-brainer." He begins fighting with Nick and throws Nick easily into the air. He lands on a wooden table, partially collapsing it. Jason goes on to say that he was never certain Robert knew who killed him so he was concerned when he heard that he'd made contact with Nick. The fight continues as Nick picks up the remnants of the table and breaks it over Jason. At that, Jason easily pins Nick against the wall. He laughs evilly and tells Nick that he's not such a bad guy because he could have killed him the other day at the house. He didn't, because he sensed his father in him, the same force, the same strength he admired in Robert. Nick struggles but can't break free. Jason puts his hand over Nick's heart and asks,. "Do I have to kill you too?" Nick replies "It's gonna be hard to kiss and make up after this." Jason is resolute and tells him that his father wouldn't compromise but he's giving him a choice to join him in eternal life. Nick, struggling for breath, responds, "You're insane. You betrayed your friend and the Legacy." Jason laughs evilly and says, "The retirement plan left a lot to be desired. Eternal life was far more attractive. Don't make the same mistake your father did. Join me and live." Nick, breathing heavily, looks directly into his eyes and says, "Go to hell." Jason laughs evilly, pushes his hand on Nicks chest and says, "You're about to spend eternity with a man you spent a lifetime hating." As he puts his hand on Nicks chest it begins glowing and Nick cries out in pain.

Just then, Derek enters the house intoning, "Jason Krenshaw, we know who you are." Jason lets go of Nick and turns and attacks Derek. Nick collapses to the floor, nearly unconscious. Derek is forced backwards into the chair where Robert was killed. And as Jason puts his glowing hand over Derek's heart, Derek says "Every Legacy house in the world will hunt you down." Jason tells him that he can disappear again. Derek, moaning in pain cannot fight back. Nick staggers to his feet grabs a piece of wood from the remnants of the broken table and strikes Jason with it until he leaves Derek, who is nearly unconscious in the chair, and backs up away from the blows.. Nick hits him again and Jason falls backwards and is impaled through the heart by a piece of the broken table. Nick looks down as Jason dies and comments, "You should have taken the retirement package. Nick turns back to Derek, who is moving in the chair. As Jason dies, the body begins to glow, causing Nick to turn around and face the glow of the light. As the light reaches upward, Robert's ghost appears, smiles at Nick and reaches his hand forward. Nick reaches his right hand to his father's hand so close that their hands nearly touch. Robert smiles, saying, "Thank you son," then disappears with the remnants of the light from Jason's body.. Nick stands, looking ashen, staring at the place his father s ghost had been. Derek, seeing this, gets up from the chair and slowly moves behind Nick. He silently reaches up and clasps his shoulder firmly and kindly in a gesture of support. At the touch of Derek's hand, Nick closes his eyes and looks totally exhausted.

Legacy House - Library – daytime

A fire burns in the fireplace. Nick is alone in the room and sitting on the floor at the top of the steps of the balcony of the library room. He has the letter his father wrote him 12 years ago open and is reading it. As he reads the words, he gets increasingly sad and distressed. As he reads he swallows hard and blinks away tears and breathes in large gulps of air as he tries to maintain control.

Dear Son,

You want answers. Words have never come easily to me. I'll be direct. In my world, survival and discipline are all that matter. And I thought if I gave these that would be enough. You think that I don't love you, that I'm not proud of you. I've never been proud of myself, but I have always been proud of you. I've never been able to say it, but I've felt it and I hope that I can say it to you now. I may not be the father you need or deserve but I can try. I promise you soon when I come home, we'll talk. It's gonna be OK.

your Dad

Tears stream down Nick's face as he finishes the reading the letter. He breaks down, covers his face with his hand and sobs.

Description last revised: February 1998